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Time off

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Well I will be taking off the next few days to spend time with my family. It is very much needed.

In the meantime here are some photo of my sweet dog Daisy.


She is a cockapoo and is almost 3 years old.

She weighs 14lbs and is the SWEETEST thing on 4 paws.

I can’t get TOO close cause she starts licking my camera! LOL!

Her face is still dirty from the bowl of Spaghetti O’s she ate, courtesy of Amber who left them on the sidetable unattened too long!!


I thought I’d share some recent photos of her 😀 Its been a while. I do have photos of my poor kitties but I can’t bare to share them yet.


Daisy has been sad since they have been gone. She use to slee with them each afternoon  :C


Be back soon!

More updates

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Thanks for all your warm thoughts and prayers.

I am taking a few days off before the next release begins. It will be a much needed break.

Alexa has bad allergies-or so I am told. Not sure yet how I feel about that diagnosis. She has been congested for some time and on all sort of other stuff that seems useless. We will see. I’m keeping my eye on her for now.

As for family life-Court on Monday was a HUGE emotional roller-coaster and waste of time.

 Her husband’s new lawyer wasn’t ready to plea his case for the endangerment hearing so it was continued till POSSIBLY Monday. Yes-possibly. His lawyer was “too” busy to even confirm he can show up that day so it will be a last minute notice!! Me living about 2 hours from court, that stinks to have to wait till the last minute! I need to be there for my mom, and don’t want to have to RUSH. I have such anxiety each time when I’m NOT rushed, let alone when I am.

My poor mother has to keep going through all these court appearances and its getting ridiculous. Every time we go it sets her back emotionally, and plays out on her physically. I can see why women choose to NOT testify because it is so drawn out and difficult to keep going over everything over and over again.

I don’t know WHY you need SO MANY various court dates for every little thing! Its not wonder the courts are always backed up! We wasted several hours in court for NOTHING on Monday. Family member took time out of work, not to mention TAX PAYER $$ to transport him for the jail where he was to superior court! Why can’t they consolidate stuff and get it together. Who needs like 6 to 8 dates to make a decision. Every little thing needs a court date, and every time she has to tell someone her story over and over again. Or go through seeing him in shackles and wondering how it will go. We ALL lose sleep I’m certain.

Monday she will have a choice as to whether or not she will want to testify against him, in order for them to decide if they should hold him until his trial (which can be set for anywhere between a few months to years away). She is getting worn down, and can’t take much more. She needs to continue this. I know she can do it.

 Sorry its a long vent but this last trip really affected my mother and I’m doing my best to convince her she needs to keep plugging forward, and that she CAN do this. Its heart-wrenching for her, and then me to watch her endure the pain. I know how “I” feel when we are sitting there awaiting him to be called in, I can only imagine how much worse it is for her.

This time in court he made eye contact with her and looked at her in a way to suggest “I’m sorry”. Last time we went to court he was ANGRY and glared and her and even GROWLED at her! It was a horrible thing. It did make it easier for her to KNOW she is doing the right thing. But after his puppy face….long story short she feels bad for him, and conflicted about what to do.

 I’m not saying it was easy seeing the exchange, but she needs to keep her focus on what happened. This wasn’t a one time thing either. There was a build up of violence and this event could have been far worse had she not begged for her life. She knows he is dangerous and is still so very afraid of him, yet the part of her that loves him can’t bear to speak an ill word against him. If he had actually killed her, all the I’m sorry looks in the world wouldn’t hold a drop of water with me. I wish I could jump in her body for her and testify.

I think he is sorry for HIM. Not HER. Sorry he is caught. Sorry he has to possibly serve time for his actions. He viewed this situation (as does his family) as my mother’s fault. If she didn’t call the police he could be free. If she could have only kept her mouth shut (those are others words, not mine) Now he has to pay for what he did. You know after he attacked her he went out with his brother to a Flea Market, then to a friends house, laughing anf joking like nothing ever happened! CRAZY.

 I just pray my mom keeps sight of the reality. Think with her head, not her heart. He has no love for her. If he did he would never have abused her in any manner.

I could go on and on. Anyway, just an update for those of you wondering.

Piercing your pattern!

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Well I hope you are enjoying what is left of the weekend.

I hope you were able to take advantage of the SALE!

My Time Made Easy ™ LLC is having a SUPER SALE!

DON’T WAIT! LIMITED TIME ONLY!Enter the coupon code –> PATRN2420  to get $4 OFF your purchase for BOTH the Puckered Up Patterns and Paper Pattern Pieces © .Details: Coupon is good from NOW until MIDNIGHT (Eastern Time) May 24th  . Supplies are limited. No rain checks. Limit: one use per customer.Coupon not valid on previous purchases, and/or the purchase of any other Pretty Impressions stamp sets. Offer does not include shipping charges.

Now how about another sample using the Puckered Up Patterns and Paper Pattern Pieces ©

When words just aren’t enough

Here are some colors I LOVE! Gray, Sahara, pink and fuchsia. A very striking combination, that I RARELY ever use. This is also a very simple and clean layout.

I used the single circle pucker pattern from Puckered Up Patterns to create my border image. I layered the largest pucker X in between, so mimic a flower. 


