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June:Year in Review

Jun 1, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

Today as we wrap up our monthly release the design team members are each using our favorite older template, stamps and paper, and use it to create a fun gift set, packaging up something for SPRING!

Check them all out.

Sadly this will be Lisa’s last month with us. She will be greatly missed ūüėÄ Please take a moment to wish her well. She has been with MTME for the last 3 years. She is amazing and we wish her all the very best, always.

This month for my Year in Review project I am sharing a project I had hoped to do LAST month, but hadn’t gotten it done yet, but am super happy that I did get to do for this month, as I am making my end of year teacher gifts. Each child had an idea for what they wanted, so I am getting to work so I’m not flyin’ around last minute this year.

I chose to use the amazing¬†Great Grillin’ ¬© template, and turn it into a Lunch Box for Alexa’s teacher!

Yes, this IS the¬†Great Grillin’ ¬© template turned into a lunch box.

(please note we also have the Boxed Lunch © box as another option)

How cool did this come out?  We are giving Alex & Ani bracelets this year. I am personally OBSESSED with them, as I have 14 of my own, and I love combining them together to suit whatever is going on in my life, or for whatever is to come my way on a particular day. We do also have the For Keeps ©, which is perfect for jewelry, but since it is a teacher gift I thought the lunch box would be cuter. Alexa is obsessed with hearts, so this was quite fitting to be from her.

So…I resized the¬†Great Grillin’ ¬© template to 119%, so it would cut on 12 X 12 cardstock, and be larger than the Grill.¬†I cut this from an eggplant cardstock, and layered with the¬†Hearty Stripes ¬©, a it matched the crayon letter R I also made.

I made my handle, and my front “latched” by using the pieces from the¬†Boxed Lunch ¬© template. The silver rim tag was made by me with a frosted pastic flower, tag rim. a felt flower, and a button. I love it.

The tag reads “Packed with Love” and it is from the¬†Lunch Box Love Notes ¬© set. I had my silhouette cut the heart from our¬†BFF Valentine Tags ¬©, and I embossed it with a polka dot cuttlebug folder.

Simple, and fun!

Now for Amber’s teacher…Mrs. Rowley

This is seriously so cool! We covered a black MDF letter “R” with crayons to give to Amber’s teacher.¬†I was going to have Amber do it, but my OCD kicked in! LOL! She did get to HELP, and it was her idea.

It can sit upright on the desk or hang on the wall or a door.

This project was SOOOO fun! Cost under $10 to do too. I can see myself making many more in the next few years.

We arranged all the crayons first (and yes they had to be upside down :C otherwise the pointy end would be to the left, and that is NOT how I wanted it) and then warmed up my hot glue gun, and my heated hobby blade.

the crayons were hot glued to the letter R then I trimmed the edges with the heated hobby blade for a smooth, and even finish. Tied on some measuring tape ribbon, added a rosette we made, and then applied some chipboard letters we had.

Easy peasy!

Now you have 2 new teacher gift ideas and a new use for the¬†Great Grillin’ ¬© template.

Come back again next month to see what we have in store for July!

June Release:Home Sweet Home

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It’s June 1st and that means it is time for our Release!

We have an amazing collection of coordinating items this month with house warming anf gift giving in mind.

So here is what we have that is NEW for June:

We have released:

1 NEW! Pretty Packaging Template

2 NEW! Pretty Impressions Stamp Sets

1  NEW! Pretty Printable Digital Paper Collection

1 NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut File

Also be sure you check out our  Pretty Package Collection, where you will always save 25%!

My company focuses on the ‚Äúcomplete package‚ÄĚ. We work hard to offer coordinating products that are easily interchangeable with previously released products. We really enjoy being able to share the ideas and versatility each product holds.

We offer templates in PDF (printer friendly), SVG, DXF, GSD and WPC!

Now come see what’s new for June!

Many of you may not know this, but this past winter I went back to school to become a REALTOR ¬ģ! That’s right! I am now a licensed REALTOR ¬ģ in New Hampshire, and have been working full time helping people accomplish their dreams of buying/selling their homes. It is such a great new carreer path, and I am enjoying every second of it. I am still balancing my business, but if feels great to get out ofthe house, and back into society. I am doing extremely well in my new carreer. I am such a people person and I fully enjoy my new role in helping people in another capacity outside of my first chosen career path of being a nurse.

