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NEWSFLASH :D a card with an inspirational message.

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Christine from ATS decided to release the New! Winter Playtime set and Playful Penguins TONIGHT at midnight! So you can view the sets and place a pre-order!!


Do you want to be on a design team? 

Well then here’s your chance!! I copy/pasted this from AmyR’s site

We’ve made some changes to the current All That Scraps Design Team – all the members currently on the team will be staying on with us until September 2008 and are now Senior Design Team Members.

However we’ve decided to have another All That Scraps team and are looking for 6 new people to join! It’s a 3-month stint officially starting January 1st and ending March 31st. So every 3 months I will be looking for 6 new members for our team!

To find out all the info and what you need to know to apply please go HERE <——click!!

Now on that note, I have a very important message! HINT: READ THE SENTIMENT


(set Starlight Starbright by Verve Visual I had to get the 2 latest releases, as they were SO COOL!!.)

Now MANY of you have emailed me, or commented, and expressed anxiety and low self worth, about applying to the design team. STOP THAT!!!! Stop thinking “Im not good enough”.

Have confidence. Put your best foot forward.

How can you achieve your goals if you don’t try?

I know you worry about putting yourself out there, that you will get rejected.

If you get nothing else from me, I hope you learn to GO FOR IT!!! Go after your dreams. How else are you going to succeed?

If you don’t try, then you definitely LOSE. If you lose, then hope you learn something. That “something” that will help you NEXT time. Maybe it wasn’t your time. There will be a window open somewhere, at some point, but not if you don’t look for it. It will not smack you on the head and say OPEN ME! You need to find your window.

This goes for ALL area’s of life.

Rejection STINKS! But you know what, it happens to EVERYONE.

So I encourage you to be not afraid, and put yourself out there.

Ok I’m getting off my soap box, and heading back to bed :C

Thanks so much for the supportive comments, and emails. It truly means SO MUCH to me. Words cannot say.

Till tomorrow-when I have our Saturday Sketch Challenge 😀

Who says!

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mytime-penguin-cutie.jpg Hello

Who says you can’t get the FLU from the Flu shot?

Cause they need a SLAP! LOL!

Seriously. I took Alexa for her Chemo on Wednesday-about 11:30 am, while she was in Pain Free,  I got my FREE Flu Shot. She is doing well thanks for those who asked :D. Noah has yet another tummy bug-YUCK!

 Its really important that our family have this for Alexa’s well being. I haven’t gotten one in 3 years! I was so excited (yes excited), because then I didn’t have to make an appointment, drag 3 kids, pay a $15 co-pay, to then eventually somewhere between 10-12 hours later GET THE FLU!

Yes you read it. I have the FLU. Spent the day SICK in bed. I’m dying over here. By dying, I mean of BOREDOM. You all know me and sitting around doing nothing, and I,  are not FRIENDS.

I was so sad cause I didn’t do my penguin projects, or blog challenges NOTHING :C But I am hoping to feel better to get something done. Don’t worry, I still got “stuff”, just not what I wanted.

OK I also want to say that ” YES! I will do a tutorial on Lucky Sledding!”. Maybe Sunday-ish depending on how long this kicks around.

But never fear, I do still have penguins. Keep scrolling.

The BEST part was presenting the gifts I made this year (Alexa isn’t due back till the day after Christmas so I brought them now).

People were so sweet and appreciative! The most amazing thing! They had already hung up the snowman ornaments I made for them LAST year!!! They put him up in Nov. and keep him up till March’s end! Each one of them got one. I was so touched by the fact they still had him, and didn’t chuck him! LOL! They say they get loads of compliments on them 😀 YEAH!

And you can bet no sooner was the rice crispy treat container presented , it was opened and devoured 😀 It felt great.

The doctor’s went CRAZY for the monogram notecards 😀 More so than the card assortment I gave them last year (was my stamping that bad last year), with a altered Altoids tin and a Border’s gift card! So see, its the way to go!

