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ALERT: Giveaway HERE!

Today is the kickoff for the peeks to begin for the January 2010 (<—-whoa! can you believe that! 2010!) release at All That Scraps.

This month she is releasing 5 collections of images, all releasing on Monday January 4th.

You will definitely want to check out the ATS BLOG each day until the release, to see samples from the design team, and enter for your chance to win the set featured!!

My peek today shows one of my favorite lines: The Swiss Pixies

Just in time for Valentines day…….


This is Sweet Miss Rosalie. How adorable!! I love her, the outfit, flowers, and everything!

I have had these CUTE metal buckets from the Target $1 Spot, for over 2 years now, and have been awaiting the perfect project. When I saw Sweet Miss Rosalie, I knew it was time to dust this bucket off, stop hoarding, and share the sweetness!!

I used my blending paper to stamp, then color with my Copic markers, and I just had cut her out. Of course my 5 yo Amber, makes me find SOMEWHERE to add glitter, and the flowers were perfect.

The perfect image deserves the perfect sentiment, so I had to pair it up with this NEW! Romantic Sentiments set from JustRite Stampers!!


I LOVED the sentiment, so I paired it with the image.

This sentiment set is perfection. So many sentiments in one set, with some stunning borders. I loved the underlined heart in the sentiment, so I added glitter, again!

I covered my bucket and added some ribbon and lace trim, in a unique sort of way. I wanted GIRLY and FRILLY, yet simple.

I think I accomplished what I set out to do.

So I hope you can stop by tomorrow for more ideas and samples!!

In a pinch….and some sale info!

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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

It was nice to see Jay’s family. It’s been a while.

Poor Alexa ended up with a tummy bug right after lunch, so we cut the family festivities SHORT! Now we are home and she is not looking so fab. Poor thing. My grandpa is recovering, but has been VERY confused. That is another story. Please keep them both in prayers for a speedy recovery.

With all the family”drama”, for the first time in a DECADE, I didn’t venture out for Black Friday. I may have serious shopping withdrawals! We planned on later going to FINALLY see the 3D version of A Christmas Carol at the IMAX theater, but it seems to not be our destiny! Last time I was sick and now Alexa is. Oh well! HOME IT IS!

Well I have been quite consumed with my family these days, and this bit has just slipped right past me (where did November even go?!)………you may already know that All That Scraps has begun their countdown for the newset release. The release will actually take place on Monday November 30th!! You can see the last few days of peeksHERE on THE BLOG!

 In honor of Black Friday TODAY there is 25% OFF STOREWIDE!!! A great time to stock up 😀

OK now on to MY project for today’s peek using AmyR’s Snowflakes Sentiment set


I went with Chocolate, pink and (that new SU! pink…..melon mambo???I can never recall) I just made this from white cardstock, and stamped away! I’m in LOVE with these snowflakes! So pretty. Well done Amy!

I created this box I like to call “In a Pinch” ©

I actually created the “template” version some time ago, but finally decided to create a sample! I have been sitting on SO many box ideas for so long, it feels good to just put one together “just because”.

I saw a box about a year ago, in a local department store, around the holidays, with rolled socks in it. They were red & white “candy” stripped socks. Think peppermint candy!


Sentiment reads ” Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ”

 It was pretty clever as the long box lay on its side with 2 “pinched” (in my own words) in ends that appeared to look like a wrapped candy, only in box form. Their box was all acetate, to mimic the “candy wrapper”. I was in AWE!


I LOVE the “pinched in” angles this has! It took me quite a bit of tweaking to get it to be like my sketch and recall HOW it looked based on memory but I’m over the moon for the end result!

For the LIFE of me I can’t find the sock set again anywhere (I’d love to have had a photo), but I did picked up the box and studied it (the sock set was $34!! Otherwise I would have bought them, they were SOOOOOO cute!) so I could TRY to figure it out myself. I jotted down a quickie sketch in my notebook that I always have in my purse to later recreate my own version.

SO the “In a Pinch” © was created.


My ribbon is wired, and from Michael’s. The snowflakes are from my Slice Fa La La La cartridge.

