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December Preview Day 1!

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Well I think its appropriate to say Happy Holidays!

I am really feeling the holiday spirit this year.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and have stayed healthy through the holidays.  I truly enjoyed the spirit of the holidays as my children, husband, and I celebrated our many blessings by feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving. It was the most enjoyable holiday I’ve had in a long time. It really felt like the holidays use to feel when I was a child. Pure joy! More on that further down!

First let me share with you what we have planned for the release on Decemeber first! We have some amazing new products that will allow you to whip up some holiday gifts in a jiffy! They are some really great products for hosting or attending that holiday party, or any event all year round. Sometimes we aren’t sure how to dress up that table, thank a hostess, welcome a guest, or set the tone for the event. This will really help you through those times, and in the most stylish way possible!

So here is what we have for you today, as we release 3 AMAZING New Pretty Packaging Templates, 5 New Pretty Impressions Stamp Sets, 4 New Pretty Pieces Cut Files, and 3 New Pretty Printable Paper Collections!

Card Wrapper

Debbie Marcinkiewicz

Farida Rone

Wine & Dine

Kimberly Morrow

Lisa Kind

Chair-ish You

Lauren Meader

I’m quite excited about today’s project I’m sharing.

Chair-ish You

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

Chair Seat Box

3 X 3 Inches Wide

1 1/4 Inch Deep


9 Inches Tall

3 X 3 Inches Around

Who’d of thought a three dimensional chair could be so whimsical, fun and functional!

It is certain to make the perfect table setting, seating card, and favor for any party, wedding, or gifts for the hostess. You will find it especially fun for gifts from the kitchen like home baked goods, spices, recipes, and gift cards for a new home.

I chose the stripe pattern in the Table for Two paper collection. It is a great neutral color, and it matches the Hostess’ dining room 😀 I think that type of attention to detail is always appreciated and never goes unnoticed.

I used mine for a hostess gift. We often get invited to numerous holiday parties, so I made this one for my brother’s mother in law Annis, hence the framed monogram A on the chair back, which was printed direct onto my template.

The frame and monogram A is from the *NEW* Merriest Monograms set. I think this set is beyond fabulous! I colored the frame to match the grey in the Table for Two  paper, and I colored in the center of the frame in the same color green as in the Table for Two paper collection. The A is colored in white.

The Thank you for being a lovely hostess sentiment is from the *NEW* Table for Two Sentiments Set . I simply tied around a grey ribbon and added a white Prima flower. So simple and understated, but so pretty too!

 Now, what to put inside? There are SO MANY options! I know that Annis has an amazing jet tub and loves organic Bath Bombs! I found this one themed as a cupcake 😀

 It is perfectly perfect!

Whomever you gift this to, for whatever reason, it is certain to be chair-ished!

These tall chairs would be perfect for any shower, or especially on a table for a Wedding! Great for sending your guests home with a little treat. Wrap up some homemade cookies, truffles, brownies, maybe some drink mixers…..truly endless possibilities.

You will want to check out the Two for Dinner, Two for Dinner Sentiments, Homemade Holidays/Sentiments, Hauntingly Homemade Labels and the Apothecary Labels set for some great additions to this template!

Now onto the thank you note I created to match 😀 I love matchy, matchy stuff.

I used the Perfect Place Card cut file for my thank you note. This is a elegant letter style invitation card, with a coordinating mat layer, so you can quickly and easily create your own customized invitation for any event, or compose a letter of gratitude in style!

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

4 3/4 Inch Tall

5 3/4 Inch Wide

If you are looking for the perfect place card to dress up any table, be it for that special dinner, the holiday’s, a wedding, shower, or other event, then this is the card file for you. You can easily make any table look stunning and elegant for any event with our amazing coordinating products.

The leaf “plate” print is from the Table for Two Set and the sentiment is the same one from the Chair-ish You project.

The Thank you sentiment is from the Merriest Monograms set. The vintage woman is so pretty, and she is from the *NEW* Vintage Vineyard set.

I decorated the bottom part of the card digitally by clipping the polka dot pattern, that matches the chair from the Table for Two paper collection.

The sentiment on teh bottom of the card is the same sentiment I used in the *NEW* Table for Two Sentiments Set

You can create this to become a thank you card, or an invitation too!

Place the persons name, initials or table number at the top.

This is just the start of the MANY ideas for uses of our latest products! So keep checking in and see what our team has in store!

Now onto our Thanksgiving adventure!

We were all excited to help out with our new endevour to help feed the local homeless families, and ended up serving over 200 people! We  know we are truly blessed to have our health, love of family, and friends, and a warm place to live.

Here the kids are getting ready to head out to the Fire Station where we were going to serve the meals.

Noah was especially social while serving his items. He smiled ear to ear, greeted people, and made sure to ask everyone “So are you having a great Thanksgiving, because I am so glad you’re here!”
While Alexa just served pie, and a shy smile. She didn’t understand WHY some people DIDN’T want pie!…

LOL! She would say “You don’t want pie? Pie is so GOOD!” Them put her head down and smile.
Amber took it ALL in emotionall, and immediately after all was said and done, she noted that it was sad these people were going back to no home, and not even having a way to heat up the extra food they were given to take with them.

It was by far the best thing I have experienced in a long time. Pure joy. It actually felt so amazing that I have to say that last time it “felt” like Thanksgiving like that and what life is all about I was probably a child.

The kids were beyond my expectations. They sat with everyone while they ate, and made conversation. They really enjoyed it too and immediately asked if we could do it again next year. That was so great to hear. I was just so happy that they “got it”! They got how good it feels to help others and give back. They felt the joy of bringing a smile to someones face. They saw how much we actually have and were genuinely grateful. I am thankful that they let us all help and participate as a family because everyone there left with something more than a full tummy and a plate of food 😀

I felt so humbled I couldn’t even bare to go out on Black Friday (as I usually do) and fight crowds for the latest and greatest “things”. It seems so hypocritical. Plus I want the feelings of this day to last as long as possible because this feeling CANNOT be bought for any price 😀

I encourage you to give the gift of giving back this holiday season! It doesn’t have to be “big”, just a little piece of yourself to brighten the day of someone who needs it. Making your own gifts really shows how much you care ♥


Wow! it is almost September, and the kids just went back to school yesterday.

