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Good Fortune in the New Year!

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Happy New Year!!  

I want to wish you all a happy & healthy 2011!!  

Today we ring in the New Year with a new release from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC!!  

You can view all our new products —-> HERE!   

We have:  

 1 New! Pretty Packaging Template: So Fortunate  

1 New! Pretty Pieces Cut File: What’s My Fortune? Cookie  

1 New! Pretty Impressions Stamp set (acrylic & digital): So Fortunate  

3 New! Pretty Printables Digital Paper Collections  

The new release wouldn’t be fun without several great ideas, so be sure you visit the team for an amazing BLOG HOP, packed with inspiration for the New Year!

  1. Lauren Meader <—You are here! 
  2. Catherine Doucette
  3. Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  4. Katie Cotton
  5. Kristin Bueter
  1. Lisa Kind
  2. Monique Hansen
  3. Pam Imholz
  4. Tangii Crain
  5. Jeannie DeGruccio <—Guest Designer!


You will also want to VISIT THE GALLERY for loads of ideas using our products, new & old!

Now let me share the first of the samples today, using our new products! 

This month’s release theme is Good Fortune in the New Year! 

Good Fortune! 


 How fortunate will someone feel when they receive such a sweetly wrapped treasure, full of surprise! This is a modernized version of a Chinese”take out” box, that also has a coordinating stamp set: So Fortunate, and a 3 dimesional “fortune cookie” cut file (sold separately) to help further the gift giving possibilities and excitement!! 

 About the So Fortunate template:

 Completed Project Size

 3 3/4 Inches Wide 

 3 3/4 Inches Deep 
  4 1/4 Inches Tall (without handle) 

 Available in PDF, SVG,GSD, DXF, WPC 

This template coordinates perfectly with the So Fortunate Pretty Impressions stamp set, as well as the What’s My Fortune? Cookie Pretty Pieces Cut File. 

Note: the 2nd to largest square scallop nestability is a perfect fit on the bottom of this sample!
Unwrapping this treat will let the receiver know that good fortune has smiled upon them!

The template also includes the decorative mat layers. I could have just stamped direct on the box, but I wanted some dimension, keeping my focus on the stunning images that Catherine designed.

 I stamped the sentiment along the top of the template. I love how it came out. There are so many sentiment “building”  possibilities within the set, as well as many other useful sentiments, to enhance just about any gift.

As you can see it has a wonderful, and functional handle. The side panels just slip over the handle for a unique way to unwrap your gift! Fill this with any arrangement of treats!!

Here you can see I have a Cherry Blossom scented travel size Lotion, and Body Wash from Bath & Body Works!

Or use our So Fortunate Pretty Impressions stamp set, as well as the What’s My Fortune? Cookie Pretty Pieces Cut File.

You can use the What’s My Fortune? Cookie Pretty Pieces Cut File to customize your very own fortune filled paper surprises by using the So Fortunate Pretty Impressions stamp set. Can it get any more FABULOUS? Nope. I don’t think so! LOL!

What’s My Fortune? Cookie Pretty Pieces Cut File $2.50

Completed Project Size
About 1 3/4 Inch 3 dimensional cookie

Available in PDF, SVG,GSD, DXF, WPC

This cut file coordinates perfectly with the So Fortunate Pretty Packaging Template, as well the So Fortunate Pretty Impressions stamp set.


Ever wish you could take that adorable edible version of a fortune cookie, and make your own personalized fortunes filled treats, from cardstock or patterned paper? Now you can! This fantastic cut file will allow you to quickly and easily make your own fortune filled treats for everyone on your gift list!

for Valentine’s Day!possiblities UNIQUE twist on the nd even puts a FUN andThis coordination of products is such a fun idea for EVERY occasion, a



Now more about the So Fortunate ©
Set of 24 Images $20
 *Also Available in Digital Download $12* 

Images were designed by Catherine Doucette-She was really able to take my vision and turn it into a tangible work of art! I LOVE the Chinese girl she designed, and all the other elements that were pulled together into this set. It is my favorite set yet!!

This stamp set coordinates perfectly with the So Fortunate Pretty Packaging Template ,as well as the What’s My Fortune? cookie Pretty Pieces Cut File.

This is a charming set of images that is sure to bring the feelings of good fortune to any receiver! This set has MANY amazing images, as you will see, that can have unlimited possiblities for ALL YEAR ROUND! They will step up your gift giving ideas a notch or two. Designed with the idea that you can use the sentiments to fill the What’s My Fortune? cookie Pretty Pieces Cut File, it is the perfect set for any occasion when well wishes are in order.