Now to the penguin

mytime-pengin-sticks-can.jpg This is a Tea Tin, that I altered for the nurses in Pain Free! IGNORE the writing! I have horrific handwriting-that is why I have a personalized name stamp 😀

Now lookie what was inside!!!

mytime-penguin-sticks.jpg Yummy mint and caramel Hershey’s Sticks! I had to test a couple just to make sure they were worthy of giving. Yes, they were! This tin fit 2 boxes of the sticks.

 This is the penguin from the Wintertime Fun set. Is he not adorable? The paper I want to say is by Imaginese??? It inspired my design. You can see the close-up view of the top at the top of the post.

So it was a HIT!

I have so many holiday tips and ideas to share, so hope I can squeeze them ALL in over the next 26 days!

Sorry Im not all chipper-its hard to be when you feel so BLECH!!!!!!

Till tomorrow

Lets get lucky!

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Now that I have your attention!

You need this (set) Lucky image from Winter Playtime by C.C. Designs. Its being released the 7th of December. I’m in total love with this release and these characters! And I haven’t even inked the penguins yet! Oh the penguins, wait till you see them. SOON. I’m working on that today.

I thought I’d share my idea with you. One I have always had actually. I just NOW have FINALLY figured out how to implement it! An interactive card idea.

Lucky goes Sledding


Going Down!!!!!!!!!


Down, down, down to the bottom!


WEEEEEEEEE! That was fun!

I have always wanted to do a card with a sledding image that ACTUALLY sleds DOWN the hill.

I FINALLY figured it out.

You do like a “spinner” card-On back of image layer dimensional, penny, dimensional, penny.

This creates a “track” for the image to pop into (between the 2 pennies). You have to have it pop into 2 tracks so it SLIDES-not spins in a circle. AND it would fall off! LOL!

I used myCreative Memories Decorative Wavy Cutter for my snowhills. Honest of goodness a MUST have. I use it a lot-especially in the winter! Perfect snowhills! LOL!

Popped my image onto the top snowhill, then used my Hobby blade to make a track , next to the hill (look close you can see it). This allows you to pull the image down the hill. The bottom layer also has to be on dimensionals to allow for easy passing of the penny.

It does glide dow retty good, and easy!

Now, is it not ADORABLE?

PS that patterned Paper is by Basic Grey – Figgy Pudding. It was the perfect “scene” for my sleigh ride background.

I do suggest a busy bkgd to draw attention away from the slice for the track.

So I hope that inspires you to try one yourself. It sounds more complicated than it is really.

Ill be back with more-LATER!

Questions Answered

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Ok so my last post for the Ghirardelli Boxes left for MANY questions!

So I will answer them here. Hopefull it answers questions you may have had as well.

 Q. Where do you get your acetate?

A. I get mine a Walmart! Just $3.99 for 10 sheets! NOTE: they are called something like project projector sheets. You find them in the office section. They so have a white line in the side-I just chop it off. Same thing-a little thicker (which I personally LOVE), and ONE side has a slight “texture” to it. I find it helpful and more able to help my ink “stick”. Also Staples sells them but in like a pack of $50! So more pricey. I say do a SHARE! If you do, count me in! Now those of you in the Concord NH area, please remember me, and leave some for me to buy! LOL! I’m running low.

Q. Can the Scor-Pal score acetate?

A. YES the Scor-Pal can easily score acetate! It is (obviously) difficult to see the score lines-but put your finished scored project on a darker piece or cardstock, then use the Scor-Tool to crease the box score lines.

Q. What tape did you use?

A. Shame on ME for never mentioning this! I LOVE this tape! Its called Terrific Tape. A MUST have. I love it because you can just rip it off the roll!!! PLUS you get a lot. Its cheap, and holds AWESOME. AND its clear! It actually has many uses, so I suggest you read about it 😀 Its also more affordable that Red-line tape. And , yes red-line tape also works for any of these projects!