We’ve done many house themed things in the past, and because of my new carreer I have ventured back to that. me personally creating gifts¬†for ¬†all those I come in contact with throughout the real estate process¬†.

This template, and set of images is actualy a few years old! I had delayed release for many reasons, and they weren’t even meant to work together, but they do so well, so I went for it.

I wanted to make something quick and simple because my crafty time is often seriously limited.

I used the NEW! There’s No Place Like Home set for this entire gift set.

This is a stunning set of home building options that are perfect for so many occasions. Make amazing “homemade” cards, tags and gifts in a snap! Our door features a place for you to add a wreath for any season! We have a “sign” with sentiments to fit for all of those home “milestones”. Our window features optional shutters, and several curtain/trim style options as well. We also have a build your own topiary, a trellis, and a rose vine, to name a few details.

I just printed this from a saffron cardstock, and digitally created my windows, which I made my polka dot curtains, and I added the shutters, which are pulled forward for a 3D look. I used flower-soft in the window boxes.

The door and wreath were hand cut and colored.

For the roof I printed the Custom Construction Materials ©onto my chocolate cardstock for the lid/roof.

I tied on my ribbon, which easily slips off, as a pretty wrap up.

I topped it off with a pretty paper daisy. I could have also used the flower on the ribbon center is from Bee-Loved © , and cut it using the My Bee Loved © cut file.

My tag was created using the All Tied Up! ¬© Rectangles. The sentiment is from the There’s No Place Like Home set.

Sentiments from the set include:

We’ve Moved

For Sale



You’re invited to our home

A new place to call home

There’s no place like home

Love makes a house a home

Friends are always at home in our hearts.

Home is where you hang your heart

This set is perfect for making cards for any holiday or home occasion. You can also find it useful for many of our Pretty Packaging Templates such as Tapered Off, Welcome Home, Shop Around Mega Template, Carry It, and Castle in the Clouds, but you are not limited to those! A little creativity and the possibilities are truly endless.

Here I used it to package up some YUMMY products from Tastefully Simple (which Debbie Marcinkiewicz happens to sell :D) It is a Strawberry Rhubarb Jam with a Cobbler mix.

Here is how it all fits inside

Take the lid off

Pull up the lid

It unfolds…and has a tall tapered top (hence the name) so it can fit some taller items)


What a great gift for a new neighbor, family, friend, or to someone who helps you move and there is truly an endless list of people to gift this to.

All these possibilites wrapped up into one pretty sweet package.

Hope you are finding some inspiration from myself and my team of outstanding designers.

There is much more to come tomorrow, as we have our monthly Year in review, so stay tuned.

The end of the school year nears, and Summer is just about here!

It is time to show you some of the products we are releasing tomorrow, June 1st.

I don’t know about you but I have tons of gifts to give all year round, especially with the end of the school year. Today we are all sharing our latest template Tapered Off, and the many great gift ideas you can use no matter what the occassion, event or season.

Tapered Off $3.99

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

The box has 2 parts. The box itself, and an optional lid for a finished look.

Completed Project Size:

  • 6¬† Inches Tall
  • 6 Inches Wide
  • 3 1/8¬† Inches Deep

This amazing package has a tapered top, giving it the name Tapered Off. This is a fantastic sized gift box with many limitless possibilities. The many layers included allows you so many fun design options, including an “cap” topper to top off this fun tapered package!

The way it unfolds open allows you many gift giving options as well! You can even add a window to the front and/or back.

Here I chose to use come pretty patterned paper from the Parade of Patterns ©.  The decorative layers allow you to quickly and easily cover the box, but the lid really can help you dress it up a bit more.

I added the scalloped detail to my lid using the Border Builders Open Scallop © cut file, and I also made a simple band with the striped pattern in the Parade of Patterns © paper and then layered the scallops again from the Border Builders Open Scallop ©, for a simple touch of elegance, without a lot of work. It just slips right off the box.

The tag topper was created using the Framed Elegance © set, and was cut using the Framed Elegance © cut file. I used the roses from the Well Rounded © set. I cut and layered them several times for a little more depth and interest. It was quick and easy, and looks really pretty in real life.