Now mine doesn’t have 2 “pinched” in ends, as I wanted to be a little different, and enable my box to stand upright, but it could easily be done. I also wanted my box to be as large as possible!! Their box was a lot smaller.

This is 3 inches wide, 2 inches deep and 7 inches tall! PERFECT for SOOOO many gift ideas 😀 It was also pretty easy to put together 😀

Well that will do it for me today.

OH! Before I go! One more sale to check out! JustRite Stampers is having……

20% OFF EVERY ITEM IN OUR COLLECTION,  except for our latest November release.
Visit the Super Sale Section  and  receive an additional 20% off our current sale price for this 5 day Promotion.
Complete Kits                  
1 3/16″ Sets1 5/8″ Sets2″ Round2 3/8″ 3 ¼”Small OvalLarge OvalFont SetsSuper Sale   Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed today’s sample.

Now I need to get back to the family 😀 Have a fab weekend.


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I meant to post yesterday!

If you missed it, it was the November Release for All The Scraps! Be sure to check out all the new images —> HERE! You can also see some great samples from the Design Team —> on the BLOG

I’ve been so preoccupied with my family and some really cool new ventures for me 😀 I’m really excited about everything. I have worked so hard to be able to share what I love and have really been blessed to be able to do that. Stay tuned for more on all that! This is all another post for another day. Oh and pray that my body can keep up with my brain! LOL! I’m really in overdrive and the hours are flying by. Plus I’m gearing up for another My Timeless Template © release! This one will blow the roof off the release 😀 Wait till you see.

So I have a quickie sample for today with the latest release from ATS and it is called Christmas Time


I adore this lil bunny. Loved the sweater! Just too cute. I kept up with the stripes of the sweater in the card design.

Clean and simple.

Now maybe you can see some details


The ornament had a page pebble to make it 3D and look like a glass bulb. A lightly airbrushed sky.

There is some glittery snow, and I dotted on some falling flakes with my singlo gel pen. The aqua layer of cardstock shimmers!

Ribbon to match 😀


Well I’m back to running around. Those of you asking how I made the Santa in my last post, it is linked to last years gift card. It is really just circles!

Thank you all for stopping by. I have some great things to share the next 2 weeks so come back soon.

Swiss Pixies Peek

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Hi everyone!

 Family photo night is here! I’ll let you know how it goes. Amber is definitely not feeling 100% and I am keeping her home. She is still active, so I’m holding out hope that she just needs the day of rest and fluids, then by days end will be back to her usual self (I know! I’m overly optimistic about this!). I have been sucking down Vegetable Juice and Naked (that is the brand!) Fruit Juice to try and keep myself healthy. My kids don’t really like either so it is so hard to help booth their immunity this time of year. It’s really yummy and filling 😀  Helps me get all my fruits/veggies in.

Note to anyone who ordered from my Etsy Shop: All orders shipped via Priority yesterday morning! So you should get them tomorrow 😀 Unless you are in another Country! I’ll be updating again soon, and I will keep you posted.

Well here we are at day two of almost a week-long countdown peeks at All That Scraps! There are a total of 7 sets releasing for November 2nd. So I’m sure you can guess we have ALL been busy. Make sure you check the BLOG daily for your chance to win the set that is being shown, and for even more ideas from our Design Team!

Today we are peeking one of my favorite collections: Swiss Pixies!!

This is such a cute line of images that Christine has perfected. I love them. There are 3 this month. I was able to get 2 samples done.

I call this one BRR!


I think she is beyond cute, and I had so much fun coloring her!

These colors are FAB: Black, Melon Mambo, Bermuda Bay, Spring Rain and White. Definitely a cool wintery combo. Beats the traditional colors 😀

I airbrushed my background sky. If you are on the fence about the Copic Airbrush system-GO FOR IT! It is so fun! I would recommend getting additional air-cans as the started kit doesn’t last long at all. Especially while you play and get use to the system.

 I used my singlo white gel pen to make snowflakes. I had some tinsel like ribbon that I chose to use for my SNOWY ground. Then the silver snowflakes are table confetti that I found at Target last year! Its my FAVE use of snowflakes! They are so shimmery and cool, and there is 4 sizes! Love it.

