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Hi world!

How have you all been?

I’m anxiously awaiting Spring. Today is suppose to be in the 60’s! Heavenly!

I have a few updates on my family to share at the bottom of this post ūüėÄ So those who want to know what’s up, can be in the “know”.

I’m just¬†starting to wined down from the April Release, and am getting ready for May! LOL! It is a never ending circle or events and planning.

Have you seen the New! April Release¬†Products <—-CLICK HERE

Be sure you check out the GALLERY<—-CLICK HERE

Our Digital Release is coming up on the 15th!!

You can see a little snippet of one of the sets HERE!

Now I’m gearing up for some fun stuff to share ūüėÄ I’m really enjoying the extra creativity these challenges are encouraging me to create!

Today we have a NEW! Pretty Palette Challenge!!


To see challenge details, and/or enter your creation go to the MTME Blog<—HERE!

This is MY version of the Pretty Palette 04

I have to say I think this is STUNNING! I love the colors.

This will be a “possibility” of being¬†my mom’s birthday card. She turns 54 this weekend. I generally make several and pick my favorite! LOL! Crazy huh?

So here are some details!

I LOVE the¬†Singing Silhouette ¬©¬†¬†set ūüėÄ So pretty.

So I cut my¬†Caged ¬©¬†cut file, to cut my cage, I then¬†stamped my cage, with a little masking, and stamped the branch and flowers from the set, then added my bird ūüėÄ

I used the postcard sheet from the Cool Romance © digital paper.

I cut it out, then added a dirtied up silhouette flower from the Occasional Labels © set in the lower left hand corner.

I used the writing from the postcard as my “sentiment” on the palette.

For the bottom “pattern” layer, I made my OWN paper ūüėÄ

That is my favorite thing to do!

I used the Argyle Amazement © set to create my pattern. Can you say LOVE IT!!

Well what do you think? Pretty nifty eh?

Now for an update! If you don’t follow my family, no biggie, just move on to view the Pallete Challenge!

As I said my mom is turning 54 this weekend. It is a very pivotal time, as it was that weekend last year that her life forever changed.

It has been a year since her husband was arrested for her attempted murder. He is still in jail. The case is going to trial as he refused a very good plea bargain, which would have lead to deportation.

He is denying his confession, claiming he didn’t understand what he was saying (his first language is Portuguese), and requesting that the video confession, after his arrest,¬†be thrown out. Trust me he speaks English very well.

Anyway, my mom returned to court to renew the restraining order. The judge granted her a 3 year order. They are undergoing trail very soon (we don’t have an exact date yet) and she has filed for divorce. We don’t know if he could get out so better safe than sorry (not that a piece of paper could save her from him, but it can be helpful-right?)

In the divorce he wants half of everything SHE worked for, AND get this, he wants Alimony when he gets out because SHE ruined HIS life, and he won’t be able to find work. The list of insanity goes on and on.

 Hopefully we will get  a judge with an 1/8th of a brain, and he will not allow any of this to take place. My mom has been paying on everything (his vehicles and other stuff she wants possession of, as she needs these items) always, and more obvious since his incarceration.

So a long way to go with that.

Now we go on to her Cancer. She will undergo surgery the 29th. She will be hospitalized for a week and then have a long recovery. She will undergo 2 more rounds of chemo after healing, then to hopefully be cured ūüėÄ She has been amazingly strong through all this. She had many weak moments, but in the end she found the strength she needed to move forward with her life!

Her life isn’t ready to be over. She has much left to do in this world ūüėÄ I’m not ready to not have my mom around yet. I have 2 girls of my¬†own¬†to raise (and a son) and need someone to guide me on what I’m doing, and how to get through the tough stuff.

Speaking of girls, many have asked for updates on Alexa.

I will post some photos of her soon.

Tonight she is partaking in a school event, where she will be doing African drums, and dancing! I hope to catch it on video (hoping for good quality so I can post it here for you all to see her! She has grown and matured so much in this last year).

As May approaches she reaches her 4th year in remission!!

She is by far the strongest person I know. She is my little hero. I am in a constant state of awe of her. She is in the ‘pre-teen” attitude stages, and I have to remind myself this is a good thing! The attitude is insane! Everything is an argument. She wants it her way or no way. Sounds like me when I was her age.

¬†That being said, I am ever grateful for these daily struggles of will, as she has always been strong willed. It is far easier than the¬†struggles with her life.¬†I’ve been told that it is her strong will that pulls her through. It is¬†why she does so well. Well that and God’s hand guiding her through. Alexa has a great purpose in this life, I am certain of that. She keeps me in constant check, of what is important in life, and how fragile and precious each moment is.

I recently had a meltdown over the fact that the 2 years she was ill I took barely any video or photos. I didn’t want to remember anything about that time, now I sort of wish I had. Especially when we went to Disney. I SHOULD have video tapped at least that! That was a a happy time. After some severe mommy guilt, I promised to record more, and take more photos.

Well that about wraps up the family review, for now anyway. I’ll let you know how the dance goes ūüėÄ

Thanks for following our story.

Until next time!

April: A Year in Review

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  Well here we are again!

Another month has passed, another release, and we bring you the ever popular post A Year in Review! This is when the team and I share¬†uses¬† for some “old” products, and make them new again!

