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July Release: Birthday Bash

Jun 30, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

 It’s July 1st and that means all our NEW! Products are available for you to purchase!

Our theme this month is BIRTHDAY, or any celebration really 😀

Be sure you check out our NEW! Products <—HERE!

We have released:

4 NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates

NEW! Pretty Impressions Stamp Set

3  NEW! Pretty Printable Digital Paper Collections

NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut Files

Check out our
NEW! Perfect Package Collections!

Please view our Gallery for project samples, and alternative ways to use all our amazing coordinating products!

You may also want to check out our blog for weekly challenges, and even more amazing ideas.

Today we have an amazing group post using our NEW! Products

As you may have come to know my company focuses on the “complete package”. We work hard to offer coordinating products that are easily interchanable with previously released products. We really enjoy being able to share the ideas and versatility each product holds.

That being said here is WHO you should visit today for some amazing projects:

3 Tier

  • Farida Rone Linda Hammerton Lisa Kind  Lori Hairston

    Cuppy Cake

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz  Mara Campbell  Tangii Crain

    Lil’ Cupcake

  • Lauren Meader  Kimberly Morrow  Lori Kalus Pattie Goldman



    Since our theme is Birthday Bash,  I get to share my idea of a super sweet birthday party favor for any age! 

    For someone sweet!

    Sweet indeed. I created this cute cupcake party favor for an upcoming birthday I was asked to make favors for.

    These cupcake favors are for a 8 year olds party, and they are actually decorating 2 cupcakes as part of the party activity. After they are decorated they will eat one, then bring the other home (if it makes it!) in a coordinating Cuppy Cake box, that I will design to match 😀 I haven’t got that far yet!

    How seriously cute would these cupcake themed favor boxy-bags be, when used for a party rather than the standard goodie bag?

    I cut my template from a pink cardstock and then made my frosting layers.

    You can customize each one in a different color, and design it to suit the guest too!

    The white layer is stamped using our vines from Fanciful Flourishes © , flowers from Singing Silhouette © , and the sentiment from On Display 1 © . My cupckae liner was cut and then crimped using my paper crimper, for a realistic effect 😀

    Lil’ Cupcake $5

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    5 Inches Tall

    3 1/2 Inches Wide

    2 1/2 Inches Deep

    The top closure comes together to create a “cherry” closure! The perfect topping for *any* cupcake! You can use the cardstock piece or use a button, large brad or maybe some BLING!

    In here I will be packaging some cupcake themed lipgloss, scented glittery lotion, and cupcake themed makeup all from the $1 bin at various stores.

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

    Lil’ Cupcake

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

     Fanciful Flourishes, Tending the Garden, Singing Silhoutte, On Display 1

    So there you have it! A super sweet party treat for any age 😀

    Come back tomorrow for more ideas.

    July Preview Day 2: Something Sweet

    Jun 29, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Just one more day until our July 1st Release!

    Come click the links to our designers for more inspiring ideas:

    Cuppy  Cake

  • Lauren Meader  & Lori Hairston

    3 Tier

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz & Mara Campbell
  • Lil’ Cupcake

  • Farida Rone & Linda Hammerton

    I am very excited about this particular template that I am sharing today. I made it some time ago and have been awaiting the perfect time to release it!

    I have MANY birthday’s to celebrate through the year, and I was looking for “THE” perfect packaging for a single cupcake. There is a bakery that I love to go to, to gift a delicious cupcake, and now I have the best way to present it!

    ABOUT Cuppy-Cake $5

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    3 1/2 Inches Wide

    4 1/4 Inch Tall

    There is a reason this is called “Cuppy” Cake. This is such an adorable package that was designed to resemble a cupcake, but it is so much more than just that. This is a 2 piece template, with a top and bottom, that both offer a variety of functions.

    While you can fit an actual cupcake in here, with room for a towering amount for FROSTING, you can also do so much more with it!

