Ok so my last post for the Ghirardelli Boxes left for MANY questions!

So I will answer them here. Hopefull it answers questions you may have had as well.

 Q. Where do you get your acetate?

A. I get mine a Walmart! Just $3.99 for 10 sheets! NOTE: they are called something like project projector sheets. You find them in the office section. They so have a white line in the side-I just chop it off. Same thing-a little thicker (which I personally LOVE), and ONE side has a slight “texture” to it. I find it helpful and more able to help my ink “stick”. Also Staples sells them but in like a pack of $50! So more pricey. I say do a SHARE! If you do, count me in! Now those of you in the Concord NH area, please remember me, and leave some for me to buy! LOL! I’m running low.

Q. Can the Scor-Pal score acetate?

A. YES the Scor-Pal can easily score acetate! It is (obviously) difficult to see the score lines-but put your finished scored project on a darker piece or cardstock, then use the Scor-Tool to crease the box score lines.

Q. What tape did you use?

A. Shame on ME for never mentioning this! I LOVE this tape! Its called Terrific Tape. A MUST have. I love it because you can just rip it off the roll!!! PLUS you get a lot. Its cheap, and holds AWESOME. AND its clear! It actually has many uses, so I suggest you read about it 😀 Its also more affordable that Red-line tape. And , yes red-line tape also works for any of these projects!

Q. Can you see the tape?

A. Just barely. Like anything with adhesive, if you look hard you see it. But if you stamp the box you will hardly notice! The KEY to any good project is strategic placement of ALL seams 😀

Q. For the first project, I looked at the site you linked, and didn’t see that stamp set? Where is it?

A. The set for the first container is by C.C. Designs. Its called Winter Playtime. It will retail for $11. You cannot view them—YET! They are being released on the 7th.

 If you LOVED Lucky and Lulu but didn’t want to invest in “holiday” images, then the next 2 sets are for YOU!!! They are more “winter” themed, and WAIT till you see Playful Penguins! OMG!! Think affordable, adorable PENGUINS!! OMW the wheels are churning. I got my set today. Oh YIPEE!!!

Q. What size was the acetate you used?

A. It was cut to 8 1/2 X 9 1/2.

LASTLY , let me say I truly appreciate those of you who read my blog,  and even more so, find time to comment.

I don’t want to sound RUDE-but seriously, I don’t need anyone to critique my way of wording things, abbreviations, or my punctuation and whatnot.

I am here as a crafter, to share THAT with you. 😀

 I am myself 100%. I will say, I am shocked that a lot of you read every little word, and some even proof read my posts. I think that is, in some way, beyond flattering.

So every little thing isn’t always perfect. So what. I am not perfect, nor is my typing, wording and whatnot. I hope that is not what you come here for. Also, I’m not changing it. This is me. Take it or leave it.

Till tomorrow.