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Photo Finish Holiday Card Challenge

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Well its another Senior Design Team challenge for the Papertrey Ink design team!

This month was a lot of fun! Nichole asked the team to create a Christmas/Holiday card that incorporates photos!

Well I ALWAYS do a photo card-ALWAYS! I love giving people a yearly photo update. This year I cringe at the thought that it may get tossed away after the holiday. So, my simple solution, I decided that this year I am going to do a magnetic photo calendar card!


Sending  You Happiness Through  the Year!

Instead of JUST a photo card, ours is a photo / calendar magnet card that you can stick right up on the fridge! Pretty cute huh?

This finished magnet is 5 3/4 X 4 1/2! The borders made it a bit larger than your standard A2 card. You could avoid the extra layers, or just change your own design.

I designed it so that while it represents the HOLIDAY, its not an obvious Christmas ONLY creation! Out on a limb was the PERFECT solution for this project! Given my children’s clothing colors-red & black, I went with that for my scheme. Now you could certainly use a black & white photo too, but I loved the POP the red “holly berries” (that what they are to me) brought to the project.

NOTE: This does use LAST years Christmas photo, so I will have to update with THIS year’s photo once I get them done. For the challenge I used what I had available. But I do really love this! Do you think people would notice if I used the same photo as last year?! LOL!

I did HOURS of hunting online for a FREE printable 2009 calendar. I have no clue how to make one, and found the PERFECT one! YEAH!!!

HEREis the one I used for my project!!! All my hunting will save YOU some time! LOL!

When I got the template I wanted, I then decreased the size by 50%, so it would fit on a card sized magnet. I didn’t want a very large calendar.

I  printed walllet size photos of  my children. Used my circle/tall /rectancle nestabilities to  create this. I cropped the photo with the circle, and then  the calendar with the rectangle. Using the next size up of the shape used, I made my scallop frames. For the large border I just used the tall scallop rectangles, using black cardstock, and I cut the scallop edges off, and adhered to the back of my white layer – Tip I found HERE! That was then layered onto a piece of Pure Poppy cardstock, that was sent through my Xyron 900, magnet maker!! So the entire back is magnetic! Pretty cool!

Now another part of our challenge was to create an envelope to match! I have a great system I came up with to create an envelope for ANY size card —>HERE!

So using that formula, I created my envelope for this project!

The ONLY difference was I decided to NOT put it together with adhesive, but rather make it a beautiful protective cover!


This is the cover opened. I decorated my inner panels by measuring each finished panel and subracting a 1/4 inch on the layering panel.

I then fold in the top/bottom flaps (what would have been my envelope sides if adhered) and fold closed.


I had some wide white grosgrain ribbon, that I stamped to match my card. I then used an image from the Papertrey Ink Anniversary set (not available for purchase-sorry :C) since I thought it was a nice match.

I felt the sentiment from Snowflake Serenade was PERFECT for sending such a calendar creation!

So there you have it. This is my fresh approach to sending a holiday card! Why not a yearly calendar? I know its perfect for those close to you. I honestly would not go through the trouble of making such a treasure for those on my “have to send a card to X” list, but would certainly do it for my most loved ones 😀 It’s actually more of a GIFT, than a card, don’t you think? You could replace a photo with an image for a general magnetic/card/calendar gift!

The holiday season is upon us, so have fun! I hope you let me know if this inspires your holiday card this year 😀 Oh and if this project didn’t do it for you there is so much more to come 😀

Be sure to check out all the Senior Design team member’s blogs for MORE great cards using photos! I am sure you will run out to the nearest photo place!

  • Debbie Olson
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Michelle Wooderson
  • Nichole Heady
  • Pine
  • and  Becky is playing along too!
  • Don’t miss the post below!

    Till tomorrow!

    Wind Down & A Giveaway

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    Wind down-or winding up for the release party!!

    Well better LATE than never right? I promised this earlier and got REALLY busy. This is one of the CRAZIEST weeks for me in general. Throw in 3 birthday parties, and forget it.

