I hope you are having a great day. I spent yesterday making baby cards!

WHAT?! You may be wondering……………..

I guess you could say I have babies on the brain. NO I’m not having baby fever-but EVERYONE else is.

Just about every couple Jay and I know is popping one out-LOL!

Some are over-due as we speak, and their bundle’s of love should be arriving SOON-like today!

Its so weird because I am SO past that stage in our lives. I feel like everyone is playing catch up. It’s good for us though. We have alot going on, and my children are at a point where I can do the things “I” want to do, for myself-OK that sounded wicked selfish, but not intended that way. Let’s face it, we all need some ” my time” for mommy fun.


I never have ANY baby cards on hand, and wanted to make some special one’s for those time’s I am in a CRUNCH-but you really should have a card.

I like to keep my baby cards soft, sweet and SIMPLE.

So I created 3 of the same today. I hope you like them, and gain some inspiration from them.

I used my favorite baby pieces if inspiration. It basically came from my friend Erin, who was being induced yesterday (Wed at 7:30 pm) saying-I think I have everything except 0-3 and 3-6 month onsie’s.

I could NOT believe my ears! No ONESIE’s? WHAT? That is a very important piece of  a baby wardrobe.

So, sort of as a “joke”, since I went on a spiel about onesie’s and their importance, I figured it would be cute to make her a card for their baby-SHAPED like a onesie.

Wait till you see the way I package the onesie’s I am bringing to the hospital!!! If it works the way I hope-its a MUST do for ANY new baby. Cross your finger’s as I am on a mission today to package them, and will share them asap.

Now the other thing I used, that is a favorite for me, is a Stork!

See that stork image in the onesie? Its from the New! All Occasion set by LAD called Petite Phrases.

I LOVE storks! They are so cute!!! They are also great for adoption cards and what not. Or just a pregnancy congrats. Love them

For my cards I wanted a SOFT look-so I stamped with Sahara Sand ink, then colored with markers. The Stork on the girl onesie is the only one with glitter on the stork.

Its a Girl

baby-girl-tee.jpg She is suppose to have a girl-so this *may* be the one she receives.

Its a Boy


and……….Its a ?

baby-gender-neutral-tee.jpg This one is perfect for any sex baby.

So what do you think? Cute? I was very pleased with the outcome.

I made it basically from SU! punches! I sorta just figured it out, and they only took 15 minutes to design and create 3! Now that is cool.


The fold is at the top.

the head opening and legs are done using 1 3/8 circle punch 😀

I also used my SU! Scallop punch for the “trim”. I would first punch my 1/2 circle then punch out the scallop border.

My Scor-Pal made the lie at the bottom where the “snaps” are. Otherwise know as Making Memories button brads 😀

DONE! Simple Simon.

Speaking of babies…………..

My babies-

Alexa-icky nose, taking a huge amount of antibiotics, and still recovering from roid-rage, but all is well. She really doesn’t complain-as long as she gets her way. She has this “attitude” that KILLS me lately. I don’t think I had that attitude at her age. But I guess she is entitled.

Noah-he is great. A very good little boy. He has learned how to take Daisy out to do her duty, and enjoys helping with her care the most. He plays with her alot though-out the day.

Amber-she is also great. Nothing new to report. Loves school and is quite the little singer these days. Maybe she will be the future American Idol! LOL!

Daisy- she is going to the vet 8:30 am to get fixed :C Poor baby.

My hubby-we are praying we get a sitter soon! We haven’t had a date in forever :C We are pretty stressed. Excited LOST starts tonight!!! YEAH!

I appreciate all the well wishes.

That’s it for me for today.

I’m off and running.

I’ll check in later.