    The top of the Cuppy-Cake can be flipped over and turned into an actual tea cup! The bottom is stunning and can be used as a pretty container all on its own as it is the perfect package with this eight edges, and scalloped top. It can also be turned into a basket or a flower pot (to get your ideas started).

     By cutting out 6 small circles, and using some embroidery floss I made a “cherry” for the top of my cupcake. I used the Minty Chocolate © paper collection to create my cupcake “sprinkles”. I trimmed the edge with some pom pom ribbon so it would appear to look like “frosting”. Just have FUN with it.

    This was a super simple, and easy design option.

    You can also design this to create a candy truffle box, strawberry, ice cream sundae or a little bird or animal. With a little creativity this “Cuppy-Cake” is the perfect presentation for just about every occasion!

    I don’t think it gets much more delicious than this!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

    Cuppy Cake

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:

    That literally wraps up my sample for today.

    Thank you for stopping by.

     Please return tomorrow for our July Release!

    July Preview Day 1: 3 Tiers!

    Jun 29, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    SORRY this is so late! My post didn’t go LIVE on time :C

    Summer is here and in full effect!

    While I am unsure WHERE June went, here we are getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July soon!

    This means it is time for another fabulous release from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC.

    We have MANY amazing NEW! products to share this month so I hope you brace yourself for a plethora of amazing ideas 😀

    While our July Release won’t be available until July 1st, once our products are in store, they are available for instant download. If you want to know HOW to download any of our products please read instructions HERE!

    Our files are formatted to fit over 18 cutting systems on the market! But you DON’T need a personal cutting system to use our products! If you have a home printer you are good to go!

    If you want some information about our products please read our ABOUT PAGE.

    The team is ready to start sharing, as am I so please pay a visit to the following designers who will share their take on one of our 3 NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates set to be released July 1st:

    3 Tier


  • Lauren Meader  & Kimberly Morrow

    Lil’ Cupcake


  • Lisa Kind & Tangii Crain

    Cuppy  Cake


  • Lori Kalus & Pattie Goldman

    So today I am sharing a sample with two new templates, that really go hand in hand!

    Happy Birthday 3 Tier Tower

    Today I am sharing a sample using the NEW! 3 Tier & Tray-Chic templates!

    My sample was designed using some of our older products 😀 As you know you can never get too many uses from older items you may have already purchased. Read more for details and a list of supplies.

    Here is the “before” version, so you get a clear idea how these can be simple, or really dressed up to become a total WOW!

     ABOUT 3 Tier – $5

    Purchase this Template with the Tray-Chic Template for a discount! ($7.50 when sold with the Tray-Chic Template)

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    This is a collection of three different sized round boxes that stack together or each can be used on its very own. Fashioned after the vintage hat box, this is sure to let the possibilities for creative  gift giving to stack up!

    Each box comes complete with a decorative scallop bottom option to further enhance your design possibilities.

    My trio today used the stunning Regal Round Up © digital paper collection.

    Completed Project Sizes:


    5 Inches Around X 4 Inches Tall

    I decorated the large tier using the label and sentiment from the Round Off © set, paired with the cake from the On Display 1 © set.


    4 Inches Around X 3 Inches Tall

    The bottom of each layer used the scallop in eggplant cardstock, and is trimmed with a pear bead strand, which was hot glued on.


    3 Inches Around X 2 Inches Tall

    I used the  Rolled Bloom Daisy © to accent each bow center of my 3 Tier layers. I love being able to make my own flowers!

    The top of the box uses the Bloom Builders © to further enhance the top layer, and add some leaves.

    The boxes can be designed to look like anything round! Use them to replicate the vintage hat boxes they were inspired by, a “ball” for any sport, a holiday wreath, ornament, drum, or stack them to create a 3 Tier cake, tree, maybe a snowman, soldier, nutcracker, or Santa box, ladybug, bumblebee….whatever fun things you love that are round, or just a fun table centerpiece!

