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YEAH! Finally the March Release is here!

In honor of the release we always have an amazing Group Post!

Today we are each featuring a gift set which features a set of 4 cards using our New! Singing Silhouette set, packaged up in a Pretty Packaging Template of their choice!! 

Check out the design team here: 

  • Kristin Bueter
  • Catherine Doucette
  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • Monique Hansen
  • Pam Imholz
  • Tangii Crain
  • Our March Guest is Kathryn Berthiaume!
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    So now I will share my gift set using the New! Singing Silhouette set , packaged up in the Caged Template!

    For the birds…

    Here is the entire set laid out for you to see 😀 It was all inspired by the ribbon on the handles of my project.

    You may be wondering what template you are looking at to package up my cards…..I turned the Caged Template into a BASKET!!!

    Is this not crazy amazing?! Talk about 2 templates in one.


    All you have to do is take the cage “cut-outs” and “weave” them in between the cage “rails”, ensuring you alternate the weaving pattern with EACH strip. They are a perfect fit. Once you used the one’s you automatically get when you create your template, you would then want to cut an additional 16 strips 1/2 inch wide X 4 1/2 inches long.

    You will have 32 strips total. 8 Strips on each side. OR you can use less for a more whimsical look, with a less tight weave.

    TIP: It is easier to weave the panels BEFORE assembling the template. Just ensure you adhere the ends with glue dots. Also ensure as you weave your panels, that you alternate the weave on the panels to ensure you get an complete weaved look all around!!

    More details…here is the bow that inspired the SPRING colors!

    Hanging from the bow, I cut my choice of one of the birds from the A Little Birdie Cut File, which I enlarged a little, and stamped it using the branch and flowers from the New! Singing Silhouette set. I thought it made a nice accent to the basket, without COVERING the woven details.

    I cut some handles (I wanted 2) so I cut them 1/2 inch wide X 11 inches long. I attached them with pretty flower brads.

    The cards all fit perfectly inside the “basket”! Inside I also have a frosting bag filled with Starburst Jelly Beans, which matched my color scheme.

    Now for the cards!

    I created 4 cards, using the same color combination: Red, Leaf, White, and Yellow.

    Each card features a different bird from the set.

    For the LOVE birds:

    This is my favorite of the 4 cards I made. I adore the 2 birds facing each other in this set (you can stamp one or the other if you choose)

    I used the Caged Cut File to cut my bird cage, which I then stamped my cage image onto. I stamped the swing image as well, for my “love birds” to perch on. I added a bow to the card so it appears to hang from the tree branches.

    I added some flowers to the swing. I added a heart image from the Bringing Home Baby set.

    Perfect for the happy couple, or for the hubby 😀

    Now my 2nd favorite from the set!


    is not falling down, but refusing to get up.

    I used the sentiment from the Keep Strong set. Perfect for someone going through a difficult time.

    I loved the paper piercing details I put on this. The bird in the set is one of my favorite. I just used a marker to color the textured belly, and dotted the eye with a black fine tip marker.


    I LOVE this sentiment.

    This card is SO simple, but I LOVE it.

    I used the tulip image from the Sensational Stems Set. The bird silhouettes are SO CUTE! I added a little flower detail to them for some added WOW! I love having the ability to do that.


    One who reaches for your hand, and touches your heart. ( sentiment also from the Keep Strong set)

    The stamped my bird silhouettes in red, and colored the centers with some yellow. I stamped the leaf frond from the Tending The Garden set.

    Once again I used the stem and flower image from the Sensational Stems Set.

     I them used a border building set Paper  Pattern Pieces, to create my own patterned paper along the bottom. I love how it turned out!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Caged

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Singing Silhouette, Keep Strong,  Sensational Stems, Tending the Garden, Bringing Home Baby, Paper Pattern Pieces

    Pretty Pieces Cut File: A Little Birdie, Caged Cut File

     I guess I said I “love” a lot in this post. But I really do. I was really happy with how this complete set turned out 😀

    I hope our group post today inspires you all to try out our new products to make you own gifts, cards and tags.

