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Home-made with love

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Warning: I’m very “chatty” this morning. Not sure why, maybe it’s the coffee 😀 

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I’d love to hear what everyone has planned for the week. I like knowing I’m not the only one running like a chicken with her head cut off!!

Alexa returns to school tomorrow. I’m a bit terrified, but I can’t keep her home all winter. The rest of us haven’t gotten sick so that is promising.

Noah has his 3rd birthday party to attend this weekend. I will share the cards I made for those tomorrow. I need to brush up on my BOY themed skills! I’m always ALL GIRL.

Today we are going to get some pumpkins and stuff from our local farm, as I wonder HOW I can clone myself to be in THREE places at once on Friday at the children’s Harvest Parade! Each of my children has a party, and the older 2 participate in a town wide parade, while Amber is at the school in her first parade, that takes place THERE at the SAME time! I’m so torn!!!! I’m actually going to tell the afternoon K teacher about the time conflict and see if she can maybe begin the K parade a tiny bit earlier! I’m sure I’m not the only parent with a child in K and older ones in the school. Doesn’t hurt to ASK. If it can’t be changed I’ll go to Amber’s parade first, then FLY downtown and PRAY I make it to the END of the parade for the older two. Still have no idea HOW I’ll be at three parties. Each child is expecting me to be there. CRAZY!

Jay just got a Snowmobile, which he has to pick up today, as a late birthday gift from me :D, and it appears it is from the husband of one of my local area stampers name Monika!! Small world.

Amber also has her “induction” into Daisies. A younger form of Girl Scouts. That should be cute. She is very excited about it. She made me pick out a “fancy dress” and everything! LOL! I fear she may over-do it, so I’m trying to find something middle of the road. She actually wanted to wear her Sleeping Beauty gown! LOL! I had to say NO! on that for sure.

 Tuesday we are getting our family photos done. We are giving the Target Photo Studio a shot! Cross your fingers!

 I use to be SO good about getting regular professional photos done. Alexa, as a baby had photos every three months!! With Noah we went regularly too. Then poor Amber….getting THREE kids to the photo place and have them ALL look good proved to be too exhausting for me! So things tapered off.  Once Alexa got sick, I got busy, and before you know it, its been 2 years since we have been! THAT is terrible!! I got hardly no photos the first year Alexa was sick. I couldn’t stand reliving that time, and seeing her look the way she did. I’m not sure if I regret that or not. I don’t think I do. I just see there is over a year with LITTLE photos of my kids, and Amber was so young, so I feel like I missed a year of her life. I wanted that time to be put behind us with little “documentation” to relive that difficult time. Having photos of the other 2 shouldn’t have gotten away from us, but it did.

So all that being said, I do take a LOT of photos on my own, so that is good. We are due for a group photo. I hope everyone looks good at the same time! Seems like the more people in ONE photo, the bigger the chance someone isn’t going to look good when everyone else does! LOL! Alexa is shy and is so beyond the camera person waving a stuffed toy in her face to make her smile! She is 10, not 2. So if she won’t look at them or smile it cold be a LONG shoot. I really hope she participates without too much fuss. Noah is in the CHEESY smile phase. Oh and my dark hair! I’m still not use to it, and I’m not sure how I feel about long distance relatives getting a peek at it yet! LOL!

Last but not least, this morning I have been packing Etsy orders from my shop, to go out tomorrow morning! So if you ordered something, it is going postal then!

 I also have some SEWING projects I want to take on once I get my sewing machine back from Jay’s mom. The holiday’s are coming and everything I give will be HOME MADE! (in some way) They are simple projects, like my felt stocking and what not. I like QUICK sewing projects! Nothing too involved.

With the home-made theme going, here is a card I put in my Etsy shop, but had yet to post on my blog….

Home-made with love


When I saw this image from Stampavie called  Home Sweet Home by Helz Cuppleditch I just loved it! I LOVE hearts, and images that contain hearts, so this was SO me! I loved the heart topiary too. Just so cute.

I have issue’s deciding what COLOR I make any house image I create. I usually go with some sort of yellow! LOL!


I had fun coloring this, and while you cannot SEE it, there are stickles on the grass and topiary. Really nice sparkle. I added the same stickles to the flowers I created, along the bottom.

Since this is suppose to be like ‘From our house with love” I added the little rounded tab on the left side. The sentiment is only part of the image from Recipe Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16″  which actually reads “homemade with love”. I didn’t need the entire circle so I only used the 1/2 I wanted. I do that often with these images, and find it helps me maximize their use! I think we should all look at things that way.

