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This is my INSANE week. Not only do I have template stuff to do, but other design deadlines-END OF YEAR teacher stuff, and my kids have all sorts of field trips and after school social events. So I’m just plain ole busy.I got something very exciting in the mail yesterday!! Wait till you see.

You know how much I LOVE personalization and gifts like that right? Its seriously an addiction.

Well Upon GOGGLING such items, I found this UBER cool site called Bags of Love

After spending forever there I decided I HAD to have THIS make up bag

BIGGEST Dilemma: WHAT photo to use. I wanted all of my family on there so I used our Christmas photo. We don’t get many FAMILY photos. Let alone including our sweet dog Daisy 😀

This is what it looked like-


I about bounced off the wall with excitement! I was just over the moon. It looks great, and the photo is a very soft, satinish kind of feel. LOVE IT.

I went with the tan since it would match like everything I buy.

Side 1


I now want MORE stuff 😀 I’m thinking tote bags for Alexa, Amber and Noah with their photos! I may even ask about scanning their art work onto a bag, and sending that in for them use in place of a photo 😀 Now that is cool!!

Other side


 I was on the hunt for a cool makeup bag that would match everything! Now I needed one that would carry me for some time, because every time I get a new handbag- I get a new wallet, check book cover, makeup bag etc. I end up spending a ton of money with each Vera Bradley purchase! LOL! Now I have one that makes me smile every-time I look at it.

Plus it fits everything perfectly.

Inside view


Sooooooo, on the 29th I ordered that makeup bag, and it arrived on my doorstep on the 3rd! HOLY SPEEDY!

Just HAD to share my fun find with ya!! I’m thinking they’d make great gifts too.

The photo looks really good on there too. Honestly I was a littler leery to order, thinking it may be crappy, maybe the photo wouldn’t be good, so I didn’t spend a fortune. Now I’m wishing I got more. The quality and feel was super. Well made, not CHINCY. Im quite happy it . Their delivery time was right on. Im especially surprised since they are coming from the UK!

I’m in love with Bags of Love! LOL!

Anywho… for some other eye-candy.

Stampavie had a Sketch Challenge that no only was I late for, but I obviously can’t follow other peoples sketches very well! I somehow veer off and just do my own thing in one way or another. OH! WELL! It was a start it this creation:

Guess What


Are you familiar with the book :Guess How Much I Love You? by Sam McBrateny?

Its Amber’s favorite, and I always get teary reading it. Its definitely a MUST HAVE book for the family.

Well its about a mommy bunny and her baby bunny, and as they walk through the forest they talk back and forth. The theme for each page is Guess how much I love you? Then they go through and say how much, each time one out does the other.

In the end he goes through and says I love you all the way to the moon and back, as the little one falls asleep in the mommy’s arms. Its so sweet.

Well, Amber says to me-about a literal 20 times a day -randomly

“Mommy Guess what?!”


You wanna know how much I love you?

I say “How much? This much (and I make a tiny amount with my 2 fingers)?

She says “NO! I love you THIS much (and stretches her arms as long as they will reach) and to the moon an back! And when I get bigger, I’ll love you even bigger.”

Then she takes her hugely (yet little) stretched arms and wraps them around me with a big squeeze.

AWE! That melts my heart, and no matter what is going on, in that moment, I just stop and enjoy the squeeze at my legs. Its the best feeling in the world. I know this won’t last forever, so I am just cherishing it.

So I made her this card-so we will always remember this time (I HOPE!)


The bunny image is Rachelle Anne Miller Hoppy Spring

The “Guess What” rounded tab is from JustRite Stampers Demi Phrases set, put into a small 1 3/16 round stamper!! Yes, It will go in there! I was quite excited about that.

So that is that!

Thanks for stopping by.

Im going to bed. (I HOPE!)

Cosmo Cutie

Jun 2, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

Short, sweet and to the point.

Now that is something I don’t do often! LOL!

Its the end of the day here, and ONLY Tuesday! OH BOY! SLOW WEEK. So Im tired, and just need to say what I came to say!

Today is the day you can FINALLY get all the NEW! Releases from All That Scraps.