To view all the projects from our group post today you will want to visit:

  • Kristin Bueter
  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • Monique Hansen
  • Tangii Crain
  • Our guest this month is Amy Scheffer!
  • I know I cannot wait to see what the team has dreamed into “re” existence again!

    For me, I have another great sample using the Keep It template, but I will share that on another day.

    Today I thought I would share my daughter’s creation for the “Year in Review” instead, as it uses one of my first templates!

    ¬†I’m so proud of her and all she does, I thought it would help other mom’s see that kids can be involved, and anyone of all skill levels can use our products!

    I really encourage all of you out there to let your children get involved in crafts too. There are aisles and aisles of expensive projects for kids in store, but you don’t need to keep buying and restocking your kid craft cabinet with expensive projects. If you already buy my templates, you have everything you need to let your kids get crafty!

    The best part about my products is you can make these projects over and over again, and¬†for not a penny more than the inital cost of the template. If they mess up, you can cut a new one. Or iftheir favorite color changes you aren’t stuck with a pre-cut something or other in a color they now refuse to use! LOL!

    You can’t be afraid to let them make a mess. How will they learn otherwise? You will have more fun than they will, I promise ūüėĬ†

    So that being said, during one of her recent after school projects, I thought I would “photo document” what Amber wanted to make. Her idea was cool, so why not?

    This time it was a butterfly wand for her teacher to use on the Smart Board at school. She picked out everything she wanted to use, and away she went.

    Note: During these projects I help with Cricut setup (although she can use her Cricut Create on her own) as well as the scoring and guiding where the adhesive (or panel) goes, I usually get the ink that coordinates too, and she does the rest!

    Let’s get started!

    So I cut, and scored the celery cardstock for the “wand” that she wanted.

    She started to put it together.

    Now that part is done!

    We moved on to the “butterfly” part.

    She chose to use the All A Flutter © template.

    I decreased the size of the front/back/wing prints of the All A Flutter © template to 80%.

    She wanted the wings in pink and the wing prints in yellow.

    She got to work gluing and then stamping!

     She wanted to stamp all the wing prints first (of course) so she chose Sensational Stems and Sensational Sentiments.

    It was easier for her to stamp them on the Cricut mat.That way they don’t move when you stamp them.

    Then she could see exactly how they are suppose to go on the butterfly body.

    After the wings are complete, she glues the wings to the wand, I add a bow!

    (note we use adhesive TAPE for this-the glue stick was for wing prints)

    Fabulous Flutter Wand!

    Here, it was snowing, so she waved the wand and made a wish for Spring to come!

    This is the back of the wand, that she had to sign her name to ūüėÄ

    Amber is a perfectionist!

    Great job sweetie!

    Her teacher said she loved it, and actually used it right away, which made Amber SO HAPPY!

    Wouldn’t this be a fabulous kid craft for a girls party? I think so.

    Many people ask me how I get stuff done while balancing 3 children. There really is no big secret! I just let them craft with me. For years I’ve organized an afternoon craft with the kids, after homework is done. It would generally take up an hour, and then they would have to spend an hour entertaining themselves afterward. So I got the MOM time I needed, after spending time with the kids.

    ¬†Now they are getting older, Noah doesn’t really like craft time (he complains on the school day he has art class-kills me!), and Alexa is 11. so she just wants to do her own thing (already!), so sadly now during craft time, ¬†it’s usually just Amber and I¬†now. She often gets the craft together herself and we craft side by side.

    I hope this trend continues for a lifetime to come.

    Well that is all for me, for today.

    I’ll be back tomorrow to share my last project from the April release, using the Keep It template.

    See you then.



    I’m BAAAACCCCKKK!!!¬† Did you miss me?

    (Get ready to brace yourselves with your favorite beverage! I have tons to share, including a tutorial! You won’t want to miss a thing-I swear)

    WOW! It’s been so long since I’ve posted. Trust me I’ve been BUSY! It will all be worth it.

    Family life is insane as my mom continues her Chemo & Radiation treatments, with an impending surgery. I have had to work nights to keep her commercial cleaning company going (exhausting after spending my days in the hospital with her), then there has been some custody drama regarding my 2 year old niece (long story), school meetings,doctors visits, and¬†a bug that has gone around the house twice :C NOT FUN! Despite all that I’ve been squeezing in what I can for the business, and my sanity!!

    So that being said let me kick off the first day of peeks for our AMAZING March Release!!

    With aviary themes being so popular, I think and HOPE you all will be excited about this next release. I’ve made something seemingly IMPOSSIBLE, now possible for ALL skill levels.

    So without further delay let me get sharing.

    Today you will want to stop by and visit several members of our talent design team, as they share NEW! projects with you.

  • Kristin Eberline
  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Monique Hansen
  • Our March Guest is Kathryn Berthiaume!
  • OK now it’s my turn! What you are about to see is 100% made from paper!!!!!!!! If you love aviary themes then this is sure to knock you out of our seat ūüėÄ

    I made this template SO LONG ago. Almost a year now. I have been waiting for the perfect moment to release it, and with Spring on the horizon, it is now time. 

    Introducing our NEWEST Template: Caged

    Can you believe how amazing this is? Talk about a WOW! gift holder, or table centerpiece.

    It is really large too. I think we all had a hard time properly photographing it because it is such a wonderfully large template.