In between the puckered pattern, where it creates a diamond, I pierced a diamond in the center! I very simple touch that is sure to WOW! I really love the effect it has. You can do faux stitching in so many ways to get a whole nother variety of looks.

The pattern in particular reminds me of these little dresses my mom would put me in. They were called smock dresses I believe. They had a gathered and stitched pattern in the top. They were so cute (some of them). She ALWAYS put me in a dress! Usually a huge poofy dress. One day, I was maybe 5, I put my foot down. I said NO! I don’t want to wear that big poofy dress to school, I don’t like it, and I;m not wearing it. I really felt so strongly about it, and I remember sitting in the doorway of my closet crying and pleading with her to not make me wear it. All I wanted was some jeans and a shirt! Well, after what seemed like an eternity, there I was marching to school in my poofy dress. I was a strong willed little girl, and my mom was determined to win that fight.

I was so mad at her, that once I was in school, I went into the bathroom, then I took the laces out of my shoes, and tied them around my waist! LOL! To make like a “belt”, so my dress wouldn’t be so poofy. I can ONLY imagine what I looked like, but I was at least happy that the POOFY dress was now more “fitted”, if I HAD to wear it. I looked/felt like a umpaloopma every single day. Once I came out of school with my shoelace belt, I think that was the day my mom finally realized how much I hated them. I swear that is why I RARELY wear dresses or skirts! I’m a jeans girl all the way.

She also use to make me put curlers in my hair everyday! I think that is why I hate curly hair! LOL! It was pure torture. She would also use “rags”. You cut up your hubby’s old t-shirt, and roll and tie the hair in those. I think they did this in the 20’s? Anyway, while I look back on photos I always looked adorable, and I applaud my mother’s efforts, now that I have my own girls it’s a lot of work keeping up with that stuff. I think that is why I’m more willing to not MAKE my girls wear their hair certain ways (even when they look SO cute-unless its for a very special occasion) was because the years of “torture” hair curling, and frilly dresses.

Ah, the things we do to our children sometimes! LOL!

Sorry I got off subject, I just got taken back to the “old days”.


Back to the card….

The butterfly is my fave 😀 It is from the All A Flutter set. I stamped the solid butterfly onto pink cardstock, then stamped the grid wing print in the fuchsia ink. My sentiment is from the Just For You © set. Lots of great sentiments in there.

Its a SIMPLE yet striking card. I like when things go together quickly!

Well I am off, thanks for stopping by!

Until next time.

Ah! So much to share so little time!

Today I’ll be brief since the first week of the month is generally INSANE for me. OK maybe I should say the last and first weeks of every month! While I’m busy sharing details from this release I’m also usually finalizing details of the next one, and am also working on the month after that!!! Throw in a family and you have a crazy week! I am the queen of multi-tasking I think. I generally have at least 3 major things to do daily, and several “appointments” for something during the week! LOL! Not complaining, I’m just sayin.

Now I have a couple other projects to put finishing touches on, then there is another counseling appointment for Noah and I have to go back to finish my hair straightening after that-so I’ll be brief.

(PS thanks for allowing me to share about my son. I have heard that this isn’t an uncommon problem, so that helps hearing from others too :D)

He *just* came home with a heart shaped card for me that reads:

The most important thing about my mom is

She is nice

She feeds me

She keeps me safe

She gave me a life (LOL! that cracked me up)

but the most important thing about my mom is she loves me.

Love Noah

AWE! This is the FIRST card I ever got that says nothing about Daddy! LOL! I usually get Happy Mothers Day! I love my dad. I love playing games with my dad. I love you Noah

Every book or poem he writes is about his very best friend: dad! They have an amazing relationship that I am so happy about, but it is nice to get some sort of mommy love once in a while! LOL!

OK back to the peeks!

I just got a fancy NEW! video camera for my birthday, so I can do even better videos for you, so I really hope to find some time to do one soon 😀 Maybe on backgrounds?! If there are any requests, let me know! I’m out of ideas at this point.

In the meantime to whet your creative pallet Tracey Cuccia has a peek!


Here is what Tracey has to say about her project:

“My daughter Shannon is my crafting buddy – she loves to come and ‘play’ with Mommy.  She has her favorite items she likes to use, glitter pens, glue, scissors, flowers…so I decided that I would make her her own little caddy to keep her crafting goodies together at my table.  There will be NO mistake that this is for her, fun, bright, and cheery, just like Shannon…”

So be sure you stop by and visit Tracey

Now for my turn.

You all seem to be LOVING the NEW! Puckered Up! Patterns ©! They are simply fun and easy to use. The layering possibilities are just endless. You can make so many various patterns it is great! I designed this because I thout it to be a perfect addition to the Pucker Up template! The puckered shapes were perfect together. Plus you can never have too many background builders!

This could make some simple rockin guy stuff too!

I was recently inspired by the design on some of my most FAVORITE raspberry cookies when I made this!


When I showed this to my husband, inspiration in hand, he honestly said “What?! I don’t get it. Where do you see cookies?”

MEN! They just have no creative vision sometimes! LOL! I pointed out the cookie pattern and he STILL didn’t get it. Oh well, I got it! LOL!