Now we have my 2nd card-much more simple.


Sweet Pixie

I love this color combination: Melon Mambo, Plum Pudding, Kraft & White.

I kept this one simple. She is so cute on her own. I just colored then cut her out. Add a pompom to her hat.

I did stamp some snowflakes on the white layer and sprinkled on some pale purple/pink glitter (practically unseen here). This can now be an ANYTIME kind of card. I may stamp a sentiment inside when it is time to send this to someone. I know what you are thinking!! You all know  I rarely ever even send cards! Its like the shoemakers family has no shoes! My family doesn’t get cards! Except for the holidays, because I do make all my gifts. I hope it sort of makes up for it. I get so forgetful, then when I do recall its so late! Is it bad that I make cards and gifts JUST because I enjoy it, and NOT with the intent to actually send them?! I will say I have NEVER bought a SINLE card since I began stamping 5 years ago, so that is good. I will pull one out of my stash ina hurry. but prefer to MAKE one special for each person when I DO actually send something! I like to have them in mind 😀

Well that is all the chatter for me today. I hope you are looking forward to these!

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! There is a WINTER KIT available. LIMITED TIME (Ends tomorrow) so CHECK THIS OUT!

Till tomorrow

A Fairy Sweet Peek

Oct 26, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

Well I know I promised you all some BOY cards, but I completely forgot that today was the first day of peeks from the November (I KNOW! NOVEMBER ALREADY!! Can’t believe I just typed that!) release at All That Scraps! This really creeped up on me!!

The images you will see over the next few days will release on Monday November 2nd.

The first set to be shared is called Sweet Fairies. There is a set of 4. They are from a new designer at ATS.

Before I go on, I have to admit they aren’t my usual style. In fact I was a little nervous that I would make them look HORRIBLE! That can be one great thing about being on a design team. It can push you to try new things, and expand your horizons.

I have come to use MANY images that at first glance I wouldn’t think I would like, and was surprised, and then had other images I thought I’d love and found I really didn’t! LOL! Ever have that happen? You get SO excited about a set or image only to get a HUGE block when finally using it? Then you have another set you weren’t sure about and you fall in love? Overall I’m generally in love with everything, but there is that occasional SHOCK set! LOL!

Anyway, despite my nervousness I think I am happy with what I did create with this set.

The image I chose was my favorite of the 4 because she looked MOST like a butterfly to me 😀

Funky Lil Fairy


Well what do think?

She came out pretty cute, I think. Very whimsical.

I wanted a real POP of color so I used Melon Mambo (SU!), Black and New Leaf (PTI). I loved this combo, especially with this whimsical image.

I just let myself have fun coloring her! I love the green hair and eyes, with added stickles! I often get stuck in the “they have to look like real people” kind of rut, and since she is a FAIRY, she can be ANY color. Sky is the limit. So I just had fun letting go of that mindset. It’s actually fun to use different colors if hair 😀


My “leaf” rectangle layer was done using my Cricut Expression: Storybook Cartridge. I layered a sheet of adhesive labels onto the back, then poured on some glitter! I LOVE the look I was able to achieve with it. Loving my Cricut Expression, for sure.

I then added some Prima Flowersfor that lil something extra! I felt like it made her appear to be fluttering between them.

Now it’s up to you to decide if this image is ALL YOU!

All That Scraps is expanding their images, and lending itself to various new styles (as you will soon see).

Now for more Sweet Fairies  peeks, you need to head over the the ATS Blog <—– where you can also enter to win your OWN  Sweet Fairies set.

(Note: If that post isn’t live yet, just check back in)

Thanks for stopping by.

I may have my hands full here today, as I think I spoke too soon! Amber woke up with a headache and I THINK she has a temp. I’m going to let her “wake up” and eat before I take any action. She could just be warm from being bundled up. Fingers crossed! I just sent Alexa back to school, so I hoped that was the END of germs for a bit. I really LOATH this season.

Take care

ALERT! Missing MOJO!

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Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a FAB weekend. I know we certainly did.