    The bird on the top was purchased at Michael’s Craft Store. The bird itself is about 3 inches tall, and with the tail almost 5 inches long.

    Here are some template details:

    Caged Template $5

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size

     4 1/2 Inches Wide

    4 1/2 Inches Deep

    10 Inches Tall

    Have you ever longed to create and customize your own “Bird Cage”from cardstock and/or patterned paper? Well we now have the PERFECT “bird cage” template. This is the epitome of unique and stunning! This is the perfect packaging for display. Use for a table setting, centerpiece, or as a creative and unique gift holder. Makes the perfect wedding centerpiece, or party favor too.

    No detail was spared in the creation of this, and it was made FOOL PROOF! I love the detailed base the cage sits on as well. Stunning detail.

    You can fill this with a variety of gifts such as bird themed items, floral arrangements: real or artificial, candles (especially battery operated), homemade/handcrafted treats of all kinds, bath & body products, stuffed animals, drink mixes…endless possibilities.

    Inside my cage here, since it is a centerpiece I put some floral moss (in the floral section of Michael’s Craft Store) in the bottom, and create a “nest”. Inside I added some plastic eggs (also from Michael’s Craft Store).

    Note: You can weave through cardstock pieces and create a unique “basket” as well! You will see more of that another day! VERY COOL!! I can’t wait to share.

    No matter what gets “caged” up in here, the packaging itself is sure to be used and displayed long after the gift is gone.¬†

    The top is separate, so you can take it off to retrieve the gift you wish to package inside.

    This template coordinates with the Singing Silhouette Pretty Impressions Stamp Set, as well as the Branching Out, and the A Little Birdie Pretty Pieces Cut File.

    Here you can see there is a leaf/branch applied to the cage. That is from our  Branching Out Cut File! I think you will find it AMAZING to add to any card, tag, template or project! I just used glue dots to adhere it to my template. Very simple!

    I cut my Branching Out Cut File¬†in Kraft cardstock. Once cut out I used my Copic markers to color the leaves in ūüėÄ You could also re-cut the file, in whatever leaf color you chose,¬†and cut just the leaves off, adding them to the base. I would fold them in half for added dimension ūüėÄ Just a tip

    For my sentiment I used the So Sentimental set.

    It reads:


    Our family is a circle of strength & love. With every birth and union it grows. Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger.

    I felt it went perfectly for the message I wanted the centerpiece to have, given our recent trials, and the fact we had our bird with her little nest. The label and cut file are an early peek at what is to come next month ūüėÄ Sorry I couldn’t resist adding it!

    Now the little flowers…I made those too ūüėÄ Read more on that further down, once you get to the card!!

    This was made specially for my mother, to use as a centerpiece on her dining table. I asked her specifically what she wanted for colors, and I went to it. She hasn’t seen the final product yet, but I will present it to her within the next week or so.

    Now for her card …and a peek at the new stamps and paper!

    Keep strong and carry on.

    I love this card, that I made to coordinate with the bird cage. There will be a tutorial below on how I made those little roses ūüėÄ

    The cage, branch, and bird are from an upcoming set called: Singing Silhouette. ¬†More details on that set tomorrow. Obviously it will have a bird theme to it ūüėÄ

    The cage image was cut using the Caged Cut File. This cut file was designed to allow you to have a cut out of the cage/cage door image (not shown) from the Singing Silhouette stamp set. I added some additional color to the leaves using a marker, once stamped.

    The paper is from our latest collection called Whistful Wonder & Whistful Music Magic.

    This sentiment is of particular significance at this point in my mom’s life. It feels great to have the ability to create such meaningful gifts for such a time in one’s life.

    The sentiment is from a new set called Keep Strong.The set was a collaboration of sentiments,¬†between Catherine Doucette¬†and I. We will release it in March,¬†as March 8th¬†is International Women’s Day¬†, for awareness on domestic violence¬†¬†against women.

    More details on that set will also follow soon.

    Since my mother was almost murdered by her husband(now almost a year ago-this April) I wanted to create something in honor of her!!! She continues the court battle to help prosecute her husband (who is in jail) for the brutal attack on her. He is fighting for 50% of all their assets, and for her to PAY HIM alimony once he is released from jail! Lord, if there is a justice system in the world, please help my mother with this uphill battle, that is so draining on her.

    OK now how about we get the the tutorial part?

    Check out these AMAZING mini roses, and the flowers that are on the template in this post. I made them in under 2 minutes!!

    Want to know how?

    I used the or you could use the Border Builders Open Scallop Cut file (the plain scalloped one) for this project. Or you could use the Rosey Posey Rosettes too.


    1) Resize the plain scallop  border to 1/2 inch wide (select maintain proportions prior to resizing)

    Use a THIN cardstock, or even printer paper!

    2) I then sponged on my color. A darker pigment ink on the scallops.

    A lighter ink on the bottom.

    3) I then use my scissors, and snip between each scallop.

    4) Add a THIN strip of double sided adhesive.

    5) Take my craft pliers to begin to roll the scallop strip.

    6) Carefully roll the strip, ensuring you pinch the bottom tightly.

    7) Keep carefully rolling…

    8) Done rolling!

    Once it is all rolled, because you used the sticky adhesive it will be all set ūüėÄ

    9) You then want to take your fingers, and pull back/roll down the snipped petals. You can then pinch some of just leave them alone!