The hanging tag was also created using the Well Rounded © set, and was cut using the Well Rounded Tag © cut file. I think it is just an additional touch that adds to the overall box design.

With this template you can package up items for every occasion! Some great ideas include: making it a three dimensional house, monogram or homemade cards/stationary set, home baked treats, knitting /embroidery supplies, arts & crafts, candles, bath & beauty products, handmade items: hat, gloves, scarves or mittens, a snowman kit, lollipops, candy, chocolate dipped pretzels, candy apple kit, two cupcakes, dolls/stuffed animals,  baking products/mixes for breads, dips, cakes, cookies, or even soup!

The list just goes on and on!

Come back tomorrow as we celebrate our release and share even more amazing ideas using our latest products.

Gifts Galore!

Apr 3, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

Welcome back to my blog.

As we wrap up our April Release at My Time Made Eaay ‚ĄĘ LLC we typically offer a Year in Review. This month we released SO MANY amazing products that we are going to share another day of fun new projects so you can have as many ideas as possible with our products for April! Remember Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it is always nice to do something special for her, or if you don’t have your mom around any more, and you have ANY woman/girl in your life whom you feel is special, then use these new items to create gifts that celebrate them!

Today you will want to visit:


  • Lauren Meader
  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Jackie Randolph
  • Karien vab der Westhuizen
  • Kimberly Morrow
  • Lisa Kind
  • Lori Hairston
  • Lori Kalus
  • Mary Vogel
  • Pattie Goldman
  • Tangii Crain
  • Tracy Holmes
  • Wendy McGaffey
  • Romaine Rancier
  • Dawn Barwick
  • I decided to use my day to share a birthday gift for one of my friends!

    She loves handbags, pearls, shopping, black, leopard, bling and wearing flowers in her hair!

    So I combined all those loves into one great gift bag! I included a scarf, nail effects, nail polish, file, and some bath & body stuff she loves.

    I created the Handbag template from a black cardstock, and layered on the leopard print from the Purse Patterns paper collection.

    The tag that is on the bag was created using the Timed Write © set. It was fun and easy to do, and really MAKES the project complete.

    The handbag image was designed after the Handbag template, and is from the Shop Til’ You Drop set.

    I colored it to match the Handbag template I made.

    I shrunk down the leopard print and clipped it onto the bag image. The L & E initials come from the Merriest Monograms © set. You could use that set to write out their name or whatever else you choose. The monograms in that set are simply stunning.

    The flower on the handbag is removable.

    I added some bling to the handles, and pearl details on the upper panel.

    The pockets-those were so fun! I just cut a decorative layer and used a large scallop punch to add some pretty detail to the pockets.

    I filled the bag with the gifts, and the scarf is acting as my “tissue” paper.

    I love how it turned out, and I am certain she will too. I have to wait till May to give it to her, so let’s hope she isn’t reading!

    As you can see making your own gifts allows you to TOTALLY customize your gifts to suit the people you are giving them too. You would be SO limited by what was in store if you tried to go out and BUY a gift/gift bag like this. The template becomes its own gift within itself.

    How many people actually take the time to make you something? Now if they did wouldn’t you feel that much more special? I know I would. Plus you end up looking like a creative genius!

    So there you have it! A plethora of gift ideas that should last you many occasions to come.

    Return with us next month for another inspiring release.

    In the meantime I wish you many days of creativity!

    April Release Preview:1

    Mar 29, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Happy Spring!

    While I wish I could report sunny skies and warm weather that has yet to happen in New Hampshire.

    I am certainly looking forward to nicer weather. As April approaches I am just in awe at just how fast time flies by. My children are growing quickly and I find that my life is ever changing from one season to the next.

    It has been a while since I posted some family photos here, so here you go!

    Doesn’t seem real to me that my kids are now 13-Alexa, 10 Noah, and 8-Amber.

    I’m wishing I could just freeze time and enjoy every moment I am given with my children, husband and family.

    The cute little faces I am use to looking at are changing, and my children don’t look like babies any more, more like little adults.

    3 Pieces of my Heart

    I am always thankful to God for each and every day that passes.

    I’m thankful for health and well being of my family. I feel blessed beyond words. ¬†Every day IS a GIFT.

    I wish you all the same as we enter into a new season, and get ready to celebrate Easter.