We went to the Deerfield Fair, and celebrated my hubby’s birthday. I’ll share some cute photos this week, and you can see my hair that I cut off! LOL! Its just below my shoulders now-EEK! I’m getting use to it, and actually like it-when I straighten it, anyway! Something different.

What did you all do yesterday for WCMD?

Nichole has some challenges, so take a peek!

On WCMD I actually got to stamp ALL day (preparing for my template release)! Now my back is killing! LOL! I stand to stamp, I just can’t SIT, so it took its toll on my poor back. I tried not to hunch forward, but apparently I failed miserably at that quest.

Add that to the fact that my card making mojo has been lost! I cannot find it. I do not know WHERE it went! I just know I can’t for the life of me get ANYTHING to workout! Maybe I’m over-thinking things???? Not sure. I just know what usually takes me a few moments, has turned into a LONGER process, and I’m NOT liking it ONE bit! That is what happens when I take a “break”. Now my breaks are never intentional-I just usually have this little thing called a FAMILY (LOL!), and they need to eat, and clean clothes are always a plus! I know YOU KNOW what I mean! Let’s not forget teacher meetings, doctor appointments, and the MANY activities they all par-take in! So sometimes before you know it its been DAYS since I have seen ink and images :C If I have a break its usually hard to get back into it. The MORE I stamp the easier the ideas just flow and keep coming.

Anyway….I have more samples for you today!

Tomorrow is the October Release at All That Scraps! Check out the blog for your chance to win some FREE rubbah!

6 sets are being released:

AmyR Congrats sentiments

Angel Emma

Swiss Pixie Birthday Bash

Swiss Pixie Birgitta

Pond Life

and Reason for Season

So don’t miss out 😀

First up-

The Angels Sing


I adored the angel trio Christine has drawn. I kept it SIMPLE, and I loved the outcome.

I had this music bkgd stamp-forever, and rarely get to use it. It was perfect, stamped in gold on this creation.

My mojo is still on vacation, so I find starting off simple is often best for me.


As you can see she is 3D. Her arms, and horn are on dimensionals. I have to say making things POP forward is so easy, but definitely packs that little something extra, and is well worth the time 😀

I colored her halo with a gold pen, and glittered her wings (of course!)

Next up we have a Cupcake Pup


One thing I DON’T do enough of-BOYISH style/gender neutral stuff! So I tried to keep it neutral/boyish here.

I think the dog is cute, and who doesn’t love cupcakes??


I then added some Liquid applique on the “frosting” part. You cannot tell but I added glitter prior to heat setting 😀

The buttons were used to create a “balloon” bouquet.

I had that FUN ribbon from American Crafts for quite some time, I just love it! It was perfect with my colors on this too.

Now last, but not least-Birgitta


I think she is SOOOO cute 😀 I really love all the Swiss Pixie’s most of all. How can you not?

Again-simple card-no mojo here! LOL! I did have fun coloring her though


A little close up view

Well that is all for me today. More time with the kids today, before its back to the daily grind.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Oh, and if you find my mojo, kindly return it to me! I have too much to do for it to be lost :C

As always, thanks for stopping by 😀

Hi everyone 😀

Do you get the Newsletter from All That Scraps?

It’s a free weekly email where each design team member  takes a turn to feature a project, product focus or technique each week. This week was my turn! Actually my first newsletter for ATS!

I have to say I was totally OVER THE MOON for my project 😀 I hope you like it too!

I like to call it Faux Painted Glass


I have always LOVED the painted glass items I see in stores. They often are expensive, and aren’t always in designs that I would choose to put in my home, or give as a gift. Given the fact I personally cannot even draw a stick figure, I cannot even attempt to paint my own! Another great reason “I” am a stamper.
I have also attempted to stamp on glass. Have you?

 While I have been successful, it is time consuming, and when you have uneven glass, or rounded edges, it borders impossible at times. For anything uneven the image won’t appear, and with the glass being slippery, you can easily smudge if you are new to this method of stamping, leaving MOST people too frustrated to attempt it again.
Well, when I saw the Grafix Rub Ons in the store I thought that MAYBE that was my solution to the LOOK of painted glass, that I could actually EASILY customize!
I was right! The Grafix Rub Ons worked like a charm!
I just followed the instructions that come with the product, and in MINUTES I had my beautiful glass Olive Oil jar!  There is also a link on the product to view a video on HOW TO, but I didn’t need it.