Now the Pucker Up template is a great size and can hold lots of googies! I wrapped 8 of these cooloies to fit in here, not even problem! The tuck in sides allows you to easily access what you put inside too without ruining the packaging.


As I said, inspired by my YUM-O cookies, I stamped the largest pattern in the Puckered Up! Patterns © , stamped in a raspberry like ink from SEI (I recently bought like every color in SEI ink!). I then stamped the same style open pucker pattern in a green ink by Momento. Then, I added ONE more! The paler pink filler center! I have to admit I fell in LOVE with the look of this!


Now for my center piece!

 I thought that pairing the solid pucker circle with a stem from Sensational Stems would create the PERFECT retro flower for this! I finished off the flower center using a spiral like flower from the Puckered Up Patternsset. I then added a page pebble and a lil’ bling center. Complete with a perfect sentiment  from Sensational Sentiments: “Grow old without growing up”


I’m really in LOVE with all the New! All Tied Up! frame/tags/ribbon holders we just released! They fit the sentiments and images perfectly-plus you can re-size them with the click of a button. Here I used the All Tied Up! Oval. It was the PERFECT addition to this.

Supplies:Pretty Packaging © template – Pucker Up!

Pretty Impressions © Stamps- Pucker Up PatternsSensational Stems,  Sensational Sentiments

Cardstock by Couture Cardstock: OSW White, Blushing, Sweet heart, Brandenburg

Ink: Momentoand SEI

Pretty Pieces Cut Files– All Tied Up! Oval

Page pebble

Well that is all for today.

Tune in tomorrow because we are not done sharing yet!

In the meantime thank you all for the kind comments, emails and support you’ve ALWAYS offered to me and my family! It is always appreciated 😀

I’m excited for today’s project-once again! I hope you are all stock piling the amazing projects and gift ideas! What is there to NOT be excited about. I think we all love a dose of daily inspiration rigth?

Today’s peek is from Pam Imholz!


Here is what Pam had to say:

Lauren’s newest Pucker Up is one template that will quickly go on your must have list. Goes together easy-peasy, especially if you let the fabulous designer papers do part of the work for you 🙂

Be sure you stop by and see what Pam  has to share!

Now it is my turn!


This is a very special gift for my son Noah.

(sorry I didn’t get a photo of it inside. I had I all could do for my son to let me have it long enough to photograph!)

I used the Lunch Box Love Notes & Additions © stamp set/digital set,  and Boxed Lunch © template with the Lunch Box Cover © and some other Pretty Printables © digital paper!

I wanted to do something special to let him know how proud I am of him and that I think he is SUPER just the way he is!

The part in orange is WHY I am giving this to him. It is family related, so feel free to move past it if you wish to hear solely about the project.

I can tell you that my son Noah has had some medical issues the last few months. I contemplated sharing this but maybe some of you can relate! He began “ticking” around Christmas (come to find out it has been longer just not in such an obvious manner). It is anxiety/stress related. He begins blinking repeatedly. Sometimes to a point where you wonder if he can even SEE! This was very upsetting for me to witness and all I wanted to was to help Noah.

 We have been working with neurologists, our pediatrician and the school to help him develope more confidence and coping straegies for any stressful situations and to build his confidence (another reason for our garden!) I honestly didn’t want to just throw him on some pills, but teach him HOW to deal with his feelings, and learn it is OK to get upset.  The use of stress balls have REALLY helped!! We have also started him with s pecail counselor to help him with anxiety reducing strategies, games and confidence builders. Also ways to work out what stresses him out and why, and to help him realize “it’s OK to make mistakes”. While I’m not sure WHERE all the low confidence and need for perfection came in to play, as we are very encouraging parents, we are doing our best to help alleviate these feelings for Noah.

He has some areas where he feels he needs to be perfect, and that holds him back. He doesn’t like to make mistakes and this affects him DAILY. He like to always be the best at everything (wondering where he gets this from! LOL!). A lot for a little kid to take on. I often wonder how much our family situation with Alexa getting cancer, played into this. He had to become the “big boy” and care for his sisters. I was often SO focused on Alexa (even before the cancer) and her future that he somehow slipped through the cracks. That is a lot of guilt for another day, let me tell you! With Amber I had more time because the other 2 were in school, so she seems to excel in every aspect (see another reason I feel guilty about Noah!) I wasn’t home for like 9 months when Alexa got sick, so I missed a lot with him. AHHH! Anyway, I am doing everything I can to help Noah deal with daily feelings he has. Since he is aware of the ticking, as are his teachers it is easy for him and us to know he is getting upset and he needs to do something to help himself (or we help him work it out). He always received lots of praise and encouragement but he needs a little bit more these days. He is doing MUCH better than he was around the holidays since we figured all this out.  Noah has many of the same issues myself and my mother’s side has with needing things a certain way and whatnot so I understand how he feels. It is quite possible he will outgrow this, and as I said as he get more comfortable with dealing with things, it has already significantly decreased! I hope to continue this journey “med free”. It is working so far. Granted it is “work” but that is part of being parents right 😀 He is working hard and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Please note: I want people to know I personally have nothing against medication. I think these things vary case by case and family to family. I am just sharing what we are personally experiencing and trying. Each person needs to do what is best for thier own family.  If we found that is what Noah needed to help him then we would do that. So far we are able to be helped without it.