I now have a 3rd, 4th, and 6th grader! Where has the time gone???

Here are some photos (as a proud mom I have to share :D)

They have grown so fast!

As September approaches, and I try to juggle getting back into the swing of things I have much to share with you all for our September 1st Release!! We have a truly amazing line up of products for you this month, and I hope you will get inspired to try them out for yourself at some point.

While our September Release won’t be available until September 1st, once our products are in store, they are available for instant download. If you want to know HOW to download any of our products please read instructions HERE!

Our files are formatted to fit over 18 cutting systems on the market! But you DON’T need a personal cutting system to use our products! If you have a home printer you are good to go!

All our products are designed to be user friendly and fun. Whether you are a new crafter, or a well seasoned one, I think you will enjoy our products. We have a lot of information on our ABOUT Page, loads of amazing projects using our products in OUR GALLERY, we also offer many challenges on OUR BLOG if you are looking for new ways to get creative. You may also want to check out some of our tutorials too 😀

So that all that being said….let’s see what the design team has been up to!

I am quite excited by this release, and think you will be too!! We have all enjoyed using the products this month, and really have some unique items to share.

This project I have today was fashioned after something near and dear to me….the apothecary jar.

Apothecary Jar $5


How amazing to have a cardstock version of this amazing item!

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

6 Inches Tall

4 Inches Around

I love vintage apothecary jars, and have collected them for many years, so it is only natural for me to want to be able to replicate my favorite shaped jar in a cardstock version. I think we can all use a fun jar like template to package up the simplest of gifts! Think of all the fun items you can package in this jar like template. Design it to coordinate with any room of your home!

You can gift kitchen or bath products, baked goods, candy, flowers, seed packets, tea or coffee themed gifts, mixes and other handmade or store bought concoctions!

This template was so fun and easy to use (yes, EASY!). I created the template from white cardstock, and layered it with the stunning Blossoming Cherries © patterned paper collection along the bottom.

I chose a different pattern on the lid, but from the same collection. I love having the various patterns that coordinate!

The center tag here was created using the *NEW* Apothecary Labels set, which was cut out using the Fabulous Frames Cut File. The label featured is a completed tag design within the set, that perfect accentuates the Apothecary Jar Template.

You could package up some floral scented soaps, or candles using this tag. Maybe some potpourri, tea’s, seed packets, gift card to local flower shoppe….to name a few ideas.

Here are some alternate views of the jar…..

I added some acrylic flowers what I had purchased, and put them in the flower centers of the paper on the Apothecary Jar.

As you can see the flowers look really nice, and I of course had to add a paper one that I created using the Rambling Rose © cut file.

The rose is truly stunning on the side of this!


To further accent the usability

 I have included a handle and spout for this template, so your jar can be easily turned into a tea pot! So many possibilities!

So using the SAME design, and the tea pot elements I created a teapot version using the Apothecary Jar template.

The labels are also made using the *NEW* Apothecary Labels set, which was cut out using the Fabulous Frames Cut File.

I think it is just as stunning as a teapot, as it is an apothecary jar!! This template truly has ENDLESS possibilities.

It can become a pumpkin, a apple, a gumball machine, a Witch’s Cauldron…to name a few more ideas!!

By adding the tea element and changing the tag you have a totally new look!

This is yet another tag that is included in the Apothecary Labels set. I just colored the frames to coordinate with my paper.

Tag reads Hot Tea-Herbal Blends-Limited Edition 8 0z, and has a tea cup! I love it. I spent MUCH time designing this set with gift-giving in mind.

I added a hanging tag to the teapot to further accentuate the design of the teapot.

This is the detail of the tea tag I made using the images from the Apothecary Labels set, which was cut out using the Fabulous Frames Cut File. I love combining several images onto one customized tag!

The flag at the top is included in the set, and I added the sentiment to it. The tea pot was created using the jar image, and the handle/spout. I layered the pot with that floral pattern, also in the set. The sentiment along the bottom speaks for itself 😀

About the Apothecary Labels Set of 20 Digital Images $12

You can never have too many options when making cards and gift for those you care about. This set of  labels was created to help you accent any card, tag or Pretty Packaging Template with that little bit of creative flair, in no time flat! This set was designed to coordinate with the Apothecary Jar Template, but can be used anywhere!

This set includes 4 completed labels, and 3 ready to build labels.

Sentiments Include:

Contents in Jar

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Very Fragile

Handle With Care

Fresh Picked Just For You

Packaged to promote rest, relaxation and joy!

Packaged to be shared.

Contents are not intended to be consumed while alone.

Packed special with you in mind.

May this brighten your day, as you always brighten mine

Will bring you a cheerful feeling

Too delicious to resist opening immediately!

Homemade especially for you!

Please Join Us for a time of family & friendship

Made with only the finest ingredients and lot’s of love

Curved Label Sentiments:

Deliciously Homemade

You’re Invited

Made Especially For You

A Little Something Sweet

Stir, Sip, & Enjoy!

Happiest Birthday Wishes

There really is no limit to what these labels can be added to! Don’t miss out on the Fabulous Frames Cut File, as it is an amazing set of 8 labels that were designed to coordinate with this set!

WHEW! Are you still with me here?! Lot’s of information to share, and still to come even MORE products and projects!! So with that being said I hope you will return tomorrow for even more, as we get ready to celebrate the release on September 1st.