    10) To adhere to a project, apply a large clear glue dot to the bottom.

    The bottom is flat so it sits nicely on any project!

    Now the possibilities truly are endless, and in NO TIME at all!

    TIP: For the first¬†template sample¬†I used copy paper, and didn’t really fold the petals back! A whole new look!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ‚ĄĘ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Caged

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Singing Silhouette, Keep Strong

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Wistful Wonder, Wistful Music Magic

    Pretty Pieces Cut File: Branching Out, Caged Cut File, Border Builders Open Scallop Border

    Well I think that is all I can cram into one day. I hope you are as excited as I am about this next release!

     There is SO MUCH more to share, so come back tomorrow OK!

    We are sponsoring a challenge! and a update

    Dec 23, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff

    Check out PaperCraft Planet’s 3 D Challenge this week! My Time Made Easy ‚ĄĘ LLC is sponsoring!


    The challenge is for you to use¬† this FREE template, the Cutesy Cover! to create something fabulous! One lucky winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to the¬†¬†My Time Made Easy ‚ĄĘ LLC¬†store!¬†

    Here is a sample of what I did last year!

    Happiest of Holidays to you all!!

    On a personal note, thank you ALL for the kind comments, prayers and emails in regards to my mother. She has a tough road ahead, and DAILY treatment, so it will be a busy time. I know she is strong and can beat this ūüėÄ She has already done several grueling tests that she didn’t think she could make it through!! We have received good news yesterday that her cancer is contained to one area, and hasn’t metastasized to her brain or other organs. She has a VERY¬†good chance of being cured ūüėÄ While my mom is still dealing withthe shock of having a cancerous tumor, I am elated to received such wonderful news. I accepted this info day one, and knew I had to be focused on caring for her immediately. She is still in a little denial, and I don’t think it ever feels real. My daughters ordeal felt like a foggy dream when it was over, even though I KNOW it was very real.

    I am the one who will be taking her to her any/all appointments. I also ensure he errands are¬†run and¬†she eats. I will ensure¬†her pets are cared for and house stays clean (she and I can’t rest if the house is messy! LOL!)¬†I personally talk to ALL her medical team (we set that permission into place immediately!), I organize all her appointments, and carry all her info around with me. I believe I was a nurse at one point in my life so I could properly care for me family at this point! LOL! Having been through a lot of this and the uncanny ability to retain medical information, its easy for me to do all that, and good for her because it is TOO MUCH to take in for the person going through it. She doesn’t have to worry about any of it ūüėÄ I just tell her what time to be ready the next day.

    I have to say it makes me feel so good to be able to do all this for her. I don’t feel helpless. I enjoy it, and it gives me purpose. She told me the other day that when I am by her side she feels like she can conquer the world. To know that I can help her feel that way is a wonderful feeling. That is what I try to do, because I KNOW she can, she just has to believe it herself ūüėÄ

    My brother lives with her currently, so I feel good knowing in my absence she isn’t alone. He also has overtaken her Commercial Cleaning Company, so she will be able to keep her company/income.

    On a note about her court case…she had court on Monday. They tried to plea bargain with her husband for him serving ONLY 5 years, then deportation back to Portugal. He refused the plea bargain, as he thinks if he is heard, he will be acquitted! He think he should walk, and actually thought he’s get out on bail¬†Monday! He¬†has told his lawyer this is my mom’s fault. If she just kept her mouth shut, he’d be free and walking. He thinks many people on the “jury” will share his thoughts/feelings on this matter, so he wants to go to trial!!

    He faces 6 charges:

    Attempted Murder

    Assault and Battery

    Assault with a deadly weapon


    Attempt to do harm

    Intimidating a witness

    Each charge I believe has  a MINIMUM of 5 years jail time. 

    Now we have to go through the drama of a trail which my mom is so upset over. She just wants this to end, and for him to go back where he came from. I told her we will do whatever we have to, to be sure he is placed wherever God intends. One step at a time.

    Now about the trail, if I understand the way this is suppose to work, I interpreted the system to work as follows:

    A jury will decide after seeing photos, hearing the police, doctors, my mother and her ex testify, ¬†on what charges he is guilty of (and they could say he isn’t guilty-but the photos alone prove otherwise). From there, based on what the jury decides the judge will be the one to decide how many years for each charge he will receive.

    For example for the Attempted Murder charge, lets say the guideline for sentencing was 5 to 15 years, the judge could say for the Attempted Murder change he will serve 12 years, for the Kidnapping charge 7 years…and so on.

    There is also a video of him confessing but now he claims he didn’t understand what he was saying (despite the fact he speaks perfect English) and there will be a hearing on that alone on Jan 20th.

    So lots going on.

    My favorite quote ” The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step”

    So here we are at step one.

    An update…please read

    Dec 19, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, family stuff

    This is an important update about my business and family. Please take a moment and read.

    As of¬† late I have received MANY emails, and comments about “where” I have been, as since my move to¬†a new home, posts have been scarce.

    Many have said I am/will lose my “customers” or followers with my lack of posting. Maybe, and most likely that is, or will be true. Nonetheless I feel I should explain my reasoning’s.

    Now all the wonder, with the questions and comments, leads me to explain something I was going to keep personal. I am always an open book anyway, so why not now too!

