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Pass it On Challenge

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Greetings from Miles Away

It’s the first of the month. That means its time for a Papertrey Ink Challenge! This month, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, Nichole asked that we share ways that we can use stamping to help bless the lives of others. I LOVE things like that. Using what we LOVE to make a difference.

I have to say I have MANY places that I send all my (non sent) card creations I do through the year. All dear to my heart. Many people asked what I do with them, and now you will know. I have posted what I do in the past, but will share again today. Always around the holidays I gather them up and either ship them, or deliver the box myself.

This year I have 3 HUGE boxes of cards, and altered items to hand over. The feeling is INCREDIBLE. People say I should sell them on Etsy, but I have to say knowing where these are going, no amount of money could ever make me feel the way donating them to these organizations does. I feel like Im getting to give something back. So much has been done for us, its the least I can do. Plus it helps me NOT feel so guilty for NOT sending as many cards as I should. I guess I could mail photos of the boxes to the would have been recipients and say Hey Look! There is a card in there that was going to be yours but is now being donated in your honor! LOL!

Having had my daughter go through Cancer was the MOST eye opening experiences of my life. In so many ways. The one thing that shocked me most was the POWER of the volunteers, and donations made to make amazing things possible for sick kids and their families.

What does a family do, when they have a really sick child, who is far from home? Well that is where my reason for this card comes in.

One of the places that is so dear to my heart is David’s House.

 PLEASE read the story of how this organization was started –>David’s House

Or go to-

461 Mount Support Rd
Lebanon, NH 03766
(603) 643-2298

This is the place that opened my eyes to the amazing kindness of perfect strangers. The power of donating your time can truly have on families. It provided Alexa with a gorgeous handmade quilt (that she STILL sleeps with every night!) when she first go diagnosed with Leukemia. Someone took the time to make that, and donated it! AMAZING! I use to quilt, so I know the TIME that goes into each and every creation.

David’s House  gave me a place to eat a home-cooked meal-also donated by area families, each night for dinner so I wouldn’t have to pay for yet ANOTHER meal for at least $5, easy.

It provided my husband a place to sleep, when he could come visit with the kids, close to hospital, so we didn’t have to pay for a hotel. An expense we truly could not afford while Alexa had a her LONG hospitalization.

They allowed me to go and do my laundry there, at no cost, so I didn’t have to travel all the way home to get clean clothes. I was able to remain in the hospital with Alexa the entire time she was admitted.

I was also able to just go and take a quick break from reality IF I needed it, and to socialize with other families who understood what we were going through.

This house provided my family with so much support. All run by volunteers! It truly amazing how people give so freely time, out of their own busy lives, to help families like mine. It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference.

I vowed that I will volunteer more once my kids are in school full time.

I like to give back what I can, and for me that is some cards that the staff or families can use. I cannot tell you how often someone does something amazing for you, that you WISH you had a card handy for.

Last year when I dropped off my box, some of the families actually got teary over the prospect for giving Nurse X a thank you, or bringing a card with them for their son the next morning. Or Volunteer X helped me with this and now I can thank her.

TRULY amazing.

I only send cheery, upbeat cards to this home.

No Im sorry, or sympathy card. When your child is sick that is the LAST thing you want to stumble upon. I also like inspirational cards as well.

I decided to make a few extra for the box from our family, to thank Davids House. They can use them to send out, or give to others in the House.

This place is truly a God Send to families just like mine 😀 If you have a big stash of cards, getting dusty I encourage you to consider David’s House, or maybe a Ronald McDonald house in your area.

Other organizations I enjoy donating to are

Cards for Cancer

Chemo Angels

OR your area Children’s Hospital.

OK now for my card info! I wanted to keep the mass production SIMPLE as possible.

I saw a stamp a while back of a tree with envelopes in it. I thought it was REALLY cute.

I then thought it would be SO cute to use the Father Knows Best tree image, and the envelopes from Mailbox Greetings. With a little masking it looks awesome!

 I just stamped my envelopes first, masked them, them stamped my tree leaf image. I filled in the leaves with various shades of blue and green ink. I love the colors. I punched out the tree top, and layered it onto my card base. EASY PEASY!

I think its just cheery enough for the cause don’t you?

OK now don’t miss the other design team girls creations for causes :

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, and if there is a place that is dear to your heart too!

Thanks for reading and remember to “pass it on”.

What do you do with 8 cards? And yes I am here!

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I have so much going on right now your head would spin off your shoulders if I shared my to do list with you! You truly have no idea. Im actually surprised mine hasn’t fallen off yet 😀 For me to not have time to even check my email, let alone blog is a HUGE deal here.

I truly didn’t think people would notice, but I did se some very concerned emails, so yes, I am OK! Thanks for asking 😀

We have more My Timeless Templates to prepare for D YEAH!! They seem to have been a big hit with everyone who has tried them, so thank you!

