Warning: I’m very “chatty” this morning. Not sure why, maybe it’s the coffee 😀 

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I’d love to hear what everyone has planned for the week. I like knowing I’m not the only one running like a chicken with her head cut off!!

Alexa returns to school tomorrow. I’m a bit terrified, but I can’t keep her home all winter. The rest of us haven’t gotten sick so that is promising.

Noah has his 3rd birthday party to attend this weekend. I will share the cards I made for those tomorrow. I need to brush up on my BOY themed skills! I’m always ALL GIRL.

Today we are going to get some pumpkins and stuff from our local farm, as I wonder HOW I can clone myself to be in THREE places at once on Friday at the children’s Harvest Parade! Each of my children has a party, and the older 2 participate in a town wide parade, while Amber is at the school in her first parade, that takes place THERE at the SAME time! I’m so torn!!!! I’m actually going to tell the afternoon K teacher about the time conflict and see if she can maybe begin the K parade a tiny bit earlier! I’m sure I’m not the only parent with a child in K and older ones in the school. Doesn’t hurt to ASK. If it can’t be changed I’ll go to Amber’s parade first, then FLY downtown and PRAY I make it to the END of the parade for the older two. Still have no idea HOW I’ll be at three parties. Each child is expecting me to be there. CRAZY!

Jay just got a Snowmobile, which he has to pick up today, as a late birthday gift from me :D, and it appears it is from the husband of one of my local area stampers name Monika!! Small world.

Amber also has her “induction” into Daisies. A younger form of Girl Scouts. That should be cute. She is very excited about it. She made me pick out a “fancy dress” and everything! LOL! I fear she may over-do it, so I’m trying to find something middle of the road. She actually wanted to wear her Sleeping Beauty gown! LOL! I had to say NO! on that for sure.

 Tuesday we are getting our family photos done. We are giving the Target Photo Studio a shot! Cross your fingers!

 I use to be SO good about getting regular professional photos done. Alexa, as a baby had photos every three months!! With Noah we went regularly too. Then poor Amber….getting THREE kids to the photo place and have them ALL look good proved to be too exhausting for me! So things tapered off.  Once Alexa got sick, I got busy, and before you know it, its been 2 years since we have been! THAT is terrible!! I got hardly no photos the first year Alexa was sick. I couldn’t stand reliving that time, and seeing her look the way she did. I’m not sure if I regret that or not. I don’t think I do. I just see there is over a year with LITTLE photos of my kids, and Amber was so young, so I feel like I missed a year of her life. I wanted that time to be put behind us with little “documentation” to relive that difficult time. Having photos of the other 2 shouldn’t have gotten away from us, but it did.

So all that being said, I do take a LOT of photos on my own, so that is good. We are due for a group photo. I hope everyone looks good at the same time! Seems like the more people in ONE photo, the bigger the chance someone isn’t going to look good when everyone else does! LOL! Alexa is shy and is so beyond the camera person waving a stuffed toy in her face to make her smile! She is 10, not 2. So if she won’t look at them or smile it cold be a LONG shoot. I really hope she participates without too much fuss. Noah is in the CHEESY smile phase. Oh and my dark hair! I’m still not use to it, and I’m not sure how I feel about long distance relatives getting a peek at it yet! LOL!

Last but not least, this morning I have been packing Etsy orders from my shop, to go out tomorrow morning! So if you ordered something, it is going postal then!

 I also have some SEWING projects I want to take on once I get my sewing machine back from Jay’s mom. The holiday’s are coming and everything I give will be HOME MADE! (in some way) They are simple projects, like my felt stocking and what not. I like QUICK sewing projects! Nothing too involved.

With the home-made theme going, here is a card I put in my Etsy shop, but had yet to post on my blog….

Home-made with love


When I saw this image from Stampavie called  Home Sweet Home by Helz Cuppleditch I just loved it! I LOVE hearts, and images that contain hearts, so this was SO me! I loved the heart topiary too. Just so cute.

I have issue’s deciding what COLOR I make any house image I create. I usually go with some sort of yellow! LOL!


I had fun coloring this, and while you cannot SEE it, there are stickles on the grass and topiary. Really nice sparkle. I added the same stickles to the flowers I created, along the bottom.

Since this is suppose to be like ‘From our house with love” I added the little rounded tab on the left side. The sentiment is only part of the image from Recipe Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16″  which actually reads “homemade with love”. I didn’t need the entire circle so I only used the 1/2 I wanted. I do that often with these images, and find it helps me maximize their use! I think we should all look at things that way.

Well I have much to do, so I better get running. I’ll be back tomorrow with my BOY cards 😀

Till then