    With that being said the design team at My Time Made Easy ‚ĄĘ LLC would like to share some projects in celebration of our release on April 1st.

    Here is WHO you can visit for a sneak peek at what it to come:


    Sole Mate

    So without further delay let me get ready to share my project with you all.

    This month we have a FABULOUS release for all the lovely ladies who like girly things ūüėÄ

    H is for Handbag

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    3 Inches Wide

    7 Inches Long

    10 1/2 Inches Tall

    I made this for my sister-in-law Heather for her birthday, and as you can see in the above photo, I loaded it up with all sorts of goodies!

    Let this take the place of that all occasion, “typical” gift bag we give to our very best “girl” friend.

    We have stepped it up with this super girly version of a “handbag”, that is the perfect gift instead! It is a gift within itself.

    Fashioned after one of my personal favorite handbags, this template is large enough, and is just the perfect size for so many gifts! You can package up a new wallet, gift cards to a favorite shoppe, a collection of beauty, hair, or bath products, cosmetics, jewelry, a clothing item such as a shirt, scarf, gloves, nightie, socks, slippers or something homemade…to get just a few of the many ideas going!

    Makes the perfect template for any occasion such as birthdays, holidays, bridal gifts, bachelorette parties, or party favors for any event!

    Now for the personal touches I added to this gift

    The Handbag was created from black cardstock, as was the decorative “trim” pieces. The handle was cut from white cardstock. The decorative layers were made using the Dainty Damask ¬© collection, recolored to black, and the diamond pattern is from the¬†Flutters and Flowers ¬©.

    I made a monogram tag using the frame & letter H from the Merriest Monograms © . It is such a stunning set, and it really made this gift a WOW! The tag was cut using the Fabulous Frames © cut file.

    A girl can NEVER have too much BLING! I added some bling stickers around my buckle which was cut from a silver cardstock, and added bling to the handles as well.

    On the pockets I lined them with a string of pearls, and some pretty felt roses that can be removed and added to your shoes, or a headband!

    This template has an amazing collection of Pretty Printable Paper called Purse Patterns that is sure to help you create a simply stunning handbag with little effort! We are also releasing the Go Shopping collection too, so don’t miss that!

    Want to “step it up” another notch? Pair it with the Sexy Soles template!! Nothing goes better with a great handbag, than an even sexier pair of shoes!

    Just endless possibilities for packaging up some amazing gifts for any girl in your life!

    Now if you LIKED that you will LOVE everything else we have to release this month, so please stay tuned, and return tomorrow for MORE!



    A little something…

    Mar 2, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy
    Thanks for returning to see what else we all have to share.
    I’m happy that the orders are rolling in, and the feedback has been great with all the changes we’ve made. It’s wonderful to get nice emails of support, and hear that you all seem to be enjoying our new design team members creations!
    Check them out again today for some more refreshing ideas with our products:

    I am going to share what I have created with our newest cut file we have released this month called Bag-sket.


    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    2 3/4 X 2 1/2 Inch Wide

    5 Inches Tall

    The team had suggested this as a card, and I felt allowing it to become a super quick¬†“bag-sket” would be even better!

    Whether you want a “bag”, or a card, this sweet little “bag-sket” is a great two for the price of one, cut file. Now you can have a super cute basket shaped card, OR a fun little treat bag, designed to look like a basket. Perfect for Easter, Spring, Mother’s Day, or whenever!

    My sample here was super simple!

    I used white cardstock as my base, then I cut my  Bag-sket panel and decorative layers using the Picnic of Patterns © collection, as I felt it was very SPRING and basket like! LOL!

    I added my sentiment from the Secret Surprise © set, as it was PERFECTION!

    I love the little felt flower sticker in the corner, and my sweet little GNOME candle peeking out of the “grass”!

    I hung this on the door of my friend who actually hates GNOMES because I wanted her to SMILE and think they CAN be cute! If she still hates them than she can enjoy burning the candle. If she loves him then she can keep him on her desk and think of me! LOL!

    She is still undecided as to his fate, but it did make her laugh ūüėÄ Her daughter instantly took the basket for herself and is storing her own little items in it. Gotta love recycling.

    Until tomorrow!




    March is here! Our winner for the entire March Release will be announced later today! So be sure if you haven’t yet, pop on by to our designers to enter yourself to win our ENTIRE March Release in the post below this one.