Well I have much to do, so I better get running. I’ll be back tomorrow with my BOY cards 😀

Till then

Boy am I wiped. Who would think that sitting at a computer could be exhausting? 

I just spent the entire morning FINALLY updating my Etsy Shop!  Many of you asked if I could do that, since some of you are looking for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday gifts! So I did that. I put 4 new pages worth of stuff, so be sure to scroll on through! I didn’t realize HOW MUCH I actually make! I still have SO much more to post, but need a break. So maybe in a few days, I’ll get to some of the older stuff.

When I opened up my Etsy Shop I meant to update it ANY time I posted here, but I have had a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff going on here and didn’t get to it as often as I wanted to, so I apologize! If you ever see anything here you want, and it isn’t listed, let me know and I can list it for you.

 All the being said here is one of the NEW! Items up in my shop 

Here comes Santa Claus


You can find it HERE

I used my NEWEST template Around Town Tote for this gift bag. Perfect for the holidays! This template s just the best for making a great size gift holder, fast and EASY.

I had some gorgeous patterned paper by K& Co. that I used to cover the front. Of course I went with the traditional holiday color scheme.


I fell in LOVE with this Noel Santa image from Stampavieby Sarah Kay. Her images generally scare me to DEATH, due to their vintagey feel and detail, but I am actually stepping out and using them more, and as I have success I begin to feel more comfortable with them.


I colored and cut him out, then put him into a sleigh that I created using my Cricut Expression Winder Woodland Cartridge! I have to say I’m in LOVE with my Cricut! Don’t know what I did without it. If you thought about getting one and have put it off……….add it to your Christmas WISHLIST!! Now keep in mind I’m in love and I don’t SCRAPBOOK! I can only image how much more I would use it if I did. It’s really fun.

 I also made my poinsettia with the cartridge as well. Too fun. I think it really adds to the detail too. I have to admit I’m not overly impressed with too many of the cartridges they have available :C I am loving the ability to use the Sure Cuts Alot 2.0 (<—this is the best price I have ever found) to download stuff from the web. Granted I haven’t had time to even do much of that, but knowing I can makes me happy.

Now for my tag detail I found this sentiment from Christmas Joy Borders & Centers Oval 1-3/4” x 2-5/16”.


I stamped it in versamark, then gold embossed it.

It added a really nice touch to the bag, and tied in with my Magic of Santa theme. Afterall for kids, Santa is magical!

My ribbon is a gold trimmed wired ribbon I got in the holiday section of Michael’s.

This was really just one of those projects where everything easily fell together.


This is definitely the type of bag that WON’T get tossed out after the gift has been opened! It will be passed along for many holidays to come.

 I’m excited that soon this will get a new home.

I hope you are getting into the spirit of the holiday season. Is it too early to say that? Sadly I’ve been doing Christmas stuff since AUGUST and the holidays aren’t even here, and I’m already SOOOOOOO OVER IT! LOL! I’m sure once its time to put up our tree I will get back in the spirit 😀 Don’t worry if you are just getting into it, I still have a bajillion holiday themed items to share as the days push on.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until tomorrow….

No peeking…

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I have to say you ALL know how to make a girl feel good 😀

As for me taking a photo of the quadruple colors in my hair….ARE YOU KIDDING?! Do you think I wanted PHOTO documentation of that?! NO WAY!!!!!

I honestly didn’t expect to get anyone saying they liked the color! LOL! I figured you’d all say OH NO! What now! LOL!!! Its a very big adjustment, but ONE compliment for a WOMAN equal 100 from a man! Thank you all for such a warm response to my hair trauma story. Its been quite the adjustment for me. You all helped me feel better about it.

I’m getting the TRIPLE take from those I know. When people would say WOW! You totally changed your hair!”  I kept saying it was a dye job trauma, and I had no choice, then I quickly explained it to people!! Now I’m just smiling and saying “I needed a change”. So, thank you for letting my confidence build a bit. I guess no one needs to know WHAT really happened, if it looks OK now. You all definitely made me feel better about it.