    Where does the time go? I still have peeks from LAST monthsMFT release to share. I make so much stuff, and often end up forgetting about most because something I create fits what I may want to share on my blog.

    Anyway-I have to say I think this is by far my favorite release from MFT thus far! I don’t know what exactly it was, but I was a creating machine! I had my samples done weeks ago, which generally doesn’t happen.

    I decided to share this particular card because I totally ADORED it. I love the layout, and the fun colors that I picked up from my Amy Butler paper. I love mixing patterns. That is the quilter in me. I always loved just doing THAT part, not really the sewing part so much! LOL!

    Wait till you see what is to come!

     Window Shopping (OMW! Love this one to pieces)
    Reading Flopsey
    Chives – Annie LaPoint
    Christmas Owls – Stephanie Fizer
    Peppermint Cats – Stephanie Fizer
    A Scarf for Three – Stephanie Fizer

    My Favorite Things will be hosting a New Release Cocktail Party on Wednesday night (October 1) 9-11pm EST EASTERN time. PARTY STARTS HERE!!! This month there are SIX new sets being released, plus a new storage system that you are going to love! Stop by the release party to win prizes, see some MFTeasers of the new sets and find out how you can become MFT’s next Guest Designer! Hope to see you there!

    In the mean time I have a GIVEWAY or as Kim would call it a MFTreat!! Courtesy of Kim from MFT 😀

    You will have a chance to win:

    One of the NEW! Fabulous storage boxes, and TWO of the retiring sets of Kim’s choosing, both of which (and then some) will fit inside this storage box!

    I will draw a winner tonight during the release party- OCTOBER 1st!

    All I need YOU to do is leave a comment here, telling me your favorite thing to use when stamping! Be it an tool, product, image whatever!

    Now, it is my duty to keep you in the KNOW of what is going on on the first:

    (I think this is everything. OK I HOPE this is everything)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby Jason, who turns the BIG 31 TODAY!! Happy Birthday honey!

    As stated above the MFT release!

    Lizzie Anne Designs is beginning the countdown to their Fall release which will take place on the 4th! So check back in for peeks here this week on Wednesday and Friday!! Their release kicks of on WCMD! Great new sets.

    Papertrey Ink design team challenge

    Storage Units Ink & More is releasing all of their sets today too.

    OK now I have lots to do to get ready for Jason’s birthday. Thanks for reading!


    HOWDY! Pink Cat Challenge

    Sep 30, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

    Thank you everyone for Alexa’s birthday wishes. I’ll have a smilebox of her party soon.

    Her birthday is ALWAYS emotional for me. I usually cry every time we sing Happy Birthday. I know it sounds strange, and its hard to explain. You just don’t know what one year to the next can bring. Especially since the whole cancer thing, that really gets me now. Maybe thats it? Or how much she accomplishes each year? The unknown? I don’t know. But now I’m feeling better and ready to move forward in her 9th year. I really don’t feel OLD enough to have a 9 year old, I can tell you that. Really seems like yesterday that I was turning 9! Now I have a 9 year old. Unbelievable.

    Many of you emailed asking “Where was Noah?” Well, he is on this kick of NOT being in photos! I don’t know why but he is. What is funny, like someone mentioned him being in the photo in the background, he actually said “No, I don’t want my picture taken. I won’t be happy. I want to take the picture.” I said but I want you IN th photo” then he said “I am in the photo, its behind you” That was pretty funny. He has been taking quite a few photos with the camera. Who knows maybe that will be his career path. A professional photographer, who can work with me someday when I get big! LOL! Maybe I’ll have my own line or a magazine? He can take all my photos! Anyway,It was nice to have a photo of me and my girls though. So I told him people were asking and wanted to see him, so he let me get this photo of him and I, and he still wasn’t too happy about it! LOL!


    See-this is the best I could get. He refused to smile.

