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September Release:Tricky Treats Group Post

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We have 2 NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates:

Tricky Treat Tote

Tying Up Loose Ends

 Note our templates are formatted to be used with ANY printer, and they can cut in over 15 personal cutting systems on the market!

Our template files are priced at only $5. You get UNLIMITED use from the template download. Each file includes step by step, detailed photo instructions. There will also be a PDF download of the scoring guide included for those using personal cutting machines.

2 NEW! Pretty Impressions Digital Stamp Sets and 7 Digital Singles:

Happy Hallows

Wonderful Woodland Creatures

Boo! Single

Frankin Fun Single

Gone Batty Single

Purr-Fect Pumpkin Single

The Count Single

Well Wrapped Single

Witch Way Single

5 NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut Files:

Simple Tags: Round, Rectangle, Square, Oval (also sold together for a excellent value)

Frame Me Tag

2 NEW! Pretty Printable Paper Collections:

Color Infusion

Trendy Forest

Please view our Gallery for project samples, and alternative ways to use all our amazing coordinating products! You may also want to check out our blog for weekly challenges, and even more amazing ideas.

  In honor of our September Release each member of the design team has put together a Tricky Treat idea just in time for Halloween!!

 Be sure you take the time to visit each one of our talented design team members for a unique idea: 



 Now it’s my turn to share my Tricky Treat ideas with you 😀

 You can hardly buy ONE gift bag in the store for $5, let alone re-use, re-size, or customize it! Our templates grant you the option of making as many as you possibly can for a one time purchase, of what ONE gift bag would cost you. You can design it to coordinate with any gift, all year round, year after year, and you can resize it! Now that is the true meaning of VALUE!

So all that being said I made three Tricky Treat Totes © to show you some fun ideas 😀

With Halloween on the horizon, I know many of you like to create treats for those trick or treaters! Just in time for Halloween we have an amazing treat bag called the Tricky Treat Tote ©. I designed these three totes for my children, and left the images on each blank so they can color them however they want! So it’s a fun customizable tote, filled with treats!

Color Me Witch Way

This Tricky Treat Tote © was designed for my 7 year old daughter Amber. As you can see her tote includes a new box of crayons, so she can color as she chooses.

She loved the Witch Way Single © so I knew this one was perfect for her! I just chose what size I wanted to print my Witch Way Single ©, and used Using Cut Files With Digital Images  TUTORIAL > HERE to cut out the decorative panel.

Her favorite color is purple, so I chose to use the Traditional Halloween © paper to accent it! As you can see on the bottom I used the Witchy pattern in the collection for the front, and the back!

DON’T FORGET to design all sides of your creations! It gives them that compete,  finished, professional detail that is so important 😀 If you can see it, you could make sure it looks good! On the side panels I chose to use the Traditional Halloween © paper. I love the way it looks and it was SO SIMPLE to do!

Each tote has a pack of crayons, a coordinating PEZ dispenser, Ghost PEEPS, A Reese Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Pumpkin, and some other fun candies in the bottom.

Frankin Fun Color

Now an idea for the boys! This one was approved by my 8 year old son, Noah. He is one tough critic, as everything has to be very BOYISH!

We have several great Halloween Singles this month that can be used for the boys 😀 My son loved the The Count Single © – Digital, so I designed his Tricky Treat Tote © using him 😀 I think he is actually excited to get to color him, once I give these over to them. They have to wait, for now!

I added a few lil’ bats to complete The Count theme! Noah said since I put a bat in the middle of the “bow” then the bow was OK to how on here! Oh boy! He is PICKY! LOL!

Now the paper I used for this one is actually the same Traditional Halloween © paper I used in the Witch Way (above) project, I just changed the purple to gray, and it suddenly took on a very BOYISH color scheme!

Pretty cool huh?!

I also used the Collegiate pattern from Academic Hodge Podge ©, recolored to black & white for the side panels. Since I was going with “The Count” theme I thought the numbers would be FUN!

You have to LOVE the possibilities that our Pretty Printable Digital Papers offer! You NEVER run out of a pattern! No more hoarding your paper! You can re-color the paper to suit your projects, you can print only what size you need, and the scale of the paper can change…to name a few perks. Printing your own paper is actually more affordable than people realize too. READ THIS POST HERE!!!

