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February Release: Pull Tab Up

Jan 31, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

Today is our official February release! 

Be sure you check out our NEW! Products <—HERE!

We have released:

2 NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates

2 NEW! Pretty Impressions Stamp Sets

2 NEW! Pretty Printable Digital Paper Collections

2 NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut Files

Please view our Gallery for project samples, and alternative ways to use all our amazing coordinating products! You may also want to check out our blog for weekly challenges, and even more amazing ideas.

We are also have a design team call! View details HERE! <—

Sadly this will be Monique Hansens last month with us. We will miss her and her amazing projects dearly. Please be sure you wish her well!

Today we have an amazing group post using our NEW! Products

Here is WHO you should visit today for some amazing projects:

  • Kathryn Berthiaume-Square
  • Lisa Kind-Square
  • Monique Hansen-Octagon
  • Tangii Crain-Octagon
  • Now it’s my turn!

    I am excited to share two samples today, using each of the NEW! Templates we’ve released as well as many other NEW! products!

    Now while both templates share the same tab top feature, each one on it’s own is pretty amazing and looks unique 😀

    Pull Tab Up: Square $5

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    3 1/2 X 3 1/2 Inches Wide

    3 1/2 Inches Tall

    This  “pull-up-tab” takes the “plain” out of what would be a typical square box!

    This was designed after pulling off the tab on a tissue box, and combining that with the tab tuck in feature on some boxed candy. You will see how the inspiration inspired a pull up tab that opens up the top of this box.

    This box is so fun, fresh, and easy to assemble, that it is sure to quickly become a favorite for every occasion.

    My sample here was make from a fuchsia cardstock.

     I then printed, cut and layered my pretty Wind My Girly Gears patterned paper on the sides and back of the box.

    Using the colors from the paper, I digitally colored the bird from the Wind Em’ Up set, then cut it out.

    Prior to assembling the template I used the Flag’Em Down Cut File to create the window in the front of my box, and further enlarged it to cut the pink mat layer as well. I printed my sentiment “You wind-up my heart” from the Wound Sentiments set on my acetate sheet, and adhered it to the inside of the box.

    This was such a FUN and SIMPLE project. Now I have something special, ready to go for a great gift 😀

    Now I wanted to create a more masculine themed box, so I decided to use the Octagon template with a masculine flair!

    Pull Tab Up: Octagon $5

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    4 1/4 X 3 1/2 Inches Wide

    3 Inches Tall

    This gear shaped (octagon) box is a unique take on its “sister” box, the Pull Tab Up: Square. Sometimes you want something that LOOKS more complicated than it actually is. This is a awesome shaped template for SO many occasions.

    Upon assembling the Pick of the Petals box for a gift several months ago (OK maybe like a year ago! LOL!), I was inspired to take the fun pull tab design of the Pull Tab Up: Square , and designed an octagon shaped one too.

    This box shape is so fun, fresh, and easy to assemble that it is sure to quickly become a favorite for every occasion.

    Now how about the details on this creation!

    So, to go with the bird theme I used the Trendy Forest © paper collection for my sample. It was a no brainer really. You think birds, then you think trees. I wanted something I could give to my husband this Valentines Day and I think this will be perfect.

    I  chose to use the colors from the paper collection to then digitally color the bird from the Wind Em’ Upset, then used my Cameo Silhouette cut it out. I love that the machine can cut out your digital images to perfection. No more handcutting for me!

    I printed my sentiment “You make my heart” from the Wound Sentiments set and put it on the heart wind up on the bird. I then took the “sing” from the sentiment and placed it on my bird’s wing. I love it. I proceeded to digitally color the heart gear from the Wind Em’ Up set as well, and add it to my box.

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

    Pull Tab Up: Square, Pull Tab Up: Octagon

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

    Wind Em’ Up, Wound Sentiments

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:

    Wind My Girly Gears, Trendy Forest

    Pretty Pieces Cut File:

    Flag Em’ Down

    So please be sure you check out all our NEW! Products as they are available for purchase TODAY!!! 

    I hope you are inspired to get crafting your own gift packaging, as it becomes a gift in itself. It really is all about the presentation, and when you take the time to make something from the heart is really matters to those you give it to 😀 You can affordably, and easily package up the simpliest of gifts and make them appear to be that much more special.