Click here to view them ALL


Two simple words

This is another sample I had using the other image from Junebug’s set. I’m so loving her! Sentiment is AmyR thank you set

I paired her with some Cosmo Cricket paper-Early Bird that is just to DIE FOR!!

She is actually QUITE sparkly.

Here is the closer view


My mojo was on a bitty break for this one, but then got the ball rolling for my latest stuff (which you have to wait for releases to see-SORRY!)

Sorry this is SO late. I’ve been busy as a bee. Scratching things off the never ending TO DO list.

 Also thanks for all the love on my scrap page of Alexa, and the embellishment challenge 😀 I had fun. I shed some tear with the stories some of you shared in return. I have MANY emails to answer, and Internet things to look into, so Im slowly getting there.

Had a nice and productive day today too. Felt like I accomplished a lot, which I haven’t felt in a while. Lately I always feel behind the 8 ball 😀

End of year field trips and teacher gifts to make too-YIKES!

Swing set is ALMOST done. Done enough to let the kids play on it. Its been SUPER!!! I have to reply to customer service soon. That should be fun.

I hope you are all having a great week, and if things are tough, find something you can be happy about. I TRY to remember to do that daily! Keeps me going

Thanks for stopping by 😀

(told ya-short and sweet! LOL!)

Feeling Fowl?

May 31, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

Well tomorrow is the BIG Release for All That Scraps!

Everything I have previewed over the last few days will FINALLY be available to you! YIPEE!!

Check out the blogfor more peeks and your chance to win todays set.

Feeling Fowl?


This set is called Get Well Critters from the  Cookie Crumbs (aka Diane Zechman) line

Oh and yes this horrific photo was taken the same day as the last bad 2! LOL!

I have to say I ADORE this card! I love the FARM FRIENDLY (hahahaha) colors, and especially the layout!!

The chicken, to me, is cutest image in the set. I just loved him when I saw him-along with the sentiment.

So I hope you like the set too.

Now onto a personal level


8 hours in, and its still not done! My body hurts. So YES! “I ” am feeling “fowl”. We had some very big unexpected issues arise

The WORST part-the darn company “forgot” to include the instructions (we printed them online-all 48 pages!!!) some of the wood pieces and ALL the hardware! So Jay had to go out and BUY over $100 worth of nuts, blots and washers!

He spent 3 hours at the store getting every nut and blot known to man, while I was in the backyard, trying to keep the kids entertained at home, while sorting out the wood pieces, and then laying each one out on the ground in section for the pieces for

The rock wall, Swing Post, Ladder, Base, sides etc

Now if you KNEW me, you would know Im your typical GIRLY GIRL. This is so not a Lauren activity! LOL! Figuring it all out was far from enjoyable.

Keep in mind they label NOTHING! So I have to MEASURE each wood piece to ensure its the correct one-YEAH! So not fun.

It is also missing some decorative elements-like ONE window, the roof awning for shade, the chalkboard and swing stuff. GRR!!!

So after spending SO MUCH money on a swing set, to be missing so much is seriously upsetting. After we got the 2 HUGE heavy boxes down our HILL in the yard, we realized just WHAT the heck was missing. Had we known it was missing like everything other than the WOOD, we wouldn’t have LUGGED it down our HILL of a yard!

Keep in mind Jay has 2 herniated discs, and the shots have done NOTHING. We are looking at surgery-so I had to do the brunt of the lifting and pulling.

I called Toys R Us FUMING over our findings. Their response was-pack it back up and return it then!

NICE. Oh and not happening after I got THAT far into it.

I am calling the manufacturer tomorrow and trust me, someone else will know just how fowl I feel.

Toys R Us said they had NUMEROUS boxes like this missing hardware, and key parts to the set. I want to know how you can charge like a 1,000 for a wooden swing set, and NOT make sure EVERYTHING is included?!

OK Sorry-Im just very upset about this whole situation.

They should at the least ship out what was missing, and refund the hardware we HAD to buy (since we PROMISED our kids we would put it together this weekend) Can’t make them wait the 3 weeks for shipping hardware! Summer will be half done!
Granted I don’t mind that some of the decorative stuff will be missing-like the roof and whatnot. They can still PLAY and use it.

