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Pattern Pizazz

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Today is the monthly Senior Design Team challenge for Papertrey Ink.

Our challenge from Nichole was to  pair four or more different patterns on a single project, making them all work harmoniously together!

I thought this was a super fun challenge, as I know many of you ask yourself about HOW to go about such a venture! I mix, match and pair patterns all the time! I began my creative ventures as a Quilt maker, and to me, that was the best part! Mixing and matching all the various fabric patterns and making them work!


Here is my snippet of patterns-up close


I used a total of 6 patterns for my creation-from 5 different paper packs.

My tips for mixing patterns:

1) Pick a main pattern as a start point.

This will help with the color palette, and will enable you to pull out other colors from that start point.

 In this case my start point began with the dotted leaf pattern from the Father Know’s Best collection.

By choosing this I knew I would pick up the Summer Sunset color from other patterns, as well as Dark Chocolate.

Also seeing the dots I knew I could pull more papers with dots-such as Chocolate Remix, and Bitty Dots 2008! 

2) Put the patterns together, and move them around. See what looks and feels like a harmonious match/mix.

For instance, I wouldn’t put the flower pattern, next to the bitty squares pattern. It would just meld together or disappear! It would also look too heave on one side of the card, with so much of ONE color in ONE area.

3) Layer more simple patterns next to busier patterns, so it looks more harmonious.

As you can see, next to my BUSY patterns, I used paper that picks up on the pattern, and is less “busy” So, since there were dots on my leaves, I layered the polka dot paper next to the leaf pattern. On the other side, I went with a faint pattern by using Bitty Boxes. Next to the dots, we get back to a faintly patterned paper, the on to a butterfly border, which continued with the dotted pattern.


4) Use a variety of pattern scales.

We have little boxes, large leaves, bitty dots, larger flowers, then little butterflies in this.

Also use a Larger portion of ONE color, then smaller portions of other colors from the main pattern.

As presented in my card above.

The eye travels from the flower on the left, over the patterns, then rests on the sentiment on the lower right.

It all just flows!

5) Don’t be afraid!

That is the #1 thing holding people back from attempting to mix and match! Just got for it. If you get a paper pad with various patterns in it, each holds some variety of the same colors, start by mixing and matching the patterns in the same pack! Then later, as you grow comfortable, mix different paper packs together, as I did here . When you have a company, like Papertrey Ink, who used similar colors in their paper pads, it is easier to combine the various patterns!

Now I didn’t want you thinking I went with a easy color combo, to make it easy on myself, so I will share another card I did for the last Papertrey ink release, using a paper pack from another company-with some Papertrey Ink paper


This used 4 different patterns!

The bitty dots and bitty sqaures from Papertrey Ink, then the striped for my panel, and some other patterned paper for the “hot air balloons” from K& Co.

This project began with the stripped paper, then moved along from there! All using the same tips I posted above. I used larger scale patterns, with smaller scale patterns,  and pulling colors from the stripes, it all just worked!


Do you realize there are color 8 color combinations in this one?

Raspberry, Spring Moss, Ripe Avocado, Orange, Black, Red, Blue, White!

All used in various scales, making it all just work!

So now it is your turn to give it go!

Be sure to check out the other  design team member blogs for more ideas!

and our Guest Designer Wendy Sue

I really hope you are inspired by my projects today! I enjoyed sharing my own tips that I use when combining patterns, colors and scale.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thoughts and Prayers

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Well I hope those of you, like me, stuck home during CHA, are finding things to do! I have been creating up a storm here. The creative juices are slowly flowing in between taking care of everything. I’m just pretending Jay is at work, and its a normal day! LOL! I have had a few play-dates for the kids to keep them busy, so that has helped too.

 I have a FAB weekend planned here, as it is our towns annual Hot Air Balloon Rally! We have a huge turnout each year, and it is just a blast!

It is the one thing I look forward too each summer. It is also a bit sad because I know summer is ending soon.