    Happy Shopping!

    Perfect Peek Day #3 Keep Strong

    Feb 27, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Hi everyone!

    I just enjoyed all the snow we’ve had here in NH at Pat’s Peak with the kids while they are on vacation. Each year Childhood Cancer Lifeline has a snow tubing even for the families of children with Cancer, and it is always a blast!! We met several great new families, and while it was a bit chilly (it was snowing all day) going downhill, we all had a GREAT day!!

    I really need to get some photos edited soon too 😀 The kids are getting SO BIG! And seem so OLD!

    Today we have our last day of peek projects until YOU can start making your own instantly!

    You will want to visit:

  • Kristin Bueter
  • Pam Imholz
  • Tangii Crain
  • Now let me get started with today’s project!

    I wanted to create something that would really stand out, and show you the amazing design possibilities of the What’s Your Angle? template. I think I really achieved that with little effort. I let the pattern be my focus.

    Many of you tell me you are scared to use more than one piece of patterned paper on a project. Those of you who find this challenging will possibly love today’s project, as it shows you how you can easily do that!

    All our Pretty Printables Digital Paper comes in a collection. All the pattern are made to coordinate with each other, and make pairing patterns easier than ever. Best part too…they match our Pretty Impressions Stamp Sets 😀

    Today I used a total of 3 patterns using one of our newest Pretty Printables Digital Paper Collections called Cheerful Chirps, to be the focus of my project! The bird pattern was used on the large panels. I also added the additional coordinating pack: Cheerful Musical Magic (the music note paper). That was used on the side angle panels.

    FUN huh?!!

    All the way around, this template is perfectly patterned!!

    Now how about that label?

    Well, this is another Pretty Pieces Cut File: Cornice Trimmed Circle.

    Be sure you check out the entire set of Cornice Trimmed Labels:

    4 label styles in total: circle, square, rectangle, oval

    This is a set of layering labels that have a simply stunning cornice border! You can use them to perfectly frame/layer any of our sentiments, or images! No matter what you add to the center of these shapes, it is sure to take the attention.

    You can add adhesive pearls or rhinestones to the bordering details for some extra WOW!

    I resized it to about 3 inches.

    There I stamped my branch image from Singing Silhouette, with the berry builder, and then stamped the sentiment over it, from the NEW! Keep Strong set.

    Soft, simple and serene. A perfect package for a someone going through a tough time.

    Keep Strong © Set of 11 Images $20

    *also available in digital download $12*

    Some sentiment contributions from Catherine Doucette

    The sentiments in this set were designed to be inspirational for those going through a difficult time. I’m certain they will help you make a card for anyone in your life who needs to “Keep Strong”.

    Sentiments include

    You Rock: 2 inches wide X 1 inch tall

    Because I care: 1 1/2 inches long

    Keep strong and carry on: 1 1/4 inch long

    Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up.: 2 inches wide X 1 1/4 inch tall

    A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is, until you put her in hot water.: 1 3/4 inches wide X 1 1/2 inches tall

    Time is like the wind, it leaves the light and lifts the heavy: 1 3/4 inches wide X 1 1/2 inches tall

    Friend One who reaches for your hand and touches your heart: 2 inches wide X 1 1/2 inch tall

    May all your weeds be wildflowers 2 1/2 inches wide X 1 1/4 inches tall

    Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will: 2 3/4 inches wide X 1 1/2 inches tall

    Friends are like stars…you don’t always have to see them to know they are there: 2 inches wide X 1 inch tall

    The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step – Confucius: 2 inches wide X 1 1/4 inches tall

    I think we can agree the collection of sentiments is amazing!

    Last but not least…the TOP of the box!

    Isn’t it lovely?

    More patterned paper (matches the Singing Silhouette Stamp set) and the Branching Out Cut File.

    This is a stunning branch and flower cut out that is perfect for decorating cards, tags and packaging templates!

    Branch image is 5 1/2 inches long. Included 2 flowers. Images are resizable.