    Well its not just MY life that is on a HOLD so to speak. A pause, or standstill. It is my entire family that is in this state of pause.

    Unknown¬†to the world¬†I’ve been juggling many BIG things, that have required my full attention.

    In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, while most are focused on shopping, cooking. getting gifts made/wrapped and ensuring everything is done on time, I have been through the beginning of a grueling journey with my mother. A journey I have been on before, and must go on once again.

    My mother (who is my rock and my best friend) was diagnosed with Cancer. She is ONLY 54. We all know cancer has no age, no prejudice. It can happen to anyone, anytime.

     She has already undergone so many various painful tests, seen innumerable doctors, and now we arrive at the beginning of this new journey. The journey and fight of her life. 

    I have many feeling about this. First and foremost I trust God. I am at peace with the path we are lead on so far because I know God has a plan for her. I know in my heart she will be healed. I have faith that he will see her through this.

    Hebrews 11:1

    Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

    Matthew 17:20

    He replied, ” I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. “

    Matthew 15:28

    Then Jesus answered, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And her daughter was healed from that very hour.
    I have been seen through many tough path’s that God has carried me through, and this is yet another one. I know what he can do!
    She has had quite the year already¬†with the attempted murder of her life, from the hands of her husband, and while court continues, we started this new journey.¬†I’ve seen her slowly get worse daily, andunbearable pain. What we thought was from a injury from the attack, we find is another version of attack on her body.

    All that being said, my added lack of posting has had¬†more substance than you all knew. If by my initial statement that I made a few weeks ago, with NOT having a complete December Release, that I wanted to take some time off this holiday to catch up on things and make the most of this time with my family, has¬†put some of you off, ¬†I’m sorry you feel that way, but I make no apologies for keeping my priorities where they need to be first-and that is my FAMILY.

    Family is ALWAYS my top priority, and I am doing by best to balance it all.

    I will not let my drive to succeed, doing what I love, ever overshadow what is most important in this world, and that is my FAMILY. I want to keep the primary focus of my life on my family, always. I am a wife, mother, and daughter first.

    I don’t only care about papercrafting and/or making money. My first job is my family. This business is a way for me to share what I love to do with others, and enhance their creativity too. I enjoy it, and am thankful to be able to do what I love. While my customers/reader/friends (near, far and cyberlike)¬†are important to me, keeping focus on my family is as well.

    I have a store and gallery full of inspiring ideas from myself and my team if people need some inspiration. My team has been a huge help and will provide lot’s of inspiration. I will do my best to continue with expanding my company, as time allows, but ONLY as it doesn’t interfere with what is most important.

    I WILL be having a January Release, projects beginning January 1st,  and probably a February one too (as I have worked months in advance on all of this) , however I will only spend as much time as I can, without sacrificing family, doing so until the journey with my mother is complete. Until she is healed of this ugly Cancer.

    Thank you for letting me share what is going on.

    Happy Holidays to you yours, and may you all have a safe, &  healthy New Year!

    Our new home!

    Nov 11, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, family stuff

    Tomorrow (or today depending when you read) we finally close the deal on our old house, and we celebrate the joy of having our new house!

    It seems so surreal. This is the house Jason and I drooled over 2 years ago! Now WE actually live in it! God is good. It’s like it waited for us to be ready.

    So here is a photo slide-show!

    Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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    I’m so blessed and so happy to have our new home, where we can happily raise our family, and grow old.

    It's not the most fancy or elaborate house in the world but it is HOME for us :D We aren't over the top kinda people. I don't need a bajillion rooms and everything else that goes with it.

    While it's been unpacked for a little while, I still have the finishing touches to make. We also have a ton to clean up! Like our yard! Right now we have tons of trash, and furniture to sort out/give away! Our neighbors must be in a PANIC over the state of the OUTSIDE of our home! Hence no YARD photos yet! But we love our street, and our huge yard for the kids and the dog. I feel happy and safe here. The kids LOVE it.

    I still have the stamp room to complete and the garage to sort out, but it will all get done soon enough.

    I already love it here. It really feels like home to me.

    Thanks for letting me share it with you!

    Some AMAZING news!

    Sep 28, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, family stuff

    I have¬†4 amazing announcements! Given the last 2 weeks I’ve had it is wonderful to be able to say that!

    1) We are home!!

    One thing I can say is my life is ever ANYTHING but BORING or DULL!!

    Alexa is home and looks amazing, just in time for her 11th birthday!!

    No one really had any idea how bleak the situation was just a week ago. I have to shout it from the roof tops that Alexa was truly healed by God, once again. 

    It is truly a miracle¬†by God’s hands, because the doctors told us they didn’t think she’d pull through this. Nor did they anticpate she do so, and¬†so quickly. It was anticipated she’d get worse, before better, and they weren’t giving me anything to hold on to. They were playing this second by second. It was definitely THE scariest time for me because they always TRY to give you a positive statement, and this time they had none. Obviously as her mom, I had to refuse to believe that, and remind myself she has a purpose in this world. Alexa IS a fighter. She is truly the strongest person I know, and has touched many lives.

    I prayed like never before, and¬†reminded God of his promise to me years ago (read Alexa’s story), when I¬†know he actually spoke to me. At that time, he promised me Alexa would be taken care of by him. That she was his child and I needed to keep my trust and¬†faith in him. I was told “Do not believe the words of man”, but the promise of him.