Q. Can you see the tape?

A. Just barely. Like anything with adhesive, if you look hard you see it. But if you stamp the box you will hardly notice! The KEY to any good project is strategic placement of ALL seams 😀

Q. For the first project, I looked at the site you linked, and didn’t see that stamp set? Where is it?

A. The set for the first container is by C.C. Designs. Its called Winter Playtime. It will retail for $11. You cannot view them—YET! They are being released on the 7th.

 If you LOVED Lucky and Lulu but didn’t want to invest in “holiday” images, then the next 2 sets are for YOU!!! They are more “winter” themed, and WAIT till you see Playful Penguins! OMG!! Think affordable, adorable PENGUINS!! OMW the wheels are churning. I got my set today. Oh YIPEE!!!

Q. What size was the acetate you used?

A. It was cut to 8 1/2 X 9 1/2.

LASTLY , let me say I truly appreciate those of you who read my blog,  and even more so, find time to comment.

I don’t want to sound RUDE-but seriously, I don’t need anyone to critique my way of wording things, abbreviations, or my punctuation and whatnot.

I am here as a crafter, to share THAT with you. 😀

 I am myself 100%. I will say, I am shocked that a lot of you read every little word, and some even proof read my posts. I think that is, in some way, beyond flattering.

So every little thing isn’t always perfect. So what. I am not perfect, nor is my typing, wording and whatnot. I hope that is not what you come here for. Also, I’m not changing it. This is me. Take it or leave it.

Till tomorrow.

Ghirardelli Gift Wrapper !

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Ok let me be straight with ya!

I LOVE making my own boxes, and giftlets (thats my lil word for them).

So if you visit me here-especially like the past month-you will see I have made alot of different styles of gifts, and boxes or bags. I TRULY believe it makes the simplest things WOW people. It also shows how much time and effort went into the easiest gifts.

I know BLAH BLAH BLAH-but to me its SO true.

I also figure I have saved quite the penny on designing the holder’s that I do. Plus I have FUN doing it. People are SHOCKED when they find you not only MADE it all, but designed the box as well. Sometimes the gift doesn’t live up to the packaging right! LOL!

Today I am sharing a FAVORITE of mine. Rather a lightbulb moment.

I LOVE chocolate! What woman doesn’t right? If you don’t, don’t admit it here! We chocolate lover’s DONT GET IT! NEVER will.

Anyway, alot of people seem to like the Ghirardelli Chocolate squares (as do I – raspberry filled being my personal fave, GODIVA Raspberry Starfish-Oh HEAVEN!!!!), as they come in quite the little assortment now! So I got several assortments.

 I bought some-on sale $2.33,  for a good sized bag. I thought how YUMMY they would be for my mail woman or Jason’s co-workers. I don’t know how about ANYONE that breathe’s. Just a great little gift PERIOD. Any occasion.

I also thought-I can’t just leave them in this bag. I wish I had a cute lil box-AH HA! Thats when it hit me.


So I did. I got out my Scor-Pal (yes I use it THAT much), and away I went scoring like a fiend.

I wanted it to house 10 little squares. Obviously the box can be altered for more or less, but 10 was good for me.

So I did all the necessary measuring, and came out with THIS (PS the ribbon really does match in person)

mytime-lulu-loves-chocolate.jpg LuLu LOVE’S Chocolate.

This box uses a stamp set that is NEW from C.C. Designs. The New! Little Bits Kits that sell for ONLY $11!!! This set will be on sale the 7th. Oh and wait till you see them. WAY too cute. I have more coming with them, so stay tuned. I’ve truly fallen in love with Lucky and LuLu!!!

I HAD to use my NEW! Large scallopnestability. You can see that it really makes any single layer SPECIAL.

I used the raspberry wrapper to draw my color combo from. Inside this are 5 raspberry, and 5 caramel squares.

Colored with myCopic markers (of course, what else right!! Hey I get my monies worth), and added strawberry ice stickles to the trim of the coat. You can’t see by the photo, but I also used my Atyou Glitter Pen, to make it all glittery.