    Also be sure to check out the Singing Silhouette stamp set, the Caged Pretty Packaging Template , and the A Little Birdie Pretty Pieces Cut File, which are a perfect addition to this cut file!

    I used the flower from the NEW! Branching Out Cut File resized to 3 inches, then 2 1/2 inches, and lastly 2 inches for this project.

    I scored the center of the flowers , making the folds of the petals alternate  for each petal layer.

    The perfect topper for this box!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: What’s Your Angle?

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Keep Strong, Singing Silhouette

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:Cheerful Chirps, Cheerful Musical Magic

    Pretty Pieces Cut File:  Branching Out, Cornice Trimmed Circle

    Tomorrow is our official March Release, as well as our Group Post, which will be FULL of amazing ideas for you all!

    See you then.

    Ok here we are with the Day 2 peeks for the upcoming March 1st Release!!

    Today you will want to visit:

  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • This month is FULL of amazing products that are sure to make your jaw hit the floor. The best part is YOU can recreate these projects on your own.

    We have 2 templates this month! I think you will agree they are BOTH amazing 😀

    Now introducing  the What’s Your Angle? Template – $5


    This box is an amazing size and will fit so many gifts and treatlets!

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size

    3 1/2 Inches Wide

    3 1/2 Inches Deep

    6 1/2 Inches Tall

    When you need a great gift box, this takes the idea of a “box” from ordinary to extraordinary!

    The angles on this wonderful sized gift box make this the perfect presentation when ordinary won’t do !

    This box starts with a 4 sided bottom, then angles up to have 8 angles!  The box file comes with the decorative layers for all the angles on this, making the design process SIMPLE!

    You will have them wondering HOW you made a seemingly regular gift so interesting.

    Now for the details on my packaging…

    First I have to say I LOVE the colors on this. Very chic and unexpected in my opinion 😀

    I created the What’s Your Angle? Template in a Sahara Sand cardstock.

    I then created a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet my own patterned paper, by stamping some of the bird silhouettes from the Singing Silhouette © Set in yellow pigment ink, then the larger leaf frond from Tending the Garden Set in green, and the solid smaller leaf frond in Sahara Sand. I added the mini flowers from the Singing Silhouette © Set, and layered the largest flower and the smallest flower.

    Now for the front label…

    The sentiment is from Bringing Home Baby. Flowers from the Singing Silhouette © Set.

    I stamped my branch from Singing Silhouette © Set,then stamped my nest and eggs. I restamped, and cut out the nest and eggs for dimension. I love how it looks.

    Singing Silhouette © Set of 24 images $12

    *also available in digital download $8*

     This set has a coordinating Caged Pretty Pieces Cut File for the cage/cage door in the set. 

    This is a charming set of bird silhouettes that will make your creativity sing with possibilities!

    Set comes complete with a “build your own” bird cage, which has a separate cage door that fits perfectly on the front/center of the cage image. Included is also a “swing”, as well as a branch for your bird silhouette to perch themselves on. You can add your own “flowers” or berries to the branch as well. You will also find the bird nest, with additional eggs the perfect addition to the set!

    Image Sizes:

    Birds: about 1 inch each

    Cage: 1 3/4 Inches Wide X 2 3/4 Inches Tall

    Branch: 2 1/2 Inches Long

    Swing: 1 Inch Wide X 1 Inch Tall

    Nest: 1 Inch Wide X 1 Inch Tall

    Sentiments include:

    Hoping you chirp-up

    They say it’s your bird-day!

    Just Hatched!

    For the love birds

    Also be sure to check out the A Little Birdie & Branching Out Pretty Pieces Cut File, which are perfect to decorate using this set! 

    Now to further compliment my What’s Your Angle?  box top, I used the NEW! Abra-Bow-Dabra Pretty Pieces Cut File !!

    This is the top view of the Abra-Bow-Dabra Pretty Pieces Cut File!

    I have LONGED for an amazing paper bow cut file. This one is simply stunning, and fits atop this box perfectly! You can even resize it for any occasion!