    He often brings me to knees, and reminds me of his power, and unending love. Alexa has been a walking testiment since before birth, and had the eyes of every person she came in contact with during this time, in disbelief of her recovery. We do have some possible complications that can arrise, but we are being both cautious and hopeful.

    MORE happy news!!!

    2) Tomorrow Alexa turns 11!! What a celebration of life that will be for me! I can’t even get into it, because I am still quite emotional about everything.

    3) Im over the moon to say OUR HOUSE SOLD!!!

    We priced it to sell and it did within one month!! With this market that is a true miracle. All our hard work and prayers paid off. The inspection is tomorrow (on Alexa’s birthday) and we fully expect everything to go well! Our house is all newly renovated/updated and everything looks good, so I think it will be OK. The family buying it is expecting thier first baby soon too! Our home is perfect for them ūüėÄ I have a very good feeling about everything.

    4) The today we heard back from the bank that they accepted the offer on our DREAM HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we are closing on that house the end of October!! I can’t even wait. We have 4 bedrooms so each child will have their own space! We have an amazing yard, and amazing neighbors. We couldn’t feel more blessed. The house is perfection. Everything I had on¬†my wishlist ūüėÄ

    So needless to say things are really looking up! I feel so blessed because everything seemed to all fall apart, thenin the same turn suddenly¬†all fall into place, just like it was all in God’s hands!

    I will admit it was hard dealing with house negotations while Alexa was in the hospital. I am a control freak about that stuff, and God really showed me what was important, and again to trust in him, and what is meant to be, will be! We just prayed about everything, and handed it over to him.

    Well thanks for letting me share all the good. Its nice to be able to return with so many positive things to announce! I hate when things are ALL negative.

    LASTLY the October Release peeks begin tomorrow!

    I have busted my HINEY to get my projects completed and blog posting/samples done. So please keep that in miund this release! It was/is very difficult for me to swing everything and I’ve done my best to be SUPER WOMAN! LOL!

    So I hope you enjoy!

    A Thank You and an Update…

    Sep 25, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff, My Time Made Easy

    Dear followers of My Time Made Easy,

    First and foremost we would like to thank you profusely for your prayer requests. Alexa is a shining example of the magnificent power of prayer. It looks like Alexa is on the road to recovery since entering the Pediatric ICU a few days ago. The day before yesterday, they removed her oxygen mask to allow her to breathe room air (GREAT sign of her progress). The doctors are amazed at how well she is doing and how swiftly she is improving. Yesterday they moved her to the regular Pediatric ward to finish her recovery. She has a puss pocket in one lung that could cause serious complications so they’re observing her closely.

    Lauren said that they’re not sure when they will be discharged, but she’s thinking maybe next Tuesday. We hope for their sake that happens because little Miss Alexa has a birthday coming up! She will turn 11 on Wednesday :] How great would it be for her to be able to spend it at home with her family?! Lauren sent a picture of her today in the hospital gift shop holding a gigantic fortune cookie. Doesn’t she look great?

    Lauren is also on the road to recovery and starting to feel much better. She’s has been pretty tired from tending to Alexa throughout the night, but seeing her improve is helping her own recovery and also helping her to sleep the past few days :]

    We would appreciate you keeping Alexa and Lauren in your prayers until they’re completely out of the woods.

    Also, keep an eye out for the October release! Peeks start on Wednesday also. You can get in on one of the new sets now by placing a pre-order or purchasing the digital set. The pre-orders are set to ship on October 1st, but you may notice that if you already placed an order yours might arrive before the 1st. Some of the shipments were already mailed! That’s just a small example of the stellar customer service you can expect from My Time Made Easy.¬† You can check out Lauren’s blog post about the Spooky Surprise PRE-RELEASE!! <–It can be found here.

    Thank you for checking in and continuing your prayers for Alexa and Lauren.

    ~My Time Made Easy Design Team~

    So Simply Sweet

    Sep 6, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, family stuff, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Well its back to the hustle and bustle of the regular work week.

    If you haven’t be sure you submit your projects for our Guest Designer Contest! We are also¬† looking for 2 permanent team members. See our AD on SCS for details! –> HERE!

    Did you have an enjoyable holiday? Feels like summer is officially over once Labor Day comes and goes.

    Today I’m feeling sentimental and a bit long winded. So bear with me here!

    Today you will want to visit Tracey Cuccia for a super sweet project.


    Here is what Tracey has to say.

    “Here in NY, it’s back to school time. ¬†In fact, today is my daughter’s first day back. ¬†I started last year, getting her a little ‘something’ to start off the school year. ¬†A treat just for her…now to most it may not be a big deal, but she loves all sorts of yummy smelling goodies, so I got her a thing or two to take to school, and some for use at home…see how I packaged them up to mark this special day…”

    Make sure you stop by to visit Tracey

    The kids are back¬†at school, ALL full time, and I can’t even believe how much I can accomplish with a 6 hour block of time. My house is spotless and I’m creating up a storm! Next month’s release will be HUMONGOUS, because my mojo is in FULL SPEED AHEAD. I really start gearing up for the holidays once the 2nd week of September comes.