HINT-honestly you don’t NEED all the coolors of the glitter pens! Just get the CLEAR one! It doesn;t change the color you put it over-just gives it a perfect touch of BLING. So, save your money for the ACTUAL Copic’s!!!

I stamped the window sheet with Snowflake Serenade by Papertrey Ink, in white Stazon. I filled in the bare area’s with the little snowflakes that come in the Little Bits set.

Here is the template-click for larger view. WAY TOO EASY.


Score per the guidelines.

On the bottom you will cut down the 2 flaps as shown, so the box will fold together perfectly.

Not for the top. the 2 side panels fold down (I secured them with my tape), and the front and back flaps are tied together. EASY PEASY!!

Any questions, let me know. And send me the link HERE if you try it out.

Now here is what Ilike to think of the same idea-only ALL occasion!

mytime-side-bloom-choc-holder.jpg Spiral Blooming square holder

Isn’t this so pretty?

I used ALL the same elements as above. I just made it EVERYDAY themed. This was done using the Papertrey Ink set Spiral Bouquet (LOVE IT)!!!

I stamped the flowers on the box and used my Poppin Acetate technique—–>HERE, for the design. My Pebbles Pearlescent pastels were PEFECT for the extra shimmer on the box. I also outlined the flowers with my atyou glitter pen, but didn’t capture it well in the photo. Oh well.

OK another rambling post.

Maybe this will be JUST what you needed for an idea for that “someone”.

Enjoy the day. The week is HALF over.

Stay tuned tomorrow-MORE ideas 😀 FUN FUN

The good and the bad of today

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WOW! Where does the day go?

I had a crazy day of running around.

Kids-ready for school, trip to Target, post office (my favorite place-NOT), get gas, buy my coffee-blah blah blah

I also had a parent/teacher meeting for Alexa on top of it. She is doing well, so thats good. She is loving school. I am SO happy we held her back. Great group of kids and she has confidence in herself. That is very good news.

Tomorrow Alexa has Chemo, bright and early. Eh? bad news?

The other bad news (cause is Chemo really good news? Well as long as she stays cancer free than I guess its good news-anyway).

She will have her intrathecal infusion (AKA chemo is put directly into her spine) meaning we are going to Pain Free, which is a LONG day-lots of puking and exhaustion.

Also meaning I didn’t make them (nurses and whatnot) anything yet, cause I thought pain free was DECEMBER! How did I get that wrong???


So I spent the day making MORE altered goodies!

Now thats the GOOD news-for you! You can see what I did.

More BAD news-

You all must be LOVING those chocolate covered rice crispy treats from Archer Farms I post about, cause there was only ONE container left!!!

That last part is the good news- I went into PANIC mode, then found ONE. Um, thanks to whomever left that one behind.

I was going to make a neat-o holder but then said DUH!!! The container itself is PERFECT! Why bother-you got enough to do, and need to give them every last one! It will be hard to say goodbye to those! But I am trying to be good-not doing to great BTW. But like Scarlette  O’Hara always says “tomorrow is another day”.

So here is the LOVELY DELICIOUS and Oh so Fabulously decorated treat container


I just got some GORGEOUS paper by Imaginesce??? Sorry dont remember. Anyway-it has a silver flurry following the snowflakes. I had these gorgeous glitter 3D snowflake stickers (by Hot Hues- Target) for 2 years! The time had come to say goodbye.

Now that panel was done to “cover” the seams of my paper wrap job. I thought the ribbon enriched the look.

Its all very shimmery and sparkly in person.

Here is the top


The stamp set is Papertrey Ink  Snowflake Serenade. PERFECT!!!!

I used my large scallop circles nestability for this topper.

Notice the tag-it has a personalized name stamp on it 😀 Easy signing!!!

I loved the punched snowflake in the corner too.

Anyway-I guess the point is they are just gonna eat them right?