A Special Person

Jul 25, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff
Having a child with special needs/disabilities or who is just “different” by some standard can be challenging, but for me, not in the way you would think. For me the hardest part is dealing with “normal” people in society and how they often tend to view such people.

Everyone says that if you have a child with special needs you are a special person. I never really understood WHY people said that …until recently. After hearing some of the harshest, open opinions, from a group of people, about those with special needs and disabilities, I realized I AM special!

I am the PROUD parent of a person who apparently would cause most of them “disgust” out in the real world. The banter of how disgusting people with disabilities are was so raw! I almost couldn’t even believe that I had surrounded myself in a room of people who had such opinions. I was blindsided. Sadly this happens quite often to me. People surprise me all the time with how they really feel when they let their guard down. Normally I would stand up and argue or fight for people like my daughter, but I felt a stronger urge to hear the truth on how they feel. I have spent my life as her mother fighting such views of people, so what kind of mother would I be to continue to surround myself with people like that?!

So yes, today I realized that I am special. I was chosen. I realized that I am thankful God gave her to me, who was apparently “special” because I have enough love within me to see the true beauty and possibility within her. I’m thankful she wasn’t given to someone who would discard her, and/or has such thoughts and feeling to those who aren’t “normal”. Who apparently are truly ugly inside. That obviously don’t have enough love within them to appreciate such a gift because they are so blinded and selfish. I find that NOT NORMAL!

It is like crushing a catepillar because it only appears as fuzzy, creepy crawly insect, when you didn’t realize it was really a beautiful butterfly.

I love being the mother of Alexa. With it comes gifts I cannot even put into words, and with that also comes the unveiling of what is really inside some people. She isn’t just a diagnosis. She isn’t a burden. She is more of a typical 12 year old girl, with an unending love in her heart. She has big dreams and wishes. She is full of possibilities. She is smart and funny, and full of laughter. Furthermore, she doesn’t judge others or disregard people who are “different”! She would never talk about anyone the way these “normal” people talked of people like her! In fact I’m sure she would have pity on them, and forgive them for being so judgmental.

Being in her life has taught me a lot of things. Sadly, today it is that you never really know how people truly feel, and when you find out, it just might hurt. Over time you tend to develop a bit of a thicker skin, but every so often when hurtful comments come from people you wouldn’t expect them to, all the armor you’ve built up doesn’t soften the harsh blow from the sword of their words.

So now you know the true hardest part about being a parent to a special child.

We have some more peek projects for you today!

Everything you see today will be made available for purchase tomorrow, May 1st on our website My Time Made Easy ™ LLC!

Make sure you visit the following team members for some amazing projects using another NEW! Template called Treasured:

  • Kimberly Morrow
  • Lisa Kind
  • Lori Kalus
  • Pattie Goldman
  • Tangii Crain
  • Now it’s time to share my sample with you!

    I made this for my son Noah 😀 He is 9 and loves putting his “treasures” in boxes, and hiding them in his room where no one will find them.

    Note: My sample is altered to be wider than the initial template. This template was designed to allow you to quickly and easily extend the length. Simply cut the top and bottom panels to be longer and you are good to go!


    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    6 1/4 Inches Tall

    4 X 4 Inches Wide

    This Pretty Package is a real treasure with all the versatility it can offer! With this template you can create a plethora of gifts for all ages.

    I made my box into a treasure chest by creating it in a Kraft cardstock, then cutting strips in a darker Kraft cardstock, that I had printed the woodgrain pattern from the Custom Construction Materials © paper!

    It looks amazing and realistic all the way around 😀 I really love how this turned out.

    My ONLY regret was not having enough brads to make this llok more authentic. I didn’t have enough to complete the box and time was ticking. Remeber I will have just had surgery and needed to get stuff done ahead of time. Oh well! I don’t think Noah will care!

    The top I chose to use the “build your own” sailboat image from the NEW! set called Seas the Day. I added the customized sentiment “For my amazing Son” to the flag from the Seas the Day Sentiments set.

    Now what to put inside…..

    Here I found some super cute Pirate designed Easter Eggs, so I filled them with various “treasures” and put them in here. How cute huh? This would make a great gift box or an excellent party favor, or table centerpiece!!

     The top and bottom panels of this are easily alterable so you can create a longer version of this box with ease, as I did in my sample today.

    The package also comes complete with the lock, hinge and handle pieces to really make this simple box one to treasure for much time to come.

    Use this package to create a treasure chest (long or stout), a stunning gift box, a mail box, tackle box, lunch box, robot box, jukebox, owl/other animal….wherever your creativity takes you!

    Now how about a feminine version?

    Now this is the original sample for the Treasured Template, complete with all the bells ans whistles this template comes with, such as the pretty base, handles, hinges and lock details!

    I used the stunning paper from Regal Round Up © for my box design.

    The top features flowers from the Bloom Builders © cut file. I just resized each smaller version to 75%.

    The flowers really added that something special to the top and my tag, which was made using the Fine Finish ©set and cut using the Fine Finish © cut file.

    Here I have packaged a large candle and stand!

    I love how the paper matches my candle holder 😀

    This template just hinges open…..

    and my candle/stand fits perfectly-with room to spare!

    The dome top allows you to package up a variety of sizable items too. You can put much taller gifts in here as well 😀 I love that!

    See-this can be both masculine AND feminine 😀

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:


    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

    Seas the Day & Seas the Day Sentiments, Fine Finish

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:

    Custom Construction Materials, Regal Round Up

    Pretty Pieces Cut File:

    Fine Finish, Bloom Builders

    Tomorrow is THE day, so I hope you will come back to see our amazing NEW products, which we will feature in a blog hop/group post!

    See you then!

    Perfect Peek Day 1

    Sep 28, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    WOW! Where has September gone?

    We are already starting with our Perfect Peeks at the October Release!