A lot of people have been shocked that I didn’t BALL. Honestly, the MAIN reason I didn’t cry was because at least my hair didn’t break off, and I remember when Alexa lost her hair to Cancer. She had GORGEOUS, thick, dark hair, down to her waist. We cut it to her shoulders before it fell out, but it still came out it CHUNKS. THAT was one of the hardest things  for me to see. She would just sit on the couch and grab a handful, and look at me with tears in her eyes. Her expressive communication then was harder for her, but she was VERY upset about this. I just told her It is going to be OK. it will grow back. I’d say “You don’t need hair to be beautiful. ” So HOW could I cry after telling her all that?! I had my hair. Wasn’t my favorite color, but I wasn’t sick. I just made a crazy dye mistake. I had to repeat the same words I told her to myself. Granted I didn’t feel beautiful, but I didn’t have Cancer or anything like that.

 I kept wanting I change! LOL! Guess I got it.

Jay says he likes it, its just going to take time to get use to. He does like the style alot, despite the fact he about DIED when I cut my ahir. I told him this is exactly WHY we women get into hair RUTS! You men want us to look the same all the time!! When he came home after work yesterday he was still a little shocked when he saw me again! LOL! Its just SO different. For the 9 years he’s been with me, I’ve always had long blond hair. Granted in my early 20’s it was more healthy and curly.

My kids love it! LOL! Not sure WHY. Amber wants her hair “painted” too. Since THAT comment I have secretly HID all her paints! I know her too well.

 I LOVE the cut and style. In fact I did curl the ends yesterday and it looked REALLY nice 😀 I also have a “Cute” ponytail, and my hair is full of body. I haven’t had much “movement” to my hair in some time, so it feels REALLY good, and yes MODERN! For all that I’m really happy.

MANY people asked WHAT dye I used. I used Loreal. My PROBLEM most likely happened because I tried a different color, since last time I dyed it, it go TOO light on the bottom. I’m NOT blaming the company. I’m sure it was a number of issues, and like most problems USER ERROR!

So thank you again. I feel good about this NEW ME! LOL! Jay said as long as I don’t get a NEW man, he is fine with the NEW ME! LOL!

I’m off the the doctors with the kids today. Alexa will have her follow up to ensure she is recovering from her pneumonia. I’m happy to report (so far) Noah & Amber don’t seem to be sick, nor did they have any reaction to the H1N1 nasal spray, so THANK GOODNESS!!!

Now I promised some eye candy. Sorry I didn’t get to it yesterday! I worked on some eye candy for tomorrow’s post!

Without further delay…….


Don’t Peek!

I think I’m finally getting my card mojo back. It’s hard to go from one design mindset to another. When I’m on a roll designing NEW templates, or creating with the templates, it can be hard to switch to just a FLAT surface again! LOL!

Isn’t this lil guy so cute. Looks like he could be in big trouble too 😀 Not sure if he is wrapping or un-wrapping. Noah has 4 birthday parties over the next 2 weeks! So I needed to make some BOY cards. NO pink in this one 😀 This was Noah Approved! LOL!

When the girls have a party to attend I’m now off the hook, as they make their own cards 😀 Noah, well he is too busy playing with BOY stuff to care about crafting these days.


I got inspired by my patterned paper colors, and just colored away. I usually have my paper picked PRIOR to coloring my images. Makes life easier. When I just color first, it can be harder to complete a project when I try to match evrything up, after the fact.

The “Don’t Peek”sentiment comes from Tiny Words Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16″ . I just used markers to color each letter to match! So simple and CUTE!

This cut dog is named Ruffles: A Present for you! He is from Stampavie  the Helz Cuppleditch collection. I love her stuff.

The paper is a mini stack from Making Memories. I’ve had it forever, and use it often.

I think this came out pretty cute, and BOYISH. I know there is a BOW but go with the GIFT theme. I also made sure my bow matched the bow in my image. Its a little detail but I found it to be important.

Well once again, thanks for stopping by!! I’ll be back tomorrow with some NEW! Release images from PCS!

Until then

Today I have a card to share-posted after my rambling!

What an exhausting night we had. I was up almost 24 hours. It’s amazing when MOMMY ENERGY kicks in.

Yesterday Alexa left the house at 5pm to go to her biological father’s house. His wife picked her up, and they went to the Outback for dinner. Quickly after eatting Alexa got white as a ghost, and said she needed to lay down, and wanted a “bucket”. Basically she felt nauseous. Kim felt her head and she was burning up! So she took her to their house where she went STRAIGHT to bed. His wife called me at 9pm to tell me what was up. Me, knowing how quick Alexa goes from her usual self, to CRASHING said we needed to get her to our area hospital.

They wanted to just keep her there and let her sleep, but I can’t have my “baby” be sick and NOT with me. I would be a wreak, and I know her too well to know this is “nothing”.