    Oh well.

    Yes, I know I look tired! Don’t say it. I cried a good part of the morning, especially writing Alexa’s post. Then she came home from school, and drove me crazy with her attitude! Gotta love that 😀 Im all emotional over her and she making me crazy.

    OK moving on from my blah blah blah. I think I could talk a dog off a meat wagon.

    Todays post is for a Challenge from Melissa at Pink Cat Studio. She gave us a sketch. Be sure to check in as she usually features all the designers creations and customer creations there as well!!

    The best part is I actually followed it! LOL! Im so bad with stuff like that.

    So here is her sketch


    And here is my card


    Howdy lil Buck-a-roo!

    OK I totally love how I went ALL BOY with this 😀 Billy is the cutest boy set! I love him!! I actually made this to go in a care package for my friend Alicia’s son Ethan, who is also a little cowboy!! He has Cancer, and for his Make-a-wish they built him a barn, and got him some horses!! Make a wish is a fabulous organization!! You can read about him on her blog. He is going through his second round to treatment, and is such a brave boy! So I am gathering a few things to send to him and his sister for being so good 😀 I know so many amazing people sent things to Alexa and it really got her though some tough days.

    As for the sketch-instead of scallops I did “fringe”, and in place of a flower, I have my star. I love it. I know I said that already, but I do.

    Now the paper well that is a little “surprise”. Im not suppose to share that till tomorrow I believe (oops! SORRY! I couldn’t help but use it. It was perfect for my creation)

    OK for Cowboy Billy Ethan, I colored him with Copic markers (of course) and used my circle nestabilities to mask the ground and sky that I sponged. I always love making Billy “dirty” so I smeared some ink on his face and pants as well, for a dusty desert look. Now I LOVE the lasso. I am a bit upset that I cut it a tad short :C. I totally eyeballed it and think its so cute. I love his hat that is 3D and overhands the border. Makes him pop out at you!

    Well that is it my friends.


    Be sure to check out the peeks for Storage Units Ink & More-the release is tomorrow!

    Mary Jo  




    Tomorrow I have my Design Team Challenge for Papertrey! You won’t want to miss that one, and I will have peeks for My Favorite Things! As well as Lizzie Anne’s Fall Release peeks.

    Be back in a few to share more today! The end of the month is always full of things to share!



    Sep 29, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me


    Its been 9 years. Where has the time gone?

    You have grown so fast, and are turning into such an amazing person.

    I look at your face, and I see a million things.

    I see an amazing little person who has made a difference in the world. A person who changed me the minute you took your first breath. I see a piece of me, that I can literally hold on to. I see a life full of love, happiness, laughter, innocence, hope, faith, honesty, and the future. I see someone who beats all odds, a fighter. A person, who with one look, flashes a million memories across my mind. Times that may not have been,  if I listened. If I didn’t keep you. If I didn’t have faith. If I didn’t fight for you. If I didn’t believe they were wrong. If my idea of perfect, was their idea of perfect.

     But my idea was not the same. If it were I think of the love I would not have felt, happiness that would not be, memories that wouldn’t exist, tears I would not have shed, pain I would not have felt, experiences that would not have lead us to today. Today, nine years of a life I would not known. How sad that would have been.

     They told me you would not even live, to be 20 weeks gestation. Then you did.

     They told me if you even lived to full term, and I was “lucky” enough that you weren’t still born, that would be limp and not breathing. 

     Wednesday September 29th at 1:58 pm- your limbs weren’t limp, your fists were closed and you were ready to fight. Ready to prove them all wrong. 

    At first breath, a breath I was told you would need to be resuscitated to take-you screamed as loud as you could! It immediately silenced, as they placed you on me, and I said your name-Alexa. You stopped, and looked right at me. The face I had so longed to see. Eyes I waited so long to look into. So aware. So content to be in my arms. Finally.

    You were 9lbs 20 inches long. To me you were PERFECT.