    I used the Fancy A Cuppa set to create the polka dot pattern on my paper bow and cardstock “bow” that is on my box.

    Abra-Bow-Dabra $2.50

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    This is the ULTIMATE 3 dimensional bow made from 100% paper! Add this to ANY Perfect Packaging Template!

    Now you can customize your cardstock or patterned paper to get a perfect “bow” every time.

    This paper bow has those perfect loops, and adds dimension to your projects, without using your ribbon. With the option to resize the possibilities for dressing up any gift package are endless!

    Time for the card!

    For the new arrival

    I absolutely love this stamp set to pieces. There are SO MANY possibilities with it, including the new arrivals, or new nest occasions in one’s life.

    I used the same image, and sentiment as on my template, but this time, it was on my coordinating card.

    As you can see the bow on my card inspired the stamping of the Abra-Bow-Dabra cut file bow, made to match my project.

    I love the sweet simplicity this card has with the gender neutral colors.

    This will soon bear a gift for my brother and his girlfriend, once they have their ultrasound to see the sex of their baby. For the record I think it will be a girl 😀 Although she has been pretty “morning sick”, and I only got that with my son. So we shall see 😀 I just pray for HEALTHY for the two of them!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: What’s Your Angle?

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Singing Silhouette, Bringing Home Baby, Fancy a Cuppa, Tending the Garden

    Pretty Pieces Cut File: Abra-Bow-Dabra

    Well what do you think? Are you excited or what? Can you envision the amazing gifts you can make year round?

    OK one more day of peeks until the offical MTME March Release.

    See you back here tomorrow.

    I’m BAAAACCCCKKK!!!  Did you miss me?

    (Get ready to brace yourselves with your favorite beverage! I have tons to share, including a tutorial! You won’t want to miss a thing-I swear)

    WOW! It’s been so long since I’ve posted. Trust me I’ve been BUSY! It will all be worth it.

    Family life is insane as my mom continues her Chemo & Radiation treatments, with an impending surgery. I have had to work nights to keep her commercial cleaning company going (exhausting after spending my days in the hospital with her), then there has been some custody drama regarding my 2 year old niece (long story), school meetings,doctors visits, and a bug that has gone around the house twice :C NOT FUN! Despite all that I’ve been squeezing in what I can for the business, and my sanity!!

    So that being said let me kick off the first day of peeks for our AMAZING March Release!!

    With aviary themes being so popular, I think and HOPE you all will be excited about this next release. I’ve made something seemingly IMPOSSIBLE, now possible for ALL skill levels.

    So without further delay let me get sharing.

    Today you will want to stop by and visit several members of our talent design team, as they share NEW! projects with you.

  • Kristin Eberline
  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Monique Hansen
  • Our March Guest is Kathryn Berthiaume!
  • OK now it’s my turn! What you are about to see is 100% made from paper!!!!!!!! If you love aviary themes then this is sure to knock you out of our seat 😀

    I made this template SO LONG ago. Almost a year now. I have been waiting for the perfect moment to release it, and with Spring on the horizon, it is now time. 

    Introducing our NEWEST Template: Caged

    Can you believe how amazing this is? Talk about a WOW! gift holder, or table centerpiece.

    It is really large too. I think we all had a hard time properly photographing it because it is such a wonderfully large template.

    The bird on the top was purchased at Michael’s Craft Store. The bird itself is about 3 inches tall, and with the tail almost 5 inches long.

    Here are some template details:

    Caged Template $5

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size

     4 1/2 Inches Wide

    4 1/2 Inches Deep

    10 Inches Tall

    Have you ever longed to create and customize your own “Bird Cage”from cardstock and/or patterned paper? Well we now have the PERFECT “bird cage” template. This is the epitome of unique and stunning! This is the perfect packaging for display. Use for a table setting, centerpiece, or as a creative and unique gift holder. Makes the perfect wedding centerpiece, or party favor too.