    Make sure you stop by and visit:

  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • Tangii Crain
  • Each one of them has an exciting project that shares a peek at some of our NEW! Products that will be available Oct 1st.

    So before I share my peek, I want to start off my post today by wishing my first born, Alexa a Happy 12th Birthday today!

    Please read Alexa’s Story <—click it, if you never have before.

     I just updated it too, to reflect where she is in life now.

    It will really make you appreciate the blessings in every day.

    She has had such a year of personal growth and accomplishment! To say I am proud of who she is becoming is an understatement. She really has a mind of her own, and is really expressing herself and personality. I always go through so many emotions on her birthday, as it is one of the most special days of my life. Alexa deserves to be celebrated. She has gone through so much in her short life, and has taught me so much. I am beyond blessed to have been given such a gift in being her mom.

    Since Alexa is now 12 (boy thats tough to type!)  tweens can be a tough age to make gifts for.  I made this gift box for her using a NEW! Pretty Packaging Template called Topped Off, that I think is going to be perfect for her!

    Topped Off $5

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    2 3/4 Inches Tall

    3 1/2 Inches Wide

    3 1/2 Inches Deep

     This is a very versatile favor box with so many possibilities to “Top It Off “!

    This template has a versatile favor box base, with lid, that you can top off  however you choose! On this sample I used the Star topper.

    Before adding the star layers, I curled some paper ribbon for an added WOW!

    Alexa’s FAVORITE color is the fuchsia pink, so I made her box to suit her personality. She is going for the funky rocker girl thing these days, so I think she will love this.

    I used some older sets: Keep Strong © 11 Images, , Fanciful Flourishes © 21 Images and Lost My Tooth © 17 Images (with the Lost My Tooth © cut file). The paper is the Taylor’s Teeth © Sweetheart’s Paper Bag, recolored to black/gray. It was perfection!

    I love the angled bottom of the box, as it adds a creative flair that a plain squared box bottom just can’t give! Sometimes it’s the SUBTLE details that really make you say WOW!

    This file comes complete with all the elements you need to top it off  in fashion. Just adhere your choice of toppers for a fun versatile favor box!

     Toppers Included:

    Snowman complete with hat and mittens

    4 Layered Pointed Petal Flower

    3 Layered Star

    and a Dual Layered Square (for a Graduation Cap!)

    All this in ONE template purchase! AMAZING!

    (I will share details on the above samples using all the toppers as the week progresses!)

    That isn’t all you can do! Layer whatever other shapes or cut files you have in your collection for a plethora of other endless favor possibilities!

    The layered star is just stunning, and fun for so many occasions!

    You could use this for a birthday celebration for any age-boy or girl, Chistmas time, New Years, New Baby, A Star is Born… get the idea.

    I want to use this for some staff at Make A Wish in Manchester NH, as I have recently signed up as volunteer! It is a foundation that I have long supported before becoming recipientof Make A Wish. I ahve always wanted to give back and this will be a perfect way to start.

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

    Topped Off

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

    Keep Strong © 11 Images, , Fanciful Flourishes © 21 Images and Lost My Tooth © 17 Images

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:

    Taylor’s Teeth © Sweetheart’s Paper Bag, recolored to black/gray

    Pretty Pieces Cut File:

    Lost My Tooth © cut file

    Now I know my sample today didn’t share anything else NEW! besided the Pretty Packaging Template  Topped Off, but since it IS Alexa’s birthday today, I needed to share what I made.

    Be sure you visit the team and come back tomorrow because I do have some NEW! Peeks to share using NEW! products.

    See you then.

    September Release:Tricky Treats Group Post

    Aug 31, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff


    We have 2 NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates:

    Tricky Treat Tote

    Tying Up Loose Ends

     Note our templates are formatted to be used with ANY printer, and they can cut in over 15 personal cutting systems on the market!

    Our template files are priced at only $5. You get UNLIMITED use from the template download. Each file includes step by step, detailed photo instructions. There will also be a PDF download of the scoring guide included for those using personal cutting machines.

    2 NEW! Pretty Impressions Digital Stamp Sets and 7 Digital Singles:

    Happy Hallows

    Wonderful Woodland Creatures

    Boo! Single

    Frankin Fun Single

    Gone Batty Single

    Purr-Fect Pumpkin Single

    The Count Single

    Well Wrapped Single

    Witch Way Single

    5 NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut Files:

    Simple Tags: Round, Rectangle, Square, Oval (also sold together for a excellent value)

    Frame Me Tag

    2 NEW! Pretty Printable Paper Collections:

    Color Infusion

    Trendy Forest

    Please view our Gallery for project samples, and alternative ways to use all our amazing coordinating products! You may also want to check out our blog for weekly challenges, and even more amazing ideas.

      In honor of our September Release each member of the design team has put together a Tricky Treat idea just in time for Halloween!!

     Be sure you take the time to visit each one of our talented design team members for a unique idea: 



     Now it’s my turn to share my Tricky Treat ideas with you 😀

     You can hardly buy ONE gift bag in the store for $5, let alone re-use, re-size, or customize it! Our templates grant you the option of making as many as you possibly can for a one time purchase, of what ONE gift bag would cost you. You can design it to coordinate with any gift, all year round, year after year, and you can resize it! Now that is the true meaning of VALUE!

    So all that being said I made three Tricky Treat Totes © to show you some fun ideas 😀

    With Halloween on the horizon, I know many of you like to create treats for those trick or treaters! Just in time for Halloween we have an amazing treat bag called the Tricky Treat Tote ©. I designed these three totes for my children, and left the images on each blank so they can color them however they want! So it’s a fun customizable tote, filled with treats!

    Color Me Witch Way

    This Tricky Treat Tote © was designed for my 7 year old daughter Amber. As you can see her tote includes a new box of crayons, so she can color as she chooses.