Amber was DUE on Balloon Rally the year she was born, so I always remember the way I felt that year! She was actually quite late, arriving August 13th! I was about as big as the hot air balloons that year! I do recall eating 3 pieces of fried dough during the course of that day! LOL! It was my LAST excuse to eat like that-and boy was it yummy!! I planned my eating this week around indulging at the Rally this year. I won’t go overboard, but I AM having my fried dough, with Nutella on it 😀 Oh! How yummy.

I can’t believe I have to start school shopping soon. My kids are still in Summer School! LOL! Anywho…….

Time to kick off the next day of Sneak Peeks of the NEWEST C.C. Designs stamp sets!

 The images will all be released Monday August 3rd. Be sure to check out the C.C. Designs blog, each day, for your chance to WIN the set revealed. They are ALL fab.

Today is AmyR’s Sympathy Sentiments set.

There are several really nice sentiments for the saddest of occasions. Finding the right words when someone loses a loved one is truly a difficult task, but this set makes it easier.

Amy included a pretty flower branch in this set too. To me it looked like a Cherry Blossom. (I’m not a flower person, so if it’s not, sorry! But to me, that was my thought when designing this card)


I stamped the image onto shimmery white cardstock, and cut out a circle around it. I love the branch hanging off

I then layered some pink colors


Simple layout, but I really loved it.

Well that does it for me today. I have much to do. Lots of fun to be had with the kids. I hope to get some photos for ya! Really cool stuff 😀

Tomorrow is our weekly challenge, and I have the Senior Design Team Challenge from Papertrey Ink-so see ya then

School Days Preview

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Oh man! Am I the ONLY one who didn’t get to go to CHA?

I feel like it :C Such a bummer. I have never been and would love to go, someday. I would so enjoy meeting all the people out there in the stamping community!

I’m so green for the girls that did get to go.

I can’t afford to take a trip like that, and a huge part of me would feel VERY guilty leaving my family behind while I have a blast. Oh and spending the money it would take to get me there. Maybe someday.

Jay is doing well. He is trying his best to get up and move around to avoid blood clots and whatnot. Obviously tons of pain, but he isn’t being as awful as I anticipated! He is actually 1,000 times better that I thought he’d be.

 I know that sounds "cold", but if you don’t know, this is the guy who had a vasectomy (2 TINY stitches on "the boys") and was SLEEPING day and night (oh and lots of whining) for almost a WEEK! I finally freaked out and said " ENOUGH ALREADY!! You can’t even SEE the incision. Be a man! " I know! I’m terrible. I just figured he was SO awful over that, that I was DOOMED after this OBVIOUSLY more painful procedure. I expected lots of pain and to be lovingly waiting on him hand and foot, but he has done quite well. Plus our kids are older, so they are our mini-slaves! LOL!!!! They are helping me take care of dad, and fetching this, that and the other thing! LOL! I am also having them help with the household "chores" which they are PLENTY old enough for. Funny thing is Amber, who is almost 5, does the BEST! She is a great duster, she vacuums and BEGS to wash dishes and fold laundry! She does such a good job that she CAN do all that, just as good as I would. She watches everything I do! I’m always amazed. The other two need lots of NAGGING! I swear they do a bad job on purpose! They are no fools! LOL!

OK now I know you didn’t come here to hear all the insane ramblings of thoughts in my head. Sorry about that. (I had more typed but opted to delete all the nonsense rambling! LOL!)

Another day has passed and that means MORE previews! C.C. Designs is having their release on Monday August 3rd.

Today is a UBER cute set called School Days


Teacher is a special word (that is the sentiment from the set :D)

How adorable is that dog?

I had a blast using this set. I plan on doing much more with it 😀

Overall I kept it SIMPLE.


Love the apple. Looks like he is saying “Here you go!”

The school themed paper is my Imaginesce-Teachers PetIt is THE BEST school themed paper, I have ever seen! I also used some rub-ons and ribbon from that collection as well.

I can’t say enough about it.

OK now we move on to my 2nd card.

Book worm


Oh my goodness gracious! I almost died when I say how cute this lil worm was! Who’d of thunk it? Me, loving a worm!

How can you not? He is just so cute

I paired a few patterned papers from various companies for this total look. Used a punch for the “torn paper” look.