Can I at least HOPE someone will fight for the container? That would be GOOD news.

They can re-gift it!

Oh the horror of it being TRASHED. Now that is VERY BAD news

Anyway-I have some more cute stuff that I will have ready to post tonight. So check back with me OK!

A mouse click away…………love my PSF’s.

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That’s me! I am just a mouse-click away. Be it chatting with my PSF’s or doing other stamping related computer stuff.

Add longer hair and Um lets say 10 or “so” pounds! There I am.

Which BTW I am going to start working out , AGAIN , to shed them, this week! No excuses. I SWEAR! I started today, and HURT.

I got rid of all the TEMPTATION. Now down to buisness.

So I posted this today in honor of all my PSF’s. They are an amazing and supportive group of women. Be it stamping related or just life in general! I just got the cutest card, with a note they pitched in to get me one of my most favorite magazine’s CARDS!!!! Is that not amazing? Its the ONE thing I love but just CANT splurge on.

I’m so not worthy. Thank you girls. You know each of you holds a special place in my heart and in our lives.

You all have helped me get through some of the toughest times these past 2 years. So thank you! And remember I am just a mouse-click away.

You want to know what is funny? I thought about them the other day, and made this on Tuesday Nov 20th-the day we got snow. I made it right after I made this card—> HERE . Yet they look very different.  

I just changed the tilt, and where the round element was. In this case a flower at the bottom, in the other one, a round sentiment at the top!

So make sure you really look at your own layouts, and find many ways to MIX IT UP!!! You can be surprised at what you come up with.

What is even funnier is I unintentionally CASED myself! 😀 It wasn’t till I was photographing that I realized it.

Would you ever think this was the same “idea”???

Also, slanting your images can really add alot of interest. Afterall there are only so many ways you can position a larger image on a 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 piece of cardstock.

I have LOVED this Bella-Clickabella (and sentiment) forever! I have wanted her since she was cast into rubbah. I got her at my LSS I put in my list of must have’s and they order what I NEED!! I love that! I also love not waiting to get what I really want. They are great to deal with. What’s even funnier is that they meet you ONCE and remember you!!!

I still wish online US stores could carry them too. Then I wouldn’t have to leave my house, pack up my 3 kids, or wait till a weekend to take a trip-ALONE. I could sit here and order, then chat online, while I await Mr. Brown :D, in a timely manner.

That is just my wish.

What a happy mail day.

 I got my Papertrey Ink order!!! AND I did get some LUCIOUS Satin and other May Arts ribbon from Jody’s Ribbon share 😀 Thanks Jodi.

Here’s to wishes! And the best friends a girl could ever ask for.

Thanks for reading 😀 And friendships.

Dress it up! SIMPLE Box Holder

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our-tree-2007.jpg We put up our Christmas tree!

I love watching the kids get so excited over it. The BEST part about our tree-MOST of the ornaments are ones made BY my kids! I love it!! Its like the TREE OF ART! I think they feel special seeing all their little creation’s hanging from the branches.

Popsicle stick reindeer, felt mouse candycane holder, plaster of paris BLOB with glitter, felt trees with sparkles and jewels, decoupage ornaments a plenty-Now those are real ornaments to me.

I also love that each child gets ONE special ornament each year. Some are nicely engraved, and others serve as reminders of their favorite interest-like Bob the Builder-Barney LOL! Stuff like that. Alexa got one last year that was a gorgoeus butterfly for support of Cancer Research. Noah got Sponge Bob, and Amber a cool Cat one.

You will not find glorious glass ornaments or victorian style fancy baubles. Just cardstock my kids decorated with glitter-or that have their handprints.

To think someday it iwll just be Jay and I at home. I am so trying to enjoy this time while they are little. I am really happy that I can stop and soak it all up!

OK I’m getting all mushy thinking about it, so anyway………

Now speaking of tree’s…………………………


Is this not YUMMY?

These are chocolate peppermint candy canes by Hershy. YUM! LOVE the colors, and they taste awesome too.