    We have an amazing collection of coordinating items this month with Spring in mind.

    My company focuses on the ‚Äúcomplete package‚ÄĚ. We work hard to offer coordinating products that are easily interchangeable with previously released products. We really enjoy being able to share the ideas and versatility each product holds.

    Given the tough economy, we announced on the 27th, that as of today, we have now decreased our prices by 20%!

    I may be a company owner, but I am really just like you. I’m a stay at home mom to 3 children, living on one primary income. I get to share what I love with the world and enjoy what I do. I KNOW how hard it can be to try to keep your family going, while maintaining your sanity through crafting, and be able to afford to buy some items without a lot of guilt! So after much debate I feel this change will help all our very valued customers ūüėÄ

    So here is what we have that is NEW for MARCH:

    We have released:

    2 NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates

    4 NEW! Pretty Impressions Stamp Set Singles

    1  NEW! Pretty Printable Digital Paper Collection

    1 NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut File

    Also be sure you check out our  Pretty Package Collection, where you will always save 25%!

    We’d like to introduce you to our 4 NEW Design Team members today!

    We are excited to have them join our team. Each has a NEW project for you today, so please WELCOME them.  Also be sure you check out our entire team today,as we are each sharing some creative ways to use the *NEW* products for March as well!

    Today I am going to share another fun project using our NEW! Display template.

    This template can be used to display ANYTHING you want…

    This template actually came about because I was going to a baby shower of a family friend and her theme was FROGS!

    She was having a baby girl, and her entire room was purple and green with froggy accents. I ALWAYS have to stick to the theme and I even made the centerpiece as well, my very first Diaper Cake! Photos on that at the end of the post ūüėÄ

    I used a fun embossed cardstock that was double sided. It was cute because the dots reminded me of the frogs skin. One side of the cardstock was olive, and the other a very pale green.

    Perfect because it was just like the frogs skin. The inside being lighter, like the belly of the frog.

    I added eyelashes to the frog eyes with a marker. Brushed on some chalk for the cheeks, and used a oval to draw on a mouth! ANYONE could do this!

    I found a super cute handmade SOFT baby blanket on Etsy that was a frog, and I just HAD to get it for her. Once it arrived I was trying to think HOW I would package it up. As you know I am all about the packaging. THAT blanket sparked this entire template.

    I rolled it up, and placed it into my cut Frog themed Display box!

    The Frog piece COME WITH the template, so no need to try to make your own. A great box for boys too ūüėÄ Or Princess & the Frog themed party maybe?!

    I love how the frog hands are holding the little tag, and the feet are sticking out.

    The tag was created using the Round Off © set, colored digitally, and layered onto a tag cut out of lavender using the Fine Finish © tag cut file.

    I have to say it was a BIG hit!

    Here is the gift set, completed

    I used the¬†Lil’ One-sie ¬© cut file to create my card for the gift.

    The rose is from our A Spot of Tea ©set, and the sentiment is from the Bringing Home Baby © set. Simple & easy, but OH-SO-CUTE!

    As was the diaper cake I made, as requested for the centerpiece of the shower!

    My very first one, I was SO PROUD of it.

    My 8 year old daughter Amber helped by wrapping ALL the diapers.

    I then layered them and wrapped them with my receiving blankets.

    I made the little frog from cardstock., and placed her on top of the diaper cake with some pretty spiral ribbon I curled.

    I added some ribbon, pearls, and some little ribbon flowers. In between the layers I rolled baby socks into “roses” and I wrapped them with¬†tulle¬†“leaves”, and added them to the layers.

    NOTHING is GLUED! The blankets and baby socks are all usable, as are the entire package of diapers!

    I bought a cake board that is basically scalloped silver cardstock. It provided a sturdy base and made it look more professional.

    I was pretty happy with how well everything turned out considering I never made one before. People couldn’t believe I never made one before (yes giving my own horn a little TOOT!) I hadn’t had that much fun in a LONG time!!

    I had also made the centerpieces, as you may recall a while ago

    These flower pots used the Tending The Garden © 50 Images РDigital set!

    I LOVE digital images because you can nix, match and resize everything to suit your needs, as I did here.

    Filled the flower pots with the little “rose” baby socks. Just like on my cake.