Apparently I was going through a BLUE phase for my colors! LOL! Both cards are similar in color. Didn’t even notice till now.

The file folder is a Sizzix die I had from forever and a day ago. I just used the paper I wanted, and cut the folder. I love that particular die. Seems I only use ot for school themed stuff! EEK! LOL!


I just stamped him, and colored with my Copic markers. I then cut him out of a 1/2 circle. Had to use a clip to add him onto my card 😀

Then added a few flowers.

I just thought this was adorable.

Want to see more adorable samples? Want your chance to WIN this set?

Check out the ATS Blog!

I’ll be back tomorrow, with MORE samples, from new sets 😀

Thanks for stopping by.

Till tomorrow

Swiss Pixies in the Garden

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Well guess what today is?

Day 1-

Time to kick off the next 5 days of Sneak Peeks of the NEWEST C.C. Designs stamp sets!

 The images will all be released Monday August 3rd. Be sure to check out the C.C. Designs blog, each day, for your chance to WIN the set revealed. They are ALL fab.

Oh, yes, I fell in love again! I swear it just gets better and better!

Christine’s new girls Swiss Pixie’s are just -ADORABLE! There is just no better word 😀 I adore the “precious moments” sort of appeal they have. They are also fun and easy to color. Sometimes I don’t enjoy messing with LOTS of details. In fact, to be quite honest, it scares the bejeebers out of me! I’m not that good at coloring, so it can often be intimidating.

That being said-these are fab!


Heidi among the flowers

I think she is just beyond adorable. I had fun pairing her with some bright cheery colors, because she just needed to be CHEERY to me. If I sent this to you wouldn’t you feel happy? It just sunny, in its own way.

Of course, I colored her with my Copic markers. I am working on getting LOTS of refills now that I have owned mine so long, and have gotten SO MUCH use out of them. One of my very best purchases, ever!!!!


I added a little “pattern” to her dress using my colorless blender, to remove the color.

The “sky” is very lightly colored in the background. I wanted SUBTLE!

Now we move onto the other UBER cute Swiss Pixie image for August (OH! MY! WORD! Did I just type AUGUST?! Seriously-where did the summer go?)


Leisel and her Wheelbarrow

C’mon now! How cute is she?

Another fun one to color.

(Oh yeah and you should see next months!! If you didn’t get the Fall Kit, kick yourself NOW! LOL! Or plan on getting it again when it is available!) I *just* got mine, and those were all the images people at the hospital were OHing and AHHing over while Jay was in the hospital!)


LOVE the wheelbarrow. I HAD to add some felt flowers to it!! It matched my K& Co paper that Im so in love with. I alos added a heart epoxy sticker by Cloud 9 (thanks Sonia :D), over the heart on the wheelbarrow.

I also added some bling to her ponytail holders, glitter to her wings, and dots to the barrow bottom.

All just little details, yet all important 😀

OK that does it for me.

I have so much more to share tomorrow, so see ya then (Oh boy real cuteness tomorrow too!)

On a creative note, drop me a line telling me your fave color combo! Im needing some new and refreshing ideas 😀

Till Tomorrow

Hoping You’re Fully Recovered

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There are 2 posts today-so scroll down! OK!


Ruffles Get Well Soon

I made this for my hubby Jay!

He just had his back surgery yesterday afternoon. Is still in the hospital today.

He had a Discectomy. The surgery took 3 1/2 hours! The doctor said he believed Jay had this herniation for much longer than anticipated, because the herniated disc was all tangled up in a lot of scar tissue! He had to be very careful untangling it!

Thankfully Jay has full sensation in his legs and whatnot because when you mess with scar tissue like that you risk a lot of scary things, I’m too scared to even type!

I thought it was just perfect for the event.

The kids are making him their own cards as I type now.

I couldn’t let him have surgery, and NOT make him a special card (I never got that Father’s Day card done! Shame on me :C). Plus it gave me the opportunity to tell him how important he is to us and how much we love and appreciate him. Oh yeah and that he better WAKE UP! (I know that is terrible but it is always in the back of your head! )

I will be bringing him home in a couple hours. He is an hour away.