    See you back here tomorrow!

    Design Team Call!

    Jan 30, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

    We are looking to add a few NEW! Design Team Members to our team!

    You can view our website here:

    You are generally required to create 4 projects a month using our NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates in coordination with our Digital Images & Digital Papers. Use of Cut Files is optional. We offer files in a variety of formats too.

    Please read about our store: We have several FREE items for you to try.

    To apply email me [email protected].

    Please send an email and include a link to your blog/gallery along with a sample of your three dimensional project.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Also our February 1st Release is *just* around the corner! Samples using our NEW! Products will be available on February 1st!


    Welcome back everyone!

    I really hope you are having a wonderful New Year.

    I myself have been keeping super busy post holiday, planning products for the year, and embarking on several endeavors. We also added a new addition to our home recently 😀

    Her name is Harper.

    She is a 6 month old  Cavalier/Shichon mix, otherwise known as “Teddy Bear” dog.  You can read about her breed here <—check out the blue box.

    Alexa picked out her name, and Amber agreed it was perfect. She is the prettiest wizard on Wizards of Waverly Place! LOL! I love that she was so excited to share her opinion on what we should name the dog, and actually had a great suggestion.

     So we adjusting to the new change o this little furbaby bundle. She is adjusting so well, and is just a love.

    Daisy is so happy to have a friend now!

    This is Daisy at Christmas.

    She is a cockapoo (a fabulous breed of dog!) and is is 4 now, and happy to share her family. When we brought Harper home, Daisy took her favorite toy Fox and dropped it in front of Harper, ready to play! They are so sweet together.

    OK sorry I got a little off track. It’s been a long while since I’ve rambled! LOL! I have much more to share when the time is right, so I thank you for letting me share a little of my world again. Feels good 😀

    Since we are coming back off a holiday we are keeping it light this month.

    The team and I are all posting some projects today to kick start a new year of ideas.

    Stop by and visit the team for a plethora of new ideas with our older products!

    I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the entire MTME team (and the product designers of course) for all their hard work this past year, and being there for me in every way. They are an amazing group of women that I am so blessed to have come to know. I extend my gratitiude to all the members on the Palette & Sketch team, which partake in weekly challenges on our blog. We all work together to share what we love and their support means the world to me.

    Moving on…..

    My project today will use a new template, the Sweet Treat Tote, but combined with something old and something new 😀

    With winter comes cold days, and even chillier nights. I personally love a good cup of hot cocoa to warm me up, with some chocolate dipped biscotti. What better gift, than to share something you love with someone else?

    So, I packaged up some of my favorite hot cocoa: Starbucks Salted Caramel.

    It is LOVE in a cup, I swear. I find adding it to warm fat free cream gives it a RICH amazing taste, as oppose to milk, with less fat/calories.

    I always use my gift item as the source of my design inspiration. In fact, that is why I began papercrafting in the first place. I love being able to package up and customize my gift packaging to coordinate with my gift.

    This package has a set of 8 cocoa packets! A great gift idea, year round.

    My cocoa was inserted into the slide in box option, as you can see from the side view. Makes it easy to take out, and give a nice presentation.

    I made my tote from chocolate cardstock. I applied an acetate sheet over the window that that I could add my main image to it! You can see that in the photo above.

    I used the NEW! Sweet Sentiments for the design on my window. I printed it on vanilla cardstock, then colored it in. I love adding the white pen to the foam so it pops out at you.

    My paper is from the All Steamed Up © collection, with the text print re-colored to coordinate with my steam pattern that I chose for the top part of the decorative layer.


    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

    Sweet Treat Tote

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

    Sweet Sentiments

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:

    All Steamed Up

    Well thank you again for allowing me share what I love with the world! I have more to share with our new stuff and hope to return to post it really soon!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Until next time.

    January Release: Something Sweet

    Jan 8, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Today is our official January release! 

    Be sure you check out our NEW! Products

    Today we have an amazing group post using our NEW! Products

    2 NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates

    2 NEW! Pretty Impressions Stamp Sets

    4 NEW! Pretty Printable Digital Paper Collections

    5 NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut Files

    Please view our Gallery for project samples, and alternative ways to use all our amazing coordinating products! You may also want to check out our blog for weekly challenges, and even more amazing ideas.