One thing Noah LOVES is music! He is forever singing! So as a gift for all his hard work, in all aspects of his life, I bought him a MP3 Player, and we included a card to get some music for him to download! I thought this could be an additional fun way to de-stress for him too!

Now back to the gift set….

Reach for the stars


How cute is this?

I made my 3D version of Boxed Lunch © to match the stamped version of the Lunch Box Love Notes & Additions © on my card!

With the release of the Boxed Lunch ©, many of you saw my girly rainbow one, and many pondered if the Lunch Box Love Notes & Additions © stamp set and Boxed Lunch © template would favor a gift for a boy. Well I hope this gift I made opens the flood gates of possibilities and ideas! (I will have another masculine sample soon too :D)


I used the heart version of the  Lunch Box Covers © for my front panel! I had “cut out the heart, then layered the star on instead! I used the Lunch Box Love Notes & Additions © Digital set to make my Super! Star center image! (digitally colored too!)I was able to layer it on no problem. I printed the star twice, so I could have it be 3D! I then layered some additional papers to the panels to tie it into my card design.


I stampes the sentiment: Reach for the stars from the Lunch Box Love Notes Additions © set.

My template base was created using Rain Drop cardstock.

For my lid I printed the Alphabet Soup Collection 1, then created the lid! I printed a notepad piece of paper for the decorative layer on the lid and another of the decorative panel too! It is SO fun and easy peasy!


Now there are perfect cardstock handle pieces that come with this, but I wanted to share some options, so for this I just used some ribbon and brads!

The large button had a graph like pattern that is in my designer paper too! A perfect match! So I added that to appear to be my “closure”. This template stays closed on its own, but it is so fun to add stuff!

Now for the card


All the same papers and elements!

I used the Lunch Box Love Notes & Additions ©  on my card 😀 I so love this set! I layered the cut lunchbox onto the panel of cardstock strips. The cover again is the heart from the set. I stamped the star image, cut it out, and layered it over the heart! So I was able to use the pattern, but not have to use the actual heart image.


I love the notepad paper. The sentiment reads: I’m so proud of you! Sorry it got washed out by the lighting

 I just love that! This is a great boy themed card/gift set.


This is a set I will turn to over and over all year long!


Pretty Packaging © template – Boxed Lunch

Pretty Impressions © Stamps- Lunch Box Love Notes © & Additions (scrylic & digital)

Pretty Printables © Digital Paper- Lunch Box Cover, Alphabet Soup 1 & 2, Get Graphic Collection 2, and School Ruled

Cardstock by Couture Cardstock: OSW White, Apple Cider, Acorn Squash, and Rain Drop

Ink: Momento/Sei

Buttons & stick pins by SEI, Ribbon by May Arts, Copic Markers, Stapler

Once again thank you for stopping by.

 There is still more to come (I know! Can you believe it?), and you won’t want to miss anything! So come back tomorrow for even more gift/card ideas 😀

My Mother’s Story

Apr 26, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff

Hi world!

I am here, as I said I’ve been consumed with family issues, and getting ready for the May Release. I appreciate the comments, and emails.

WARNING: this is a family post, with some graphic detail. Honestly you may not want to read it. It may be disturbing, but the story needs to be told.

It may help someone else in a similar situation.

This last two weeks or so I have told you to keep my mother in your prayers. I’ve respected her privacy. I’ve done everything in my power to empower her, help her, and let her know she ISN’T alone to fight this fight. Believe me, she is truly fighting for her life.

She reads my blog and she has seen the well wishes and prayers. I’ve forwarded emails to her as well. All the while no one really knowing exactly WHAT is going on. Each one giving her strength!

Just to give you an idea of what my family has been dealing with, this was on the front page of the paper in her city.


Now I’m appalled that her address was given, and some of the details shared without any consideration for my mother and her SAFETY! People don’t realize that these aren’t just front page news-makers they are reporting about, but PEOPLE. My mother was beyond the feeling of violation.

As you can imagine that is only a very stripped down version of what has taken place. Words cannot describe the feeling I had when I received a phone call telling me about what happened. I immediately took action and got to my mother’s side.

Her birthday was Thursday April 8th, and on that day she had an “awakening”. All the strength she gave me over the years, to become a strong independent woman, I was finally able to give back to her. Finally able to make her SEE what her life really is, not what she wanted to see. My pleading with her to help herself, finally making sense.

 She asked that I actually share her story with you all in hopes that MAYBE it will help someone else.

My husband and I both struggled with sharing this story too. We went back and forth the last few weeks about it. But there needs to be an awareness. These things happen to REAL people. That is someones mother, daughter, sister, grandmother. Also for his family, he is someones son, brother…loved one. It’s so hard and sad on both ends.

Quite honestly I was hesitant. The fact of sharing this is VERY difficult for me, for many reasons. It is emotional, heartbreaking, upsetting, and all the while necessary too. I was overwhelmed at the aspect of it because how do “I” share a story that started YEARS and YEARS ago? Where am I suppose to start?

Well I will do my best to tell it, and pray it helps someone else.