Anywho-enough of that disaster.

I hope to share HAPPY photos of the ids playing on the half decorated swing set this week! LOL!

OH! I will definitely keep you posted on what the swing company has to say.

Tomorrow is my Papertrey Ink Design Team Challenge! You won’t want to miss that. I busted my HINEY on it.

OK back to the yard

Swiss Pixies

May 30, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

Today I have a quick peek at another release from C.C. Designs.

We are attempting to put together the large swing set for the kids, so I gotta be quick.

The release for C.C. Designs is Monday June 1st. LOTS of cool stuff releasing!

Check out the BLOG for your chance to win a set

This is from the Swiss Pixie’s set-her name is Gretal


She is just SOOOOO adorable. Sorry for the DARK photo. YIKES!! I wanted her leaning against a mushroom-so I used one from Unity Stamp Co.

I colored her with Copic’s then airbrished my sky. I think it looks cute-far better in person (due to my lighting). Sometimes I just get LAZY when it comes to the photography part, which isn’t a good idea because you can spend so much time making the BEST creation, ever-and get a bad photo and it doesn’t matter! No one can tell.

Im not saying this was one of those stellar creations, just that my photo is lacking-and I should not skimp on the photography and let myself get lazy. Ive just had a crazy few weeks and my time/deadlines were closing in on me. I thought ANY photo was better than NO photo. Lesson learned.

I also used AmyR’s Thank You sentiments on here as well.

The paper line is Basic Grey: Urban Prairie. It was perfect.

In case you missed it-I did a peek of the Swiss Pixie: Heidi—>HERE!

OK off to get assembling.

Please pray Jay and I don’t kill each other in the process of assembling this huge swing set. When it comes to traveling (finding our way places) and assembling things/house projects we are NOT our usual “happy couple” We always joke we’d make for great TV if we went on the Amazing Race TV show or some other thing like that! LOL! Its funny because we don’t really fight or argue, but throw in a house project, and watch out! Let the snarky remarks fly! LOL!

OK going now-Im getting the EVIL eye already.

OH! Baby- another pep talk

May 28, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

Boy did Noah ever SCREAM when they yanked his poor tooth! OUCH!

I guess they ONLY gave him the laughing gas! GRR! I thought they’d numb it with Novocaine at LEAST. Poor kid.

Tooth Fairy gave him $10 for being so brave 😀 He still loves the dentist though-CRAZY KID! LOL!

That being said I’m still pretty crazy busy here, so Im keepin this short and sweet.

I’ve been REALLY tired an lazy (in  exercise department) the past 2 or 3 weeks. I haven’t given a “pep talk” in a while and this is more for ME than YOU!! Unless YOU find it helpful too-then YEAH! Win! Win!!

So SADLY I realized I have been getting addicted to the FREE Turbo Shot in my ice coffee! Can’t function well without it. Im certain that is NOT good.  So this week I decided to SHOCK my system, and cut coffee out of my HEALTHY living, and get my hiney BACK ON TRACK!!! I had a little lapse there since all the sweet treats on my birthday, and need to put a stop to it now! Remember I promised myself to NEVER let myself outgrow the jeans I’m in! I work too hard to let my love of all naughty food sabotage me and all my hard work! NO WAY!

Now don’t get me wrong, they still fit (my jeans that is), but if I want some REAL 6 pack abs, I need to work hard, and get on track. So thats what Im doing. Im “re-setting” my calendar for week one. I keep track of how many weeks I have been living my “healthy lifestyle” and after it being 41 weeks (a pregnancy term! LOL!) I decided to set NEW goals, and start over. REFRESH everything, to keep it interesting. So back to WEEK ONE of new refreshing goals. Fresh start! TODAY is the day.

