Having a child with special needs/disabilities or who is just “different” by some standard can be challenging, but for me, not in the way you would think. For me the hardest part is dealing with “normal” people in society and how they often tend to view such people.

Everyone says that if you have a child with special needs you are a special person. I never really understood WHY people said that …until recently. After hearing some of the harshest, open opinions, from a group of people, about those with special needs and disabilities, I realized I AM special!

I am the PROUD parent of a person who apparently would cause most of them “disgust” out in the real world. The banter of how disgusting people with disabilities are was so raw! I almost couldn’t even believe that I had surrounded myself in a room of people who had such opinions. I was blindsided. Sadly this happens quite often to me. People surprise me all the time with how they really feel when they let their guard down. Normally I would stand up and argue or fight for people like my daughter, but I felt a stronger urge to hear the truth on how they feel. I have spent my life as her mother fighting such views of people, so what kind of mother would I be to continue to surround myself with people like that?!

So yes, today I realized that I am special. I was chosen. I realized that I am thankful God gave her to me, who was apparently “special” because I have enough love within me to see the true beauty and possibility within her. I’m thankful she wasn’t given to someone who would discard her, and/or has such thoughts and feeling to those who aren’t “normal”. Who apparently are truly ugly inside. That obviously don’t have enough love within them to appreciate such a gift because they are so blinded and selfish. I find that NOT NORMAL!

It is like crushing a catepillar because it only appears as fuzzy, creepy crawly insect, when you didn’t realize it was really a beautiful butterfly.

I love being the mother of Alexa. With it comes gifts I cannot even put into words, and with that also comes the unveiling of what is really inside some people. She isn’t just a diagnosis. She isn’t a burden. She is more of a typical 12 year old girl, with an unending love in her heart. She has big dreams and wishes. She is full of possibilities. She is smart and funny, and full of laughter. Furthermore, she doesn’t judge others or disregard people who are “different”! She would never talk about anyone the way these “normal” people talked of people like her! In fact I’m sure she would have pity on them, and forgive them for being so judgmental.

Being in her life has taught me a lot of things. Sadly, today it is that you never really know how people truly feel, and when you find out, it just might hurt. Over time you tend to develop a bit of a thicker skin, but every so often when hurtful comments come from people you wouldn’t expect them to, all the armor you’ve built up doesn’t soften the harsh blow from the sword of their words.

So now you know the true hardest part about being a parent to a special child.