Color Me Kitty

Last but not least!

A pink Halloween Tote?! Why not? Who says everything has to be all dark, creepy and black? That is the beauty of being an artist and customizing gifts for the person receiving them! My daughter is a PINK girl. She loves pink any and everything and really didn’t want your typical Halloween color themed gift. Can’t say I blame her!

This tote was designed using the ever adorable Purr-Fect Pumpkin Single © !

It’s oh, so cute, and far from creepy!

Alexa, my almost 12 year old loves to color, and that is actually how this idea to leave these BLANK for them to color, came to me! She asked me if instead of ME coloring it, if she could instead. GREAT IDEA Alexa 😀

Now for the paper on this one I used the Chocolate Halloween © collection! It’s amazing that using all the same patterns, just in different color, you get such different results!
This is the back!
I think you will agree it is a much needed and nice touch, as I’ve mentioned previously. Again I used all the same papers, just in various colors. It allowed me to create 3 DIFFERENT, personal totes, just my changing up the colors!
It was fun to fill these up, and I know my kids are so excited each holiday when mom makes them something special, that you cannot buy in the stores. I hope it’s this type of thing that they will remember when they are grown.
They want me to make these for their classmates this year! I think that is something I can do, I would resize it to probably 50% for their classmates. Maybe even make it a class project to cut and let the kids assemble during a craft time activity! We live in a small town, and parent participation in school is always encouraged. I like being involved in the school because it helps me get to know the faculty and the kids my children interact with everyday!

 So, open yourself up to the versatility our products really can offer!!

Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

Pretty Packaging Templates: Tricky Treat Tote

Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Purr-Fect Pumpkin, The Count, Witch Way

Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Traditional & Chocolate Halloween

Now for non craft related stuff…

My kids are back at school

 Where did the little kids, with little faces, and soft tiny voices, who I use to bathe, use to let me pick out their clothes, brush their teeth and do their hair go? They now pretty much take care of themselves. Time has certainly flown and my little kids aren’t looking so little these days. They are now these amazing mini adults with amazing thoughts, and dreams for their life and future. Each has a variety of likes, loves, and opinions that they freely express daily! Each one is so different from the other, while all raised the same.

Amber is 7, and now in 2nd Grade

Amber-only 7, yet so old! She is the type of girl that wants to conquer the world, and I have no doubt she will do whatever she sets her mind to. She is the most independent of the group, and is the other mommy in the house, often bossing around the siblings to follow through with their chores, be responsible and help out. She is my cleaning and crafting buddy. She is also the girl that puts on a dress and goes out in it to catch bugs, or play soccer. She loves arts and crafts, and getting her hands dirty in the garden at the same time. She is very maternal, and has wanted to be a Vetranarian for the last 3 years. She is invloved in so many activities, and just loves keeping busy, much like me I think!

Noah is 8 and he is now in 3rd Grade.

Noah- here I can see what he will look like at 24! He has become the sweetest boy, and gets taller and taller everyday! He towers over his older sister, and is just inches away from being as tall as my mom! He is ever changing and becomes more and more like his dad everyday! Since Jay is the best guy on two feet, that is definitely a good thing. Noah is my most outgoing child. He will talk to anyone and makes a friend wherever he goes. He is so funny, and sweet, I can really tell what kind of man he will become. When I am sick he checks on me often, and even makes me toast 😀 He is definitely a “people pleaser” and is often a favorite with the teachers. He has an obsession with the “law” and people obeying the rules! He says he wants to be a dentist, but I think given his need for people to do what is right, and follow the rules, he should become a prosecuting attorney (as I can’t see him defending criminals) or a cop (but that would FREAK me out)! Whatever he does he has to be the best at, so I know whatever he chooses to do he will try his best, and I will be as proud as can be.