But, I wasn’t talking about the candy canes, I was talking about the holder! 😀 Another SUPER SIMPLE idea to package those holiday goodies. Think homemade cookies, or other baked good. Maybe some stationary, or cards. Hey- add a top (or not), and you have a card holder!  Made in just minutes.

I used Holiday Cheer, for my tree’s and tag. It was seriously perfect. All sides of this holder are decorated. That is important too. Complete the job. A container has more than ONE side!

The rectangle layer of tree’s is embossed with my rectangle nestabilities die, so it adds more interest (not seen in photo). It really makes it possible to not need the addition of a mat of color when you do this. Its elegant and cleanly detailed all on its own.

I think its ALL about PRESENTATION-and just a box of the simplest candy canes can look amazing in the right container. This will go to work with Jason to liven up the office 😀

To make this I used my Scor-Pal

8 1/2 X 11 Olive Cardstock

score along the 11 inch side at 5 and 16

score along the 8 1/2 inch side at 1, and 7 1/2.

Snip the edges of the 1 inch panel- to make your sides


I got this AMAZING patterned paper at my LSS Its by American Crafts. It not only matched my Candy Canes, but helped the flow of the color scheme I was after. It also continue’s the RETRO feel.

I also used Old Olive cardstock, SU! Wide grosgrain ribbon in red, and Choc. chip cardstock. I used co-ordinating SU! markers for this as well.

The shimmery shredded paper was a $1 Target find!

How cool is that?

Hope they enjoy it! If anything its at least FESTIVE! Nothing say’s Christmas like candy canes.

Till tomorrow 😀

Wonderland of ideas

Nov 25, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items

OK I hope you aren’t sick to death of Christmas stuff, because if you are-then this isn’t the post for you!

I am still whipping up the gifts/cards and ideas! Im doing really good getting stuff done 😀 The BEST part is I’m seriously having a BLAST. Unlike last year when I was rushing around doing gifts. It was “fun” but morestressful. Plus I have ALOT of super cute sets to play with this year to mix it up a bit.

The first box you are going to see ( I made 2 ) is for the Secretaries at school, and at the Oncology clinic Alexa goes to monthly. They are really nice, and should not be forgotten. Inside this box will have some DELICIOUS gourmet chocolate toffee covered pretzel sticks from Archer Farms. You get a good amount for $3.99! That will be just enough for them to enjoy and know they are thought of, again without breaking any bank accounts.

Now this first box-is a Star Box. I got this idea from the Scor-Pal website. Tutorial can be found  —-> HERE

It was VERY easy. I had a bit of a challenge cutting my bottom piece-cause I’m not a good trace and cut kinda girl! AND I’m a perfectionist.

mytime-acwp-star-box.jpg  mytime-acwp-top-view-star-box.jpg Click to enlarge

Pretty cool huh?

The tag (and card below) was made by using the  ACWP -Christmas Cheer set.

Here is the card


How flipping cute is that reindeer? I love him/her. I will need to do something else with it for sure.

I just kept it “simple”. I did stamp, and cut the tree 3 times on different layers of patterned paper. So its very 3D in person. This will go to one of the groups.

Liquid pearls make the “snow”.

Stay tuned, later I will have some more gift idea’s using Lizzie Anne sets, and I have another super cute Bella card 😀

What you NEED for Christmas

Nov 24, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Product Opinions and Must haves

Well let me start by saying that I’d LOVE to hear what is on YOUR wish-list for Christmas. Maybe I can add it to mine. I’m having a hard time finding something AWESOME.

I think I have everything I could possibly want (GASP!!!!). So I need to think hard about what I want to get.

Since I get ALOT of emails asking my opinions on products and where to buy I am making a mini list of must have’s.