    There I looked at you. Instantly loving you, and so in awe of the amazing gift I was entrusted to care for.

    A child I was told and encouraged not to keep.  Told that I had my entire life to have a “perfect family”. I’m still  not sure what they meant by perfect because you were perfect to me. It didn’t take 9 years to figure out they were wrong. I knew the minute God gave you to me that this is what perfect is. I often wish they could all see you now.

    Everyday you prove “them” wrong, with every smile, every hug, every I love you…………every accomplishment-big and small, everything you do, you prove you are what perfect is.

    You, Alexa are my definition of PERFECT.


    per·fect play_w2(“P0187000”)



    1. Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind.

    2. Being without defect or blemish: a perfect specimen.

    3. Thoroughly skilled or talented in a certain field or area; proficient.

    4. Completely suited for a particular purpose or situation: She was the perfect actress for the part.


    a. Completely corresponding to a description, standard, or type: a perfect circle; a perfect gentleman.

    b. Accurately reproducing an original: a perfect copy of the painting.

    6. Complete; thorough; utter: a perfect fool.

    7. Pure; undiluted; unmixed: perfect red.

    8. Excellent and delightful in all respects: a perfect day.

    tr.v. (pr-fkt) per·fect·ed, per·fect·ing, per·fects

    To bring to perfection or completion


    Me and my girls yesterday

    Happy Birthday my special girl! I hope you know how much you have brought to our lives, everyday.  I cannot imagine a single day without you in it!  You are a true gift, and I cherish every moment I am able to have with you, and an honored to be your mom. I only hope I can bring to your life a fraction of the love and joy you have brought to mine.

    I loved you from the instant I knew of you, and I will always love you!



    Happy day! Happy colors, happy coloring

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    Well I have a busy day getting ready for Alexa’s Bowling Party!! I know I said I’d share some family photos, but I truly have had NO time to edit them, so it will have to wait :C Plus I have new sneak peeks to work on 😀

    I want to thank everyone who commented/and or emailed me about my Math issue’s with Alexa. I will be looking into all the info I received. It was very helpful of those who did respond, and many recommended the same programs! So that is good to know so many find the same things helpful. Ill keep you posted.

     In the meantime………..I have a card I love, so I thought I’d share it with you all today.

    Very neutral colors with suble tones of green, and I find it so calming and cute.


    You make me happy

    This image is from Magnolia.

     I purchased mine from here  Diana- [email protected]. She will send a catalog persay of all the images they have. They copy and paste into a new document what stamps they
    would like and send this to me. The stamps  are mailed from Blaine, WA for US customers and Surrey, Canada for
    Canadian Customers. The prices are at par.

    I was very inspired by this paper I purchased a month or so ago, and used it as my pallette. The colors are Spring Moss, Kraft, and true thyme (a old SU color). I am just so happy with the outcome of these colors. I am especially happy with my coloring 😀

    This is a 5 1/2 square card.

    I just rubbed my Prima’s into my ink for a dirty look 😀

    Really not too much else to report, and I need to get moving.

    Ill check back in later!

    Enjoy your day

    Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

    Sep 27, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

    OK so my title makes absolutely NO SENSE to you if you aren’t a fan of the TV show HEROES! The season Premiere was this week, and WOW! Was I blown away. I LOVE that show, and that famous saying from Heroes “Save the cheerleader, save the world” was my thought during the entire creative process of making this card. My problem was Im not loving the beginning of this season. Seems like everyone turns evil in the future. Its a little early, but Im sure I’ll adjust to this fact soon. No matter what, villains or Heroes the show is written to really draw you in until the last second. You sit there wanting MORE. Just like LOST 😀

    OK so the point of my post is to share a PEEK at a new set from Stoage Units Ink & More. Check out their blog all this week for even more samples! I have been there guest designer since August, and my term will be done next month. I have to say I love the whimsical style they have, and have enjoyed the different sets they have found to fill some of the void, in what is out there.