Alexa is almost 12! She is now in 5th Grade

Oh Alexa! She is growing so fast. I recall all the milestones I struggled to get her to meet. Now she is just a few years from being a woman herself. I am always pushing her to be independent, and I am now struggling to let her be just that when it comes to picking and choosing her clothing!! She is afterall almost 12, and what SHE wants to wear, and what I want her to wear are two different things! I want her in feminine, sweet clothes (like her younger sister), and she wants a very different style of glittery, mis-matchy, rocker style stuff like Hannah Montana, I Carly, Victoious,  and other popular “role models”a little older than her wear . Needless to say school shopping was tough (for me), allowing Alexa to express herself. If I want her to be so independent then I have to get over having control over everything she does, and let her make her own choices. Her clothing isn’t inappropriate or anything, just not MY style, but she ins’t ME. It’s great to see her come into her own and trying to express herself as she enters her pre-teen years. I just pray I can handle all that is to come. as she gets older, and more mature, before my eyes. My “baby” is no longer a “baby, and that is hard to accept sometimes, but part of being a parent is letting them live and learn on their own. I need to give her the oppourtunity to spread her wings and utilitze the skills I’ve been trying to teach her all these years. She has overcome so much in her life. I look forward to all she has yet to accomplish 😀

Thanks for letting me share today!

Return tomorrow for more projects and ideas.


September Release: Group Preview

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Hi world!

 I know long time, no post! Sorry about that. (BAD BLOGGER!!!)

I have lots of great excuses 😀 Summer has kept me busy, with my children, family & friends. My business and blog are always secondary to my family. I know it’s hard when you are waiting to see new stuff, but we do have a MTME blog now that is updated several times a week with fun challenges and amazing samples….so check it out, when you need a creative fix, or go view our gallery! You can look up projects for any of our amazing products.

I have been working on some business stuff too, that has had me consumed as well. Hopefully I’ll let you all know about that at some point very soon 😀

Like most, yesterday was the kids first day of school! I now have a 2nd, 3rd and 5th grader! How did I get kids who are so old?! I will share some photos of them on their first day tomorrow. They are growing and changing daily. Noah and Amber started soccer, Alexa and Amber are taking Tap/Ballet classes, and Amber continues to do her modeling and acting classes. So I think I have SOMETHING, if not several things going on daily! We also celebrated Amber’s 7th birthday, and my brother Rob (& Heather’s) baby shower, which I made all the centerpieces for, using the Bouncing Baby Buggy ©. Let’s not forget several days of no power due to hurricane Irene. Another thing that has kept me busy is some family stuff with my mom. I’ll update you all on that on another day as well. Needless to say life has been busier than ever!

Speaking of busy, today I get to share some creative stuff, finally! That is the stuff that keeps me SANE when things get a little INSANE. I’m sure you can relate.

After my almost month long blog hiatus, I was barely able to get creative this month, but actually managed to squeak out some quick, projects that are perfect for anyone who wants to get crafty, but is as busy as myself!

So let me get started in sharing the preview at some of our NEW! products from our September Release, which will be available September 1st. 

The design team are sharing 4 card ideas each today!!

Stop by and visit:

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Kathryn Berthiaume
  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • Monique Hansen
  • This month is a fabby release!

    We are releasing 2 complete Pretty Impressions Digital Stamp Sets, and 7 Pretty Impressions Digital Stamp Single Images 😀 There is something for everyone 😀 So the team had each designs a set of 4 cards using the latest images, to get the ideas started!

    We are also release 2 Pretty Packaging Templates this month too!

    So….I wanted to give you a sweet little preview at what is to come tomorrow with my project today!

    Trendy Lil’ Treacher Tote!

    Going with a retro fabulous, step above your typical “apple” theme…

      I wanted to create a project to showcase some of the AMAZING goodies we are releasing this month, while at the same time, creating a gift set for my children’s new teacher’s as they go back to school, so I made this gift set!

    Read it all because I share all the fun products and details that went into this coordinating gift set, that LOOKS complicated, but was oh so simple. Done in an hour!  Gotta love that.

    The gift bag was created using the NEW! Tricky Treat Tote ©

    Tricky Treat Tote $5

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC 

    Completed Project Size:

    7 3/4 Inches Tall

    6 1/4 Inches Wide

    3 Inches Deep

    Looking for that perfect tote to package up those tricky treats?

    Well this tote is anything but “tricky”, but it will certainly be a treat for the lucky recipient!