 They live over a hour away-and honestly the hospitals in that area are HORRIBLE! I spent many years for HOURS in their ER waiting rooms with Alexa having a 104 fever as a BABY! Anyway, I NEEDED her with me, and in a place that knows her, and her history! She can LOOK “OK” but be REALLY sick. It’s really strange.

Anyway-we get to the ER, which was full :C I was a bit nervous we’d get stuck there for a while. I had brought Alexa a face mask too, so SHE wouldn’t pick up anything more than she had.

Her father got there before me, and began filling stuff out. I put in HUGE letters CANCER REMISSION. That is a huge RED FLAG that we shouldn’t be stuck in the ER any longer than necessary! THANKFULLY maybe 5 minutes later we were in the back. Alexa was as white as sheet. Overall though she didn’t look THAT bad. Again that is a weird thing with her.

Anyway, I have to say I had the most AMAZING group of people treating her. I can’t even count the number of ER visits and hospitalizations we have had in our 10 years, but these people-EVERY SINGLE ONE was so amazing. They were so nice, efficient and just genuinely caring. They treated Alexa so well too. To the point where I am actually going to write a letter on each and every person we had dealings with. To have such a amazing TEAM when your child is sick, means so much to me.

What I liked most was that they actually LISTENED to me and my take on her! Plus there is a LOT to take in. She has had a LOT go on in her 10 years, including showing up at an ER seemingly sick but not too bad, only to get progressively worse and sent by Ambulance to a larger hospital.

They thought she “sounded” OK in her lungs.  I told them that she can sound OK, but will often have a creeping pneumonia. Well we were sent right to xray! Low and behold, yes! We have pneumonia in BOTH lungs! The doctor was shocked but said “You know her best! You’ve been through a lot with her, so who am I to say otherwise, and you were right. I never would have said she had pneumonia, and by tomorrow we’d most likely be in BIG trouble.” It is NOT often you meet doctors who are willing to actually HEAR you, without a fight, or second guessing you. And I was right ! LOL! Sadly on top of that Alexa also has the Flu. Not good. Now she is on Tamiful and Zithromax. After not getting home till almost 5am, I had to bring her back to the doctors at 10am.

She already had her flu shot too, about 2-3 weeks ago.

We got Noah and Amber the H1N1, but obviously Alexa can’t get that, yet. She will also need her pneumovax.

Anyway, I’m just sharing. I’m a little freaked with the whole FLU dangers and whatnot, but am just trusting God will watch over her and the rest of our family. Its a bit scary.

On another note…..thought I’d share a recent card I made, that makes me happy! LOL! I need happy. I decided that I’m going to send this to the team at the hospital, that made my night nothing but pleasant, considering the circumstances!


A gift for you

I think this image is just beyond sweet.I am in LOVE with the Gillian Robertsline from Stampavie. Each one is adorable, but THIS one is my favorite, so far.  Maybe because it reminds me of something I bought recently. I  purchased a stuffed Dog (I bought like 5!) named Colby, from KAY Jewelers. (It inspired my entire design) Part of the proceeds ($7 to be exact) from EVERY sale benefit St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research!! So if there is a KAY near you, you can buy the SUPER cute Colby dog too, for a good cause! I have to say I was VERY disappointed to NOT see this promotion on their site, and the ONLY thing I could find to share, that showed you the dog and the promotion was THIS!


Doesn’t Colby look just like this bear? I know! Colby is a dog, but to me they look alike 😀 This image  is Bear & Robin. I colored him with my Copic markers. If you don’t own these yet…WHY?! I love my Copic’s. Use them EVERYDAY! LOVE. I honestly can’t even consider coloring with anything else. I totally feel they are worth every EXPENSIVE penny spent 😀 I also used the colorless blender to get my hat pattern. I added a pom pom, and made the hat cuff 3D as is the bird. You cannot see it but the “snow” on the ground is a really pretty glitter I got in the KIDS section at Michael’s! DON’T buy those LITTLE tubes of glitter in the stamp/scrapbook section of your craft store! They are overpriced! Go to check out the KID craft section FIRST, where you get a HUGE bottle, at about the same cost (sometimes cheaper) as a TINY bottle. I swear it’s the SAME stuff.

I also airbrushed my sky. Then I dotted my background with my Singlo white gel pen. I had this silver snowflake “table” confetti from Target last year, and it makes the BEST card accents!! I can’t recall who makes the paper :C Sorry.

Well that is all for me. Sorry I was quite long winded.YIKES! LOL!