    This was the back side…same little frog as my cake topper!

    I made 15 in all.

    We tied balloons to the centerpieces as well.

    It turned our really pretty.

    I hope that got your¬†creative¬†wheels a churnin’!

    I’ll be back to announce our winner for the March Release items.

    Come back tomorrow because we will have many more fabulous project ideas for you all to try.

    Whoo…Loves FREE Templates?

    Feb 13, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Well I sure hope YOU do!

    ‚ô• Happy Valentines Day Everyone ‚ô•

    In honor of this day, I thought I’d release a *NEW* template, based on something that I L‚ô•VE! On top of that I thought we’d find a way to make that special template available to you for FREE!

    Keep reading!

    Now through February 21st 12am (EST), when you purchase $14 of product (or more) you can earn this ADORABLE new template called Whoo’s Birthday FREE!!


    When you place your order of $14 (or more) add Whoo’s Birthday to your cart, and enter the COUPON CODE: WHOOLOVES at checkout!

    Hurry over as this promotion ends February 21st

    Whoo’s Birthday *FREE!*

    (with purchase of $14 or more)

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    2 1/2 X 3 Inches Around

    4 1/4 Inch Tall

    Whoo doesn’t love owls?! (Not you? Don’t worry, there are more ideas)

    They are personally a favorite of mine, and I have many throughout my home.

    I created this adorable owl themed gift box after viewing a FLAT version of an origami owl. I thought it was SO CUTE, but I wanted a dimensional version of the flat paper picture I saw. The idea came to me because I purchased a unique locket like necklace from a company called Origami Owl, for my daughter Alexa, on her 13th birthday.

    That is HOW the name came to be “Whoo’s Birthday”!

    The sentiment is from the Critters with Heart © set, and the numbers 13 are from the Harriet Hop-Along Birthday© set. Pretty perfect!

    Alexa also loves owls, and she LOVES pink, and of course zebra print, or anything black & white! (The paper will be released in April-sorry I couldn’t resist using it here, so stay tuned!)

    The angles of the box are unique, and will allow you to use your own creativity (and maybe some of our other products) to create a variety of other “creatures”, or even characters/people.

    This is the PLAIN version

    Add a little creativity…

    and you get this UBER cute Owl!

    I can picture this being a fox, raccoon, skunk, or bunny, to name just a few.

    “Whoo” ever you make this box into it is sure to be a surprise, and loved to pieces!

    So make sure you go get yours FREE (with the purchase of $14 or more), for a limited time only!

    Now you are most likely wondering what I gave Alexa for her very special 13th Birthday!

    You can see in the background it was a ton of stuff, but the most special thing was her necklace from Origami Owl. I had meant to share this for some time now, but had to wait until we were releasing this fun new template!

    ABOUT the necklace:

    So I have this pretty bligned out locket, and I have chosen charms to customize it, to tell the story of Alexa’s life.

    Here are the charms, and what they mean to me, for telling Alexa’s story

    The Bling A is for Alexa. She has this internal sparkle, and really lights up the hearts of everyone who knows her. She is also at that age where the more BLING the better (I can totally relate!)

    The Pink Ribbon is in honor of her surviving Leukemia! (Note: They DO have an orange ribbon, but since pink is Alexa’s favorite color, I opted to just go with it-it doesn’t really matter what color, it was the MEANING it had). I mean seriously Alexa is so strong and brave! I don’t know how she got through all that. Ok maybe I do…

    The Cross-I pray God always watch over her, and that she have a strong Faith in him. I know I wouldn’t have gotten through anything with her if I didn’t have Faith in God. He has carrried me through many scary times in life, and always the lowest of lows, and scariest times were event concerning Alexa.

    The Angel-I honestly believe Alexa is MY angel here on earth. I feel like she has shown me the world in ways I’d never see it otherwise. She IS a little part of a BIG plan God has us. She teaches me what is important and keeps me grounded. Also I believe Alexa has her own guardian angel with wings of STEEL!!! I believe it has taken her to and through many life altering obstacles.

    The heart with wings, has a few¬†meanings. Always follow her heart and love to the fullest. Also, Alexa had open heart surgery when she was 21 days old. So I associate this with her getting through that by God’s grace.

    A Sapphire for September, the month she was born.