    By now this rambling MAY make sense. The set is called: First & Goal

    It will be released on October 1st.

    I love the cheerleader in this set! Now you get it, right?


    I knew , as a former cheerleader-(I know don’t hate me for that-I wasn’t a snooty cheerleader, I was nice to everyone) that I had to use her immediately! I went for my DREAM school colors of Pink & Brown! I felt that was “safe” as Im not into knowing team/sport colors. Plus I think some school should adopt the gorgeous combo.

    The only sports Im into are my kids playing, and even then I shout for them to go and do the wrong thing! LOL!

    So for my card: The goal post is stamped on my sweet blush cardstock, in brown, then colored a bit. The foot ball is 3D and was cut out. The cheerleader girl is so cute. I used my Copic Markers to color her. Her pom poms are all glitter! I then stamped my cheering section and layered that on. Easy Peasy!

    That is it for this post.

    Make sure you check outBethany’s Blog for another PEEK!

    Then the following blogs over the next few days

    Sept. 28th…



    Sept 29th…




    Sept 30th…

    Mary Jo  




    My time + Saturday = Sketch time!

    Sep 26, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    Well, I think you know what time it is! Sketch time! OK this is a LITTLE early……….but Im sure you won’t mind, right?

    I’m marking off what is non-stamp related for those who don’t want to read the random ramblings. I went off deep into thought. I do ask for some advice in the paragraph so if you are a teacher or parent (especially of an older child with special needs=please read) Stamp related is after scored areas 😀



    I have so much stuff to share its crazy! Both craft and family related. The next few weeks here are going to be filled with some amazing things-I swear!

    I want so much to share the fun things we did with the kids this week, but will do that tomorrow. We have been to Canobie lake, apple picking, and the to Fair. I have some great photos.  Tomorrow is also Alexa’s birthday party! I cannot even believe my baby is going to be 9- officially on Monday! Seems like yesterday I was pregnant with her, so unsure of what her future would hold. Worrying about so many unforeseen things, and soon learning there is a reason we aren’t meant to see the future, and to take life ONE DAY AT A TIME. Enjoy today and be thankful for it, because who knows what is to come tomorrow.

    While its been a rollercoaster (to say the least) I wouldn’t have it any other way. Alexa is truly an amazing person. Her 9 years so far in my life have changed me internally, forever, in ways I think everyone should experience. Ways that can’t be taught, just lived. To see the world through her can be amazing, refreshing, and insanely heartbreaking all in the same breath. You see the good people in the world, and the ugly, all in the same day. You see how simple things can be for others, is the biggest of achievements for her. I wish I did see some of it beforehand. She has done so well. She continues to overcome things that hold her back. She is ever-changing, and always striving to improve. Alexa is amazing.

    I was going through the store thinking-what so you buy a 9 year old! Its a hard age. Shes getting older so I don’t want to buy her “baby” things, yet too young to buy older things.

    I did find this AWESOME cupcake maker!! “I” am excited over this thing. Not sure if I bought it for HER or ME! LOL! Seriously cool. I hope to get her using it, and get some fun photos. I even got her the apron and chef hat, with lots of cupcake refills/frosting. The cool thing is these cupcakes cook in the microwave in 30 seconds! Then it has this awesome frosting “machine”. Oh yippy skippy, I truly can’t wait. I also bought her this TAG reader pen. I want to encourage her to expand her reading skills.

    On another note MATH is KILLING us here. She is having a very hard time with it. Im not sure if people with Down Syndrome have a different technique to learning this skill, but this is proving to be a very tough subject for her to grasp. You have to remember Alexa is my first child. What I like to call the practice kid! LOL! The first one always gets everything the worst. You have NO IDEA what you are doing, and I think you expect more fo them. I tend to be stricter, and had much more will-power for the “no” stuff with the first. Plus they get your undivided attention for X years, till the next one comes along. The bad part is everything she does-is “normal” to me. I often don’t realize some things until I see other kids her age, or one of her siblings can do things she cannot yet master (this is generally the physical stuff, but some is cognitive-like safety awareness). That is also hard to see sometimes too. Something people don’t think you notice, but you do. She didn’t walk till she was 3! That was so hard. I’d see little 7 month old babies starting to pull up. She just didn’t have the stregnth to do that, and was happy as a clam to sit quietly and play. She had no desire to walk, afterall she could get where she needed to go by crawling, or later cruising.