    The kids (Noah & Amber) started Soccer season, and Alexa is starting dance class again. She use to dance a log time ago, but once she got Cancer, that came to an end. She is finally feeling better enough to start again.

    I haven’t posted photos in a while….so here you go!

    Alexa Grade 4

    Age: 10 (almost 11)


    My miracle. I can never get over how amazing she is, and  her personal growth in all areas, year after year! She is not a baby anymore. It is hard to try and remember that.

    Noah 2nd Grade

    Age: 7


    He looks *just* like his dad. He is becoming quite sweet & charming. SO tall too.

    Amber 1st Grade

    Age: 6


    My baby. Enough said.

    Amber also got glasses this summer…..


    I think she looks REALLY cute in them, even if she hates them.

    How time flies! All 3 of my “babies” off to school. Soon it will be college, then their own apartments. I tear up at the thought.

    I took them to the park yesterday, and as I watched them play, I tried to burn that memory into my head. My¬†children, still young enough and full of innocence, yet old enough to be independent in so many ways. I¬†want to remember the images of them running through the park, trying to do the monkey bard, and sliding down the slides. I want to remember their little dirty faces, and thier little voices. I want to remember¬†the energy and excitement they have, the sounds of their laughter. I sat there watching, and remembering when they couldn’t play in the park with out the help of my hand, or a push on the swings. Now every now and again I get a glance over the shoulder, and a smile with a wave! Or a look at me! Oh how I cherish those days.

    So as I try to settle back into a routine, which is new to me, with the quiet that come with the week, I am hoping to re-do my special video tutorial. Its been absolutely crazy here this week, as I am sure you can all relate. I have SOOOO much I want to get done, and am hoping I can actually achieve all I have on my to do list this week.

    OK, sorry about getting side tracked!

     How about a SWEET project?

    Now use your imagination……I used the Shop Around Mega Template, to create a Cupcake Themed Sweet Shoppe.


    Now I say use your imagination because this was designed to look just like a CUPCAKE. When I showed my husband he said’ That’s suppose to be a what? Its doesn’t looke LIKE a cupcake, but it IS cute.”. SO he didn’t see¬†the cupcake idea at all. So use your imagination. My kids “got it”. Oh well!

    So, while I failed miserable at that, I still think its’ adorable.¬†Here is how I tried to get it to look like a cupcake……


    See my base of the Shop Around Mega Template was made from Kraft (to be like a chocolate cupcake-without the overpowering brown of a chocolate cardstock), and then I used the Picket Fence paperto print my pattern on some vellum cardstock to imitate the look of a cupcake wrapper, complete with scalloped border.

    For my roof…..again going with the CUPCAKE theme, I printed the polka-dot pattern from the Shopping Shirley’s Candied Thistlestalk collection.¬†onto CANVAS cardstock. Yes it looks and feels like canvas! I wanted some obvious “texture” for my “frosted with sprinkles” look.


    I added the bow-with a Button to imitate a cherry on top! You can’t really see it, but I used some embroidery floss to even make a “stem”.

    In the Pop Up Window I used the face of the clock image (punched out with a  inch circle punch) from the On Display 1 set so it looked like a real Shoppe with the clock at the top! I think its a super cute option instead of a window!

    Anyway……my Shoppe Window is of course 3 D! I stamped the window panes on a acetate layer for the realistic look of an actual Shoppe window.


    As you see IN the window I have my Shoppe Counter (made using the wood grain image from Home Improvement), where I stamped 3 cupcakes from the On Display 1  set, and colored them to match.

    My Boutique sign has the sentiment “simply sweet” instead of the “boutique. That was done with the digital version of Shoppe Window¬†& the On Display 1 set.


    For some more details I stamped colored and cut out the dog from On Display 1 .


    Now my lil’ bushel in the corner was created my stamping the smaller bush image from the Home Improvement, multiple times, then using the solid gumball iamge from On Display 1, as my “flower/berry” buds.


    The right side of my box had the Shoppe door from Home Improvement.


    I made sure I DRAGGED my ink across the door so it appeared to be a woodgrain pattern. I stamped/colored/cut the lantern.


    In the “attic” windows I stamped a heart from You’ve Got Mail¬†stamp set. I love that little touch!


    On the left side of my Shoppe I used the main image from the You’ve Got Mail¬†stamp set!!


    ¬†I just used that same cute cupcake from the On Display 1¬†set on my mailbox! It personalized it even further, and I think it’s a super cute addition to this template.


    Now for the back.

    The simplest part, but it may be my favorite! LOL!


    I just stamped my Homemade sentiment from the Sign It set, and back to the You’ve Got Mail¬†stamp set, I used the little house image to create my label! I love it. Sometimes its the little details that make a BIG deal.

    I love using older sets with newer ones! If there is anything I can tell you it is to ALWAYS go back and try to mix, match and coordinate! It feels great! You really feel like you got your monies worth. I was even thinking that this could be SUPER SWEET as a Jam/Jelly Shoppe using the Well Preserved set, for wrapping your jams and jellies, or fruit flavored/scented/themed gifts! Basically ANY older image set would be a great Shoppe!!!!!!

    When I say this Shop Around Mega Template had limitless possibilities I MEAN IT!

    If you are tight on time check out our super cute Simply Sensational Shoppes! They are amazing. You can quickly and easily color, print, and cut. Perfect for mass producing gifts too.