    So whether you choose to use one tier, or all three, the end result will be fabulous.

    You will also want to check out our AMAZING Tray-Chic Pretty Packaging Template *SOLD SEPARATELY* as it makes the perfect stand to display your 3 Tier Packages!

    Now some info on the amazing tray this sits on:

    Tray-Chic $5

    Purchase this Template with the 3 Tier Template for a discount! ($7.50 when sold with the 3 Tier Template)

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    6 1/2 Inches Around

    6 1/2 Inches Tall

    This is a very “chic” display tray for some many amazing Pretty Packaging Templates and gifts! You will want to display everything on this tray, and whatever you do is sure to be noticed! The tray is sturdy, fun and easy to assemble.

    You can add some decorative paper circles, or other shapes, pearls, gems and/or adhesive bling to the scallops!

    You will also want to check out our AMAZING 3 Tier or Cuppy Cake Pretty Packaging Templates *SOLD SEPARATELY* as they makes the perfect items to display on your tray!

    Just IMAGINE the possibilities!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

    3 Tier, Tray-Chic

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

    On Display 1 & Round Off

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:

    Pretty Pieces Cut File:

    I hope your creative wheels are turning because this is just the start of ideas for our NEW! products!
    Come back tomorrow for even more 😀

    A Shabby Tea Room Challenge!

    Jun 12, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Contests
    My Time Made Easy ™ LLC is happily sponsoring a challenge at the Shabby Tea Room! Check out the challenge for your chance to win! This week’s winner will receive the Grab a Cuppa template, Wistful Musical Magic paper and Fine Finish digital stamp set prize package!!!

    June:Year in Review

    Jun 3, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    It is everyone’s favorite time of month!

    Year in Review

    This is when our team gets together to create NEW! samples for you using our old products.
    This allows you to see some of our older products you may have missed, and it gives you more ideas and inspiration for NEW ways to use our older products. 

    So visit the team for some surprising new projects that will get your creativity flowing. 

    Amongst the MANY things I do, I also design Wedding and Shower favors for VERY special people! LOL! I am generally so busy with running My Time Made Easy ™ LLC that I have very little to no time to do other “jobs”.

    One of my best friends got married in June 2nd, and had asked me to design her Wedding invites, RSVP cards and Reception Cards.

    Given her unique color scheme of Tiffany Blue and Eggplant, she was having a hard time finding something she LOVED. So working with her colors, and ideas of what she and her new husband wanted, I went to work and this is the fruits of my labor!

    In addition to these, I also designed her Card Box for the gift table, and her Wedding favors. Here is the Card Box with the Invites, Reception & RSVP cards

    I custom made the Wedding Invites etc. Here is where the “year in review” part comes in….

    The Card Box was designed using the A Box is a Box © template, enlarged (sides of lid shortened) to suit the amount of cards the new bride and groom would receive.

    I created a “slot” in the lid.

    To re-create the “Tiffany” style box I used the Abra-Bow-Dabra © It was a big hit 😀

    Now the favors!

    We just released a new cut file called Paper Bag.

    This is what she had asked for, for her Wedding Favors.

    She wanted a personalized trio of simple style gifts bags to send her guests off with some gourment chocolates. After her sketching a simple drawing of what she wanted we had this simply elegant design that looked amazing on the tables, as they were on each table as you see here, alternating colors! I love the one with the whimsical rose, as it tied everything together.

    I hope they have a LONG and HAPPY life together!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

    A box is a box

    Pretty Pieces Cut File:

    Abra-bow-dabra, Paper Bag

    It is really heartwarming to create and gift your own packaging, gifts and favors!  Even the simpliest of gifts become a little something MORE!

    When people find out it is NOT store bought their jaw hits the floor, and their hearts swell with joy & love knowing you took the extra time to make something just for them or theie special event. It adds that little something special, and if so much more affordable and of course personal.