With Harvest parties, and deadlines its nuts. Plus I have MANY errands for my brother and his girlfriend. Then my dog and 3 cats got fleas today :C. So I spent the day de-fleaing and taking Daisy to the groomer. Poor baby.

Then it was all the Harvest party stuff for my 3 kids. Between ALL their parties I ran ALL day.

Now keep in mind my family doesn’t celebrate Halloween. I allow my kids to par-take in the parties and stuff at school, but we don’t Trick or Treat. No big deal in my house, we never did it. Today while we were at Noah’s harvest party, his teacher decided to do a “poll”.

 Raise your hand if you are going Trick or Treating tonight. EVERYONE raises their hand, EXCEPT for Noah. She says OK 15 kids are Trick or Treating. Now “Who ISN’T going Trick Or Treating? Raise your hand.”

” Noah? You aren’t going correct?”

 Noah looks embarrassed and wouldn’t raise his hand. He turns to me and says “Mom Im going Trick or Treating too right?”

I just stood there, feeling so awful and Noah being singled out with a room of people. I didn’t say anything.

He said “Yes, I am going too”

So she put him in the “yes” colum.

She said “OK so 16 kids going trick or treating, and no one isn’t going”

That concluded the “poll”, then Noah left for a reading group. I approached the teacher upset, and asked her what was the point in that poll?

I told her “Noah is really NOT going trick or treating. We don’t celebrate it. But you singled him out, and he was so embarrassed and singled out. You saw there wasn’t another child, why point him out? I don’t understand what the point was”

She replied “Oh its no big deal, no one cares”

I then said ” You are wrong Noah cared, as he was the ONLY one, and you blatantly pointed that out. I hope you rethink your questions in the future.”

He then went on to be upset that he is the ONLY one not going. Its times like that, that make being a parent hard. I know he doesn’t understand WHY my family chooses not to celebrate it. He sees it as just a fun thing to do, and it is made fun. It just made me have a guilty mommy moment, you know?

When you believe in something, its not always easy to be the ONLY one, or stand up for it when “everyone else” is doing it. I saw this today.

Just had to share that. I still feel upset seeing what went down.

We are off to go for ice cream sundaes instead. So that should help

OK totally sorry about that interruption but Im still upset over it.

I do have a nice gift set to share with you though. This also answers my post question.

Personalized stationary is ALWAYS a great gift, I think! LOL! So when it came time for a gift idea, that is the way I went.


I made these cards as a set.

Well my dear friend Alicia has had a lot on her plate with her son Ethan having Cancer. I am certain she always needs some sort of quick note to send somewhere. I have a care package I have been putting together for her & the kids (still not done) but this was part of my “plan”.


I wanted to make her some notecards, so  I whipped up 8 cards. 2 of each design. Now to fit my box, these are 4 X 5 1/2. I used the left over scrap strip for my accents on my cards 😀 NO WASTE!!

The designer paper panel is 3 X 4

I used myJustRite Stampers Harmony classic oval set, colored the flower border using various markers, to match my K & Co paper.

I then assembled her name in the center using my Curlz Font. I decided on the 50pt for this one. It was the perfect font for this funky paper!

If you have any of the JustRite Stampers you may want to check this tutorial for conditioning them on SCS—>HERE!

They were also the product focus on SCS-HERE!


I decided to accent my card using my AWESOME Bazzill flowers, and some buttons I had. I HOPE Alicia likes these because its not a “re-giftable” item! LOL!

OK now for the answer to the question, “what do you do with 8 cards?”


Chipboard Chic Box by Lauren Meader ©

You make a ROCKIN, chipboard, desktop holder! I never made all the squaes ones that were all the rage, but this version of mine was fun for me No more forgetting to send a card out. Its out in plain view!

I made mine using cut down chipboard coasters!

It was SUPER fun, and SUPER easy.

On the sides I punched my holes, and inserted a big eyelet. I then popped in a silver handle from a Paint can.

How cool?!


Here it is all full and ready to go!!

The front/back panels are 4 across, 3 inches tall

The sides are 1 1/2 wide, and 3 inches tall.

Now my bottom piece was  4 1/2 X 2.

Holder done in UNDER 15 minutes 😀 LOVE IT! I bet once I get moving I could WHIP up a bunch of these no problem I’m thinking TEACHER gifts!

Well thats all for me, I have to run.


Fast Lil Fairy

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OH boy do I have a ba-jillion things to do today! WHEW!

My brother and his girlfriend need a ultrasound on their baby today, so we can be sure of the due date, double check the sex of the baby-they were told its a girl , and they have a few other errands that need running, so Im off and flying.