Thanks for hanging in. In the meantime I hope you and your family are happy & healthy during this terrible season of germs!

First Place Fair photos

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Hi everyone

Sorry I’m so MIA-but I have LOTS of eye candy to come, I swear! With all my hustling my mojo is coming back 😀 YEAH!

Sadly I have 344 photos to edit before I can really share too much :C That should tell you something 😀 Plus I have dates to wait for too.

As I shared the other day, my family played hookie from school so we could all go to the annual Deerfield Fair! This is something we do EVERY year, and all look forward to. This was by far the easiest year with the kids. No needing to LUG too much stuff, and Alexa is much stronger and was able to keep up with all the walking. Usually she has a hard time getting around all day long.

Really a FAB time, except for the CHILL.

This year was especially FABULOUS because  Amber won FIRST PLACE for a Sunflower she painted!! It was featured at the Fair 😀


Here it is

Isn’t it so cute?? She just loves to do anything crafty. Melts my heart.


 I was so excited about this.

This is the first time we had anything featured at the fair 😀 We didn’t know she won first place-until we got there. I could have done a cartwheel for her. She can’t wait to get it back and buy a special frame for it. OK that part was my idea! LOL! But I really was proud of her.

Here we are – posing in front of her flower


Sorry-I went with Black & white because when Jay took the photo it was a bit out of focus, and this was the ONLY one I had of us here, so it looked better in B&W

Here she is with daddy


See mommy knows how to take a good photo-first try! LOL!

Here she is later with the clown


She is a camera HOG 😀 Most kids would run from teh clown (as Alexa did! LOL!) but not Amber-she loved her.

This is how poor Noah spent the day at the fair! He cracks me up.


I have to say it was especially STINKY this year :C He isn’t big on me getting any pictures of him.


I do love this one though-taken right before he lost his 2 top teeth, one right after the other. No bottoms in this one.

I felt the need to share it as he is MIA in most of these photos.


Visiting the sheep is one of Alexa’s FAVORITE things to do. Most are so friendly. They all flock to her when she goes to the gate, and that makes her feel like the sheep whisperer! LOL! She gets SO excited.

Here we have the trio


We always get a photo in front of the pumpkin winners. This year was busy and people kept passing in front of the camera, so this was the quick shot.

Got one with dad in there too….


 Fun to see how much changes year to year……


IT was chilly! I had 3 sweaters on that day, and still a bit cool. It was like 50 degrees. To ME that is freezing to be out all day

Now here I am again with my crazy girls-Noah didn’t want in :C


Alexa is mocking me here-gotta lover her sense of humor! She always makes fun of my “posing” for the camera smile stuff.

As you can see my hair is VERY short!!! But I’m OK with it-I think.

Well I figure I should share at least ONE card with you-

I made this a few weeks ago, and forgot to share it-I’ve needed some BOYISH cards, so here goes…


Ruffles has a birthday!

This image is beyond perfect for a birthday card! BEYOND!

It is called Ruffles Party. I think its beyond cute. Best part of these images is they are so gender neutral, which is a plus when you have girls AND boys. My mojo was still away when I made this, so I kept it simple. I love the COLOR. I don’t think it needed to be overdone with tons of layering.


I had a blast coloring it most. I have been itching to use it for some time now, and was FINALLY able to ink’er up.

Cute, detailed , but not too overwhelming.

I felt it was boyish until my son pointed out the fact I added a PINK button-and colored a pink balloon! I could just slap myself! He said its NOT a boy card if it has ANY girl colors-like pink. A point I will remember in the future!! I would not have thought otherwise, had he not said that.

Well thanks for hanging in with me and ALL my craziness. I know NONE of it makes sense till you see WHAT I have been working on, in between family. I have a lot on my plate these days, and its ALL good stuff!!

I feel so blessed to be where I am in my life right now. So blessed with my family (especially),and  myself-coming into my 30’s I know what I want, where I want to go, and HOW to get there (I think! LOL!), I have gotten healthy and stayed that way, I have continued with my &quot;career&quot;/ hobby. I have set so many new goals and am working so hard to just make it all happen.

So, while I get it all done, I appreciate all of you who stop by and visit. I have especially enjoyed a recent flood of kind emails from readers who have totally brightened my day, and made my remember why I keep trying to push forward and better my best.

You all make my time shared here so worth every moment.

I really just open up my life and every ounce of me. Its cool to be able to do so.


Late! Late! Late!