Ever realize your life can change in one single second? The second you meet your soulmate, the second your baby takes its first breath-life altering. There are times when it changes and it is HEART-WRENCHING pain. News that ends a marriage, someone you love has passed away, been hurt, or has an illness. I have experienced all of those in my lifetime. Many all from the ring of a phone. All life altering moments that forever change life as you knew it, in an instant. It is like you cross over a line of forever being changed from one second to the next.

This is my mom.


This was taken Easter Sunday.

She looks so happy.

Doesn’t look like the face of an abused woman does it?

Funny how photos can be. Funny how makeup and a smile can hide what is really going on in someones life.

What our eyes tell us we see. Photos can be altered, or used to tell a “story”, while we have no idea what we “don’t” see. Just like the stars in magazines, things get trimmed, slimmed, covered, altered and edited.

So is this photo.

This is what this photo doesn’t tell you.

Would you believe that this photo of my mom was taken the day after her husband attempted to murder her? Well it was.

What you can’t see is that I had to photo shop this photo-a lot.

You can’t see the lump on her head from him slamming her against the wall, as he pinned her there.

You can’t see all the makeup she has on to cover the bruises on her neck that are from her husband choking her, to the point where she almost passed out.

You can’t hear the words he kept saying to her, as he attacked her, that still play endlessly in her head,  “Why! Why do you make me do these things to you! Why couldn’t you just keep your mouth shut!” (that is the nicest of it)

I cropped out her hands, so you can’t see several of the defensive knife wounds that she got from what the court calls a Machete. 

You probably can’t tell that this same woman was cowering on the floor, literally begging him to stop, as she was apologzing to him for upsetting him, just to save her life.

You can’t see the 2 phones she tried to grab to call 911, because those are both broken. He smashed them to pieces as she grabbed each one. He did finally hand her his cell phone as he told her ” You want to call the police? I will dial the number for you. But you will be dead before they have time to get here.” (also the nicest of it)

You can’t see the very dark circles under her eyes, from crying with worry over him, after he was arrested for the attempted murder of her.

You can’t see the shame she feels, and the fact that she didn’t want them taking photos of her injured, or to even go to the hospital.

In the police report, in all the photos, you can’t see everything that got broken during their struggle.  My mom’s heart, her spirit, even her will to continue life. You can’t see that she too is so broken. 

You can’t see why she would feel so bad for him, that she wouldn’t want to press charges.

Or the fact that she hasn’t slept in a week because she is so terrified and can’t stop shaking.

You can’t see that she has low self esteem and feels “unworthy”.

You can’t see WHY she hasn’t seen this coming.

Why she stayed so long, and why she didn’t try to get out sooner. 

 You can’t see WHY she ever made excuses for him.

You can’t see why she never looked in the mirror, and saw herself as an abused woman, or why she still loves a man who clearly doesn’t even know what love is.

As of late I’ve felt like my mom was drowning. I kept extending my hand, trying to pull her out, and she kept letting it go. I think now she is ready to hold on, to be saved. I think she realizes if she doesn’t hang on, she will drown.

My mother’s husband was always short tempered. No excuses. Drinking, not drinking. She couldn’t really express an opinion, had to watch her tone. Over the years she excluded herself from her family. Made excuses for bruises, or broken things, and that was exhausting. She revolved her world around pleasing someone that couldn’t be pleased.

His violence has gotten progressively worse over the years. More so as of late. This event was bound to take place at some point. Any relationship of violence, always progresses.

By sharing my mother’s story, I hope this helps someone! If you are like her, or know someone like her. It’s not too late to get help.

Facts about acts of violence

Statistics of Battered Women

  • 7% of women (3.9 million) are physically abused by their partners, and 37% (20.7 million) are verbally or emotionally abused.
  • Every 9 seconds a woman is physically abused by her husband.
  • 95% of assaults on spouses or ex-spouses are committed by men against women.
  • 30% of women presenting with injuries to the emergency department had injuries caused by battering.
  • From 7% to 26% of pregnant women are abused.
  • 42% of murdered women are killed by their intimate partners.
  • Within the last year, 7% of American women (3.9 million) who are married or living with someone as a couple were physically abused, and 37% (20.7 million) were verbally or emotionally abused by their spouse or partner. (The Commonwealth Fund, N.Y. 1991)
  • Every 9 seconds a woman is physically abused by her husband. (The Commonwealth Fund, N.Y. 1991)
  • The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 95% of assaults on spouses or ex-spouses are committed by men against women. (Assessing Violent Couples, H. Douglas, Families in Society, 11/91)
  • Domestic violence is a repetitive in nature: about 1 in 5 women victimized by their spouse or ex-spouse reported that they had been a victim of a series of at least 3 assaults in the last 6 months. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 10/93)
  • 30% of Women presenting with injuries to the emergency department were identified as having injuries caused by battering. (American Journal of Public Health, 1/89)
  • Pregnancy is a risk factor. Several studies indicate a range of incidence from 17% to 26% of pregnant women. (Public Health Nursing, 9/87)
  • 42% of murdered women are killed by their intimate partners. (FBI’s 88-91 Uniform Crime Reports)

If you would like more information about A Safe Place and the programs we provide, please call us at 847-731-7165 or email us at [email protected].