    No detail was spared in the creation of this, and it was made FOOL PROOF! I love the detailed base the cage sits on as well. Stunning detail.

    You can fill this with a variety of gifts such as bird themed items, floral arrangements: real or artificial, candles (especially battery operated), homemade/handcrafted treats of all kinds, bath & body products, stuffed animals, drink mixes…endless possibilities.

    Inside my cage here, since it is a centerpiece I put some floral moss (in the floral section of Michael’s Craft Store) in the bottom, and create a “nest”. Inside I added some plastic eggs (also from Michael’s Craft Store).

    Note: You can weave through cardstock pieces and create a unique “basket” as well! You will see more of that another day! VERY COOL!! I can’t wait to share.

    No matter what gets “caged” up in here, the packaging itself is sure to be used and displayed long after the gift is gone. 

    The top is separate, so you can take it off to retrieve the gift you wish to package inside.

    This template coordinates with the Singing Silhouette Pretty Impressions Stamp Set, as well as the Branching Out, and the A Little Birdie Pretty Pieces Cut File.

    Here you can see there is a leaf/branch applied to the cage. That is from our  Branching Out Cut File! I think you will find it AMAZING to add to any card, tag, template or project! I just used glue dots to adhere it to my template. Very simple!

    I cut my Branching Out Cut File in Kraft cardstock. Once cut out I used my Copic markers to color the leaves in 😀 You could also re-cut the file, in whatever leaf color you chose, and cut just the leaves off, adding them to the base. I would fold them in half for added dimension 😀 Just a tip

    For my sentiment I used the So Sentimental set.

    It reads:


    Our family is a circle of strength & love. With every birth and union it grows. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger.

    I felt it went perfectly for the message I wanted the centerpiece to have, given our recent trials, and the fact we had our bird with her little nest. The label and cut file are an early peek at what is to come next month 😀 Sorry I couldn’t resist adding it!

    Now the little flowers…I made those too 😀 Read more on that further down, once you get to the card!!

    This was made specially for my mother, to use as a centerpiece on her dining table. I asked her specifically what she wanted for colors, and I went to it. She hasn’t seen the final product yet, but I will present it to her within the next week or so.

    Now for her card …and a peek at the new stamps and paper!

    Keep strong and carry on.

    I love this card, that I made to coordinate with the bird cage. There will be a tutorial below on how I made those little roses 😀

    The cage, branch, and bird are from an upcoming set called: Singing Silhouette.  More details on that set tomorrow. Obviously it will have a bird theme to it 😀

    The cage image was cut using the Caged Cut File. This cut file was designed to allow you to have a cut out of the cage/cage door image (not shown) from the Singing Silhouette stamp set. I added some additional color to the leaves using a marker, once stamped.

    The paper is from our latest collection called Whistful Wonder & Whistful Music Magic.

    This sentiment is of particular significance at this point in my mom’s life. It feels great to have the ability to create such meaningful gifts for such a time in one’s life.

    The sentiment is from a new set called Keep Strong.The set was a collaboration of sentiments, between Catherine Doucette and I. We will release it in March, as March 8th is International Women’s Day , for awareness on domestic violence  against women.

    More details on that set will also follow soon.

    Since my mother was almost murdered by her husband(now almost a year ago-this April) I wanted to create something in honor of her!!! She continues the court battle to help prosecute her husband (who is in jail) for the brutal attack on her. He is fighting for 50% of all their assets, and for her to PAY HIM alimony once he is released from jail! Lord, if there is a justice system in the world, please help my mother with this uphill battle, that is so draining on her.

    OK now how about we get the the tutorial part?

    Check out these AMAZING mini roses, and the flowers that are on the template in this post. I made them in under 2 minutes!!

    Want to know how?

    I used the or you could use the Border Builders Open Scallop Cut file (the plain scalloped one) for this project. Or you could use the Rosey Posey Rosettes too.


    1) Resize the plain scallop  border to 1/2 inch wide (select maintain proportions prior to resizing)

    Use a THIN cardstock, or even printer paper!