    This is the perfect tote style bag, made from cardstock! This features a fun and functional handle that is just perfect for toting around. Make one for every occasion!

    Perfect for the Trick-or-Treater, Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or whenever there is a time to celebrate.

    This is our version above, filled with all the delicious treatlets we have made!

    Now keep in mind, I stuffed my bottom so the items will be closer to the top, because this really is a fabulous size gift boxy bag!!

    Now some more details of the finished bag!

    Isn’t this so pretty?! A unique combination of colors, which was inspired by a fabric swatch I picked up at Walmart. I LOVE getting inspired by cloth, clothing, and even advertisements!!!

    Check out the fabric! It was the start of this entire project. I just feel in love with it 😀

    When I saw Kristin’s Trendy Forest © Pretty Printable Digital Paper, I knew that the Coral Forest pattern would look so similar if printed on a Caribbean colored cardstock, so I gave it a whirl, and it was perfection!

    As stated above I simply printed my Trendy Forest © Pretty Printable Digital Paper, on a Caribbean colored cardstock for my patterned layers. The patterned paper really kicked this sample up a notch! Think of all the amazing designs you can get with combining various colors and patterns. I love it.

    For the tag on my Tricky Treat Tote © I used the Simple Tags Rectangle © for my tag (we are releasing several tags this month-love them!), which I layered the trunk and flowers with center images, from the Happy Hallows © to create my own floral tree just like in the paper, and like the pattern on the fabric I found. I added a sentiment on the bottom from the Sensational Sentiments© 

    Now some more details about this gift set, and our 2nd  Pretty Packaging Template for the month: Tying Up Loose Ends ©

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC 

    Completed Project Size:

    5 1/2 Inches Long

    2 1/2 Inches Wide

    2 1/2 Inches Deep

    More often than not we are always looking for fun and unique ways to package up even the simplest of items. Now you can have some simple packaging to do just that!

    When you are short on time, have many to make, or just want something that is simple, but looks perfect in no time at all, then this is the packaging for you.

    This is a fancy looking, but simple wrap that can package so many fun treats. Just “tie” up those loose ends, and you are ready to gift even the smallest tokens of love and appreciation with style.

    In our sample today I have included two Apple Pie scented votvies from Yankee Candle. Always a simple, but appreciated treat! You can even exchange a scent if you don’t like it. I try to go with classic scents that just about everyone loves. Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh apple pie baking, without consuming all the calories after its cooked?! LOL!

    You can easily fit two votives in here, as well as many other amazing gifts, candies, or treats.

    Fold in your side flaps, then tie closed!

    Easy peasy done!

    This is one of our fastest templates, with some simpy fun details, such as the angled ends, with pretty perfect tabs that you can easily tie closed!

    In my sample here I used the same layered tree I created using the Happy Hallows © set. I obviously printed the paper I used in my previous project, to make everything simple, and coordinate.

    Now, last but not least I have the card set of 6 I created.

    Buzzing By…

    These were SO simple to make.

    I used Happy Hallows © set, in addition to the Bee-Loved © & Sentiments set to create my card set today. I digitally created my tree, added the sentiment, buzzing trail and my lil’ bee.

    This tree image was digitally colored and  layered in just a few seconds.
    I tell you there is nothing quicker and easier than digitally creating some cards! What would take an eternity to hand stamp this layered set of images, took minutes. Once I get my images colored and layered, I just print as many as I want/need and it is all done in a fraction of the time! I just added a strip of cardstock and a simple bow! DONE! You can also quickly and easily change up your colors and layout, and even SAVE your project for future card/creations. So your time spent creating is never in vain, on ONE project.

    I reccommend using a FREE photo & paper editing program: GIMP <—-CLICK HERE! This is some amazing software that will allow you to use our Pretty Impressions Digital Images, and all our Pretty Printables Digital Paper with ease!

    We have numerous videos/tutorials on our website for use of our products that you may find helpful as well, along with some FREE product, so you can try our products RISK FREE 😀 We are confident that you will love working with our products, with all the versatility each offers.

     Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Tricky Treat Tote, Tying Up Loose Ends

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Happy Hallows, Keep Strong, Sensational Sentiments, Bee Loved & Sentiments

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Trendy Forest

    Pretty Pieces Cut File: Simple Tags Rectangle

    Note: Large apple is hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.

    So I hope you have all enjoyed everyone previews of just some of our amazing new products which will be available tomorrow 😀

    Be back then to share even more!

    See you then 😀

    Thanks for stopping by each day this past week to view some amazing project ideas from the August Release. It’s been another great release, and we love knowing what you find inspirational.

    We always like to end the week with a look at products past, and make them new to you again!

    Stop by and visit our talented design team for some renewed ideas!

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Kathryn Berthiaume
  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • Monique Hansen
  • Tangii Crain
  • Today I wanted to mix the old and new and share a fun project with you all!

    Puckered Pattern Round Up

    I chose to “re-new” the Pucker Up © template.

    This is a fun shaped gift box, with A LOT of possibilities. I turned it on it’s side for this gift idea. Generally people thing it has to sit on it’s flat bottom, but it does sit well this way too, as you’ll see a little ways down the post 😀

    You may wonder WHAT I am going to put in here.

     I always love sharing some fun items to package up, and honestly hadn’t had too many brilliant unique ideas, as I always get in a Summer FUNK, but did think this was a truly sweet idea 😀


    Well, we have a farm nearby and they make an AMAZING Caramel Apple Dip Mix. You just add a few simple ingredients, and YUM!

    Packaged with the tag topper it doesn’t fit, so I remove the tag (which tell you how to make the dip with the mix), and slip it into the box center, and then slide in my Caramel Apple Mix as seen here. It’s simply scrumptious. I gave some of these out for end of year teacher gifts. A different “apple” version of a gift 😀 Hopefully a good thing!

    The gift inspired my colors too!

    I used the NEW! Round Up set (and Round Up Tag cut file) for the main focus of my gift. I layered and colored by tag, then went ahead and “re-colored” my Blooming with Elegance © paper to match 😀 Hues of red and dark chocolatey rich colors. I punched a circle of the paper to fit my tag center.

    The sentiment “A little surprise to brighten your day!” comes from the Secret Surprise © set.

    While the overall design was simple, I think it has a lot of appeal with the rich colors and use of pattern.

    To add the the simple elegance was the AMAZING Abra-Bow-Dabra ©. Just created and plop on the top! WOW!

    Isn’t this just stunning? I love it.

    I decreased the file size to 70% (I think) for this one, and welded two of the bows together to create the large bottom of this bow.

     Just another fun idea.

    I then created the rest of the bow as it comes. It’s actually quite stunning in person, I promise!

    I think this will definitely brighten the day of someone!!

    Well thanks for checking in today, and I really hope our latest release got you inspired to try out some of what you’ve seen or sparked a new gift idea for you to try.

    I’ll be back with more before you know it.

    Until then, happy creating.

    Up in the Air!!

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      Welcome back today!

    I hope you will enjoy viewing more projects today.

    Stop by and visit:

  • Kathryn Berthiaume
  • Monique Hansen
  • This is when life starts getting crazy for me, as we have a lot going on in our family as August rolls around. We start a string of birthdays, have lots of family events, as we try to squeeze in as many day trips before summer ends, and planning for back to school time. The Summer truly flew past me.

    Today I am going to show you my project using out latest Pretty Pieces Cut File: Up in the Air!

    Up in the Air $2.50

     Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

     Completed Card Size: 3 1/2 Inches Wide, 6 1/4 Inches Tall (size can be altered :D)

     Up!, Up!, Up! and away!!!!!

    You simply cannot have enough card ideas/shapes.

    This card is a fantastic addition to any collection! It of course comes complete with all the pretty decorative elements to help you easily make this card AMAZING!

    Here I printed off the star pattern from the Taylor’s Teeth © Sweetheart’s Paper Bag collection, for my balloon pattern. I added some cardstock strips to the balloon base, and for the basket I used the Custom Construction Materials ©, for the “weave” like basket pattern.  Be sure you check out many of our amazing Pretty Printables Paper Collections!