* *


In 2005, 1,181 women were murdered by an intimate partner.1 That’s an average of three women every day. Of all the women murdered in the U.S., about one-third were killed by an intimate partner.2

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (Intimate Partner Violence or Battering)

Domestic violence can be defined as a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner.3 According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, women experience about 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes every year.4 Less than 20 percent of battered women sought medical treatment following an injury.5

I don’t want anyone to become a statistic. My mother almost became one!

She got lucky, that time.

Thank you for letting my share my mother’s story. It isn’t an easy thing to share, but this type of thing really doies happen, and it can be happening to someone YOU love.

I wish I did something sooner to make my mother see what was really going on.

All I can do now is be there for her. My family is rallying around my mom so she knows she isn’t alone.

So thank you for letting me share. This isn’t easy, but I know my blog has been used to touch so many lives through my sharing. I hope it can speak to someone else out there.

I’ll be back tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY post 😀 Don’t miss it

A Poem by Alexa

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I have mentioned numerous times that my daughter Alexa LOVES writing poems. Many of you asked to hear some of them.

This is so special and important to me because these are things that medical professionals tried to convince me she would never do (I knew better!) and now this AMAZING, beautiful, strong willed, loving, smart and sweet girl is the brightest spot in my life. I can’t even imagine having to go through it without her. The gift I would have tossed away. How sad the thoughts make me. She is precious. She is just like everyone else. She has good days, bad days, she laughs, she cries, she feels happiness and pain….she understands everything though she may not always say it right at that moment. She truly sees the world through an amazing set of eyes. She touches lives everywhere she goes. She brings something special to the world.

I think she is very good at writing her poems.  I just LOVE reading what she thinks about or associates a topic with. All the memories she expresses on her own! A true gift to our family. I find her ability to express herself in this way so wonderful for her, but selfishly myself too. I feel like I can really get into what is often in her head, but may go unsaid, or unexpressed. To actually hear what she feels and thinks about things in such a manner touches my heart. I truly cherish every word she writes.

I love being able to see her do so well with her reading and writing skills too as these are vital to her future independence in the big world. I truly believe someday she could make a career writing. She says she wants to be a “story writer” someday. I fully plan to encourage that dream she has for herself! The world in going big places with the Internet, she could easily be employed in this manner someday.

My friend Kristin said I should publish her poems in a book for her, and I think I will do that!

Her biological father currently has the book of ALL her poems from last year and I am PRAYING he gets it back to me. He has had it for several months and I don’t think he cherishes it nearly the same as I. Looking back I never should have let him take it with him when he did! UGH! I keep asking for it. I bet he lost it. OK let’s not go there. This is a happy post! LOL!

SO today I am sharing a poem she wrote after her doctors appointment on Wednesday. She asked me for a subject, as she was stumped. I told her to write what she thinks about Spring!

Here it is


Spring Is

By Alexa Kauppila

Grass grows

Pretty butterflies

The birds are singing

Bunnies are born

The trees are blowing in the wing

The leaves open

Spring is here!


This is Alexa today.  Getting her to smile for me was quite the chore. She was in a “mood”. You the kind when they wake up and the first words out of their mouth is something like “Leave me alone, and don’t look at me” (OH! BOY!!) Anyway, I reminded her that I needed a photo of her holding her poem for my post today so she gave me a little smile.


(she drew some grass, flowers, clouds, a sun and a butterfly but its very light)

That is how she thinks and views the world. So simple, and to the point. She is very black and white. There is no gray with her. She is literal and tangible. To her, if it can be seen, felt or heard it doesn’t exist. She takes everything in. Even things you don’t think she is paying attention to, it is all there, somewhere inside her. Sometimes she doesn’t know how to say it, but she can write it.

I look forward to reading these with her someday when she is all grown. When I had children I never REALLY realized they would actually grow up, and so fast.

Thanks for letting me share a very happy piece of my life here with you all.

Spend time with your children TODAY, because tomorrow they are a day older.

(that was from my friend Kristin too-She read it to me while she was at Caribou Coffee, and it has stuck with me, so I thought I’d share it with you too).

Well I wanted to stop in ultra quick and wish you all Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas! If you are of another faith then I wish you the happiest of celebrations!

I’ve never had SO much to do on Christmas Eve! Goodness.

I want to thank you all for a wonder response to the “re-opening” of the store My Time Made Easy™ LLC 

I have never gotten more emails with happy and excited people. Many of you shared how you were able to get some last minute gifts done too! Amazing. You warm my heart. What a great venture this is going to be, and all because YOU motivate me, support me in my crazy ideas, and encourage me to do more and make it the very best I can.

Thankfully we have had little issues! WHEW! The *only* thing was some people didn’t clear their cache, and were using the site on the “old” host (yes it is still there), so PLEASE follow instructions in my previous post and reset your cache!! Otherwise it’s going pretty smooth.

I will be heading out to spend time with my family and will not be answering/checking my emails until the day after Christmas. I have been working around the clock to get everything set for the unofficial opening as well as our FIRST official release, and my family deserves 100% of my attention! I appreciate your understanding.

Now before I go I need to share a quick ( and I mean QUICK ) project I did for my children’s teachers.