    She loved the Witch Way Single © so I knew this one was perfect for her! I just chose what size I wanted to print my Witch Way Single ©, and used Using Cut Files With Digital Images  TUTORIAL > HERE to cut out the decorative panel.

    Her favorite color is purple, so I chose to use the Traditional Halloween © paper to accent it! As you can see on the bottom I used the Witchy pattern in the collection for the front, and the back!

    DON’T FORGET to design all sides of your creations! It gives them that compete,  finished, professional detail that is so important 😀 If you can see it, you could make sure it looks good! On the side panels I chose to use the Traditional Halloween © paper. I love the way it looks and it was SO SIMPLE to do!

    Each tote has a pack of crayons, a coordinating PEZ dispenser, Ghost PEEPS, A Reese Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Pumpkin, and some other fun candies in the bottom.

    Frankin Fun Color

    Now an idea for the boys! This one was approved by my 8 year old son, Noah. He is one tough critic, as everything has to be very BOYISH!

    We have several great Halloween Singles this month that can be used for the boys 😀 My son loved the The Count Single © – Digital, so I designed his Tricky Treat Tote © using him 😀 I think he is actually excited to get to color him, once I give these over to them. They have to wait, for now!

    I added a few lil’ bats to complete The Count theme! Noah said since I put a bat in the middle of the “bow” then the bow was OK to how on here! Oh boy! He is PICKY! LOL!

    Now the paper I used for this one is actually the same Traditional Halloween © paper I used in the Witch Way (above) project, I just changed the purple to gray, and it suddenly took on a very BOYISH color scheme!

    Pretty cool huh?!

    I also used the Collegiate pattern from Academic Hodge Podge ©, recolored to black & white for the side panels. Since I was going with “The Count” theme I thought the numbers would be FUN!

    You have to LOVE the possibilities that our Pretty Printable Digital Papers offer! You NEVER run out of a pattern! No more hoarding your paper! You can re-color the paper to suit your projects, you can print only what size you need, and the scale of the paper can change…to name a few perks. Printing your own paper is actually more affordable than people realize too. READ THIS POST HERE!!!

    Color Me Kitty

    Last but not least!

    A pink Halloween Tote?! Why not? Who says everything has to be all dark, creepy and black? That is the beauty of being an artist and customizing gifts for the person receiving them! My daughter is a PINK girl. She loves pink any and everything and really didn’t want your typical Halloween color themed gift. Can’t say I blame her!

    This tote was designed using the ever adorable Purr-Fect Pumpkin Single © !

    It’s oh, so cute, and far from creepy!

    Alexa, my almost 12 year old loves to color, and that is actually how this idea to leave these BLANK for them to color, came to me! She asked me if instead of ME coloring it, if she could instead. GREAT IDEA Alexa 😀

    Now for the paper on this one I used the Chocolate Halloween © collection! It’s amazing that using all the same patterns, just in different color, you get such different results!
    This is the back!
    I think you will agree it is a much needed and nice touch, as I’ve mentioned previously. Again I used all the same papers, just in various colors. It allowed me to create 3 DIFFERENT, personal totes, just my changing up the colors!
    It was fun to fill these up, and I know my kids are so excited each holiday when mom makes them something special, that you cannot buy in the stores. I hope it’s this type of thing that they will remember when they are grown.
    They want me to make these for their classmates this year! I think that is something I can do, I would resize it to probably 50% for their classmates. Maybe even make it a class project to cut and let the kids assemble during a craft time activity! We live in a small town, and parent participation in school is always encouraged. I like being involved in the school because it helps me get to know the faculty and the kids my children interact with everyday!

     So, open yourself up to the versatility our products really can offer!!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Tricky Treat Tote

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Purr-Fect Pumpkin, The Count, Witch Way

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Traditional & Chocolate Halloween

    Now for non craft related stuff…

    My kids are back at school

     Where did the little kids, with little faces, and soft tiny voices, who I use to bathe, use to let me pick out their clothes, brush their teeth and do their hair go? They now pretty much take care of themselves. Time has certainly flown and my little kids aren’t looking so little these days. They are now these amazing mini adults with amazing thoughts, and dreams for their life and future. Each has a variety of likes, loves, and opinions that they freely express daily! Each one is so different from the other, while all raised the same.

    Amber is 7, and now in 2nd Grade

    Amber-only 7, yet so old! She is the type of girl that wants to conquer the world, and I have no doubt she will do whatever she sets her mind to. She is the most independent of the group, and is the other mommy in the house, often bossing around the siblings to follow through with their chores, be responsible and help out. She is my cleaning and crafting buddy. She is also the girl that puts on a dress and goes out in it to catch bugs, or play soccer. She loves arts and crafts, and getting her hands dirty in the garden at the same time. She is very maternal, and has wanted to be a Vetranarian for the last 3 years. She is invloved in so many activities, and just loves keeping busy, much like me I think!

    Noah is 8 and he is now in 3rd Grade.

    Noah- here I can see what he will look like at 24! He has become the sweetest boy, and gets taller and taller everyday! He towers over his older sister, and is just inches away from being as tall as my mom! He is ever changing and becomes more and more like his dad everyday! Since Jay is the best guy on two feet, that is definitely a good thing. Noah is my most outgoing child. He will talk to anyone and makes a friend wherever he goes. He is so funny, and sweet, I can really tell what kind of man he will become. When I am sick he checks on me often, and even makes me toast 😀 He is definitely a “people pleaser” and is often a favorite with the teachers. He has an obsession with the “law” and people obeying the rules! He says he wants to be a dentist, but I think given his need for people to do what is right, and follow the rules, he should become a prosecuting attorney (as I can’t see him defending criminals) or a cop (but that would FREAK me out)! Whatever he does he has to be the best at, so I know whatever he chooses to do he will try his best, and I will be as proud as can be.