It was weird sleeping alone! I missed him already.

After surgery his face was so puffy (from being up side down for almost 4 hours!) and he was in complete agony.

 I hope I can manage his care and pain while he is home. The kids are dying to spend time with him, but I hope they will be quiet and let him rest up! He said he didn’t sleep at all, despite the sleeping aid he received. I’m sure he is exhausted.

He always takes such good care of me, I just hope I can do the same for him. He deserves it.

Funny thing happened at the hospital! I brought my entire bucket of Copic markers, and PAGES of stamped images to color while I wait. Many NEW! to be released stuff I have to work on 😀

The hospital staff was just wondering WHAT I was doing! LOL!

They were just in awe when they asked me about WHAT I was doing! LOL! They never heard of stamping! LOL! I went on to explain what I do for my “hobby” and the design teams, and then went on about My Timeless Templates. They were just crazy over it! Each nurse called another nurse, who called another, and another……you get the idea!

Even Jay’s doctor was interested! Each time a new image was colored, they’d come running to see it complete! LOL! It was so funny.

 It was so fun to share my excitement and to see the excitement on the faces of others. Very refreshing. They all said they were jealous that I USE to be a nurse, and now I got to color (who doesn’t love that right?) and do what I really love each day for “work”. I have to agree!!! I am very blessed 😀


OK so onto the card itself! The name of this stamp is Ruffles Get Well Soon

Are you wondering yet WHERE that fantabulous image came from???

Stampavie has another NEW! Designer named Helz Cuppleditch. <–Check it out!

Three words for it —> OVER – THE – MOON!

You don’t need ME to tell you how fantabulous these new images are! You can totally see for yourself!

The BAD part (insert sad face for you) they don’ start shipping till end of August! I know! That stinks! You need them NOW!!! I know the feeling! I waited rather impatiently as my box was being delivered.

I have much more to share in the mean time 😀

Jay likes a LOT of detail on my cards. So I always try to do my best for that.


For this I loved the bandaged paw!

I made it really pop by adding 3 layers.

The main layer is 1, the couch cushion with the dog was layer 2, then just the 2 paws was layer 3!

Oh and the slippers!


Here is another angle.

Seriously, how cute, and cheery is this?! I so loved it to pieces

I loved the ripped paper too.

I had a BLAST coloring this one (in case you can’t tell!)


The sentiment was perfect! It comes from Papertrey ink: On My Couch Additions

Since the puppy needs to “recover” and he is ON a chair I thought it was a definite mix and match! He is just the cutest puppy, ever!

So I want to thank you for all the well wishes for Jay’s recovery! He really appreciated all the kind comments and emails over the last few weeks. He has a long recovery ahead.

I’m glad I took the time I needed for my family too. They are always #1!! I’m one big stress ball this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

I’m off to bring Jay back home and let the REAL work will begin.

Enjoy the day, and thanks for letting me share my life with you all.

PS If you emailed me, I will get back to you over the next week or so. I’m just a little crazy busy this week Thanks for you patience 😀

JRS: Thankful for the little things

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Hi all!

Hope your week is going well. I have TONS to share over the next few weeks as there are MANY new releases to be shared, starting tomorrow 😀 We have All That Scraps, Pink Cat Studio, Papertrey Ink (and MORE My Timeless Templates! YEAH!) and JRS next release! So much going on. In between that I have our town Annual Balloon Rally and Amber’s 5th Birthday! That is a biggie.

So I hope you stop by each day over the next few weeks to see what I have been up too!


Thankful for the little things

Today I thought I’d share my take on another sketch. This is from the  2 Sketches 4 You blog!

Here is the sketch


JustRite Stampers is sponsoring that sketch, so check it out!!

This is my side view


I used a NEW! Release set from JustRite Stampers called Autumn Blessings Borders & Centers Oval 2-1/4” x 3-1/16”

I love the basket of fruit. I think its definitely “fall”.

I stamped the sentiment on a vellum cardstock layer.

I somehow manage to get the sketch a little “wrong”. The frame to me, was a card base, with a smaller card on the front! LOL!


