Hi everyone!

How has everyone been? We have been great here! Obviously “I” have been MIA. It is rare that I do not post days in a row but I have really been trying to enjoy what is left of the Summer with my children by taking as many day trips as humanly possible, before we are back to the daily “grind”.


 I have to share a link to an UBER cool blog I found! Its a SAHM who lives in New England and lists ALL the cool places you can go to and visit! She also gives her own reviews and shares photos!

Check it out if you live in the area—>One Mom’s Review

I love it! We have found several places to visit this summer because of it 😀 Thank you to Mandy for taking the time to help out area mom’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its really not often that I get a “break”. So I took advantage of what I could. I also have TONS of design stuff going on behind the scenes!!!!!!!!!

I am trying my best to actually get some stamp designs done 😀

I KNOW! I can’t believe it either. I’m going to TRY and take the plunge.

I have to admit I’m very petrified by the WHOLE thing. If I can’t get it perfect than I won’t do it at all!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I’m very computer challenged, so I have a graphic designer, that use to be a SU! Customer of mine, who is going to come to my house to teach me the program 😀 I’m not making ANY promises-but thought I’d let you know in case there is something you may want to see me design 😀 I have some ideas sketched out, so we will see  HOW they transfer into real images.

If you have any ideas of what YOU want to see-let me know!  And to let you know not to worry if it gets quieter here. This stuff takes TIME! As it is I’m in shock myself that I am able to make so many template designs and still keep up and post regularly!

Tomorrow I will be back with the color challenge from last week, then the My Timeless Template challenge- as well as 2 weeks worth of TOP 5 entries with links for you all!

In the meantime……..here is a fun SUMMERY Sample I made using Tina Wenke: Mouse on a Orange Daisy


This is from Stampavie You can also find it —> here <— at All That Scraps


Apparently I didn’t want to make my Daisy orange! LOL!

I wanted a real POP of color, so I went with it. To me, THAT is the FUN part about “whimsical” hand drawn images! You CAN make anything any color YOU wish. When its a true to nature image, its expected you will color image with the expected color of it in its natural state. When you have a image such as this, the sky is the limit on color choices. You CAN have various “nontraditional” colored animals like the cartoons our kids watch-like Blue’s Clue’s, and Dora with blue and purple dogs, and other funky colored animals, like monkey’s with purple boots! 🙂

I feel like this project has HINTS of the challenge colors posted here <—-CLICK IT!

I’m not passing this one off as my SAMPLE, just saying!


The obvious pink and Orangey yellow-the bird has the blue, and there is a HINT of purple on the flower held my the lady bug!

I just loved coloring this image.

I hope you like my sample too!

I love the layout with the die cute labels and satin bows. Just too fun

This is sure to bring cheer to someone 😀 Don’t you think?

Well I am on the run. Lots to do before school is back in session.

Thank you for checking in with me

See you back here tomorrow!