      In honor of our January Release each member of the design team has put together a fabulous idea for you.

     Be sure you take the time to visit each one of our talented design team members.

    Hey Cupcake:

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Kathryn Berthiaume
  • Monique Hansen
  • Sweet Treat Tote:

  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • Tangii Crain
  • So let me share my sample using the Hey Cupcake Template!

    This template is perfect for packaging up a variety of items that AREN’T cupcakes. You can alter the lid window, and by NOT using the insert, this can be a fabulous box for so many treat ideas.

    My paper really set the theme for my creation. It is from the Cool Cooking © collection. It’s so fun and whimsical. I decided that I would show a “kitchen” themed wrapping, which could be used on so many ideas like mini bread loafs, mixes, muffins to name a few.

    Having done the kitchen theme, this is great for a house warming gift or happy holidays gift too.

    My bowl/eggs were created from the What’s Cookin’ © and the Yummy Sentiments © set, then digitally colored to match, and cut/layered several times for a fun look.

    OK so back to my packaging….

    This packaging is perfect for my Kitchen Spice Candle set (from Bath & Body Works).These candles smell wonderful and are always a great gift.

    Who would think that they could present so perfectly in here too!

    While they fit in the insert, I removed it for this project, just so you get can idea of the possibilities and actual size. This is large enough to fit so many wonderful items.

    Now back to the idea of giving candles…..this template/insert fits the ever-popular Yankee Candles too!

    This is another Kitchen Spice candle, but from a different company.

     MANY candle companies usethese adorable jars to package their candle scents, so there are so many possibilities.

    You can often buy these little jars, so you can fill them with your own homemade candles, candies or other goodies too.

    Something else that fits are the metal tins—>FOUND HERE CHEAP! 

    Don’t forget you can alter your insert cut-outs to suit your project shape/size/needs or omit it all together.

    Alteration include your lid cut outs too. It’s nice having a peek at what’s inside, but you can change the shape or omit the cut-outs all together.

    I love having versatility, and this certainly fits the bill 😀

    The curved top gives it that little something extra. I love having this long/tall/wide/deep box option. You can use it for all sorts of items, including: knit/silk scarves, and gloves. I also love the idea of using it for crafty stuff, coffee/tea, bath products, homemade goodness, baking/cooking mixes, jewelry, cosmetics….the list goes on and on.

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Hey Cupcake

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: What’s Cookin,Yummy Sentiments

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Cool Cooking

    We have so many more projects to share with all of you, so come back tomorrow for even more creative and inspiring ideas. I know I cannot wait to share my creations with you.

    See you tomorrow.

    We are back again today with our last peek at what’s NEW! for the January Release tomorrow!

    Today you will want to visit:

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Kathryn Berthiaume
  • Monique Hansen
  • as they are each sharing a peek at the Sweet Treat Tote!

    This is a versatile template with three insert options, so don’t miss the projects from the team and I.

    I think you will all enjoy the many possibilities this package has 😀

     Sweet Treat Tote

    I will show you how amazing this package is by sharing my project here, using the 3 options you have. I am using the same tote cover, and will use the 3 insert options.

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    6 Inches Tall

    4 3/4 Inches Wide

    3 Inches Deep

    What could be sweeter than a tote that not only carries your sweets, but presents your treats in 3 different, but fabulous ways? Talk about versatility!

    You can package up a plethora of items in here using 3 different box inserts that fit into one fabulous tote!

    From store bought/homemade lollipops and candy, to bath & body products, or some homemade stationary! So many possibilities in this one tote, whatever you choose to use it for will certainly be a treat for whomever you gift it to.

    The handle is fun, functional and convenient.

    This template can open up, or the inserts can slide in.

    I love monochromatic colors as it is easy to get a stunning look with little effort.

    This is option #1, using the large box insert.

    This is a favorite option of mine 😀

    It can hold a lot of items. I love the look of the large box and the open window. You can leave it open or cover it with acetate. You can also totally omit the window and change the window shape for even more possibilities!

    I was inspired by the bath/beauty products for my design on the box.