I used the Cutesy Cover © Pretty Packaging template to make a snow man themed pocket!

This one was designed to accompany this gift ) Alexa’s one to one aid always gets something more from me-I LOVE her!). A super fun and simple project that the KIDS can do!

I didn’t score the lid, I kept it open to create the head, then the opening is where I was able to take 3 chocolate covered pretzels:

one milk, one dark and one white chocolate-to package up in a frosted bag then inserted inside the pocket for all the teachers.


It wasn’t much, but it was something!

I was SO consumed with all the business stuff that I really put off getting their gifts together. I had 12 gifts that I needed to get done, and yes, my children expected it to be a HOMEMADE gift! LOL! I have set a precedence with them and they of course deserve that. I was really tight on time. I’m talking 1 1/2 hours before school started, to get these all done.

I was the ONLY mom to show up for Noah’s party and he was beyond excited (last year I got the Thanksgiving party date messed up and I think it traumatized him!) So, seeing me show up with the gifts I promised for his teachers made his day. Alexa was also excited, and of course Amber was too, she helped a little on a couple, but I didn’t have time to let her do too much.

So I turned to the Pretty Packaging template: Cutesy Cover © to whip out what everyone seemed to thing was a cute gift!

Just took 12 sheets of white cardstock….and 12 snow pockets were created


Having had more time I’d of fancied them up a bit, but I finished like 3 minutes before the bus came.

Since I used my Cricut Expression I was able to cut, score, and assemble the 12 templates, in about 40 minutes. The other 40 were spent decorating! Not too bad for creating 12 gifts in a short time.


(only 9 are here because I had to give them out before getting photos of the rest)

I ALMOST didn’t get ANY photos, but I knew I’d kick myseld if I didn’t!


Amber wanted a googlie eye girl (in the lower left corner-so no its not a mistake! LOL!)


I kept it easy, using punches for the eyes (large googlie eyes would have been better but I didn’t have ANY! EEK!) a marker for the eyelashes, and coal smile, and pastels for the pink cheeks

My ribbon scraps were used for all the scarves!

Each snow person is different. Plus I was able to use my scraps!

SO there you have an EASY idea, if you are like me and need to really WHIP out something cute, fun and handmade!!

Well it is time for me to go be with my family! I promised Amber we’d get the gingerbread cookies made, and she waited patiently while I typed this post.

Thank you for stopping by, and Merry Christmas!


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Yes! I am here.

I’ve been with my family. My grandfather went home after his opne heart surgery on Saturday. That is ONLY 6 days after! Alexa had a terrible tummy bug until yesterday. High fevers of 104 on and off :C

 All that and about a MILLION other things going on.

I know I’ve been quiet, but I have LOTS to prepare for! With the soon to be opening of my store My Time Made Easy© LLC 

I have been BUSY working on finalizing ALL the details for my FIRST release (and the second one too! LOL!) of 2 Creative Gift Packaging templates, coordinating stamps, and digital Pretty Printable Paper.

I’m so excited with everything I just can’t wait to share it all.

 THIS MONTH……I want to offer a FREE Creative Gift Packaging Template and Pretty Printables Digital paper pack.

 I’m working like crazy to get this all posted ASAP!

I have one FREE Creative Gift Packaging template and coordinating digital Pretty Printables © paper pack that I am HOPING to make exclusive to my EMAIL subscribers ONLY! So if you haven’t yet, sign up! You can go HERE <—-CLICK IT

The 2nd Creative Gift Packaging template and digital Pretty Printables © paper pack will be on my site, available to everyone. I will keep you ALL posted when all this comes to be, hopefully in the next week OR TWO!!!

I want you all to be able to give things a try before the BIG opening 😀 That means I have to work my hiney off to prepare all that. So that means less time here, until I get that all set. Trust me its WAY more work than it appears to be, but I am making so much progress. My web girl Sara (who is the best in the buisness and I would trust NO ONE else to do anything like this for me :D) is kickin butt, as are my design team. Wait till you see!!! I have had LOTS of help (I am a very good delegator! LOL!) and have a LONG list of thank yous that I’ll have to share soon too. It is all about TEAM WORK! I am ever grateful to everyone who has helped me get this up and running.

No worries…..there will be samples………and my design team is already whipping out ideas for you all (you’ll learn more about them soon too!)

In the meantime…..I scoured my files to find SOMETHING to share with you all…….



How cute is this little girl? I’m sending this to all my “helpers”.

This color combo is in honor of my friend Kristin!She doesn’t like Melon Mambo and Olive together, but I do!LOL!

I made her over a month ago! I was reminded of this creation yesterday.

This image is from Hangler and Stangler (?SP). A dear blog reader of mine sent me a HUGE luscious pack of pres-tamped images 😀 I can’t find her blog link (so if she reads this please let me know) but hope to post it if I do. She is wonderfully talented! I have long coveted this pack of images, but decided I HAD to color some 😀 Felt so good. Now I don’t know WHERE on earth you can find these images. I believe they are from the UK?? I could be wrong. I live in my craft room so I’m lucky I keep up on ANYTHING! Trust me.