Also  my panel trios should have been on the “little”card-not the base. Oh well! I like it anyway 😀

I think this is a fun look.


This is the first time I went for a more water-colored “look” using my copic markers!

I like it. Not sure WHY my camera is picking up a blue tinge! YIKES!! Trust me its not blue! Refer to top photo for color reference. The bkgd is pale yellow with white peeking through.

Well I have much to do, so I better run. Check out the sketch —> HERE!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Well by now its Saturday evening, and the day has just FLOWN past me, as has the week!

You can see my blog had taken a HUGE back seat, as my family needing my time more 😀

I can honestly say my life is ANYTHING but boring!

Its been an emotional roller coaster here this week, as Jay and I prepare for his Discectomy on Monday! EEK!

We weren’t even positive it was a go, until Thursday night!

The doctor repeated the MRI because he was convinced Jay’s disc got “better” and was most likely, then un-operable! So he had another MRI and it showed the herniation is twice as bad as it was previously, so definitely NEEDS the surgery. Good grief! We had then mentally prepared for a surgery that got cancelled due to office error, then we plan for surgery again, then mentally plan AGAIN for a possible  cancelled surgery, now we are back to yes, needs surgery. I have a headache just thinking about it all. AND its not even MY body! Poor Jay.

Anywho, when I get stressed I clean-a lot! Like for several days, I dust, organize, sort, purge… name it. No inch untouched. I am not sure WHY this helps. Granted my house is pretty clean in general but it gets a real bleaching! LOL! These are times for me, when creativity becomes hard and stressful, and the ideas DON’T flow. So I clean and clear my house, and my head.

So, I spent the week cleaning my entire house top to bottom. Then took it upon myself to re-decorate the girls room! They got this UBER CUTE comforter set—> HERE! With all the fixins! Then I moved into their huge walk in closets, and did tons of re-org. on them too. Oh and I did the clean out of Noah’s room too. He got new bedding but kept everything else the “same” decor, but more organized! He didn’t want to change anything really. I got him a huge art board for his pictures and stuff too! YEAH!

Took the kids to the mall, and did some fun stuff with them. Planning Amber’s Dress Up Princess party too, so that has me BUSY! Boy you’d be shocked at the party this lil, to be 5 year old, has planned! LOL! Im in BIG trouble the older she gets! But I love every second of it.

We got her a GORGEOUS, insanely pretty, Sleeping Beauty “Gown”, for her party! No joke this thing is AMAZING! It was on sale too! WAHOO!! Wait till you see it 😀 Oh yeah and ALL the fixins for that too.

Sooooo that all helped me get ready for Monday, which we are having quite the time getting people to take the kids. Its insane.

Anyway-all this is my excuse as to WHY Im so late posting My Timeless Template Challenge for this week!

If you are new to my blog, every Sat. I post a challenge, that HOPEFULLY inspires you to get creating 😀 Each week is something new!

Soooo, the challenge is to use ANY My Timeless Template © —–> Found Here! and I decided this would be a great source of inspiration


Keyword MTTC04

Use the pattern, colors, whatever!


Basically ANYTHING metal 😀 So dig out those embellishments girls.

Pam is hostessing for me this week, since Im running like a chicken with her head cut off! Thanks Pam!!

Go to her blog  —->HERE, to link your creation to Mr. Linky 😀

I decided I would use on “oldie”  but goodie My Timeless Template called Music Makeover.


This template is designed to hold a CD, but it can do so much more —-> Music Makeover Ideas. That is some alternative ideas I posted on my blog, utilizing that template. You also get 5 exclusive ideas in the template Idea Book, when you purchase the printable template for only $5! Template has unlimited uses, and you can print as many times as you like 😀 Forever!

Now MY template this time, holds a Gift Card that is in a CD case (that I forgot to get a photo of-DUH!)


Going with the “hardware” challenge, I designed this to look like a belt buckle! Its a belly band, that goes around the top flap seam of the template, and you “un-buckle” it to open it up!

Just attached some silver eyelets, to my “buckle”. Easy peasy.


I think its so pretty, and subtle!