Its all about healthier choices. Take it ONE obstacle at a time, and just say NO! to Girl Scout cookies 😀 Opt for the donation for the box you buy to go to out Soldiers instead of YOUR goody cabinet 😀

That also means drinking lots more water, less other stuff-like HUGE ice coffees, and NO snacking after dinner!! Unless its popcorn or fruit if you really ARE hungry. And make sure you are eating because you are hungry, NOT because you are bored or EMOTIONAL! Oh and if you got for ice cream with the kids-get a KIDDIE size, and try to make it LOW fat 😀

Jay has been getting steroid shots in is back and his after dinner binging is affecting ME! So that is it for me—-> NO MORE!!! He is usually a very healthy eater, and that really helps when you need support or someone to keep YOU on track. When they fall off, don’t let them take you with them, you need to be THEIR support instead.

Keeping healthy snacks on hand is KEY, along with fresh fruits and veggies.With summer near its much easier to do. I love snacking on snap peas! They are sweet and yummy and replace the CHIPS I love (for some reason salt and vinegar are my downfall these days) NOT GOOD.

So I did a video today-Turbo Jam-I hadn’t in a LONG time and boy did it kick my hiney!! OUCH! I did the Turbo Sculpt 40 minute workout today. But hey-SORE is good! The fact I can’t get out of a chair or sit down, without pain, means Im workin lazy muscles-GO LAUREN! Breaking a huge sweat-even better! I think after a good workout you FEEL great, and don’t want to eat those Salt and Vinegar Chips that stare at you when you open the cabinet! I moved the bag out of sight so I don’t think about them
I REALLY think I want to get Wii Fit! What are YOUR thoughts on that??

Anyone?? I need to keep my interest since I am a SAHM to 3 kids and the ONLY way I can get a workout in is at home. I need to keep motivated and FRESH. I LOVE buying myself clothes so that definitely keeps me motivated-the whole I like this shirt, its in my size, and Im buying it! Then I take it home and it looks great 😀 Makes every ache and pain worth it. Plus I know its good for my overall healthy, and it sets a good example for my kids-who KNOW I need to do my workout before THEY get to play Wii or do anything else for that matter.

OK who cares about my workout issues. Sorry for that painful detour. It just helps me keep focus.


I have a mini peek at another ATS set called Oh! Baby-pardon the mojo lapse. This was made on the return of the mojo-but figured I’d share anyway

little bug:


I just LOVED this little “bug” image/baby from the set. I just got some ladybug paper, so I used it. This set will be released June 1st (Monday)

Amber’s shirt matched my card so I made her hold it for my photo! LOL! Im so lazy with my photo tent set up these days! Its just easier and quicker to go outside.

Now to me, it looked like the baby bug was flying to the flower-then I realized-Um, no wings! Oh well! Its cute anyway. No one claimed I was perfect! LOL! I like it-period

SOOO if you want a chance to win the set, and see peeks—->Go to the BLOG!

I can PROMISE my samples got better with the rest of the peeks to come! LOL!

Well I hope you have a happy and healthy day-no matter what you do!

Fairy Junebug

May 27, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

WOW! Is it me, or has the blog world been Q-U-I-E-T?!
Maybe the holiday weekend?

Maybe I haven’t been particularly inspiring?! LOL! I have done a lot of 3D items lately-maybe that’s borning? Or just too much? I have no idea. All I know is I haven’t had the time to do all I want, and that is a hard pill to swallow.

Granted I know I have been busy too-Poor Noah has an abscessed tooth, and has to have it pulled today. He is ecstatic because then the tooth fairy will bring him $5! LOL! Oh and lets not forget cost mom & dad almost $200 at the Dentist!!!!!!!

Noah LOVES the dentist. He wants to be one when he grows up 😀 Im so happy he has had positive experiences there, unlike mine as a child :C. He has had some dental work done too, and his dentist said kids usually aren’t as enthusiastic after that. So I just hope he hits the books and wants to stay in school long enough for fulfill his dream-and of course have someone to fix my teeth when I’m old-for free 😀

Anywho-today I have a peek to share 😀 All That Scraps has another new line 😀 from C.C. Designs 

I’m totally in love with it-Fairy Junebug!


Now this won’t be released until Monday June 1st! So you have a few days to wait :C

Sorry it was like 8 o’clock at night here-so my photo is NOT top notch, and sorry, I wasn’t pullin out the photo tent for ONE card!