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Yes! I know I’m LATE posting my own challenge!! What else is new, right! LOL!

So much to do, so little time. Amber’s party went FABULOUS! I’ll share photos and details another day, as I have TONS to do! Plus editing the photos and properly sharing the day 😀 I also can’t share her favor boxes yet, as they are an upcoming template 😀 It’s really cool 😀

But as I promised I do have 2 samples with the color challenge (Oh! and I will post the other 2 template projects I promised to post Wednesday!) See, I’m just a day late and a dollar short all around.

I made this card for my Color Challenge-HERE!

Whimsical Greetings


OK so little bits of pop here, but I DID use the colors!!

This card was made as a PURE experiment for me!

I had yet to really use my SCAL 2.0 for my Cricut Expression, and I wanted to give it a go. Many said it was a program with a huge learning curve! Well, that sent me into a PANIC, since I can barely email a attachment! LOL! I was SOOOOO scared to try it.

I have to say I had NO trouble at all!!! Go ME!! (unless I’m not using it to its full capacity! LOL!) I am totally loving the little bit of play time I have  had with my new expression.

I ordered Card Shapes, Journaling Shapes 1, and Spring Flowers! (More suggestions for things I should download/buy definitely welcomed :D) OH! and I will check out some of the links to videos that you all shared with me (THANK YOU!)

I used the Card Shapes to make this card, and the journaling shapes for the center tag piece 😀 I had FUN! I just did some layering. Nothing CRAZY! I only had like 15 minutes to make this, and think given the time crunch I did good. It took me some time to get my layering figured out, but now I KNOW how-so should be easy next time.

Now the SUPER cool butterfly set is called Butterfly Wishes!!! It was designed by my friend Jessica 😀 She rocks 😀

 (Don’t worry I promise to make something better with it, and give it some justice!!) I just needed to “practice” with my SCAL 2.0


NOTE: From a Previous post

I purchased Sure Cuts A Lot 2.o (since you all said I NEED it :D) and GUESS WHAT! Canda of Canda Craft (where I found the SCAL 2.0 for the CHEAPEST price around WOOT! WOOT!) not only has it on SALE! , but emailed me after I placed my order, to tell me that YOU, my PRECIOUS, much loved and HELPFUL readers will get an ADDITIONAL 10% off!


The code is: MYTIME10.

This offer will expire on 10/15/09.

The coupon will take 10% off of their entire purchase which will make SCAL even cheaper!

So seriously how cool is that? Those of you on the fence can now jump off! 

Let me know if you took the plunge with me D OK!


OH! The center image is by K& Co. I got it a LONG time ago at M’s 😀

OK one more……..

Merry Kiss-Mas


I thought these two mice were way too adorable!!

They are from Stampavie’s NEW! Gillian Roberts line: Mistletoe & Mice

Now I didn’t get ALL Christmas-y with it, just enough. As you can see it can be and every day kind of card. I have to admit my mojo was lacking since I threw out my back cleaning the fridge!! GRR!!

I was just so close to done, then didn’t love the end layout.

Don’t get me wrong-Love the colored part, but that was it!

I’m tempted to RIP it apart and salvage the image, then re-set it! Ever do that???


 I needed a cute little “I love you” card for Jay, since he has been so wonderful to me lately, helping out, and being SO supportive of my creative CRAZY goals and ventures 😀 I think he will like it. After I re-do it! LOL!!!

OK I need to run-be back tomorrow for a post with a NEW! Release image 😀

Thanks for stopping by!

Party Animals

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Post #2 for today-

Well Its been a few days since I shared some creative eye candy!

I have lots of fun things I have made, just little time to share lately, because I have even MORE to make. It can be a crazy cycle! LOL! Posting can take FOREVER! Oh and photographing and editing-that takes me forever too! I often find myself creating so much that I forget what I made and if/when I shared it! LOL!

Case in point.

The card I have to share today I made over a month ago! I just got caught up on other things and it was in the forgotten archives of my projects!

Party Animals


This is the card I made for Amber’s 5th birthday. She was just in love with this image when she saw it, so I had to use it for her.

This image is by Tina Wenke-Mose-Bird-Ladybug-Cucpake from Stampavie.

Amber loved the little ladybug in this the most. I loved the Chickie 😀 So we picked out our paper, and got started. She also helped dictate what colors I should use for it, since it was for her. She cracks me up sometimes.


I think she has a good eye 😀 She basically chose the colors and I just colored it for her. The ONLY thing I didn’t color what she asked was she wanted the mouse purple. We compromised and did the SHIRT purple instead.