The Shopping anyone is from JustRite Stampers Girl Time Borders & Centers Set 2″ . The image in the set that has the shoes!  I cut out the sign 😀 Its was PERFECT for my gift card holder.

I used some Gray patterned paper by Stampin Up! and used my Copic markers to colored it match the challenge!! Good stuff!!


Trust me, the paper took longer to color, than the template took to print, cut and assemble! LOL!

Now (if you haven’t already!) check out the designers blogs for MORE templates and the designers inspiration 😀

  • Alicia
  • Dana G
  • Dawn Easton
  • Jennifer
  • Kendra
  • Kristen
  • Lisa
  • MacKenzie
  • Maria
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracey Cuccia
  • OK your turn!

    Im off to the food store to stock up on EASY meals to make for the family! CRAZY!

    Tomorrow I hope to post the card I made for Jay for his surgery. Its really cute

    Thanks for stopping by.

    than saying goodbye to someone you love”


    This is what the sentiment on this Pretty Petite version of the Pretty Petal Pocket box says.

    What do you put on a gift for someone who loses a child? I struggled with this for several weeks, before I saw that particular sentiment, and felt, in my heart it was right.

    This box was part of a gift for my dear friend Alicia, who lost her 4 year old son, Ethan, in June.

    I wanted to make a special box to hold the engraved bracelet I got, with her son’s name on it. I didn’t want to just throw it together. I put much heart, time and thought into this, and in the end I was happy with the result.

    This the close up of the silver bracelet I got engraved with Ethan’s name.


    Ethan was such a little cowboy, and I thought the the two “O” that loop the bracelet were SIMILAR to horseshoes, like a little cowboy. I know that sounds like a stretch, but I truly did think that! LOL! There were so many different bracelets to choose from, so this one stood out to me.

    I know Ethan will always be in Alicia’s heart, and in some way “with her” everyday, but I figured it would be nice to have something with his name on it. I guess I got that for her because that is something “I” would want. Weather she wears it, or keeps it with some of Ethan’s special things, is up to her.

    Now here is how I decided upon my design elements. Often when there is a particular feel, or message I want conveyed I will GOOGLE meaning for the things I am considering using. It helps guide me.

    I chose the Pretty Petite version of the Pretty Petal Pocket box, because it was perfect size for the bracelet.

    I chose the pansy flower on the petal front because:

    The name pansyis from the French word pensée, meaning thought or remembrance. The pansy is a delicate looking flower often with a “face.” The pansy is quite durable and a “flower for all seasons.”

    The pansy image is from Wood Stamper Oval 1-3/4” x 2-5/16” with Bonus Pansy Center & 15 pt Special Occasions Font

    I stamped just the Pansy onto some Lavender Moon cardstock, then colored it, adding some adhesive pearls


    The sentiment is from Thinking of You Borders & Centers Oval 2-1/4” x 3-1/16” I said already why I chose it. I just felt, in my heart, it was perfect for the gift and conveyed the message I wanted to send. I don’t think there are any real perfect words for something like that, but this was as close as I could get.

    I cried the entire time I made this! LOL! My eyes were little slants for 2 days.

    I stamped the sentiment onto clearly creative cardstock, in white stazon, then layered over my oval frame-which was on dimensionals for a “3D window” effect.I used clear mini glue dots to adhere it to the frame so you couldn’t SEE how it was attached.


    I chose the color purple because:

    Nature of Purple:

    Purple has a special, almost sacred place in nature: lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are often delicate and considered precious. Because purple is derived from the mixing of a strong warm and strong cool color it has both warm and cool properties. A purple room can boost a child’s imagination or an artist’s creativity. Too much purple, like blue, could result in moodiness.

    Culture of Purple:

    The color of mourning for widows in Thailand, purple was the favorite color of Egypt’s Cleopatra. It has been traditionally associated with royalty in many cultures. Purple robes were worn by royalty and people of authority or high rank. The Purple Heart is a U.S. Military decoration given to soldiers wounded in battle.


    I personally have a silver bangle that reads “The journey of a 1,000 miles” on the front, then on the inside reads “Begins with a single step” I saw it the LAST day of Alexa’s chemo, and it just spoke to me about our long journey, and to remember we can and will get through ANYTHING, but it is ONE STEP at a time. This bracelet brings me much comfort. My friend Paulette got it for me 😀 I never take it off.

