YEAH! My favorite day of the week-Saturday is here! Time to celebrate with a Sketch 😀


all-about-the-presents.jpg All about the presents

I just LOVE that sentiment from Its My Birthday! Isn’t that the truth? When you are a kid, that is just the BEST part about turning another year older. Lots of presents!! When you get older, all you want is to not have the age on your driver’s license go past a certain number.

I did this card last month, but failed to post it here. I wanted it to be a sketch, then I forgot about it, and well you know the story. No matter its here now!!

I hope you enjoy! I am sure NO ONE is even out there reading with the holiday weekend! I almost didn’t post! But I couldn’t let the sketch day pass. Its my OCD!

So celebrate! Please take the time to share something you should be celebrating or grateful for. I am thankful to all the men/women out there serving our country!! Fighting to keep us safe, and defend our freedom Then to the families who are sacrificing their time with them so they can do that for us. I also pray for each one’s SAFE return home-SOON!!!

I also know after this week I am just so thankful for the HEALTH of my family and children. I really don’t know what I would do without them. I am one blessed person.

I have a super full weekend, that I am looking forward to. Hope you all stay healthy, happy & safe!

Till tomorrow.