    Alexa is almost 12! She is now in 5th Grade

    Oh Alexa! She is growing so fast. I recall all the milestones I struggled to get her to meet. Now she is just a few years from being a woman herself. I am always pushing her to be independent, and I am now struggling to let her be just that when it comes to picking and choosing her clothing!! She is afterall almost 12, and what SHE wants to wear, and what I want her to wear are two different things! I want her in feminine, sweet clothes (like her younger sister), and she wants a very different style of glittery, mis-matchy, rocker style stuff like Hannah Montana, I Carly, Victoious,  and other popular “role models”a little older than her wear . Needless to say school shopping was tough (for me), allowing Alexa to express herself. If I want her to be so independent then I have to get over having control over everything she does, and let her make her own choices. Her clothing isn’t inappropriate or anything, just not MY style, but she ins’t ME. It’s great to see her come into her own and trying to express herself as she enters her pre-teen years. I just pray I can handle all that is to come. as she gets older, and more mature, before my eyes. My “baby” is no longer a “baby, and that is hard to accept sometimes, but part of being a parent is letting them live and learn on their own. I need to give her the oppourtunity to spread her wings and utilitze the skills I’ve been trying to teach her all these years. She has overcome so much in her life. I look forward to all she has yet to accomplish 😀

    Thanks for letting me share today!

    Return tomorrow for more projects and ideas.


    Amber’s First Photo Shoot

    Jun 12, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff

    Hi Everyone!

    Just checking in quick with a little family update.

    I always find something to keep me busy, and my family definitely does that. I always have something going on, and when things slow down, I manage to find something else to pile on my plate!

    Our recent addition to the schedule is something that has kept me VERY busy lately!

    Amber has started modeling for a very reputable modeling  agency in Boston Ma.

    We have a 3 year contract as of right now (and yes we can get out if she doesn’t want to do it anymore-WHEW!). They have several agencies, and have represented some of the biggest names in the industry.

    Now this isn’t like PAGEANTS! It’s totally different. You don’t get them glammed up, to look 21, put them in a ton of make-up, spray tan, froofy hair, and poofy dresses. They keep them natural looking and age appropriate! Nothing creepy.

    I love how they tell the girls your schooling is first, and we don’t want you to think of this as a career, but a hobby. Much like taking dance classes, or playing soccer! You need to have a life goal for an actual career. Honestly the chance of becoming “big” is very minimal, so a career plan is great. So far Amber wants to be a veterinarian. That may change, but I am certainly encouraging that! She has said that the last 2+ years, so fingers crossed, that is a great goal.

    As for the modeling, this is something Amber has wanted to do for some time now. She is photogenic, and loves getting in front of the camera. She is almost 7, so she is arriving at the perfect age to start in this industry, should she actually have a chance at doing something. The goal is to possibly allow her to do photo shoots for magazines, runway, ads, and possibly commercials or MAYBE act, in any capacity.

    She is currently taking some classes that will hopefully help her break into the acting aspect of it, should an opportunity arise. If not, the classes are great in general because they are teaching her a lot about herself, how to interact with people, memorize lines (which can help in school), and project a positive image. She absolutely loves everything about this.

    I’m surprised at how seriously she is taking this, given her age, but then again, she is an “old” 6 year old. I think our family dynamic has made Amber into being a mature, polite, self sufficient, responsible, confident, care taking, and loving girl. She always strives to do her best at everything, and this is no different.

    She had her first photo shoot last week!

    CLICK EACH PHOTO TO VIEW (this is the gallery option for my blog)

    Out these photos, they will only pick 2 ! CRAZY!

    Her next shoot is in 2 weeks.

    I’m very proud of her 😀

    I am especially proud that she is always well behaved (especially in this situation – as its very important), polite and patient. We have a long drive and even longer waits for meetings, photos etc. It’s not all always fun, but I’m always proud to introduce her to people because she is so good about all of it. She always speaks clearly, makes eye contact, and thanks the people involved for their time. It’s cool to see your children actually put into practice, what you teach them at home. Amber is actually kinda shy, although she does well interacting with others. Not so shy that she wouldn’t talk, just a little shy, and quiet. I am the polar opposite, being extremely outgoing. My son Noah is much more like me personality. We can’t go anywhere without him talking to someone and making a ton of friends instantly. Alexa is so shy its scary! She is often mute in public! We have been trying to work on that for some time, and she is getting much better 😀

    As for her photo shoot she was VERY nervous! I didn’t expect her to get so nervous. The photographer actually had to tell her to breath! LOL! You could tell she was nervous, this being her first time in front of a professional team, in a  huge room of people, with large lights, and a big camera in her face, with various people telling her what to do. The photographer having a heavy French accent. By the end of the shoot, she got more comfortable, and started really enjoying it, and switching from serious to smiling, from this position to that.

    As time goes on she will get more comfortable. Right now we are working on exposing her to the camera and getting her portfolio built up. She has her first runway show in October, unless something comes up before hand, so she is preparing for that as well. By that time she will have her photo portfolio complete, along with a video profile for the agency. That is also where the classes come in! It will really help her with that. I guess with the Internet being what it is they do a lot with that, and given her age, they want photos updated monthly. Thankfully we don’t have to pay for them! LOL!! It will be cool to see her grow and change over the next 3 years, having a professionally documented photo album. I love too, that I can print, post and do what I want/need with the agency photos. The photographer signs a waiver to us that allows us to make prints etc. Very cool.

    Anyway, this is a big part of what we are doing right now. It feels nice to divide some of my time to the baby of the family. When Alexa got Leukemia, Amber had just turned one, and I was away in the hospital for 9 months, and even then after that much time has been dedicated to Alexa. I think Amber enjoys the time she and I are spending as we do the photo shoots, meetings, classes and whatever else may come. So this help alleviate some of my guilt, not being in two places at once!