I will fill my bottle with something else, like bath oil or something…….not sure.
Now instead of colored ink I used a juicy white StazOn ink pad, then carefully brushed on my shimmery pastels for the colors you see. The Poppin Acetate Technique can be seen —-> HERE <—- and/or —> HERE <—

This gave my finished project a little shimmer 😀

Stamped, and punched my tag, and was done!

Fresh Flowers by AmyRButterflies by AmyR
Thank You Sentiments by AmyR 
Grafix Rub Ons
Pebbles Pearlescent pastels
White StazOn
May Arts Satin Ribbon
Prima Flowers
Butterfly Punch by EK Success
Glass Olive oil bottle from craft store $2


What do you think??

Not too bad for a couple bucks!

The image that is stamped ends up being against the glass, so you don’t have to worry about the shimmery pastels coming off! Obviously you wouldn’t soak or SCRUB this bottle, like anything with a rub-on. Just hand clean and gently dry the outside.

You can also stamp in colored permanent ink like Pallette inks, or you can stamp and color them with Copic’s or other permanent markers.

 I want to also remind you that you will end up with a mirror image! So NO WORDS! Unless you print them from the printer-backwards!

There are SOOOOOO many possibilities! I have a special project using Rub Ons in a super cool way, for a FAB gift-but for that you have to wait till the 25th! SORRY :C
Hope you get to give it a try!

See you back here tomorrow!

OK I gotta make it quick today 😀 Lots to do on the last day of a LONG weekend

Tonight is the official release for C.C. Designs!! Stamps go LIVE 10pm EST!

Winner of the HOP to be announced SOON!

How did you all like the hop? Was it fun? Lots of eye candy to go around.

 Well now that you all got to hop along and see what the entire team created with the Fall Kit, and now I have 2 more samples to share with you 😀 (Boy I was a creating machine huh?! LOL!)

First up

Pretty Petal Pumkin Patch


How cute is this?!

The My Timeless Template: Pretty Petal Pocket © makes THE perfect pumpkin!!

I know many people have already discovered that 😀 How cute would this be for classmates to use as a Trick or Treat holder, OR give to the teacher?!


This image is Pixie Pippi (releasing tonight)

I have been sitting on this sample for about a month or so!!! Its so hard to have to wait to share stuff sometimes! I filled it up with a grab bag of candy! WOW! This template holds MORE than enough for all the “little” people to eat! They truly don’t need more than that!

I hand cut the stem and layered on some OLD SU! patterned paper. Made my pumpkin easy peasy.

The sentiment on the tag is AmyR’s Spooky Sentiments. Again perfect for the gift!

Now I have ONE more……

Witch Way to the Treat!


This one used the Witch from the Fall Kit 😀

I LOVED the sentiment from JustRite Stampers:Witch Way to the Treats Centers & Borders Round 1-3/16”

This template was the Pretty Petite version of the Fold n ‘Go! A great one for making a bunch of homemade treat holders 😀

OK that does it for me.

 Stay tuned because I have a month full of gift-giving inspiration to come!

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Welcome to the CC Designs Autumn Sugarplums Blog Hop!!

The Autumn Sugarplums release is so large the whole team wanted to participate so we decided to do our very first blog hop!

If you’ve just happened across my blog and didn’t start at the beginning click here <—–click! 

NOTE: Don’t forget to comment! ONE random comment from one of the blog hop posts will be chosen to win the ENTIRE Autumn Sugarplums stamp collection!! (TRUST ME YOU WANT THEM ALL!)

So make sure to leave a comment on each post to increase your chances of winning!

I had SOOOOO much fun with ALL the images in the Fall Kit I just couldn’t stop creating stuff. Aside from today’s post I still have several images COLORED, just not ,made into anything. These are some of the images I took to the hospital when Jay had surgery.