The sentiment is from JustRite Stampers Celebrations Demi Phrases Set 2″  It was perfect to put atop my Animal Party cupcake! I had fun with the way the mail layer was cut, and normally finding a sentiment to accentuate that would have been difficult. I really LOVE the Demi Phrases they have. I find I often don’t need a full circle sentiment, so they are super.

The paper is by Making Memories. One of my FAVE stacks! On the ribbon I added a pretty flower brad. Easy peasy.

OK Sorry, I wasted all my chit chat for my family post! I have to get Amber ready for school and then have a million TO DO’s!

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Till tomorrow

Summer Fun

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Hi everyone!

How has everyone been? We have been great here! Obviously “I” have been MIA. It is rare that I do not post days in a row but I have really been trying to enjoy what is left of the Summer with my children by taking as many day trips as humanly possible, before we are back to the daily “grind”.


 I have to share a link to an UBER cool blog I found! Its a SAHM who lives in New England and lists ALL the cool places you can go to and visit! She also gives her own reviews and shares photos!

Check it out if you live in the area—>One Mom’s Review

I love it! We have found several places to visit this summer because of it 😀 Thank you to Mandy for taking the time to help out area mom’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its really not often that I get a “break”. So I took advantage of what I could. I also have TONS of design stuff going on behind the scenes!!!!!!!!!

I am trying my best to actually get some stamp designs done 😀

I KNOW! I can’t believe it either. I’m going to TRY and take the plunge.

I have to admit I’m very petrified by the WHOLE thing. If I can’t get it perfect than I won’t do it at all!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I’m very computer challenged, so I have a graphic designer, that use to be a SU! Customer of mine, who is going to come to my house to teach me the program 😀 I’m not making ANY promises-but thought I’d let you know in case there is something you may want to see me design 😀 I have some ideas sketched out, so we will see  HOW they transfer into real images.

If you have any ideas of what YOU want to see-let me know!  And to let you know not to worry if it gets quieter here. This stuff takes TIME! As it is I’m in shock myself that I am able to make so many template designs and still keep up and post regularly!

Tomorrow I will be back with the color challenge from last week, then the My Timeless Template challenge- as well as 2 weeks worth of TOP 5 entries with links for you all!

In the meantime…… is a fun SUMMERY Sample I made using Tina Wenke: Mouse on a Orange Daisy


This is from Stampavie You can also find it —> here <— at All That Scraps


Apparently I didn’t want to make my Daisy orange! LOL!

I wanted a real POP of color, so I went with it. To me, THAT is the FUN part about “whimsical” hand drawn images! You CAN make anything any color YOU wish. When its a true to nature image, its expected you will color image with the expected color of it in its natural state. When you have a image such as this, the sky is the limit on color choices. You CAN have various “nontraditional” colored animals like the cartoons our kids watch-like Blue’s Clue’s, and Dora with blue and purple dogs, and other funky colored animals, like monkey’s with purple boots! 🙂

I feel like this project has HINTS of the challenge colors posted here <—-CLICK IT!

I’m not passing this one off as my SAMPLE, just saying!


The obvious pink and Orangey yellow-the bird has the blue, and there is a HINT of purple on the flower held my the lady bug!

I just loved coloring this image.

I hope you like my sample too!

I love the layout with the die cute labels and satin bows. Just too fun

This is sure to bring cheer to someone 😀 Don’t you think?

Well I am on the run. Lots to do before school is back in session.

Thank you for checking in with me

See you back here tomorrow!

My Time for a Sketch!

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OK peeps, this is post 2 for today, so scroll down!

I’m off to balloon rally, so I have be quick 😀

Today’s challenge we have a sketch!


If you get to play along please link here

I will be featuring the TOP 5 on my blog next weekend, with a link to their blogs!

This feature of the TOP 5, will be called My Time to Shine 😀 So I hope you find time to play 😀 This will also help others find new blogs full of talent, that they may not have seen before too! So rock it out girls!

Here is my take on the sketch


Ruffles Birdwatching

I kept is clean and simple so the focus is on the main image 😀

This adorable dog is from Helz Cuppleditch. I loved him peeking out of the Daffodils 😀 This was one of the images I colored while Jay was recovering in the hospital! LOL! Too fun. I then went on to find some simple, patterned paper, to complete to look!

