mytime-penguin-cutie.jpg Hello

Who says you can’t get the FLU from the Flu shot?

Cause they need a SLAP! LOL!

Seriously. I took Alexa for her Chemo on Wednesday-about 11:30 am, while she was in Pain Free,  I got my FREE Flu Shot. She is doing well thanks for those who asked :D. Noah has yet another tummy bug-YUCK!

 Its really important that our family have this for Alexa’s well being. I haven’t gotten one in 3 years! I was so excited (yes excited), because then I didn’t have to make an appointment, drag 3 kids, pay a $15 co-pay, to then eventually somewhere between 10-12 hours later GET THE FLU!

Yes you read it. I have the FLU. Spent the day SICK in bed. I’m dying over here. By dying, I mean of BOREDOM. You all know me and sitting around doing nothing, and I,  are not FRIENDS.

I was so sad cause I didn’t do my penguin projects, or blog challenges NOTHING :C But I am hoping to feel better to get something done. Don’t worry, I still got “stuff”, just not what I wanted.

OK I also want to say that ” YES! I will do a tutorial on Lucky Sledding!”. Maybe Sunday-ish depending on how long this kicks around.

But never fear, I do still have penguins. Keep scrolling.

The BEST part was presenting the gifts I made this year (Alexa isn’t due back till the day after Christmas so I brought them now).

People were so sweet and appreciative! The most amazing thing! They had already hung up the snowman ornaments I made for them LAST year!!! They put him up in Nov. and keep him up till March’s end! Each one of them got one. I was so touched by the fact they still had him, and didn’t chuck him! LOL! They say they get loads of compliments on them 😀 YEAH!

And you can bet no sooner was the rice crispy treat container presented , it was opened and devoured 😀 It felt great.

The doctor’s went CRAZY for the monogram notecards 😀 More so than the card assortment I gave them last year (was my stamping that bad last year), with a altered Altoids tin and a Border’s gift card! So see, its the way to go!

Now to the penguin

mytime-pengin-sticks-can.jpg This is a Tea Tin, that I altered for the nurses in Pain Free! IGNORE the writing! I have horrific handwriting-that is why I have a personalized name stamp 😀

Now lookie what was inside!!!

mytime-penguin-sticks.jpg Yummy mint and caramel Hershey’s Sticks! I had to test a couple just to make sure they were worthy of giving. Yes, they were! This tin fit 2 boxes of the sticks.

 This is the penguin from the Wintertime Fun set. Is he not adorable? The paper I want to say is by Imaginese??? It inspired my design. You can see the close-up view of the top at the top of the post.

So it was a HIT!

I have so many holiday tips and ideas to share, so hope I can squeeze them ALL in over the next 26 days!

Sorry Im not all chipper-its hard to be when you feel so BLECH!!!!!!

Till tomorrow