 I posted ONE peek HERE the other day (along with a link to a  FAB deal on the SCAL 2.0 with a coupon code too-don’t miss it!), then I have 3 more samples to share today!

Of course since it used images from the FALL KIT I was totally into FALL colors 😀

 One of my favorite images, because of the way I colored it was this one 

Give thanks


Isn’t he precious?

I don’t often color “boy stuff”. I have to say I totally loved this one.

I love the scenery I was able to easily create for this one. I just made it like my own version of some cool “paintings” I have seen, that when you look closely it is just a painted background of dots, that appear to be similar to the blurry fall trees in the background (of like a photo). Does that make sense?????? Sorry!!I used half a sentiment from JustRite Stampers Favorite Occasions Borders & Centers Set 1-5/8″ Looking at the fall theme, it reminds me of Thanksgiving, but it can be for ANY thank you card!autumn-boy.JPG His vest is so cute too!! By using my colorless blender pen I was able to easily make it appear to have some texture. The Cris Cross pattern is repeated in my paper (First Fruits) I love the punched leaf trio, that appears to look like swirling leaves of Autumn. That is ONE of the best things about living in New England! Autumn is just breathtaking.

Then I went on to make an Apple themed one!


Along with wonderful New England Autumn’s we have apple picking! Nothing tastes as good as an apple picked FRESH off the tree on a crisp Autumn day.

I love blue, red, and yellow together! I used the same technique as the vest, on her dress! I paired it with a similar paper (Bitty dots, and Bitty Box Basics) to continue the look. I also used the apples to make my own patterned paper.


In my stash I had some Christmas sticks with beaded holly berries. I cut one off to appear to look like a funky apple (adding some olive bridal confetti for the leaves )  

Now we have the girl with the pumpkin in the wagon


I had so much fun doodling her apron and tights!

I adore just mixing a variety of colors and patterns and having it just work.

I also drew in the sidewalk. You can see my video on HOW TO —->HERE!

I really like doing that and actually have to make myself NOT do it as often as I would like to.  I love her with red hair too. A great variation to the BLOND I always like coloring.

Well that does it for me TODAY! I have 2 more samples to post tomorrow for the actual C.C. Designs Release! Then my newsletter project will be revealed too.

I have been creating like crazy and my mojo is coming black, slowly but surely!!


Don’t forget to comment! ONE random comment from one of the blog hop posts will be chosen to win the ENTIRE Autumn Sugarplums stamp collection!! So make sure to leave a comment on each post to increase your chances of winning!

 Continue the hop by —> CLICKING HERE <—-!

Thanks for stopping by

OH BOY! Where did my day go?

Sorry-I have just been as busy as a bee. My day totally got away from me, but I have come back (as promised) to post the Saturday My Time to Create Sketch Challenge for you all-if you need a starting point and inspiration to get creative this holiday weekend.

So here it is!

Sketch 35


If you have a chance to play please link your creation HERE

The top element is meant to be a open FRAME, but you are obviously allowed to interpret any way you see fit!

Here is my take on it-

Spooky lil cat


Isn’t this cat SOOOO cute? I loved coloring it yellow. These are your TYPICAL Halloween colors, and I can see why! They just work for the event! Sometimes we don’t need to reinvent the wheel and that is the case here. He looks like he is having a BLAST!

I loved the 3D pumpkin for his treats, popping out, and the fact that the glittery circle looks like the Halloween moon!

I used some felt web ribbon from Martha Stewart on this, and love the interest and texture it added!


This image is part of the NEW! C.C. Designs Release and it is called Halloween Candy

Check out the BLOG for you chance to WIN new release stamp sets!!

This set includes  5  (REALLY CUTE) rubber stamps attached to cling foam ready to be cut out.

Price: $12.50

Stamp set will be available Monday September 7th at 10:00pm est.

Now be sure to check out what the team made:

  • Alicia
  • Dana G
  • Jennifer
  • Kendra
  • Kristen
  • MacKenzie
  • Maria
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracey Cuccia
  • Tomorrow we have a blog hop 😀 That will feature the C.C. Design team samples using the Fall Kit 😀

    Again sorry so late :C

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