Its times like this I wish I were like I Dream of Genie. I could just blink and what I needed done, could be done. Running errands means NO stamp time, which means Lauren may get CRANKY! LOL! We don’t want that.

Speaking of flying………….I made this little Fairy Tin during the first 10 minutes of Dr. Phil. Yes, I watch him and I love him. No idea why, I just do.

So this is what you can make before a commercial break!


Anyway-I used the Fairy from Elzybells. She is just perfect! I stamped her onto my sweet blush cardstock, and colored with Copic Markers. Added some stickles to her dress, and wings. Easy peasy!

This is a great tin for Craft Fairs too! Every kid needs a tooth tin. Speaking of which, have you LOOKED at your kids saved teeth after a good year? EW! Not sure how important it is to me to save them. Its quite gross! I think my mom saved my teeth, and I have NO DESIRE to ever see them again. So with luck I may be able to get rid of my kids after a few years, right? Does that make me a bad mom for even considering that?

As it is I have to “secretly” toss some of their art work! GASP! I KNOW!! Its truly terrible, but c’mon, some of the 100 scribbles aren’t as important as the Mother’s Day card they made, or the drawing of X. I am selective and save what I will look back on in 20 years and say “Oh! Remember when….” Its a fire hazard to save every little piece of paper they scribble upon.

OK way off track. I guess Im gushing out all my mommy guilt on you all today. I can’t be alone!

Back to the subject.

To make her a TOOTH fairy I just trimmed out a tooth shape from shimmery white cardstock. Free hand. Not too shabby eh?


Another view.

She still looked a bit plain” so I used Melanie’s “What’s in your tin 1” that my dear friend Juanita surprised me with :D, to frame it in subtly.


I then tried some of the Pre-inked words from JustRite Stampers. I got the Emotions set. Wow are those ever easy to use. Just place where you want, and give a tinsy push down. Perfectly inked image. I may pick up some more. Pretty cool. I decided they would be a nice addition to my fairy tin.

The side has some pretty trim from SEI-Au Chocolat collection, and the paper on the tins bottom is by PTI-pink patterns

That is that! Granted I didn’t decorate the INSIDE-yet! Like I said this was a BEFORE 1st commercial break project. I need a little more time to do the inside.

My point is you don’t need TONS of MY TIME to make something 😀 Start with a plan, then execute!

OK now Im off! I do have a FAB-U-LICOUS project of notecards I made for a friend that Ill share soon. Tomorrow maybe.


Believe card box bag

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After sharing my “Look what I do with MY TIME” post I have gotten tons of requests for what I eat during the day, and what I do for exercise! LOL! Also HOW (when I do cook LOL!) can I make dinner in just a half hour. Ill share all that with you all sometime this week. You crack me up. I truly have no big secrets. Like I said, I look back on the day and often wonder how it all actually fits in. Many wanted to know how often I follow that schedule. Honestly-if we don’t have a doctors appointments at Dartmouth or something like that I follow it Mon-Fri. The weekends are total family days and I don’t stamp during them. Usually ever! We try to do stuff with the kids and keep things relaxed.  The kids are so use to our “routine” that it often just flows. They enjoy and thrive on knowing what is expected and what comes next. Don’t get me wrong, getting them to clean up can be a chore, and they do find time to fight during craft time. My life is truly normal. Just with a list of to do’s and a schedule! LOL! A lot of you also want to know HOW I find crafts and stuff for my kids as well, I hope to answer all those questions in one post soon. It’s sure to make the life of a SAHM easier! LOL!

OK now for another fast project. I have had lot’s of little events pop up that I wanted to send a little goody along for, and this is another.


OK this was yet another quick gift idea. I have been purchasing the candy in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. I am always about helping a cause!! I think its especially great when you can purchase something you like, or would normally, and get to make a difference at the same time.

There is another way YOU can help raise money for Cancer-CHECK IT OUT! I know as a mom to a daughter who went through 2 1/2 years of chemo that these would have been a God Send in the hospital! But I like the other, everyday uses too. Especially to maximize use of those UBER cute short sleeve shirts, through the cold winter here in New England.

October being Breast Cancer Awareness month I made this box of Hershey Kisses for a person I know currently battling Breast Cancer. Just a little-thinking of you.

I used the Harmony Classic Oval II for this creation. Its stamped on shimmery white cardstock, with a  shimmery ink ink from Bazzill. When I saw the “Believe” sentiment my mind went right to this image for ANY gift item for ANYONE going through a tough time. It is actually the reason I got that set! I thought by punching two slits, one above, and one below the sentiment, and stringing through my ribbon it would be a nice, simple touch. I wanted the focus to be that sentiment. Just change the color ink, and the ribbon to suit the cause you are creating for.

I just took the clear card boxes and created a cardstock topper. I wrapped the top, rounded the corners, punched a handle using my large oval punch from SU!, and was done!