    So, to the present-she can count and all that, and is good with learning money and whatnot, but the majority of the math is becoming very hard for her. I don’t ever like making “excuses” for her, but I think this is a true obstacle. That being said, anyone out there (teachers or other parents) if you know a great learning program or have tips PLEASE contact me. I really need Alexa to get this and be able to grasp the addition and subtraction. This is a vital LIFE skill, in order to promote her independence. We are now cutting out parts of the math program that aren’t vital for her to know so she can grasp onto this concept. We aren’t sure how to help teach her this as she truly looks blankly at us, and doesn’t seem to understand exactly what we want when we are asking her to add 3 + 9 etc. So anything helpful and FUN is a plus. Alexa is a visual person and needs LOTS of repetition and anything hands on is a PLUS!! Thanks in adnvance-even if you can’t help, but because you “listened”

    OK that went WAY off base! You can tell where my mind is-jeeze! Sorry about that.


    I have to say I was inspired by my own card last week. Not just the sketch, but the colors and stamp set. So I wasn’t going to limit my creativity just because I was inspired by a previous creation, so I went with it!

    Besides, circles are HOT!


    Keyword -mytimess07 if you decide to upload to a gallery anywhere.

    Send us a link if you decide to give the sketch a try. I do my very best to visit each persons creation done with the sketch. Which is great because it gets me hopping around blog to blog, gallery to gallery, which I otherwise don’t get to do much of-sadly. AND there are SOOOOOO many blogs! WOW! Its hard to keep up. By doing this I am able to find new talent, I never knew about. You are all quite amazing 😀

    Now for my sample


    Remembering to thank you-

    I need to make like a 100 of those! I have a huge list I still need to send out. HUGE! The sentiment is one of my favorites too.

    These colors are the same as last week- Vintage Cream, Kraft,  spring moss, and dark chocolate and used the inks to match .  If you haven’t noticed, Remember is one of my favorite sets! I think I used it for like 4 Saturday Sketches! That doesn’t include random stuff.

    As you can see my “circles” weren’t literal. I just used my flowers as my circles. Use the sketch in a way that YOU see it. Don’t limit yourself!

     I love the overlapping look. I also LOVE my main focal point. This was one of those cards that I just adored when done. I used my circle nestabilties for this, as well as the tag nestabilities. Some of my favorite things. I think nestabilities are the best thing they have ever invented for stampers-next to the ATG Gun, Scor-Pal, and my Copic Makers!

    Well that is it for today. I cannot wait to see what YOU do with it. In the meantime why don’t you check and see what my sketch team has envisioned using the sketch : (note their posts won’t go live till Satuday)

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Till tomorrow!

    Bella Blog Hop, Skip & a Jump!

    Sep 26, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items

    Welcome to the FIRST Bella Blog hop, skip & a jump!

    Some of you *may* know that Shannan is the very first guest designer for Stamping Bella 😀 Lucky girl. Well she asked some girls to play along with her for a Holiday themed Bella Blog Hop! I am very excited! Thanks for thinking of me girl 😀 I own way more Bella’s than I care to admit in public. Yet, I NEED  want more.

     The goal was to create a winter/holiday gift using our Bella’s.

    Now the PROBLEM with the challenge was I didn’t PAY ATTENTION. I have a thing with reading directions. It usually doesn’t happen. SO what did I do? Instead of creating a winter GIFT, I made a winter CARD. At least I got the WINTER part right.