    Now speaking of Alexa…she just had her port-a-cath removed, and celebrates her 4th year in remission!! Now we only need to see the doctors every 6 months. Amazing! I promise that I will do my best to get some photos of her as soon as we have a nice sunny day! What can I say…she is 11! I’ve tried getting her photos the last 2 months and she gives me TOTAL attitude! She’d rather keep drawing, writing, reading and playing on her laptop! I’m a little freaked because she’s started with her yearly bout of congestion, that starts late Spring, then turns to pneumonia in the fall, despite everything we try to do. Last September she ended up in the ICU for 2 weeks. That was by far the scariest time I’ve ever had with her, heat surgery, Croup, Cancer and all! So I’m praying that encouraging her coughing will curb this.

    My mom had her surgery, to remove her tumor, and is recovering well, but not as quickly as she would like. It’s been a very long year and a half for her. She still has 4 months left of Chemo. Her divorce is coming up at month’s end, and her soon to be ex-husbands attempted murder trail is in July. I of course will be there for her through all of it, so that will be a little crazy, as the drive is about 2 1/2 hours ONE WAY. Its so emotionally and physically draining. There is so much on her plate, and I try to unload it, but there isn’t much I can do about the emotional toll things are taking on her other that to be here for her and listen.

    Um, what else…Noah, he is great! He can’t wait to end the school year, and start up Soccer. He SOOOOOO tall it’s insane. He is literally the height of most 13 year olds, based on the growth chart, from what the doctor says. They expect him to be at least 6’5. He’s been picking me daisies, and writing me notes,then leaving them under my pillow at night! So sweet. (minus a bug of two from the flower-EW!)

    Hubby-he is good. I have the best, most supportive husband/father. He is hard at work on the house,landscaping and getting a patio done so we can have a family/friend BBQ 4th of July or during Annual Balloon Rally 😀 As for Amber, he was initially not on board, but then seeing the agency is legit, and how much Amber wanted to do this, he is OK with it. He was actually proud too when he saw how well she conducted herself amongst adults.

    Anyway, that is it,  in a nutshell. I just wanted to get on here and tell you all what I’m up to these days, aside from WORK, and creating. I feel like I go from one release to the next, and don’t want to forget about the time I’ve spent just sharing and connecting with other here in this amazing cyberland of friends (and real one of course).

    So I hope you are all enjoying the start of Summer. I would love to hear something that is going on in your life now if you want to share!

    Happy thoughts!

    I’m back again today and the team and I have some more eye candy for you!

  • Catherine Doucette
  • Lisa Kind
  • Monique Hansen
  • So today I have some challenges to post that I needed to catch up on.

    My mom’s sugery which was Monday(she is doing well), the May release and kids vacation, as well as a vet emergency put me behind!

    Daisy, our 3 year old cockapoo, had the “pleasure” of diving into Alexa’s Easter Basket (which  Alexa had left on her bed). Daisy began vomitting in the morning, and the first time I thought she ate too fast. Then I found 2 more “episodes”, and realized that it looked like chocolate. I began to panic a little, and asked the kids if they left anything out. Amber informed me of Alexa’s mishap (thankfully) and upon inspection  of the evidence I realized Daisy had eaten an entire (large) box of Junior Mints (which are dark chocolate), 2 Reese Peanut Butter Easter Eggs, 2 (at least) Cadbury Chocolate creme eggs, and that is what I could tell.

    I called the vet immediately and he told me to give her 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to further induce vomitting. While I didn’t think that would be neccessary(or that I could even do that) as she already seemed to get rid of a ton on her own, one look at her and you could actually tell she felt ill :C I had Noah help me as we took her outside. He helped me hold her down, so I could give her the peroxide. I used a child medicine spoon dispenser. It allowed me to get into the side of her mouth and pour it in through her teeth. She was clenched and I couldn’t force her jaw open, so I poured it into the side of her mouth. She drank it.Within 2 minutes, the amount to chocolate that came up was INSANE!

    We then had to rush her to the vet as it was determined she had eaten a leathal amount of dark chocolate. Daisy is only 12 lbs, so it only take an ounce, and she ate well ove that. There they induced more vomitting and gave her charcoal, as well as a few other things needed to be done. $564.80 cents later Daisy was OK.

    As we were leaving the vet, they offered to give each of the kids those Lindt Chocolate bunnies. I had to ask “Are you kidding me? I appreciate the offer, but no thank you. We’ve had our fill of chocolate for one year!”

    That was quite the expierience. Thank goodness we were home when it all happened. If something bad happened to Daisy I know Alexa would have felt awful, as she was very upset by the incident. Poor kid.

    Anyway….I have a few challenges to catch up on before we wrap up our last day of release projects, so let me share those with you now.

    Pretty Pattern 07

    CLICK HERE for details and to enter your creation!

    Here is my take on the sketch!

    Bright Day

    I used the NEW! Bee-Loved © set for my card!

    I colored the daisies with my Copic Markers, and added stickles to them. I cut the bee out using the My Bee Loved © cut file.

    I also used the spotlight technique by stamped the flower in white, onto my black base, and matching it up to the colored flower panel! Too fun.

    Next upis the Palette Challenge

    Pretty Palette 07

    CLICK HERE for details and to enter your creation!

    Celebrating you!

    I had a vision for this card some time ago, where I cut out the center of the All A Flutter © butterfly, and you can see the Fresh Cut Expressions © Collection 2 patterned paper underneath! I altered the colors to suit the challenge!

    Doesn’t that look so amazing? Too fun. I just scaled down the pattern and there you have it!

    I added the flower from the Bold Botanicals © set, colored to match my paper.

    The sentiment is from the Just For You © set.

     I actually made this for the Birthday Blog Hop for our team member Lisa, but failed to get it photographed and uploaded in time :C SORRY Lisa!!

    Well that is all for today.

    I’ll return tomorrow for our Group Post: A Year In Review!

    Happy Birthday to me!

