bloomin box Click image for larger view please.

So this week I decided to MIX IT UP! I wanted you to make a 3-D item instead! This will also help you have a Boxed Bag Holder for someone special, to house their Christmas gift! OR a party favor for a kids party-whatever really.

I created this box template a few weeks ago! But since then have made 2 more!

Santa box Santa Sends Sweets!

I used the Lizzie Anne set called Holiday Cheer, and the Santa (simply singles). Is it NOT the cutest thing ever? Inside this box are 2 large-delicious- gourmet-chocolate/peanutbutter covered rice crispie treat sticks, from Archer Farms (found at Target. No that isn’t my special find)!

What a great gift for that someone who you just want to “acknowledge” this holiday, yet can’t afford to go spending a fortune! The treats were $3.99 for a package of 10!! Thats only .39 cents a piece! That gives you a thoughtful GOURMET gift for a whopping 0.80 CENTS!!!! NO COOKING REQUIRED!

HELLO mailman, and Mr. Brown, co-workers……………….you get the point!

Please don’t think I’m about being CHEAP! I’m not! I’m just saying we all have so many important people to think about during the holidays, its hard not to go into debt! AND isnt this WHY we stamp? To make gifts with thoughtfulness? That is the spirit.

 Plus its a gift that if someone didn’t acknowledge you, or couldn’t, they wouldn’t feel completely awful about it. I am keeping some of these ON HAND for just that situation! LOL!

So, I have to say I truly LOVE it!!! Fits all sorts of great goodies. AND, it only takes a couple of minutes to make! Seriously like 5 minutes! BEFORE decorating. After you do the first one-you will whip these up in no time flat.

I have to say that I use myScor-Pal, so it makes it easy since I don’t have to move my paper.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one (YET), you can still make it.

Click thumbnails for closer view

You will need-

Scor-Pal (or other scoring device) 

Heavy patterned paper, or cardstock.

Paper Snips

Heavy Adhesive

Key tag punch (or other handle punch)

Corner rounder (optional)


Cut cardstock 9 X 12.

Score along the 12 inch side at 4 – 5 1/2 – 9 1/2 – 11

Score at 9 inch side at 2 – 3 – 8

See diagram-of finished scores.


Snip/trim away excess and flaps-see diagram for example of what to snip, and what to clip!


Round top panel coners. Then punch hole’s for handle’s

round and punch

Apply adhesive to small flap on far right, and bottom panel.


Next -assemble!

side view See side view

boxed bag Bloomin Box Bag

See it doesn’t have to be ONLY Christmas-y KWIM? This would be a great Boxed Bag for a re-gift!!!

And that my friends, is all I have for you today!

Let me know what you think of my Christmas ideas, and PLEASE let me know if you make the Boxed Bag!

Include a link in the comments section, so we can all see your creation 😀

OR if you have questions-let me know.

I’m having Noah’s 5th Birthday part today! WOW! Time flies. I hope to have a super cute Smilebox for Monday!

Till tomorrow!