    Video coming SOON!!!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ‚ĄĘ LLCPretty Packaging¬†Templates:¬†Shop Around Mega Template

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set (digital & acrylic):¬†Shope Window, On Display 1, Sign it, Home Improvement, You’ve Got Mail

    Pretty¬†Printable Digital Paper:¬†Shopping Shirley’s, Picket Fence

    Pretty Pieces Cut File: Home ImprovementWell thank you again for stopping by!

    I hope you are feeling inspired to create your own little “homes” or a village of Shoppes for¬† gift this upcoming holiday season. You really can’t BUY the feelings these will give to those you make them for!

    See you again tomorrow.


    Jul 11, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, family stuff, My Time Made Easy

    Hi everyone ūüėÄ

    I have so much to report upon my return to reality! So if you have a minute I’ll catch up with you here.

    Well first and foremost any stamp set orders put in while I was away will be shipped tomorrow ūüėÄ If you were waiting to order, then go ahead ūüėÄ Also I¬†am all caught up on any/all customer service emails.

    I thought I’d share a quick card I made right before I left for vacation. It was my favorite from this past release.


    The earth laughs in flowers

    This is a simple layout with MANY possibilities. I wanted to keep it simple.


    For this I used the flower shilouette from the Killer Curves set, and the Tending the Garden set from the July Release. I used a singlo white gel pen to add to the details.


    The butterfly was actually colored using some pigment inks and a Fantastix stick.

    Now onto the “other” stuff.

    While I was away on vacation I left for part of the day on Thursday to meet my mother at court. We had to have a hearing to see if her husband would be released from jail until his actual trial.

    ¬†If you haven’t read the story-view it here

    ¬†The short version: it was determined by the court, based on all the evidence (as I said there is a lot you all DON’T know) and attorney arguments,¬†that he is definitely too dangerous to be out of jail! He will be staying there until his actual trial.

    I cannot tell you what a relief this was to me. I’ve lost much sleep over this, especially before this actual date, as it was vital to my mother’s safety and well being. Now I know my mother will be safe for a while.

     We still have his trial to go through but given the various charges we know he will serve some sort of sentence in jail, and hopefully when his sentence is completed they will deport him back to Portugal.

    My mom is experiencing a wide range of emotions from this.  She would be terrified if he was out, but at the same time still sees the man she loved. My heart breaks for her but the man she thought she knew really never was.  I am very proud of my mom, that she has stuck through his insanely draining process and despite her heartache has continued to fight. I hope my mom continues to be strong and moves forward.

    I found a frame for her that I found so profound. It read ” When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” -Helen Keller

    I just want her to know she WILL be happy again. She can and will move forward. She is stronger than she thinks, she just needs to dig deep.

    OK on a lighter note…..

    The DAY before we left for vacation Amber decided Alexa’s bangs could use a TRIM! So she would be her hairdresser and fix them. So,¬†off we begin our vacation with Alexa having bangs a 1/2 inch long!

    My family and I¬†had a wonderful vacation at Point Sebago Resort in Casco¬†Maine. What a WONDERFUL place to go for families ūüėÄ We will certainly be returning there soon. They offer so many wonderful things for families to do, and plenty of “camps” for the kids to attend.

    We were able to spend time with the kids and even have a few much need “date time”!

    We went to the beach daily, participated in Arts & Crafts where I tried my hand at ceramic painting, we went to shows, used the paddle boats, Jay & I went Kayaking for the first time, and really just enjoyed literally every second there.

    While we were there Alexa SHOCKED us the first night by getting into the middle of the Welcome Party by dancing in the middle of the crowded dance¬†floor! Given that she is VERY shy we were in awe! When she was done she¬†got an standing ovation from several tables, telling her what a great job she did, and I thought she would run off the floor, once she realized what was going on, but instead she took a bow! LOL! VERY unlike her so it was such an amazing thing to see.She even followed the choreography for a line dance!!¬† I seriously couldn’t believe she was picking it all up. I was certainly flooded with emotions when I recalled her early days of leukemia when she could walk for 3 months, and every step was painful. She had to re-learn to walk all over again, and stairs weren’t even an option. Here she is 3 years in remission, and line dancing! God is good.

    In the fall she wants to start taking dance lessons again here in town. I think she is definitely ready again ūüėÄ

    One of the camps for her age group had morning dance classes given by the trained dancers they had there for various shows from NY. Alexa attended each one and REALLY enjoyed herself. The Camp staff was awesome at making some accommodations for Alexa when certain activities would be a little too much for her, especially in the heat! I couldn’t say enough about them all.

    I could go on for hours about all our adventures.

    While we were there we were also able to check out Camp Sunshine! This is a “camp” for families of children with life threatening diseases. It offers families like ours, an AMAZING experience, and this camp was developed by the owners of Point Sebago! So I was obviously pleasantly surprised to find all this out upon our arrival. What better place to support. I love supporting a place that so openly uses its funds to help make a difference in the lives of others.

    Long story short it was a wonderful place for our family to take a vacation, and we were sad to return home to reality. We are already planning of returning year after year as it was THAT amazing, and not too¬†far from home ūüėÄ

    I’m too tired and have way to much to do upon my return, so I have yet to edit/share photos. I will this week (¬†I hope ūüėÄ )

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