Hello my wonderful readers, and friends. I feel like I know most of you who post here, and I know you feel the same.

I am sharing some fun things FIRST-so if you aren’t interested in reading my dental story you don’t have to! BUT I hope you do! Since most have shared my PAIN!

IF you are, scroll down to the bottom-after the * row!

doggy bag Lucky’s Doggy Bag

So tonight at 12am you can FINALLY get the NEW! Lucky and Lulu Little Bits Kits! More info —–>HERE With photos of how the sets are packaged!

They will be available in UM-rubber with EZ mount $11, or wood mount $18! HELLO- AFFORDABLE! PLUS the shipping over $10 USA is FREE! WOW!!

Let me say, that I think these are SO adorable!!! I was really excited for this release, and what Christine has in store in the future with these Little Bits Kits. Also don’t forget about her SALE!

I REALLY love Lucky 😀 LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! He is my favorite-hands down 😀

So I made this ADORABLE little treat bag holder-or AKA Doggy Bag 😀

Not that I should even be thinking about sweets after this whole dental nightmare!


This will fit a flat cello bags (large?) from SU! Cut down to 5 1/4.

All I did was cut my cardstock to 6 X12

Using my Scor-Pal, scored at 5 1/2 , then 6.

Made 3 slots in the top, to hold my front panel closed! Added buttons for a cute touch. The sides are open so you can see the treat inside.

I thought it was a cute package to put all sorts of goodies in for someone special. Heck-even for someone’s dog! DONT LAUGH!!! People LOVE their dogs-better yet people who give gifts to their much loved dogs. So when in doubt-give it to the dog.

 There are recipe’s for homemade dog treats online, and I think that would be adorable! I can think of an Aunt of Jason’s who would FAINT if I made her doggy cookies for her #1 family member-so I think I might just do that. She is hard to buy for.

What an epiphany! LOL! I seriously Just thought about this as I typed. I will have to post my cookies if I do make them.

Here is a close view-


I used my Copic markers (of course! Do I ever use anything else? Um, NO!), to color the “gumdrops”. When I saw the open line art that was my first thought for these. I used Crystal Effects, then sprinkled on microbeads. VIOLA!

I used the stripped patterned paper byJunkitz-Salsa Collection to inspire my gumdrop colors. The ribbon is from the $1 section at Target! LOVE IT!

That’s about it!

So what do you think? Cute set huh.


If interested here is my dentist story read below here


Well you all know I switched Dentist’s. THANK GOD. I left Aspen dental and went to a private practice called Parsi-Osorio Dental. I tell you the difference is huge! I go from the “chain” of Dentistry to this place. I feel when the Dentist NAME and reputation can’t hide behind the CHAIN name it makes a difference in the care-everything. I really felt like I went from Walmart of Dentistry to Macy’s or something. So read on.

I want to thank you all for the emails, comments and support! Also sharing your stories with me. It really helped. Sounds weird In know-but I swear it meant so much.

Today I was getting my back tooth pulled. I could cut this story quick, but you all “know” me, I HAVE to share the whole story. I promise if you ever talked to me on the phone you will see I dont shut up! ON AND ON I go!

So, I started the antibiotics, and I swear my pain got better after 3 doses. YEAH!

Today we began the drive to the oral surgeon-1 hour away. Made sure I took 2 Motrin before going.

I began to feel SICK thinking about it on the ride. I get to the office-Jason and the kids stayed in the car, cause 2 of the 3 fell asleep. No big deal. I’m a big girl.

I go up to the 3rd floor, and register. ALL I HEAR IS DRILLING! OMG! I wanted to pass out.

As I sat and read a magazine I just wanted to RUN. Cancel the whole thing. My heart was pumping out of my chest, as I felt the blood draining from my head. The last time I felt this panic was when I was on the phone with Alex’as pediatrician and he told me she had CANCER!

I know, its all dramatic and NOT comparable-but I think I was going to pass out, cause that is what almost happened to me when I got that news-I collapsed on the floor then. Definitely didn’t want to cause a ‘scene’.

So the girl calls me in, and I meet the oral surgeon. I am by this time having an anxiety attack! I feel like I cant breathe, and I start rambling. When I’m nervous I talk ALOT, and fast!