    Each year we have an annual Hot Air Balloon Rally in August, so that totally inspired me to create this fun cut file card shape. Now I have invites for it should I want to make some. We always have Amber’s party the same day, so this could be a cute birthday invite too 😀

     This is simply the sweetest Hot Air Balloon shaped card! Perfect for so many occasions, this hot air balloon shaped card will make the heart of those who receive it, really soar!

    Speaking of soaring…here is the inside!

    As you can see the card opens from the top, and just the balloon portion unfolds. It makes designing the completed card easier 😀 I lov

    I used the airplane image and sentiment from the On Display 1 set (also available in digi). I felt the image and sentiment was perfect for this, don’t you think?

    So many possibilities 😀

    Speaking of possibilities…I hope you will return tomorrow because we have our Year in Review Group Post! The team and I will share some amazing NEW! ideas with OLD products 😀

    See you then.


    Little Bundles of Joy!

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    Welcome back!!

    Today is going to be full of some amazing ideas, so take a moment when you are done here and visit:

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Lisa Kind
  • Well get comfy because I have a jam packed post for you today, and let me tell you, you won’t want to miss any of it!

    There is nothing like welcoming a new baby into the world!

    This month is the baby shower for my brother & his girlfriend, hence my total baby mode, and “odd” additions to this month’s release! As their little bundle of joy approached delivery, I needed to create some baby themed items for the baby shower, and the birth of the baby, which is going to be a girl. After all the hard work of me creating items to use for these special events about to take place in MY family, decided I wanted to “add” to the baby theme items I had created to the store! Maybe you all can find them useful at some point in your own lives 😀

    You may know that years ago, in Feb 2008, that I designed a tutorial for the onesie shaped card I had designed. I’ve been asked for YEARS to make this available in the PDF, and other Cut File formats. Well, now I finally can!

    Lil’ One-sie $2.50

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC


    I designed this particular onesie card years and years ago! It has since become so popular, and so highly requested in these usable formats, that I had to finally give in!

     This card comes complete with all the little decorative details that are sure to make this a PERFECT 10!

    Whether it’s a bouncing baby boy…

    I used the straight edge details to embellish the baby boy onesie. Complete with lil’ button like brads. The sailboat was made using simple shapes.

    or a heaven sent little girl…

    (I used the Delivered with love sentiment from Bringing Home Baby ©)

    I used the scallop edge details for this one 😀 

    Then this is the perfect addition to your collection for the NEW! addition into your life!

    This baby onesie shaped Pretty Pieces Cut File is the perfect shaped card/tag for welcoming any baby boy or girl! Make a stunning baby shower invitation, baby announcement, or set of thank you cards for a new mom!

     Completed Card Size: 5 1/4 inches tall 4 inches wide (size can be altered :D)

     Be sure you check out our other coordinating products that are sure to help complete your baby theme:

    Baby Bootie Pretty Pieces Cut File 

    Bouncing Baby Buggy © Pretty Packaging Template

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set

    and many of our amazing Pretty Printables Paper Collections!

    So let me share my ideas with you 😀

    Pretty in Pink

    This is the gift ensemble I made for my new little niece to be.

    This is the baby carriage I made using the Bouncing Baby Buggy ©

    This is the most amazing template when welcoming a new baby!

    Perfect for baby shower centerpieces, or presenting a gift.

    The details of this are truly stunning 😀

    Here is the “hood” of the buggy

    I used the amazing Rosey Posey Rosettes © for the pretty pink flower details on this, all the way around.

    All the decorative layers are provided with the file. I chose to use the Down to Earth © patterned paper, which you’d never think of as a “baby” pattern, but it so works with this.

    The way it folds together is so perfectly pretty and lends itself to many alteration ideas 😀

    Here I added the Border Builders Open Scallop © around the hood, and trim around the buggy basket.

    The wheels have some added big bling to the center.

    Think of all the amazing carriage you can create with this template!

    To add to my gift set I design a set of Baby Booties that make the perfect baby favor.

    Baby Bootie $2.50

     Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    I’ve seen other baby booties out there, and more often than not they are Mary Jane style shoes, and are all one piece. I knew I wanted to design a fun version that was gender neutral, and offer a variety of ways to design/decorate it.