The Hi there sentiment is from Mega Mixed Messages

Now its time to check out the team’s take on the sketch 

  • Alicia
  • Dana G
  • Dawn Easton
  • Jennifer
  • Kendra
  • Kristen
  • Lisa
  • MacKenzie
  • Maria
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracey Cuccia
  •  They are all fabulously talented ladies! I feel blessed to have gotten to know each of them, and call them my friends 😀

    OK I’m off for the day!


    Hoping You’re Fully Recovered

    Jul 28, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Stampavie

    There are 2 posts today-so scroll down! OK!


    Ruffles Get Well Soon

    I made this for my hubby Jay!

    He just had his back surgery yesterday afternoon. Is still in the hospital today.

    He had a Discectomy. The surgery took 3 1/2 hours! The doctor said he believed Jay had this herniation for much longer than anticipated, because the herniated disc was all tangled up in a lot of scar tissue! He had to be very careful untangling it!

    Thankfully Jay has full sensation in his legs and whatnot because when you mess with scar tissue like that you risk a lot of scary things, I’m too scared to even type!

    I thought it was just perfect for the event.

    The kids are making him their own cards as I type now.

    I couldn’t let him have surgery, and NOT make him a special card (I never got that Father’s Day card done! Shame on me :C). Plus it gave me the opportunity to tell him how important he is to us and how much we love and appreciate him. Oh yeah and that he better WAKE UP! (I know that is terrible but it is always in the back of your head! )

    I will be bringing him home in a couple hours. He is an hour away.

    It was weird sleeping alone! I missed him already.

    After surgery his face was so puffy (from being up side down for almost 4 hours!) and he was in complete agony.

     I hope I can manage his care and pain while he is home. The kids are dying to spend time with him, but I hope they will be quiet and let him rest up! He said he didn’t sleep at all, despite the sleeping aid he received. I’m sure he is exhausted.

    He always takes such good care of me, I just hope I can do the same for him. He deserves it.

    Funny thing happened at the hospital! I brought my entire bucket of Copic markers, and PAGES of stamped images to color while I wait. Many NEW! to be released stuff I have to work on 😀

    The hospital staff was just wondering WHAT I was doing! LOL!

    They were just in awe when they asked me about WHAT I was doing! LOL! They never heard of stamping! LOL! I went on to explain what I do for my “hobby” and the design teams, and then went on about My Timeless Templates. They were just crazy over it! Each nurse called another nurse, who called another, and another……you get the idea!

    Even Jay’s doctor was interested! Each time a new image was colored, they’d come running to see it complete! LOL! It was so funny.

     It was so fun to share my excitement and to see the excitement on the faces of others. Very refreshing. They all said they were jealous that I USE to be a nurse, and now I got to color (who doesn’t love that right?) and do what I really love each day for “work”. I have to agree!!! I am very blessed 😀


    OK so onto the card itself! The name of this stamp is Ruffles Get Well Soon

    Are you wondering yet WHERE that fantabulous image came from???

    Stampavie has another NEW! Designer named Helz Cuppleditch. <–Check it out!

    Three words for it —> OVER – THE – MOON!

    You don’t need ME to tell you how fantabulous these new images are! You can totally see for yourself!

    The BAD part (insert sad face for you) they don’ start shipping till end of August! I know! That stinks! You need them NOW!!! I know the feeling! I waited rather impatiently as my box was being delivered.

    I have much more to share in the mean time 😀

    Jay likes a LOT of detail on my cards. So I always try to do my best for that.


    For this I loved the bandaged paw!

    I made it really pop by adding 3 layers.

    The main layer is 1, the couch cushion with the dog was layer 2, then just the 2 paws was layer 3!

    Oh and the slippers!


    Here is another angle.

    Seriously, how cute, and cheery is this?! I so loved it to pieces

    I loved the ripped paper too.

    I had a BLAST coloring this one (in case you can’t tell!)


    The sentiment was perfect! It comes from Papertrey ink: On My Couch Additions

    Since the puppy needs to “recover” and he is ON a chair I thought it was a definite mix and match! He is just the cutest puppy, ever!

    So I want to thank you for all the well wishes for Jay’s recovery! He really appreciated all the kind comments and emails over the last few weeks. He has a long recovery ahead.

    I’m glad I took the time I needed for my family too. They are always #1!! I’m one big stress ball this week.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I’m off to bring Jay back home and let the REAL work will begin.

    Enjoy the day, and thanks for letting me share my life with you all.

    PS If you emailed me, I will get back to you over the next week or so. I’m just a little crazy busy this week Thanks for you patience 😀

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