Now most the team has yet to get theirs as these are HOT OFF THE PRESS! Mine arrived late yesterday, so I ran to ink it up as fast as I could to get you all a peek 😀


This is the CLOSE UP

I had to do her hair green! No idea WHY! I just wanted to.

I added stickles to her-which looks better in person-I swear!

I love the background I created by sponging a portion of a new Spellbinders Impressabilities Butterfly!! It was such a fun and easy thing to do 😀

This is a 5 1/2 inch squared card

There are 2 Fairy June-bugs in this collection, so far. They are good size too.

So be sure to check out the BLOG for samples, and your chance to win the Fairy Junebugs set 😀 You will LOVE it.

Im workin on getting my card MOJO back. Wish me luck on that.

Tomorrow I’ll have peeks at another-to be released set!
In the meantime I hope you are all enjoying Stamp Out Alzheimer’s week!! Lots of fun to be had. There are daily giveaways and challenges, all to benefit a great cause 😀


Are you ready for a color challenge?!

Get ready because we have 6 colors!


Keyword: MTCC 02

This challenge was inspired by this dress found at the Children’s Place. I LOVE the rainbow of colors, and thought it would be a super challenge! Plus very SPRINGY! If that’s a word.

Be sure to link your challenge here:

I decided to do ANOTHER MDF image from Say it with Letters


-a Mushroom 😀 This is on my Etsy Shop as well!

Can you tell Im having too much fun with them?

It all began with the mushroom, then the paper by Sassafrass Lass-Sunshine Lollipop-in which I mixed the patterns for my mushroom, then I saw this image…….sitting on my desk……………sooooooo………..I got special permission to share this so you get a SUPER DUPER EARLY peek at new sets being released from C.C. Designs


This adorable girl image is a NEW! LINE called Swiss Pixies! This is Heidi!!

You won’t see previews for her until May 30th and she will be available for purchase on June 1st! I KNOW!!!! Its a LONG time to wait-SORRY! But I HAD to use her ASAP!

Seriously look how CUTE she is


Just sitting UNDER the mushroom-all happy and fun.

I couldn’t help but color her hair pink 😀 I like it that color.

I glittered her wings. Doodled her shirt and boot, and paper pieced her skirt.

I added some felt flowers, and a heart that I die cut.

I STITCHED around the mushroom-BY HAND, and well as all the paper “patchwork” !!


TOTALLY INSANE! ME-hand stitching something!

I did this while watching Ellen on TV! She makes the time go by fast.

I added LOTS of buttons for my mushroom spots, and interest. I love them!

Here is my sentiment: another peek at a new set by AmyR-previews begin the 29th I believe

The sentiment can be removed easily-as its tucked into the buttons


I thought it was PERFECTION!

Here is the final view-from the top


I like to make sure its ALL decorated nicely! I think this is so FUN and FUNKY!! Not my typical style-but I’m lovin it. Feels good to stretch the comfort zones sometimes.

Wait until you see what the team came up with! Here is a PEEK!


Now here are the links to the players :

  • Alicia
  • Dana G
  • Dawn Easton
  • Jennifer
  • Kendra
  • Kristen
  • Lisa
  • MacKenzie
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracey Cuccia
  • Have fun getting inspired!

    Thanks for stopping by. I cannot wait to see what YOU do.

    ATS from the archives

    May 19, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

    This is going to be short and sweet as I think I now have a horrible sinus infection, and I need to take Amber’s pre-school to a very LONG field trip tomorrow, so I NEED to rest. Didn’t help that I forced myself to stay awake to watch the first episode of the Bachelorette!!

    Not sure if Ill be able to walk and drive all that way through tomorrow if I dont get better ASAP! AND handle a big group of 4-5 yo! Coffee with a turbo shot will be my best friend tomorrow.

    That being said-WOW! I make a LOT of stuff. Sometimes so much that I FORGET I have certain samples to share :C

    So I thought I’d post a few that were lost but not forgotten! This is just from my All That Scraps folder. (I keep each company in a separate folder so I can stay ORGANIZED! But have made SO much sometimes that I forget :C)

    This is Bathing Beauty Emma


    As you can see Im am just stuck on her being Strawberry Shortcake! I love her!