I love the Chinese symbols in the set, paired with their meaning. They really add to the design possibilities!

Pair this with our So Fortunate Pretty Packaging Template, and you have a complete gift packaging set that is unique and full of character!

I love the Cherry Blossom and the lantern images as well. SO many possibilities. I stamped the back if the box, as I believe ALL sides of a project should be “detailed”.

Sentiments include:  

Symbol for Happiness

Symbol for Love 

Symbol for Good Fortune 

Fortune has smiled upon you 

A surprise is in store for you 

Happiness is on its way to you 

thank you 

You will have many birthday wishes 

Chinese takeout is in your future 

A small blessing with soon arrive 

Good Fortune 

in your marriage 

in your new home 

to have a friend like you 

Using our NEW! products, what a great gift set this made!


This is just the beginning of possibilities.

Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

Pretty Packaging Templates: So Fortunate

Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: So Fortunate

Pretty Pieces Cut File: What’s my fortune? cookie

I hope you enjoy what you’ve seen so far! We have several more days of amazing eye candy for you, to spark those creative juices.

We are also going to be doing a monthly “year in review“, so stay tuned for details on that! If you’ve purchased any of our past releases you will be very happy with this addition to line up, as we continue to share NEW IDEAS with our OLD products!

Until tomorrow, May Good Fortune Smile Upon You!




We are sponsoring a challenge! and a update

Dec 23, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff

Check out PaperCraft Planet’s 3 D Challenge this week! My Time Made Easy ™ LLC is sponsoring!


The challenge is for you to use  this FREE template, the Cutesy Cover! to create something fabulous! One lucky winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to the  My Time Made Easy ™ LLC store! 

Here is a sample of what I did last year!

Happiest of Holidays to you all!!

On a personal note, thank you ALL for the kind comments, prayers and emails in regards to my mother. She has a tough road ahead, and DAILY treatment, so it will be a busy time. I know she is strong and can beat this 😀 She has already done several grueling tests that she didn’t think she could make it through!! We have received good news yesterday that her cancer is contained to one area, and hasn’t metastasized to her brain or other organs. She has a VERY good chance of being cured 😀 While my mom is still dealing withthe shock of having a cancerous tumor, I am elated to received such wonderful news. I accepted this info day one, and knew I had to be focused on caring for her immediately. She is still in a little denial, and I don’t think it ever feels real. My daughters ordeal felt like a foggy dream when it was over, even though I KNOW it was very real.

I am the one who will be taking her to her any/all appointments. I also ensure he errands are run and she eats. I will ensure her pets are cared for and house stays clean (she and I can’t rest if the house is messy! LOL!) I personally talk to ALL her medical team (we set that permission into place immediately!), I organize all her appointments, and carry all her info around with me. I believe I was a nurse at one point in my life so I could properly care for me family at this point! LOL! Having been through a lot of this and the uncanny ability to retain medical information, its easy for me to do all that, and good for her because it is TOO MUCH to take in for the person going through it. She doesn’t have to worry about any of it 😀 I just tell her what time to be ready the next day.

I have to say it makes me feel so good to be able to do all this for her. I don’t feel helpless. I enjoy it, and it gives me purpose. She told me the other day that when I am by her side she feels like she can conquer the world. To know that I can help her feel that way is a wonderful feeling. That is what I try to do, because I KNOW she can, she just has to believe it herself 😀

My brother lives with her currently, so I feel good knowing in my absence she isn’t alone. He also has overtaken her Commercial Cleaning Company, so she will be able to keep her company/income.

On a note about her court case…she had court on Monday. They tried to plea bargain with her husband for him serving ONLY 5 years, then deportation back to Portugal. He refused the plea bargain, as he thinks if he is heard, he will be acquitted! He think he should walk, and actually thought he’s get out on bail Monday! He has told his lawyer this is my mom’s fault. If she just kept her mouth shut, he’d be free and walking. He thinks many people on the “jury” will share his thoughts/feelings on this matter, so he wants to go to trial!!

He faces 6 charges:

Attempted Murder

Assault and Battery

Assault with a deadly weapon


Attempt to do harm

Intimidating a witness

Each charge I believe has  a MINIMUM of 5 years jail time. 

Now we have to go through the drama of a trail which my mom is so upset over. She just wants this to end, and for him to go back where he came from. I told her we will do whatever we have to, to be sure he is placed wherever God intends. One step at a time.

