Hello World! Welcome to my blog!

Well, here I am. Can you believe “I” am blogging? I know I can’t. I am SO computer challenged, which is funny considering I’m married to a computer geek! LOL!

Emily (emilymomto3boys) and her sister Kimberly (mamakimberly) seriously helped me get this up and running, so a HUGE thanks to them!! I would still be staring at a screen of God knows what if it wasn’t for their help. Oh and my hubby Jason. He was seriously patient through this entire process!

 Do you like my title? I feel this suites me most! I got my SCS name “mytime” cause thats what my stamping time for me is. A time when I can destress, be myself, and do something for “me”. Time away from all the many hats we as women wear. Not that I don’t enjoy all that I have in my life, its just a nice temporary retreat!  I’m a better person when I make time to step back and do something I enjoy.

Since this is the place where I will be sharing my creations, that was so sutiable for my title.

Now you may say “What is Stampendence?”. Well, I am doing this for myself . When I stamp, I have no responsibilities. I’m in my own world, so instead of independence I chose “stamp”endence! I feel free when I am creating. I love my word for it.

Anyway, its been an AMAZING month for me! I was invited to join the Dirty Dozen Design Team on Splitcoaststampers. That was a dream come true.

I was asked to also design for All That Scraps. Thanks to Amy R for pointing her to my gallery.

I had a 2 page layout/article,  for the promotion of my daughter Alexa’s stamp set, published in the March/April edition of The Rubber Stamper! All procedes from the sale of her set go to the Pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for research in treatment!

Check it out Its called Alexa’s set. Alexa got to pick what she wanted for a design, and one stamp is even Alexa’s actual signtaure! BIG thanks to Melissa for putting her dream into action! If you want to read the entire story of what was “suppose” to be printed in The Rubber Stamper go to my Pages section and click on Alexa’s Story!

There are also alot of cool things in between, but I don’t want to bore you from the word “hello”.

Now, I started a blog. I don’t know how interesting my life is to everyone but I plan on keeping this as fun and exciting as possible!

That being said I am always open to what YOU want to see on my blog. So feel free to make suggestions as I go.

I look forward to sharing this fun art with you, and all that I know!

I plan on persuing some goals I set this year, and hope you’ll have fun with me on my journey persuing them. I hope this place will help inspire you to find your own creative style and stampendence!