    The painters palette-Alexa LOVES to paint, draw and color! She hopes to illustrate and write her own poems/books some day!

    The book is because Alexa has always loved to read! It is her favorite thing to do. You will always find her with a book.

    The Letter that says I Love You-Alexa also LOVES to write and dreams of one day becoming an author of¬†children¬†books or poems. She is forever writing me letters! I save every single one. Doctors told me I’d be lucky if she ever knew her own name, and here she is writing me notes, and creating poems, and stories with such detail, its AMAZING. I’m so glad I never let the doctors infuence me in any way because I truly would have missed out on the greatest gift I have ever received, my heart, my Alexa.

    It’s amazing that one piece of jewelry can capture such an amazing story!

    This was the BLURRY photo, after she got it, and put it on!

    This one is much better!! She gets TONS of compliments on it when she wears it. It’s funny because she is so shy, she isn’t big on drawing attention to herself (I know hard to believe when you buy a SPARKLY shirt like a disco ball! LOL!).

    I got my origami owl locket necklace and pieces from my dear friend Tessa Miller-Schweder!

    If you want to view their products you can check them out here She is designer 3671.

    Here is her Facebook Page
    Don’t worry if you don’t have Face Book because you can email her at¬†[email protected]

    I believe she may be having a GIVEAWAY on her blog —>¬† so check her out and let her know I sent you ūüėÄ

    We will return on the 27th to prepare projects for the March Release, so please come back then!

    Happy Valentines Day!


    I wanted to showcase it in the most special way, for such a special day. I have to say it turned out better than I had hoped for. All the pieces just made that flat origami owl come to life. I could make so many of these.



    February Year in Review

    Feb 3, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy
    As we wrap up with our February Release we move onto creating new samples, with our older products. This is always a favorite time because you can never get too many ideas for gifts, especially using products you may have, or passed by before because you weren’t “looking” for it to suit X purpose.
    So please visit the following team members today to see what NEW stuff they’ve created:

    I figure since its been ALL about the girls from me this week I’d share a cute idea for the MAN (or dad) in your life. With Valentines Day on the horizon I wanted to make something for Jason that he could enjoy. He loves Gummy Worms, Swedish Fish and anything SOUR! Upon thinking of a fun way to package those items, as I stared at the gummy worms it hit me-TACKLE BOX!

    So I got to work, using the¬†Grammy’s Sewing Kit ¬© to create my little treasure.

    I used the¬†Well Woven ¬© paper collection so the template would look like a “basket”.

    I used the cute Let’s Go Fishing Single ¬© image for my tag. I had a blast coloring it in. it has been a while since I used my Copic markers.

    The tag was cut using the Round Up Tag © cut file. I added the sentiment from the

    For Dad © set. It conveys the perfect message.
    I think it came out AWESOME! Don’t you?
    Who’d of thought GUY from a “Grammy’s Sewing Kit ¬©“?! But a little imagination, and some creativity and you have another awesome use for an already great template/products!
    Thank you all for the support!
    We really appreciate your business and your feedback.
    ‚ô• I’ll see you again next month for more great gift ideas ‚ô•

    Her Royal Highness

    Feb 2, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy
    The ideas are still flowing today! We always have so much to share, and today is no exception, so make sure you get some creative inspiration from the following team members today:

    I’m excited to share today’s project because it offers another party favor idea that is perfect for any princess. Can you tell I LOVE this theme?! I could have made a TON if I had more time.

    This project uses our super cute Boo! Bag © cut file to create a favor worthy of her royal highness.

    I’m in love with the¬†The King’s Crown ¬© cut file that we released some time ago, but I had yet to use. I was excited to finally dust it off and utilized it for my favor today.

    I cut and created the Boo! Bag © cut file in a pink cardstock.

    I cut the¬†The King’s Crown ¬© cut file and added it to the front and back of the¬†Boo! Bag ¬© cut file to make my princess themed favorite in a contrasting pink color cardstock.

    I then added my tag using the Simply Enchanting set. I obviously love the set, because I’ve used it all week!

    Here is the party favor I made today, paired with the princess hat I made yesterday.

    Imagine how sweet these will look out on a table!

    Come back tomorrow for our monthly group Year in Review projects where we make something new, with something old!

    See you then.

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