    2) I then sponged on my color. A darker pigment ink on the scallops.

    A lighter ink on the bottom.

    3) I then use my scissors, and snip between each scallop.

    4) Add a THIN strip of double sided adhesive.

    5) Take my craft pliers to begin to roll the scallop strip.

    6) Carefully roll the strip, ensuring you pinch the bottom tightly.

    7) Keep carefully rolling…

    8) Done rolling!

    Once it is all rolled, because you used the sticky adhesive it will be all set 😀

    9) You then want to take your fingers, and pull back/roll down the snipped petals. You can then pinch some of just leave them alone!

    10) To adhere to a project, apply a large clear glue dot to the bottom.

    The bottom is flat so it sits nicely on any project!

    Now the possibilities truly are endless, and in NO TIME at all!

    TIP: For the first template sample I used copy paper, and didn’t really fold the petals back! A whole new look!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Caged

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Singing Silhouette, Keep Strong

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Wistful Wonder, Wistful Music Magic

    Pretty Pieces Cut File: Branching Out, Caged Cut File, Border Builders Open Scallop Border

    Well I think that is all I can cram into one day. I hope you are as excited as I am about this next release!

     There is SO MUCH more to share, so come back tomorrow OK!

    PMS VIP Blog Hop

    Feb 7, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Hey everyone!

    Paper Makeup Stamps is turning 2 years old! 

    To celebrate the occasion, they are having a super fun VIP blog hop with the theme “the things we love”.  The entire design team invited special crafters to play along in this hop.

     To see everyone involved, please go back to the Paper Makeup Stamps company blog for a master list as well as to enter your self to win a super fabulous prize!

    As for the master list, you can check them out at

    Powered by Linky Tools

    Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…and remember if this is your first stop go to Paper Make Up Stamps <—CLICK ME

    Now let me share what “I” love with you all for my part in the hop!

    So here is what I love in black, and why is shared in pink!

    Templates/gift packaging -obviously! LOL! 

    I used a favorite Pretty Packaging Template of mine called The Flapper for today’s project.

    This gift is for my 11 year old daughter Alexa for Valentines Day!

    Chocolate! Eating, packaging and gifting it!

    Here I used Dove Milk Chocolates that are a perfect match to my packaging!

    Any images/stamps that benefit a cause

    Here I used Moody for Rock-Digital Download Procceds benefit the Arriaza family. I love when I can purchase something that I LOVE, and make a difference at the same time! Feels wonderful.

    Girly images-I can never have enough

    I love all the Fairy images from PMS Stamps!

    Using white, black and pops of pink

    As you can see I chose these colors for my project, and they are HOT!

    Coloring with my copic markers

    I haven’t gotten to do that nearly enough and I so enjoyed it!

    Mixing and matching patterned papers

    Here I used the Warm Serenity paper collection. I used the music note pattern, and the stripes!

    Coloring my patterned paper to match my projects

    I added the fushia color to the stripes, using my Copic marker! So quick, fun and easy!

    Add some bling, no matter how subtle.

    I used a black Copic Spica pen in black to add a little bling where needed! Often subtle but a WOW in person!

    Sharing it all with any and everyone!!!

    So thanks for stopping by!!!

    A Year In Review: February

    Feb 4, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

    Well today wraps up our February Release Projects. We like to celebrate this day with a group post. 

    As I mentioned last month, we have added a NEW! feature to the end of our monthly release called A year in review. This is when the design team and myself shares a project using any previously released stamps, templates, papers, and cut files! 

    This will allow you all even MORE ideas for using previously released items!

    Let the inspiration begin here: 

  • Kristin Bueter
  • Catherine Doucette
  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • Monique Hansen
  • Pam Imholz
  • Tangii Crain
  • and our Guest Designer Naomi
  • Now let me share one of my own projects

    You make me a better person

    What a great reason to give a gift!

    I have lots of people in my life that I feel make me want to be a better person. I love having a sentiment that tells them so!

    The sentiment comes from our Sensational Sentiments set. It is by far one of my favorites.