He made me stop, take some deep breath’s. He was soft spoken, calm, and REALLY nice. The other dentist stopped in when he heard I arrived, and he came in to say “Lauren I promise if you feel a single thing, you can come across the hall to my office, and punch me in the face” “You are in the best hands. He is the best of the best and can do this with his eyes closed”

I laughed, and said “I swear, if I do feel anything, I will take you up on that offer!”, and I meant it.

So I told the doctor of my low tolerance for Novocaine, and that I needed 9 shots just to get the tooth drilled. FREAK OUT ATTACK starting again. He told me they didn’t give it to me correctly, and not in the appropriate places! I should only need 2 shots! He swore that would do it! He went on but I wont bore you.

He also informed me of the fact that this tooth was close to my sinuses, and they may get exposed, and need stitches! OK Now I’m ready to get up! No one said anything about that!

But, he was so calm, I just took a deep breath.

He told me not to use the headphones. When your ears are covered you hear MORE in the mouth. Block your ears with your fingers, then talk-

So I agreed, saying he was the boss!

He made me sit back, and began deep breaths of O2. I started to calm down a bit. I closed my eyes and refused to open them again  till it was over. I didn’t want to see a thing going on. As I had my head back-deep breathing, he put in some numbing gelly-ICK! I kept saying in my head “Lauren, its only a tooth! You are a strong person. Alexa goes through worse. You can do this” over and over.

After a minute he asked me to open my mouth a little bit. I then felt the numbing Novocaine being put in. I didn’t even feel the NEEDLE! Just the medicine! WOW! Was I impressed. Only 2 shots.

More deep breathing. He then said he was starting the Nitrous. Didnt seem like a thing changed. I did NOT feel any different! I wonder if he even used it? WEIRD!

Anyway-he did some “testing” to see if I could feel anything. A few minutes later, he asked me to open my mouth again. I tooka  deep breath, and clenched the hand rests for my dear life. Sorta like you would if you were on a plane and it were crashing-which I told myself was definitely worse!

I then felt a pressure pushing up. I began to think- OH NO! Its gonna hurt! Then I felt a little tug-almost like he was testing to see if whatever was on my tooth was “ON”. He then said “Wait a second, keep your mouth open” So I did. In my head saying Oh no, this is it this time, he’s gonna yank it out. I felt more pressure UP. He then said done!

I was like “Are you kidding? What did you do the second time you went in my mouth?” He replied-I put in the gauze!

I was like ” I love you, you are the best! I didn’t hear anything, or feel anything but alot of pressure, but nothing crazy! I love love love love love you. You rock! In case I didn’t tell you I love you! “LOL! That was worth every penny!

Then I was done!

I hurt a bit. Can’t eat well. Feels strange not having my tooth there. My bottom tooth is lonely! I’m on Vicodin till tomorrow.

BUT, I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders! I have been SO stressed about this for almost 2 months! Now its over!

I am so happy they gave ME the oral surgeon to do the job!

AND you know what? I don’t think I need to freak out about going again. These people were so fabulous! I’m getting my x-rays and making my next appointment this week for my next bit or “work”. I need to get the most from my insurance before the year ends!

I would not stress about getting another tooth pulled again. Along as I had the oral surgeon! LOL!

So, the moral of the story is, I’m happy I changed dentis’st!

To one, that while yes, is 1 hour away-is so worth it, because they listen and care, and were honest. I got such a better vibe! I am so happy, and to think I’ve lived in FEAR for 10 years-the worst of it these past 2 months.

I will take the advice and write to a higher person at Aspen Dental. I can only imagine what torture people go through and have nothing to compare it to.

Now I just need to rest, and let my mouth heal. Oh yeah, and keep up on my oral health.

So, thanks for reading, and everything you all have given me here in my little place in cyberspace!!!

Many hugs to you!

I have alot more to share this week. I got my Elzybells from the UK!!! I will show you the size difference!

Oh I got lots of good stuff-so just come back-

I may not post tomorrow. I want to rest up, and let the ideas FLOW!

Hugs my friends-till next time 😀