    I also have a purple rubber bracelet for Cancer Awareness that  reads Courage, Strength, Hope , Faith. I had special made right when Alexa got diagnosed. Inside the band reads”Faith in healing Alexa”. Purple is also the color of Cancer Survival. I never take it off! Even when I’m all dressed up! That also reminds me to appreciate EVERY moment with my family, and not take ANYTHING for granted.

    I need more wrists! LOL!

    Also my friend Sonia sent me a necklace (by Jennifer Cassady-who is currently expecting, and is on a short medical leave)with my 3 children’s name on it! That is another personalized gift I cherish. I get LOTS of compliments on it too 😀

    Dave and Alicia are so strong. I know God blessed their lives with Ethan because no one else could have been better parents to him. While his time on earth was brief, he impacted so many. He had a big purpose. The Weimans were blessed to have an angel amongst them. To have had the love of Ethan and many wonderful memories that they will forever cherish.

    If you didn’t know of Ethan, this is his story—>Ethan’s Caring Bridge site

    Also in honor of Ethan we had a Digi Stamp set called the –> Weiman Wranglers  <—made in honor of his precious life! All proceeds were to benefit the Make A Wish foundation of IL, in honor of Ethan. We have raised over $ 2,000 so far!!

    The Weiman family asked if ANY of you purchased the images, and created anything you are willing to part with, his mom Alicia would love to include it into a special memory album she is working on, to preserve Ethan’s memories!

    Please email me for their address if that is something you can or would like to do.

    On a lighter note I have to say I got so much enjoyment from the kid stories you all shared on THIS POST!!

    I am going to be redecorating my children’s rooms AGAIN. We are getting new carpeting put in, so since I have to move everything out of their rooms anyway, it is the perfect time! I am going to get a big bulletin board for him to put his artwork on, thanks to the MANY suggestions 😀 I will do this for the girls room too. Oh and the play room! LOL!

    Make sure you check out the JRS blog! Lots if ideas.

    Well thank you for stopping by! I have a TON of emails to go over from like the past 2 weeks or so! Sorry! If you emailed me Ill be in touch soon.


    My Timeless Template: Pretty Petal Pocket (petite version)

    Stamps:Thinking of You Borders & Centers Oval 2-1/4” x 3-1/16” , Thinking of You Borders & Centers Oval 2-1/4” x 3-1/16”

    Cardstock:Lavender Moon, Plum Pudding, Clearly Creative Cardstock

    Patterned paper: Guide Lines

    Ink: White Stazon, Black, Copic Markers

    Ribbon: Stitched Plum Pudding

    Oval Nestabilities, adhesive rose, adhesive pearls

    “Possum” new images

    Jul 21, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

    OK I used a play on words here. Obviously, it is suppose to mean “awesome” new images!

    It is totally obvious to me, why the Tina Wenke line is called Cute Critters! I am so loving this line.

    This one is called Possum Pals


    You cannot tell HOW adorable they are by the images on your screen, when you view the pre-order!

    They will not ship till the END of July, so stay tuned 😀

    I’m posting some order info since I got flooded with emails asking about WHEN and WHERE you can buy these!

    In the US Stampavie is sold at a many ONLINE places!

    I’m just listing places I have PERSONALLY placed various orders through, and was happy with the service! (If I didn’t list an online venue its because I don’t have any experience with them)

     Online: All That Scraps, Jacksonbelle Embellishments, 7 kids college fund, Mother’s and Daughters Creations, and Stampers Dream

    Anyone who knows of other great places to purchase Stampavie, or knows of a SALE etc, post away! Many are offering Pre-orders I believe.

    More shopping info in the United States click ANY state for more info:

    Alabama Arizona California Colorado Florida Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Wisconsin

    Here is the retailers page  —>PLACES TO SHOP For all you who are in other Countries 😀

    OK back to the CARD!

    Seriously,when I saw the CUTE lil possums hanging out of the tree I freaked!