    I used the flowers and flourishes from the Fanciful Flourishes © set. The tag sentiment is from the Well Preserved © set with the flowers from the So Sentimental © set.

    Now we got to option #2

    This is a fun box base that fits perfectly into the bottom of the Sweet Treat Tote.

    Makes a perfect holder for so many gifts.

    The base ends under the window cut out so you cannot see it, and it is large enough to hold your items without it spilling out.

    Next we get to option #3

    Using the same box base (above), and turn it around, we offer a lollipop template for you to insert and display your beloved sweet treats!

    You can also alter the cut outs to suit other project ideas like pencils (with toppers), party tubes or whatever else you can dream up!

     With cake pops becoming so popular now this would become a fabulous holder to transport and present them too.

    A tip: For heavy pops/items use florist foam or Styrofoam under the template for the sticks to insert in to.

     Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: 

    Sweet Treat Tote

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

     Fanciful Flourishes, So Sentimental, Well Preserved

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Come back tomorrow for a great group post with more of our amazing NEW! products.

    January Preview: Hey Cupcake!

    Jan 5, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. My updates have usually been on Facebook as I’ve been too busy to post here. I have been busy this past month making gifts for family, friends and teachers, and really enjoying the holidays with my children and family. I hope you all had a great holiday with your loved ones too!

    Santa was extra good to me this year, as he brought me a new cutting system the Silhouette Cameo! This is an amazing machine! AMAZING! Check out the video at their site. It works with the My Time Made Easy ™ LLC Pretty Packaging Templates and cut files. You can use it with GSD, DXF and with a software upgrade (which is fabulous) you can use SVG files!!

    I’m in absolute heaven with it and its accuracy and detail for intricate cuts. Another AMAZING feature: You can use a print and cut feature to print and cut out your digital images! No more hand cutting. This machine is beyond amazing and I highly recommendit if you are in the market for a new machine 😀 Goodbye Cricut! I’m also selling my NEW! Black Cat Cougar Lynx <— It is a expensive machine that is too complicated for me, but may be good for someone else.

    OK enough of that. I’m just excited having a new machine….so let me share what I came for, and that is for your first peeks at our January Release products which will be made available for purchase on January 8th!

    Today our first preview is of a NEW! Pretty Packaging Template called Hey Cupcake!

    So make sure you visit:

  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • Tangii Crain
  • for some amazing ideas using this new package!

    Hey Cupcake

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    6 1/2 Inches Wide

    3 1/2 Inches Deep

    3 1/2 Inches Tall

    Store bought baking boxes just aren’t as fun as this!

    Now you have a perfect way to give and display your sweetest creations!

    This adorable, and completely customizable bakers box comes complete with dual cupcake insert (optional), so you can give something sweet with that special creative touch that will not only fill their tummy, but warm their heart.

    For my design on this box I used the Farmhouse Fresh © digital paper on my box lid. 

    The window frames were stamped using the Killer Curves: Fancy Frames set, in white stazon, on the acetate.

    The cupcake is from the NEW! Sweet Treats Digital Stamp Set  (releasing on Jan. 8th) Designed By Sara Williams. This is a delicious set of sweet images that are certain to make any occasion scrumptious! You can’t tell by the photos but the cupcake is cut and layered several times, and the cherry is a rhinestone. The cupcake is layered onto the Frame Me © cut file.

    What better way to present and package up your sweet treats!! I actually didn’t make this cupcake, even though it looks homemade! I bought it as a cupcake single at Target in the food section.

    Cupcake Insert : 2 1/2 Inches Around-Can be altered to suit your project needs.

    This box is seriously fun, functional and easy to assemble.

    You will want to start making cupcakes just to package them up 😀

    Don’t let its name fool you!

    This box can hold more than a cupcake duo! It can also can hold a variety of baked goodness/gifts/items too. You can opt to not use the insert, as the box in itself is fabulous, or alter your insert cut outs (and lid cut outs) to further suit your gift giving needs.

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Hey Cupcake

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Sweet Treats, Killer Curves: Fancy Frames

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Farmhouse Fresh

    Pretty Pieces Cut File: Frame Me

    Come back tomorrow to see what else we have in store for you!

    It is sure to be a sweet surprise 😀

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