     This adorable baby bootie cut file was fashioned after the old fashioned first walking baby shoe! This bootie style is perfect for both a baby boy or girl! With 2 simple pieces, and all the decorative elements you need to make an adorable, realistic baby bootie, this is sure to make everyone say AWE!

     This make the perfect presentation for a sweet gift for the new mom (like jewelry), a special gift for a new baby, or of course the perfect baby shower favor! You could even use it for a 1st Birthday!!

    Completed Bootie Size: 3 1/2 Inches Long, 2 1/2 Inches Wide, 1 3/4 Inches Tall

    So here are the completed bootie details of both the boy & girl samples I created

    I made the back of the bootie in chocolate, and cut the front from a pink cardstock. The decorative layer was cut from the same pink as the front of the shoe. I stamped some polka dots from the Fancy a Cuppa? © onto the decorative layer.

    Pretty pink & brown ribbons tie the shoes together 😀 So sweet.

    Now for the boy set

    Here I made the booties boyish. I cut the front from white, and the back in blue. I used the plaid pattern from the Bee Mine © collection. 

    Instead of ribbon for laces, I used cut rounded strips of the patterned paper, with brads to make a strap.

    You can even add a cut lil’ sole to the bottom of the booties 😀

    Stuff your booties with all sorts of fun things!

    Ideas to Fill Bootie:

    A Baby Charm






    Mini Soaps


    Gift Card

    Baby’s First Boxes

    Ornament for Tree

    Small Keepsake

    The girly bootie has some pink  sweet sugary treats.

    The boy bootie is filled with little white chocolate Lindt Truffles-a sweet favor for sure!

    Whoo’s Bag is That?

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    Whoo’s ready for some more ideas today?!

    You will want to visit:

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  • Today I have a super cute project alternative to our latest template release of It’s in the Bag!

    While in the process of designing my samples for the August Release at MTME, we received an invitation to our niece Nora’s 1st birthday party. The invite had a little owl on the front. Too cute! While we were away during the party, I decided to mail a gift along in our absence (I was so late in mailing this, but did actually mail it out :C), and wanted to make it special for her first birthday. So, given the invite, I knew I had to do something OWL themed!

    After seeing Lisa’s Year in Review project from last month, I was inspired and I KNEW I could turn the It’s in the Bag, into a new version of  Whooty-Love ©!!

    So I did!

    Whoo’s having a birthday?

    Could you die?!

    I was seriously over the moon with this alternative project idea.

    I LOVE Whooty-Love © done up using the It’s in the Bag template don’t you???

    Since it was her birthday and the invite read “Whoo’s Turning 1?” , I knew I had to have Whooty-Love © holding balloon!! 

     I used a stick pin, punched 2 pink circles, then stamped the sentiment from the Critters with Heart © set. It was PERFECT!

    Note: I used ONLY the cutting file for this, and I did enlarge it by 10 or 20 %. EEK! Sorry I don’t recall now :C For the head piece I also “welded” and oval piece that I got from the decorative flap of the template, so that it would fit perfectly over the flap of my bag 😀 Worked like a DREAM!

    Check out the back!

    No straps used here, obviously, but I used the owl “wings” to make my owl tail 😀

    This is just another way to show the the attention to the little details matters. I think it really completes the whole owl project.

    I adhered the wings to the front panel prior to adhering the template sides, for a clean and finished look.

    Now the feet….

    those are from Cute Lil Chick ©. The size was NOT altered at all.

    (note the belly…that used paper from next month called Color Infusion! LOL! Sorry about that.)

    Think of all the cute animals and party favors you can make from a BACK PACK! I mean really! I made it and I can’t even believe it! LOL!

    P.S. The bow does match perfectly! Not sure what happened with the photo, but trust me. I wouldn’t put in all this work and then add a mis-matched bow! I own TONS of ribbon 😀

    Since we weren’t sure what she wanted, we enclosed a gift card to Target! You can get any and everything there, so I figured it would be a good place in case she needed clothing, or something besides toys (although she CAN get toys there too!)

    So there you have it!

    A cute alternative to the typical “back pack” you think/see when you look at the What’s in the Bag template.

    Come back tomorrow for more gift deas, because we are just getting warmed up!

    See you then.

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