    I LOVE this image. It is just beyond cute-beyond!

    I had an absolute BLAST with this card. The layout is FAB 😀 I wanted something fun and cute.

     I had this OLD Stampin Up! paper and it just worked with my colors I wanted to use.

    I just started coloring these cuties, and then decided to put some fun flock on them!


    Don’t they look SO cute?

    You just want to rub them. They make me happy.

    The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink-Everyday Button Bits. It reads “here to give you a lift”

    How cute!

    Anyway, I think the enjoyment I got from this image, in particular, is OBVIOUS!

    Hope you liked it too.

    Id love to hear your fave image so far 😀

    Speaking of stickers…..

    Jul 20, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, family stuff

    My son decided that they make excellent, decorative tape, for his art work, in his room!


    This face looks sweet doesn’t it?

    YEAH! Can you say OH! MY! WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The SHOCK! The HORROR!

    Did a tornado of stickers whip though Manchester St while I was asleep?!

    Um, no-just Noah, being what he calls “creative”.

    I have a touch OCD, and it has gotten MUCH better over the years. BUT, my kids bedrooms drive me INSANE!! I spend so much time cleaning and decorating them, to have it all destroyed in an hour. I make them clean up every night before bed, but its never really what I’d call CLEAN. It totally stresses me out, and I KNOW there are MORE important things to life than stressing about the toy bomb that went off in their room’s daily. That being said, that is why I limit myself from looking at them!

    So as I TRY to avoid going and checking too often, after ONE week, this is what I get.


    Now-I didn’t edit ALL the photos but this goes around ALL 4 walls!!! Floor to ceiling.


    When I saw it I didn’t even KNOW what to say!

    Noah said “Doesn’t my room look awesome! I decorated it all by myself!”

    I just stuttered a bit at first, then asked “WHY  did you do that to your walls?”

    He said “Mom, its all my pictures I made, just like you put on the fridge, and all your cards and stuff in your stamp room, this is my room. Can’t I do what I want in my room?

    (I didn’t say it out loud but I thought NO!)

    I asked how long he planned on keeping it like that, and he said “forever”.

    OH! NO!!!

    My honest first thought, when I saw it was when police go into a serial killers homes, and there are TONS of newspaper clipping and stuff ALL over the walls-well this is the 6 year old version! LOL!!!

    Is there such a thing as letting your children have TOO much creative liberty? I mean seriously , where do we draw the line between expressing yourself and um,……. that?

    Then I felt awful for thinking such stuff. I wanted to take down every sticker and picture, and go back to the clean walls. He had a LITTLE point, but I think this was overkill!

    Now me, being into papercrafts myself, I encourage my own children to be creative. I think that I need to set some boundaries though because Noah has decided to save MOST of every page he scribbles colors.

    I bought a binder and told him he can put all his pictures in the binder, and that he can keep 6 pictures up at a time (one for each year of his life! LOL!).

    OYE! I think I will be checking the room situation more often now!

    Now that it is all said and done (as this happened back in May-I just forgot to share it) it is rather AMUSING, but at the time, not so much!

    Now its your turn to share something SHOCKING you or your children did!

    I have one more story-about myself.

    When I was 6, my neighbor got a shiny new black sports car!

    I don’t know WHAT possessed me, but I found a rusty nail on the ground. I then decided I would draw (OK Scratch into the paint) a HUGE whale, with water coming out its spout, with my NAME-Lauren, written on top of the spout!

    I KNEW when I did it, that it was bad, and I had no idea WHY I did it. I also don’t know why I was so insane to scratch the PROOF I did it, by writing my name! I was a very sweet girl and my brother would have gotten blamed for SURE if I hadn’t “signed” my art work!

    Needless to say it was going to cost my mom several hundred dollars (which we didn’t have ANY money) to have the woman’s car re-painted! The woman loved me and I cried a river over it. She felt bad, and decided to NOT make my mom pay for it. If I met her again today I would apologize profusely and thank her for doing that for my poor mom. She was so embarssed and upset I would do that. I can totally understand why.

    I don’t think I ever did anything remotely close to that horrible again!

    Now its your turn!

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