I’m off shopping (hopefully)!

But, it IS Saturday, and that means a Saturday Sketch!!

Sorry Im not all bubbly. I have a cold, and feel a little tired.

As I type I am chomping away on a $30 (mini) tin of chocolate covered Popcorn-in support of our Boy Scouts. I have to say its pretty yummy. It better be right! Don’t know why I felt compelled to share that. Choclate should be the CURE all don’t you think?

I was thinking of finding a way to organize ALL my sketches (one’s you have yet to see), and printing them into mini books! Now that could be a cool gift. PRINTED though-not hand drawn. Then I can just copy of multiples in minutes 😀 We will see if I can figure it out though-computer challenged BLONDE here! LOL!

If you read this blog you may already know purple is my FAVORITE color.

I must say I was quite happy with this creation. Very “beachy” colors to me. Again it was inspired by my Strano Ribbon in ROBIN

friendship Lavender Wishes   sketch 20 Sketch

I LOVE this set! Its By the Seashore . You can also get it at ATS, so you can add a bunch of goodies 😀 I also used Behind the Scenes from MFt as well 😀

This set reminds me of my mother! She LOVES the beach. If I were to associate ONE thing with my mom, and HAPPY memories as a kid, it would be Ogunquit Maine. We spent alot of time there as kids, and it has a special place in my heart. Her favorite movie of all time is “Somewhere in Time” with Jane Seymour, and Christopher Reeve, and Its a Wonderful Life. A must see movie a million times this holiday season!

So, I hope you will try the sketch today! Leave a link in the comments section so we can all peek at your version!

I’d also love to hear what place or a happy memory you have as a child or of your mother.

Tomorrow I will share my AMAZINGLY cheap teacher gifts! I am proud!!!

To get 16 gifts for Christmas DONE-feels SO good. I always struggle with handmade teach gifts. So check back.