WOW! Where does the day go?

I had a crazy day of running around.

Kids-ready for school, trip to Target, post office (my favorite place-NOT), get gas, buy my coffee-blah blah blah

I also had a parent/teacher meeting for Alexa on top of it. She is doing well, so thats good. She is loving school. I am SO happy we held her back. Great group of kids and she has confidence in herself. That is very good news.

Tomorrow Alexa has Chemo, bright and early. Eh? bad news?

The other bad news (cause is Chemo really good news? Well as long as she stays cancer free than I guess its good news-anyway).

She will have her intrathecal infusion (AKA chemo is put directly into her spine) meaning we are going to Pain Free, which is a LONG day-lots of puking and exhaustion.

Also meaning I didn’t make them (nurses and whatnot) anything yet, cause I thought pain free was DECEMBER! How did I get that wrong???


So I spent the day making MORE altered goodies!

Now thats the GOOD news-for you! You can see what I did.

More BAD news-

You all must be LOVING those chocolate covered rice crispy treats from Archer Farms I post about, cause there was only ONE container left!!!

That last part is the good news- I went into PANIC mode, then found ONE. Um, thanks to whomever left that one behind.

I was going to make a neat-o holder but then said DUH!!! The container itself is PERFECT! Why bother-you got enough to do, and need to give them every last one! It will be hard to say goodbye to those! But I am trying to be good-not doing to great BTW. But like Scarlette  O’Hara always says “tomorrow is another day”.

So here is the LOVELY DELICIOUS and Oh so Fabulously decorated treat container


I just got some GORGEOUS paper by Imaginesce??? Sorry dont remember. Anyway-it has a silver flurry following the snowflakes. I had these gorgeous glitter 3D snowflake stickers (by Hot Hues- Target) for 2 years! The time had come to say goodbye.

Now that panel was done to “cover” the seams of my paper wrap job. I thought the ribbon enriched the look.

Its all very shimmery and sparkly in person.

Here is the top


The stamp set is Papertrey Ink  Snowflake Serenade. PERFECT!!!!

I used my large scallop circles nestability for this topper.

Notice the tag-it has a personalized name stamp on it 😀 Easy signing!!!

I loved the punched snowflake in the corner too.

Anyway-I guess the point is they are just gonna eat them right?

Can I at least HOPE someone will fight for the container? That would be GOOD news.

They can re-gift it!

Oh the horror of it being TRASHED. Now that is VERY BAD news

Anyway-I have some more cute stuff that I will have ready to post tonight. So check back with me OK!