    I used last month’s template release of So Fortunate. I really wanted to focus on the fact that this is a SUPERB box/template without it having to be “Chinese take out” like themed. I really enjoyed using this with some older images. I did use the “flag” image from the What’s my fortune? Cookie Cut Filefor the pink layer (resized with my SCAL/Cricut).

    I kept the design simple and the colors striking. You don’t have to go all out to make an impact.

    The flowers on the main panel are from the Sensational Stems set. This is a fun and whimsical, build your own images, type of set.

    For the bottom of my tag, and top border of my main panel, I paired the images with the background building set Puckered Up Patterns. I LOVE all the pattern possibilities that set has to offer and used it earlier this week on the Day 1 Peek project.

    I have not yet filled this, but I have picked a recipient 😀 I know whomever receives this will know how much I appreciate them and the impact they have had on me.

      Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: So Fortunate

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Sensational Stems, Sensational Sentiments, Puckered Up Patterns

    What’s my fortune? Cookie Cut File

    Well I hope you enjoyed all that was shared!

    I’ll be back soon with more cards and gift ideas as the month move along and time allows. We are heading into a busy Chemo/Raditaion week for my mom. So prayers are being said she has a good week.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    The color of Cancer

    Feb 3, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My Time Made Easy

    We are getting ready to wrap up the February Release projects and still have yet another day to share after today.

    Get your creative fix today by visiting:

  • Monique Hansen
  • Pam Imholz
  • I have yet another card for you. Over the last 3 days I’ve share a unique card using each of the flowers in the Bold Botanicals set.

    As you all know, I have been affected by Cancer through my own daughter who was 6 at the time, and now 11 celcbrating 3 years in remission, and now my mother 54, who is fighting her battle right now.

    Cancer has no prejudice. It see no age, no race. It doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone.  I truly love this set, as it was put together in honor of my mother, and my daughter.

    The Bold Botanicals set was designed for those who need encouragement and are grateful for second chances. I didn’t want “CANCER” to be the main focus, just soft images (and my favorite the butterfly for so many personal reasons to me) and an inspiring sentiment you see on bracelets and Cancer Awareness article everywhere.

    People who have cancer don’t want that to be their defining quailty or the main focus of thier life. At least that has been my expireince with it.

    Today my card is for a friend who is battling ovarian cancer. Her Cancer color is teal.

    Faith Hope Courage Strength

    This is a simple design that I can easily duplicate, and that the colors can be changed based on need.

    I used a pigment ink in teal for my flowers, and olive for my stem. I added some white details using a singlo gel pen.

    The detail along the bottom, is once again Puckered Up Patterns. I love it.

    This is the perfect card for mass production, or just because.

    Each Cancer is represented by a color. So when making a card or gift set it may be helpful to keep this in mind. It make personalizing the gift that much more meaningful.

    Here is a color chart for you to view, should you need to make a card in honor of someone!

    All Cancer Survivors Lavender
      Bladder Cancer Yellow
      Bone Cancer White with Gold Outline
      Brain Cancer Gray
      Breast Cancer Pink
      Childhood Cancer Gold
      Colon & Colorectal Cancer Brown
      Esophageal Cancer Periwinkle Blue
      Gynecological Cancer Lavender
      Head & Neck Cancer Red with White Stripe
      Hodgkins Disease Violet
      Hospice Care Burgundy
      Kidney/Renal Kelly Green
      Leimyosarcoma Purple
      Leukemia Orange
      Lung Cancer Pearl
      Lymphoma Red
      Male Breast Cancer ½ Blue and ½ Pink
      Melanoma Black
      Mesothelioma Royal Blue
      Multiple Myeloma Burgundy
      Ovarian Cancer Teal
      Pancreatic Cancer Purple
      Prostate Cancer Light Blue
      Renal/Kidney Kelly Green
      Retinoblastoma White
      Testicular Cancer Orchid/Violet
      Thyroid Cancer Light Blue
      Transplant Green

    Well I thank you for letting me share today.

