WOW! Can I tell you that I am OVERWHELMED by the number of you requesting a tutorial for my onesie card found —->HERE. THANKS FOR LOVING IT!

This is an update: I removed the tutorial as I created files for this card which are available HERE!

The files are formated for EASY use and are available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC.

If you aren’t sure what file type is best for you, please view the ABOUT PAGE <—CLICK IT for details on each file.

You can see my latest samples HERE!


Please use this for your OWN personal use. Do not submit this template for publication. I was recently alerted by and editor-who reads my blog (INSERT SHOCKED FACE HERE), the the day after my idea was presented here, they got a submission for it-using my directions-copy/pasted from right here.

Had she not read my blog-it would have gotten picked up, and that person would be paid.

THAT is NOT cool.

Please don’t ruin the fun for everyone else. I share my items with you because “I” enjoy it. I do not care if you use sketches from here to create your own unique version for a publication, and whatnot, but please don’t use my words, templates, and CASE my ideas for profit.

Anything else-go for it!!!

You can add snaps or buttons-( I used Making Memories button brads)whatever you want. Embellish it as you please. It can be as simple or complex as YOU need it to be.

I stamped mine in this photo with the Limitless Labels. I used the sentiment, and tiny flower (stamped in white, then added dots with white gel pen) for this card.

I used colored cardstock for this one, whereas my first ones where white. Patterned cardstock is also a great option.

Makes a great announcement, or Welcome to the world card.

Thanks to everyone again for the love, encouragement and support. I appreciate each one of you, immensely. I am not going to let ONE person kill the joy I get from sharing with everyone.

I hope this helps you now that you can SEE it!

Till tomorrow-