    May 2, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, family stuff, My family stuff, My Time Made Easy

    Yes, it’s true, today is my birthday!

    Is it lame that I still get excited about my birthday? Each year I view it as a new milestone, and hope and pray for the health, love and happiness of my family. I feel so blessed each year as I know first hand how precious it really is. Granted I don’t like the getting older part. I would swear I was still 23 not turning 33!!  I have so much to be grateful for.

    The love and health of my children, husband and myself (and our sweet dog Daisy).

    Alexa goes into her 4th year of remission from Leukemia.

    My mom has come through her surgery well, and is fighting that big fight against her Cancer.

    My niece Gabby with have a brother or sister in October-we find out tomorrow 😀

    We have our dream home, complete with craft room.

    I have a “job” I love.

    What more could a girl want?

    OK Enough about me.

    How exciting has the May Release been?

    You can see more projects today from:

  • Catherine Doucette
  • Pam Imholz
  • Tangii Crain
  • Since it’s my birthday I decided that I would share my favorite project to date!

    I know I have had so much fun creating with all the goodies this month, but this one takes the cake-literally!

    Is this not delicious?

    This was designed using the Oh-Bee Hive template!

    From hive to cake.


    While the Oh-Bee Hive template was designed to be a bee hive, I actually made this sample FIRST! LOL! I was so inspired by the tiered layers, that I had to go where the inspiration first took me.

    I did resize the file by 20% to make my creation a little larger, so it could accomodate my design.

    I knew I wanted a monochromatice cake, with cascading flowers, so this (to me) was the perfect color combination-chocolate!

    What girl doesn’t love chocolate?

    It came out better than I envisioned it to.

    You can create your own version to suit any color combination. We have many cut files that could add the the beauty of this easily.

    I used the stunning flowers from the Petal Perfection © set, cut out using the  Petal Perfections © Cut File!!

    It made creating the cascading flowers on the cake, quick and easy.

    I just stamped the flowers in chocolate ink, then added an adhesive pearl to the flower cetners.

    I added a string of pearls, and pop pom ribbon to the tiered layers for the added details you would see on an actual cake.

    I think we can agree it all really completes the WOW! factor of this cake.

    It only took about 40 minutes to make this. Can you envision gifting this to someone filled with chocolate truffles? Or these as centerpieces at a birthday party, bridal shower, or wedding. OH! These would be stunning wedding favors! You can re-size them to suit your needs!

    Many wondered if there was ROOM in here to fit gifts.


    The directions tell you how you can package up your gifts, while completing your design. Honestly the completed version is a gift in itself, don’t you think.

    That being said I made a card to match!

    Best Wishes

    I felt that would cover ANY event I wanted to gift this for, if I can ever muster the strenght to actuallly give it away! LOL!

    I love versatility in sentiments when creating a gift set that I’m not sure what occasion I want to use it for. It is handy to have some general gifts/cards on hand for last minute occasions, or if you don’t have the mojo or time when the occasion hits.

     I chose the text pattern paper from Fluttering-by © to add to my design.

     I used the same stunning flowers from the Petal Perfection © set, cut out using the  Petal Perfections © Cut File.

    I also used the Occasional Labels © (cut with the  Occasional Label ©) and the Best Wishes was stamped using the Sentimental Occasions © set.

    Well that is all for me.

    I hope to enjoy my birthday today. I am going on a field trip with my son Noah.

    Should be fun 😀

    See you back here tomorrow, for more idea!

    Kids wear!

    Apr 18, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, family stuff, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy, Tutorials

    Hi everyone!

    Today I’m back to share with you some more project ideas!

    I love getting as much use out of my crafty products as possible. Any time I can involve my children and save some $$ it is even more of a bonus for me (and my hubby is happier too!)

    Did you realize you can utilize the Pretty Impressions Digital Stamps to create you own customized items?

    Let me further explain exactly what I mean 😀

    For example, my son Noah is 8, and he is a tough critic when it comes to his clothing. It has to have some sort of picture on it that he likes. That usually means the shirts are ore pricey and once he is over that character, he won’t wear it anymore.

    Since the release of the  SK8R Boy © Digital Stamp Set Noah has been after me to make something just for him.

    So with that being said, I used the  SK8R Boy © Digital Stamp Set along with some iron on transfers (which you can buy at any craft store, Staples, and even Target!) to create some cheap customized shirts!

    Isn’t this so cute?

    He LOVES his new shirt!!

    I was able to digitally color my image (see our video here!) and then I was ready to go. Once you get to using the digital stamps you will find so many fun uses, they really maximize your $ worth!

    I purchased a 5 pack of cotton tee’s for real cheap 😀 You can get shirts of all types of quality for much less when they are PLAIN. Plus you hit a SALE and BINGO! Awesome start to something fabulous.

    Just read the directions on your iron on transers before you print. Some call for you to mirror the image (keep in mind if you use WORDS) and others don’t. Some are for light fabric, and others for dark!

    I personally think you can get more use fromthe dark color transfers because you can put them any dark color, but also use them on white and light colors too, they feel more sturdy, and print more vibrantly than the light color transfers. That is just my opinion of course.

    Here is the same image layered onto a black shirt Noah owned but would never wear!

    This time I flipped the direction of the image.

    He didn’t want any wording, so that was easy!

    Seriously can it get any easier?

    It doesn’t have to end at just SHIRTS!

    You can use the images as coloring pages, put them on tote bags, shirts, onesies, diaper bags, lunch bags, hats, backpacks, fabric covered frames or photo albums,  comforters, curtains, pillows, jackets, canvases…you get the idea!

    These projects make inexpensive and amazing personalized gifts for everyone!

    This would make a AWESOME party project or favor. 

    This is just another way you can use your Pretty Impressions Digital Stamps to create you own customized items.

    Well that does it for me. I’ll be back with more tomorrow 😀

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