    I pray you and yours will be well this new year.

    Come back tomorrow for a group post that is sure to WOW you.

    Petals that pop

    Feb 2, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My Time Made Easy

    Welcome back!

    I hope your February is off to a creative start.

    If you need some ideas and inspiration today be sure to stop by and visit:

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Tangii Crain
  • I have another card creation for you! I am IN LOVE with it, and hope you will be too.

    Every Occasion

    Well what do you think? Pretty isn’t it?

    I used the large blossom cluster from the Bold Botanicals set as my focus of the card.

    I used the frame from Killer Curves. I stamped it in olive ink, onto the white card base. I used the Killer Curves Cut Filefor my flower layer. I stamped the blossom in versamark, then I embossed it with White Embossing Powder.

    Once it was embossed I used a sponge dauber to add some pigment ink to the petals. I took a Fantastix stick to the ink, and used it aid in adding color to select places (without a mess) of the flower/leaves. The Fantastix stick acts as a sponge marker, allowing me this soft, and colored effect.

    I used some more stick pins in my ribbon. One is a orange flower (similar to my stamp) and the other is a green leaf 😀

    Along the bottom I needed something, but didn’t want whatever I added to overtake the design. So I turned to the Argyle Amazement set, where I built my pattern along the bottom, then scored 2 lines above and 2 lines below the argyle border. That is one of my favorite pattern building sets to date!

    Yes, I left this card BLANK! That’s right. No occasion assigned. Now I have a card on hand that I can assign for just about ANY occasion. You don’t always HAVE to assign a card to an occasion. It’s great to keep some blank canvas’ on file!

    Well, thanks for stopping by and letting me share my ideas. Maybe you will try coloring with pigment ink, and or embossing white on white too!

    The ideas aren’t done yet, so we will see you back here tomorrow.

    F is for Friend

    Feb 1, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My Time Made Easy

    Well we have had our official February Release and the ideas keep rolling in.

    For more you will definitely want to stop by and visit:

  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • Kristin Bueter
  • Today I thought I’d share a card I designed using the Bold Botanicals set.

    Now all our sets are designed to be used for EVERYTHING papercraft related. Be it packaging, cards and/or tags. I personally LOVE making gift packaging. Actually I prefer it. I know MANY of you out there love cards and want to see more ideas for use with those, so that is something I have been focusing on this release. See, I listen to you all 😀 I’ve shared several card gift sets, and now I want to share a more “involved” card idea with you.

    So here is my favorite (you know Tulips are my favorite flower) card from the release:

    F is from Friend

    I wanted a “vintage botanicals” look, and this is what I came up with.

    I stamped my tulip image from Bold Botanicalsusing a pigment ink in a Rose and Olive color, onto some ivory cardstock. I love that you can EASILY do this and the image is still amazing looking.

     I half-heartedly masked the image, then stamped the Faith*Hope* Courage* Strength sentiment in a tea dye ink all over the card layer.

    From there I used the Irish Blessing sentiment from the All A Flutter Sentiments set, and randomly stamped the text in a gold ink onto the main card layer. This gives a vintage text look and a slight shimmer to the card!

    I then tore the corner, and layerd the card over some gold cardstock, also torn, which was also layered onto some olive cardstock. Some gold trimmed ivory ribbon was tied around the layers, into a bow, in which a pearl stick pin adorns it.

    I used the Trendy Tags 3 cut file, resized to about 1 3/4 inches, cut from a shimmery gold cardstock. I then stamped the F from Monograms Defined, and embossed it with Gold EP. It really adds to the card design. It also brings out the shimmer on the card base.

    In the upper right corner I stamped the butterfly from Tending the Garden, in gold. A subtle detail.

    This card is about 3 1/2 inches wide, by 5 1/2 inches tall.

    I had fun using a non standard or expected size!  Give it a try.

    Well I had a blast making this card. I hope it sparked some design ideas for you too. I have several more card ideas to share over the next few days, so come back tomorrow OK!

    Till then

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