Now about the trail, if I understand the way this is suppose to work, I interpreted the system to work as follows:

A jury will decide after seeing photos, hearing the police, doctors, my mother and her ex testify,  on what charges he is guilty of (and they could say he isn’t guilty-but the photos alone prove otherwise). From there, based on what the jury decides the judge will be the one to decide how many years for each charge he will receive.

For example for the Attempted Murder charge, lets say the guideline for sentencing was 5 to 15 years, the judge could say for the Attempted Murder change he will serve 12 years, for the Kidnapping charge 7 years…and so on.

There is also a video of him confessing but now he claims he didn’t understand what he was saying (despite the fact he speaks perfect English) and there will be a hearing on that alone on Jan 20th.

So lots going on.

My favorite quote ” The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step”

So here we are at step one.

An update…please read

Dec 19, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, family stuff

This is an important update about my business and family. Please take a moment and read.

As of  late I have received MANY emails, and comments about “where” I have been, as since my move to a new home, posts have been scarce.

Many have said I am/will lose my “customers” or followers with my lack of posting. Maybe, and most likely that is, or will be true. Nonetheless I feel I should explain my reasoning’s.

Now all the wonder, with the questions and comments, leads me to explain something I was going to keep personal. I am always an open book anyway, so why not now too!

Well its not just MY life that is on a HOLD so to speak. A pause, or standstill. It is my entire family that is in this state of pause.

Unknown to the world I’ve been juggling many BIG things, that have required my full attention.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, while most are focused on shopping, cooking. getting gifts made/wrapped and ensuring everything is done on time, I have been through the beginning of a grueling journey with my mother. A journey I have been on before, and must go on once again.

My mother (who is my rock and my best friend) was diagnosed with Cancer. She is ONLY 54. We all know cancer has no age, no prejudice. It can happen to anyone, anytime.

 She has already undergone so many various painful tests, seen innumerable doctors, and now we arrive at the beginning of this new journey. The journey and fight of her life. 

I have many feeling about this. First and foremost I trust God. I am at peace with the path we are lead on so far because I know God has a plan for her. I know in my heart she will be healed. I have faith that he will see her through this.

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Matthew 17:20

He replied, ” I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. “

Matthew 15:28

Then Jesus answered, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And her daughter was healed from that very hour.
I have been seen through many tough path’s that God has carried me through, and this is yet another one. I know what he can do!
She has had quite the year already with the attempted murder of her life, from the hands of her husband, and while court continues, we started this new journey. I’ve seen her slowly get worse daily, andunbearable pain. What we thought was from a injury from the attack, we find is another version of attack on her body.

All that being said, my added lack of posting has had more substance than you all knew. If by my initial statement that I made a few weeks ago, with NOT having a complete December Release, that I wanted to take some time off this holiday to catch up on things and make the most of this time with my family, has put some of you off,  I’m sorry you feel that way, but I make no apologies for keeping my priorities where they need to be first-and that is my FAMILY.

Family is ALWAYS my top priority, and I am doing by best to balance it all.

I will not let my drive to succeed, doing what I love, ever overshadow what is most important in this world, and that is my FAMILY. I want to keep the primary focus of my life on my family, always. I am a wife, mother, and daughter first.

I don’t only care about papercrafting and/or making money. My first job is my family. This business is a way for me to share what I love to do with others, and enhance their creativity too. I enjoy it, and am thankful to be able to do what I love. While my customers/reader/friends (near, far and cyberlike) are important to me, keeping focus on my family is as well.

I have a store and gallery full of inspiring ideas from myself and my team if people need some inspiration. My team has been a huge help and will provide lot’s of inspiration. I will do my best to continue with expanding my company, as time allows, but ONLY as it doesn’t interfere with what is most important.

I WILL be having a January Release, projects beginning January 1st,  and probably a February one too (as I have worked months in advance on all of this) , however I will only spend as much time as I can, without sacrificing family, doing so until the journey with my mother is complete. Until she is healed of this ugly Cancer.

Thank you for letting me share what is going on.

Happy Holidays to you yours, and may you all have a safe, &  healthy New Year!

My Crafty Corner

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Hi everyone!

I posted a new page on all the photos of my Crafty Corner!

Many of you asked/emailed about wanting to see photos of my craft space once it was finished, so I went ahead and created a page for it.


or click here

There is a lot of great storage ideas too!


(now hopefully I’ll get to use it this weekend! I miss creating)

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