    THEN when I got my lil reminder I realized my error, and only had like 10 minutes to make something. NOT COOL! When you are stamping with these great girls, its not good to only have 10 minutes. That included photo time people! Yes, I know-crazy. But we are busy with soccer and we are off (weather permitting) to the Deerfield Fair all day.

     The ONLY good thing  about my error is you can see that you can whip up something in 10 minutes, if you HAD to.

    Here is WHO is playing along :

    Amy Rysavy
    Carole Burrage
    Debbie Olson
    Jen del Muro
    Lauren Meader
    Michele Boyer
    Shannan Teubner
    Taylor Van Bruggen

    The Bella Blog
    Nicky Manel

    Now I will first share my card-since that was my original thought for the challenge.



    For this I used my most loved Christmas/Winter color combo 😀 Lav. lace, sweet blush, and Caribbean. I used the Glideabellafor this card. I think she is so cute, and has gone uninked for a YEAR! YIKES! How could she be so un-loved? A shame. But winter is coming so they will all get loved again. She was done with my copic markers. I used liquid applique on her jacket cuffs and collar.

    I thought that Rustic Snowflakes would be the perfect addition for this! I added bling stickers to the snowflake squares-which were colored with markers for the trio of color, and I used the Glue Pad and Martha glitter for my vellum snowflake border layer. Nice and wintery! I find that adding layers in vellum cardstock as a nice soft layer.

    Now for my under 10 gift



    Gotta love Pepperidge Farm cookies! These fit PERFECTLY into the Papertrey 4 oz round tins-4 per tin, no problem! Makes you feel less guilty eatting 4 as well. Another great thing to whip up for all the people on your list that you want to do a little something for but not anything over the top.

    I used my Core-din-ations cardstock and ran it through my snowflakes folder, then sanded. Super fast and easy, and gives a nice look I think. I wrapped the lid with some ribbon from SEI I believe. I then tied around the tin with my Polka Dot ribbon from Papertrey Ink

    In that “mass producing” mind set, I kept my tag SIMPLE (OK honestly I didn’t have the time to get all fancy schmancy-but it works!). I used my snowflakes TABLE CONFETTI (cook huh?) as my accents for my tag, adhering them with glue dots.

    So that is it! My quick under 10 gift idea! LOL!

    Sorry girls for my lack of reading.

    Make sure you all hop around to see what everyone has come up with!

    Tomorrow are more release peeks and my Saturday Sketch!



    Sep 25, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items

    Post #2 for today! So SCROLL down, so you don’t miss anything. 

    By far one of the CUTEST sets Christine from C.C. Designs has ever come up with! I know I say that a lot. I don’t know about you, but Im a sucker for Lucky and Lulu and anything with the monkey and bear. This set is no exception.

    It is called My Rubber Ducky (there is an adorable duck, but he didn’t go with my colors :C sorry!)

    It goes on sale tonight at 10pm EST.  It will be available HERE, after then. You can purchase JUST the set or a Kit that uses the Cosmo Cricket Hello Sunshine patterned paper in it.

    I HAD to do a gift set for this because its just WAY too adorable NOT to!

    Amber LOVES bath and body stuff, so I bought her some apple scented items at the Target $1 spot. I made up a little basket for her to use, and keep her goodies. Since everything was apple scented I went with red & green for my colors, and was over the moon with the combination for this set 😀


    Scrub-a-dub-dub set

    There is liquid body wash (bear), Foaming bath soap (monkey) both in a cute red bucket. In the basket is a pumice stone/foot scrubber, some lip gloss, lip balm, loofah, more lip gloss, and body butter.

    Now for the close ups!


    How super adorable are these? I think even giving JUST one of these, dressed up for a teacher is AWESOME! Think of the foaming apple scented hand sanitizer! PERFECT! What teacher wouldn’t love that?

    I LOVE making tags that hang off items so I did that here. Kept it simple since it is going to my 4 year old!


    This is the shower gel soap.


    I put an apple (from limitless labels set) to show that it is apple scented.