    I was so honored to be able to do this for my childhood friend. I am sure it will be remembered for years to come and I enjoyed it. It was especailly nice to see the reaction from family and friends of both the bride & groom 😀

    Thank you for letting me share what I love, and the continued support so I can continue to keep doing something I love as well!

    Happy Crafting

    Happy Trails…

    Jun 2, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy
      The weather is warm, Summer is almost here and my creativity is in high gear.

    I hope you are ready for some truly inspiring projects from the team!

    Please visit each of our designers today:

  • Lauren Meader
  • Farida Rone
  • Kimberly Morrow
  • Lisa Kind
  • Pattie Goldman
  • Tangii Crain
  • I am quite excited about my little project today! Another “vision” I had when altering the Happy Camper template, and using the Trendy Turtle template. Combining the best of both….

    Do you love it?!

    I used the turtle head/tail piece to turn the camper into a snail! Of course  I had to use the Spring Abound © collection for my little snail shell 😀 I think it looks uber cute.

     Seriously a little imagination and you can make many amazing things 😀 Just think outside the box!


     The sign is from the NEW! Let’s Go Camping set. I accented the sign by making my won flowers using the Bloom Builders © in white, and the Rolled Bloom Daisy © in daffodil. I always ensure I decorate all sides of the box. This looks really pretty in person.

     What a great way to say goodbye to your class teacher. I plan on packaging up some of my homemade trail mixes for the Teachers at the end of the year, with a gift card to Staples!

    This project was really easy peasy!

      Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

     Happy Camper, Trendy Turtle

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

     Let’s Go Camping

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:

    Spring Abound

    Pretty Pieces Cut File:

    Bloom Builders, Rolled Bloom Daisy

    Tune in again tomorrow because we have our monthly Year in Review projects, when the team get together, and makes new projects with our older products! The ideas just continue and you won’t want to miss it.

    See you then!

    For the boys and girls…

    Jun 1, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Welcome back!!!

    I hope you are enjoying the newest products from our June Release 😀 The team and I are here to share even more ideas using our latest products! So take a peek here:

    I had posted a gender neutral turtle the other day during our June Preview

    Here you can see the first turtle I share, as well as two others, designed for that special someone.

    We have a girl turtle, boy turtle, and for “any” turtle.

    I think you will agree that it doesn’t take much to make each one unique and they each seem to have their own “personality”! We have SO MANY Pretty Printable Paper collections that you have so many fun options that lend you endless possibilities 😀

    So let’s do girls first, shall we?!

    Meet Trinity

    She is of course pink, and fuschia. I love the monochromatic choice of body colors.

     She has a sweet smile, and some eyelashes. A little pink in the cheeks and she couldn’t get sweeter!

    The colors in her shell are super fun, as they are from the Color Infusion paper collection.

    In here I put some “turtle eggs” filled with some Chocolate Turtles. They aren’t pictured because I ate them, and had not yet gone to the store to replenish them for the bit photo shoot! LOL! That being said they DID make it to my friend who is a new mom and LOVES gourmet chocolate turtles from a Chocolatier in Manchester.

    Next up we have Trent

    What a CUTE boy gift box! I love this one.

    This was designed for my brother, as she is expecting his thrid baby in November. He has two girls, and while we welcome the idea of another, we cross our fingers for a boy!

    There hasn’t been a boy born into either side of our family since my son Noah, and he is 9!

    I used the polka dot pattern from the Bee Mine paper collection. Easy peasy! Polka dots is always a perfect option 😀

    I plan on giving them this turtle for the baby with a gift card to their local photo shop with a gift certificate to get the new baby its first photo shoot!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

    Trendy Turtle

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:

    Cute Critters, Color Infusion, Bee Mine

    So there you have it!

    With the team, then my sample from the other day being gender neutral, and my two today you have a bunch of ideas for how the Trendy Turtle can be altered to suit any occasion! Check out my post tomorrow for some MORE ideas.

    See you then!

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