I loved her little butterfly costume.  I added some stickles to her wings too. I used my OLD label maker to create my sentiment. Its been SOOOOO long since I’ve done that! Oh man! t was fun though. I created my OWN tag going across the card. Too fun.

Well I must get going. Lots more to do

 Check back in tomorrow as I will be participating in a Christmas Gift Blog Hop for JustRite Stampers!


 Its a super cute project that even the kids could do, so come back!

Today’s project is just one example as to WHY I love this craft so much, and sharing what I love to do with the world! 

If this doesn’t get you excited for the holidays then I don’t know WHAT will. I am beyond excited to share this is a super fun project that is INEXPENSIVE, and you can even let the kids make their own!! (After you do the basic assembly of supplies!) THIS is a gift worth giving every family member at some point, and it doesn’t even have to be HOLIDAY themed!!

 Would you believe it if I told you that this was originally a Wire Folding Easel? <—- Seriously check it out

Family Tree


Would you believe me if I told you that I used it to designed my very own photo/card display for ONLY $2.29?

Well believe it.

I have longed to create a special photo/card holder to display during the holidays. One that I can easily switch out photos & cards for, year after year. The store bought ones aren’t generally festive, and can easily cost upwards of $20.  All you need is a little imagination and some Papertrey to get your own started!

I was in the plant supply section at JoAnn’s, buying some festive elements to use in my holiday gift packaging. This is definitely the time of year I make something for everyone!! While in the aisle, my 5 yo daughter Amber said “Mommy, is that like a Christmas tree?” and she pointed to the wire easel. IMMEDIATELY my mind began SPINNING!! I said “It’s not suppose to be a tree, but you have very good eyes Amber! We are going to take it home and make a special tree for our house!” I literally forgot about everything I was there to get and about 2 hours later this project was made! Now It took 2 hours because I had NO IDEA what or HOW I was going to execute the “tree” that was in my head.

So with a little cardstock, Scor-Tape, hot glue gun, ribbon, clips, my Cricut Expression, and of course some festive holiday stamps

(—> Click here to view all the images listed in  my post)……and our Family Tree was made!

Here is how: (and NO I didn’t get step by step photos, I needed my hands to keep up with my brain, and quite honestly I didn’t think this would actually work! LOL!)

I first wrapped my ribbon around the easel, being sure to secure it with glue as it wrapped around the wire frame. I laid the tree on the floor and used 2 pieces of spring moss cardstock to trace the tree. I then cut them. I  used my Scor-Tape to adhere the cardstock to the BACK of the open wire easel frame.

BE SURE TO KEEP EVERYTHING NEAT! You can see the back and sides on this project! NO messy stuff OK.

Added my metal clips to the ribbon that criss crosses in ripe avocado …….then just like after you apply your lights to the tree, you decorate it!

Tippity Top of the easel tree


There was a little hook at the top of the easel. I used it to insert my bird. There was a clip under the bird but I removed it. Squeezed in some hot glue, then stuck it onto the hook.  I got the bird at the craft store to use as my tree topper (and cover the hook!) I added some of the berries I purchased to the top as well. I used the gift from Holiday Button Bits. I also used an ornament from Vintage Ornaments.

I also used the 2009 Holiday tags, and Stocking Prints.  Then our family photo at the top!


I punched some snowflakes, and added a photo of myself, Jason, and Noah in the middle. I used the mitten image from Snowfall on either side. I thought they looked cute not fully inked.


Now under Noah’s face we have the gingerbread man from Holiday Button bits, as well as Santa next to Amber! For Alexa I used a little present from Sign Language. You can also see another Vintage ornament, and the snowman tag from 2009 Holiday Tags.


Added some more berries, and the poinsettia from Peaceful Poinsettia to the center. More tags from the 2009 Holiday Tag collection!

I had to design the bottom to spell out “Family” tree, then use the tree image from Merry & Bright at the end!

Now “Family” is spelled out using my Cricut Expression Story Book cartridge.

Last but not least, I added some white tinsel furry stuff (what is that called??) to look like a snowy bottom.

Once again here is the completed tree



Stamps: Merry & Bright, 2009 Holiday Tags, Snowfall, Holiday Button Bits, Vintage Ornaments, Sign Language, Stocking Prints

Cardstock: White, Spring Moss, Pure Poppy, Kraft

Ink: Black, Pure Poppy, Ripe Avocado, Copic Markers

Ribbon: Ripe Avocado grosgrain, Pure Poppy polka dot

Other: Easel, metal clips, Cricut Story Book, circle punch, snowflake punch, hot glue gun, Scor-Tape, bird, berries, fur, adheisve rhinestones

Now I bet you cannot wait to decorate your own!

Just pick a color scheme and get going.

Now this will be for our family photos, but you can certainly use to hold cards and other fun items too! Maybe even an ART tree for your child’s art work?! Endless possibilities!

Thank you ALL for stopping by!

I can’t tell you how fun this was. Kids have such a great eye for seeing something in other items! For example, just go cloud gazing and you will be shocked at the imagination of a child! I give my daughter Amber full credit for the idea behind this project! I never would have seen a “tree” in that isle. I would have totally overlooked that ugly easel!

Note to self: Take Amber with you on ALL trips to the craft store, from now on!

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