    Then I moved onto the bath foam


    Seriously-how cute is that? I used a ruler to create the floor and stripped “wall paper”. A super quick touch but it helped tie in my colors and get rid of the WHITE. I used my Bella Baubles for the “bubbles” in the air. Honestly that may have been too much for this particular tag, but Amber loved it. Liquid applique made my bubble bath 😀 Its actually sparkly! This tag is just stuck on with dimensionals, unlike the above gel.

    So that is it. This really took no time at all, and the images are super fun to color. I have to admit the bear KILLS me! I love her to pieces. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, that being said,don’t miss out on ordering OK! Oh and she is having another release with peeks starting on the 30th. FYI!

    Well there you have a few more ideas for gifts, I hope.

    I am off and running. Tomorrow I will be participating in a Bella Blog HOP!

    Tonight is also the Papertrey Ink blog hop so I HOPE to get something done for that (fingers crossed). I have been SUPER busy on some ROCKIN stuff. You have NO IDEA! Just wait till you see it 😀

    Ok enough teasing.


    In honor

    Sep 25, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards


    Thanking you-

    I think this card is very pretty in pastel colors. Gives a calm feel, doesn’t it? Yet, it has the whimsical cuteness that I love, with a touch of serious heartfelt thanks.

    In celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day I made this card for Cammie’s AMAZING give-away 😀 Check out the details here. You can make a card to brighten a care giver’s day and enter to win 😀 Being a nurse I worked on an Alzheimer’s/Dementia unit for almost 3 years. I can say it is a very difficult job at times.

    One woman always thought I was her daughter. She would always spend her day with me calling me Marianne. I would attempt to redirect her, but to no avail. I must have resembled her daughter a lot, because I was the only one she would follow around, and call to. When I became pregnant with Alexa she thought it was her grandchild. She would follow me around all day. Always wanting to feel the baby move. Most of the time she was sweet. The sad part of it was, her daughter dropped her off at the home, never to return. So, sometimes she would remember this, and get suddenly outraged at me. She actually hit me a few times, out of her anger and confusion. It was so sad. It would come out of no where. She would then just cry for hours about WHY I left her there. Why wouldn’t I take her home with me? Promises of being “good”. Like a child who rationalized things. I would have to sneak off the floor to go home so she wouldn’t notice. When I would work she wouldn’t participate in activities or anything. I knew she was such a great woman, and I am sure before all this she lived a wonderful life. Maybe her daughter couldn’t bare seeing her deteriorate before her eyes?  It is amazing how this disease transforms loved ones into people they themselves wouldn’t recognize. Anyway I eventually got injured by a patient and was made to leave my job the remainder of my pregnancy.  I think Cammie is doing an amazing thing to honor care-givers and her grandmother’s disease. I am going to send this card in honor of her grandmother, to the facility that her grandmother resided.

    Now for the card-I LOVE In the treetop. It was one of those sets I so wanted to use MORE, but time escaped me. Then I forgot about it! So I was determined this would be the set I use for this creation. I love Sweet blush, spring moss, and SU! old olive together. Spring Moss and Sweet blush can be found at Papertrey Ink. I wish Nichole would just release ALL her colors at once 😀 There is no better cardstock out there!

     I just stamped the open tree on my cardstock, then again on some GORGEOUS patterned paper-the Eva collection by Basic Grey, to punch out my tree top with.

    Lots of circles for this one. My nestabilities work overtime, I swear. I love circles 😀 So I knew I wanted a couple on my card. This layout is too fun to me.  I had to use the birds too. They are just adorable. I used markers to get the coloring on the stamp directly. I then added some pretty Bella Baubles

    The sentiment is from Heart to Heart. I then pierced the edge along the end piece for more interest. Finished off with my color spritzer (of course!), and will send this on its way.

    Thanks for checkin in. I have another post to share, after I get the kids off to school. Love MYTIME 😀

    Be right back

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