    Sentiment was perfect-it is from AmyR Beach sentiments (AMY that is my fave of yours to date :D) I love the mix of bold and that other fun font! Serious must have!!

    Here is a close up


    I just masked and airbrushed my sun. I did my little dotted sand for her to sit in. I just love her to pieces.


    Stamps: C.C. Designs Bathing Beauty Emma, AmyR beach sentiments

    Cardstock: Melon berry, ruby red, spring moss, white

    Ink: ruby red, momento black, copic markers-airbrush system

    other: circle nestabilities, primas, corduroy brads by SU!, scallop heart border by Martha Stewart

    Now we have Seashell Trevor


    Its sad you can see the shimmer this card has as I colored the water and shells with my WATER COLORSthat are pearlescent. They are the BEST!!!

    Added a real shell for interest, but overall wanted it to be very clean and simple


    You can sort of see my sky. This does look super cute in real life 😀


    Stamps: C.C. Designs Seashell Trevor

    Cardstock: Navy, blue, white

    Ink: momento, copic

    Other: Watercolors, seashell

    Now she is coming out with a Beachies set IIwhich are BEYOND adorable!! You can pre-order them now, or get them as a digi download 😀 RUN! LOL!

    Now these are from March Release-after I had my surgery! So I got REALLY screwed up on posting.

    These are Tweeties! I so love this collection 😀 LOVE!


    I was going with a parrot color theme here! LOL! Sentiment is from AmyR Friends sentiments

    I love the simple look.


    Stamps: C.C. Designs Tweeties, AmyR Friends

    Cardstock: avocado, teal, spring moss, white, aqua

    Ink: momento black, copic markers

    paper-I have NO IDEA! Sorry :C

    ribbon: melon berry grosgrain

    other: nestabilities, primas, bling and buttons

    This one I made into a penguin 😀

    Another Tweeties birdie


    I think he looks SO cute as a penguin 😀 This could be a boy/man or girl/woman card! I love it.

    OK that it for me. I can’t muster another typed word.

    I am heading to bed till I have to pick up the kids-


    Sugar Plums Emma & Trevor

    Apr 30, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

    Oh boy did I bounce out of my seat when I saw these peeks!! Today I am sharing images from All That Scraps.

    These images will release on  Monday May 4th! A good note to self-All That Scrapshas their the release the FIRST Monday of every month! In case you are addicted but can’t keep up! LOL!

    This set peek is Emma & Trevor -at the Beach!

    Strawberry Beach


    Now When I saw these images I was taken back to my LOVE of Strawberry Shortcake as a little girl! I had the doll, where you squeeze her tummy, her breath smelled like strawberry!! How cool was that?! LOL! As kids (back in the day” we got excited over scent doll breath! Now my girls doll, suck on a bottle, EAT doll baby food, pee & POOP! as well as talk, cry, coo, and move all over! Is that not insane? Im scared to see dolls 20 years from NOW! We wont need to have babies! LOL! They’ll have synthetic ones that probably grow too!

    Here is my close up


    So I had to color her LIKE Strawberry Shortcake. Im excited over this collection 😀 Problem is I ONLY see her as Strawberry Shortcake! LOL!

    Now we have another Strawberry Shortcake girl

    Surf & Sand


    How cute is she? I just love her. The paper was very inspirational to me as well. I got it at Target years ago!

    Now tell me you don’t see a MODERN Strawberry Shortcake too? (Sorry I just can’t get over it!

    Here is my UBER close up-eek!


    I made sand by air brushing, as well as dotting on various shades of Copic marker 😀 I like the look!

    The sentiments are by AmyR-Beach Sentiments (previewing tomorrow). I can tell you they totally rock. If you want perfect summer sentiments you will LOVE this set. I think there are 17 fabulous sentiments. I love the mix of blog and scripty 😀 Wait till you see the set 😀

    Well that is it for this post.

    Be sure to stop by theATS blog for your chance to win this set 😀 AND see the fabby peeks from the design team!

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