Christine from ATS decided to release the New! Winter Playtime set and Playful Penguins TONIGHT at midnight! So you can view the sets and place a pre-order!!


Do you want to be on a design team? 

Well then here’s your chance!! I copy/pasted this from AmyR’s site

We’ve made some changes to the current All That Scraps Design Team – all the members currently on the team will be staying on with us until September 2008 and are now Senior Design Team Members.

However we’ve decided to have another All That Scraps team and are looking for 6 new people to join! It’s a 3-month stint officially starting January 1st and ending March 31st. So every 3 months I will be looking for 6 new members for our team!

To find out all the info and what you need to know to apply please go HERE <——click!!

Now on that note, I have a very important message! HINT: READ THE SENTIMENT


(set Starlight Starbright by Verve Visual I had to get the 2 latest releases, as they were SO COOL!!.)

Now MANY of you have emailed me, or commented, and expressed anxiety and low self worth, about applying to the design team. STOP THAT!!!! Stop thinking “Im not good enough”.

Have confidence. Put your best foot forward.

How can you achieve your goals if you don’t try?

I know you worry about putting yourself out there, that you will get rejected.

If you get nothing else from me, I hope you learn to GO FOR IT!!! Go after your dreams. How else are you going to succeed?

If you don’t try, then you definitely LOSE. If you lose, then hope you learn something. That “something” that will help you NEXT time. Maybe it wasn’t your time. There will be a window open somewhere, at some point, but not if you don’t look for it. It will not smack you on the head and say OPEN ME! You need to find your window.

This goes for ALL area’s of life.

Rejection STINKS! But you know what, it happens to EVERYONE.

So I encourage you to be not afraid, and put yourself out there.

Ok I’m getting off my soap box, and heading back to bed :C

Thanks so much for the supportive comments, and emails. It truly means SO MUCH to me. Words cannot say.

Till tomorrow-when I have our Saturday Sketch Challenge 😀