These are the top 5 things, in my personal opinion, that I think every paper crafter SHOULD own! If you don’ t, then you may consider adding it to your cart 😀

1) Scotch ATG 714 Gun

2) Scor-Pal-

3) Copic Markers

Also see Atyou Glitter markers in category

4) Nestabilities-

5) Cuttlebug-

Now I have reviewed some of the items, or other crafter’s before me have, and  did a fabulous job, that I don’t feel the need to repeat it.

I would however like to tell you WHY you need the Scotch  ATG 714 gun by 3M.

atg gun Here is my BABY!!!

I want to say that I’m not affiliated with them, nor am I getting compensated for this “plug” if you will.

I’m just a happy paper crafter who loves a  great quality product, that is affordable, saves me money, and best of all, makes my projects easier to complete.

You may be asking what the heck you are looking at! Well, if you are familar with mono-adhesive dispenser’s, then you are looking at the MACK Daddy of all dispensers! Its the Scotch ATG 714 Adhesive Gun!

You can not only see the various options, but now they have a video about how to use it, and load it! So check it out.

It retails for $36.62 —–> HERE

If you own one-please chime in with your opinions 😀 Good or bad. This is what its all about-sharing an HONEST view. I welcome all of your opinions and experiences.

The thing with this tape dispenser is, it was originally used for framing. So the adhesive is really sticky!!! Unlike mono-adhesive your project wont pull apart or fall apart. We all know how frustrating that can be.

Each roll of adhesive( I get the GOLD due to its photo safe acid free) is 36 yards for ONLY $2.89!

Mono-adhesive is only 13 yards for $3.99 each! As seen —-> HERE

So, you are getting double the adhesive for a fraction of the cost-plus it holds better!!

I bought a 12 pack over a year ago and I still have 2 rolls, PLUS a fresh one in my gun!! I stamp just about daily, and really use my adhesive! That is phenomenal!!! I also love that I get great tape coverage-no flimsy trail of adhesive, like the mono adhesive.

They have a wide variety of tapes to choose from also.

I had heard the buzz over these ATG Guns about 2 years ago on SCS. I (like always) broke down and bought one. I tell you that place has cost me more money………………………..

Now, let me also tell you,  it was to date, one of the BEST thing’s I have ever bought. I like this particular style because it is the 1/4 inch tape dispenser. There are many other options, and my opinion is to get what is right for you. I liked the size of the row of adhesive I would get from my mono-adhesive, so that was why I made that particular choice.

I also need to STRESS, that the gun is pretty large in size. People discussed that fact when they first got theirs, so I thought I prepared myself. BUT, when I unwrapped it I was still pretty shocked.

Now that I have been using it for 2 years I am SO use to the size and feel of the gun. I love it, and perfer it! I never use my mono adhesive anymore. Plus it doesn’t get lost 😀

So I hope you found this to be helpful and informative.

I’d love to hear your questions, opinions or comments!


Stacy asked

Lauren, When you say that the gun is big just exactly how big are we talking about. Is it comparable to a staple gun or smaller than that? Thanx. Stacy

I measured it-

The top cartridge is 7 1/2 long 4 1/2 tall.

The handle is 4 1/2 inches as well.

Its only like 1 1/2 inches wide. Didnt measure that part! LOL! Just thought about including it as I type.

Seriously not bad. Just bigger than I had expected. I do LOVE it.

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Owner/Designer of My Time Made Easy* My Timeless Templates © by Lauren Meader for Papertrey Ink* SCS Dirty Dozen-past* A Chemistry With Paper-past* All That Scraps-Senior Designer - past* Green Grass Stamps-past* Gina K -Stamps for a Cause guest designer* Lizzie Anne Designs - past* My Favorite Things-Senior Designer -past* Our Daily Bread Guest Designer-past* Papertrey Ink - past* Pink Cat Studio- past* Reporter for Craft Critque-past* Say it with Letter Guest Designer* Stampavie -past* Storage Ink & More Guest Designer* Team Member for Scor-Pal*Su Ink & More-Past* Unity Stamps-past* Smile Box Avaitor-past*Numerous guest designer positions

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November 2007