Maybe this will inspire you to make some quick gifts that fit into card boxes too.

OK Im back on the run. There are a LOT of releases coming up next week so I better get my butt in gear!

Thanks for checking in 😀

Look what I do with MY TIME

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OK so this is my life.  

I get LOTS of requests asking how I do what I do.I’m honestly not sure why that is intriguing to people, but I if you want to know, I am here to share. I’m truly not that exciting. When other mom’s ask what I “do” and I tell them their eyes glaze over! LOL!

 In fact people in our area have no idea what I do, or how big stamping really is. Heck most of our family doesn’t even realize how huge this hobby is to me. If you don’t stamp you just don’t “get it”. KWIM?

People are always wondering how I fit what I do into one day. I’m not totally  sure! LOL! I just have a “system” and it just works for me. I am pretty organized, and I think that helps. I take one afternoon a week and give the house a full cleaning. By staying on top of it throughout the week it doesn’t get out of control.

Also I have an ear piece so when I talk on the phone I can either workout on the elliptical machine (blogger-cise) , or should I have to, clean or something like that, I am hands free. Its all about multi-tasking.

As far as the creative stuff goes, honestly the more you stamp and get creative time on a regular basis, the easier things just flow. I can’t explain it, it just works for me. My brain is so crazy with ideas that I don’t need a ton of time to get done what I need and want. I whip stuff together in under 30 minutes often, usually because I already have a stamp plan!  

So here is my TYPICAL day.

6:30 – 6:45 wake up/shower/makeup/hair . My hair is super long and curly. Just wash, brush, hair products, scrunch and go!

6:45 – 7:15 make coffee, make bed, fold laundry, empty dishwasher, feed dog, feed cats, quick clean bathroom and glass tables/mirrors

7:15 – 7 :45 get kids up out of bed. Dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, make breakfast. Pack lunch/snack bags

7:45 – 8:10 get kids off to school

8:10 come home. Let dog out

8:15 – 8 :30 do blog post. If long winded add 15 minutes. OK so Im usually at this a half hour! LOL!

8:30 workout 40 min-1 hour

9:30 throw in more laundry, go stamp till 10:45. Toss Laundry in dryer.

!0:45 – 11:15 go pick up Noah & Amber

11:15 -12 :30 return home. Maybe run a quick errand. Begin to cook lunch and check emails

1:00 – 2:00 pm Afternoon craft time with kids.

2:00-2:20 vacuum, maybe fold laundry, and get snack ready for when Alexa gets home.

2:20- 3:00 Alexa home. Let her do craft and finish craft with the other 2. In the meantime Im talking to her about her day, and other stuff

3:00- 4:30 Mommy stamps!! OR has to run around to sports/meetings/ appointments. Maybe go for a walk with the dog

4:30- 5:00 Do my Fake it routine or if Im not cooking stamp till 5:30! LOL! Kids also doing craft in my room.

5:00- 5:30 cook dinner

5:30 – 6:00 eat dinner, then clean up, feed dog

6:00 6:30 homework or other school related thing. Read stories

6:30 – 7:00 Bath, brush teeth, clean rooms/house from any mess made during the day

7:00 – 7:30 Snack time

8:00 get kids off to bed.

8:00 – 9:00 do whatever I need to do that didn’t get done. Like cleaning, take and edit photographs of projects, maybe blog for next day……………….sketch ideas, whatever.

9:00 – 11:00 Jay and I watch our TV shows that we saved.

11:00 bedtime.

If I have to go to the store or food shop, maybe have an appointment, then you can cut out the part where I stamp. Or I just move my schedule around.

So that is what a “typical day” looks like, when all three kids are in school. Alexa is M-F 8am to 2 :20. Noah & Amber go for 3 hours . Amber only on M-W-F. Noah M-F.

During my time non stamping, I have a notebook handy so I sketch ideas for what I want to do when I get to my stamp room. I especially make sure to have a notebook/pen in my pocketbook so while Im out, if an idea strikes I can jot it down. Does this sound totally insane, and like my life revolves around stamping?

Yeah, I think it does. But you know what? That’s OK! Stamping is TRULY enjoyable to me. Its my sanity. The little corner in my life just for ME  I believe its helped me cope with lots of things, and allowing myself that GUILT FREE time makes me a better everything, to everyone.

My kids even point out cool fabrics and say “Hey mom that would make a nice card” LOL! It gets their brains thinking creatively too. They have their own kit of supplies so they can stamp whenever they want, and not use mommy’s stuff! LOL!

 I TRY to stamp daily, but that doesn’t always happen. Only in a perfect world.

BOTTOM LINE: Its all about a “system” and staying organized. I have lots of to do lists!! This keeps me on track, and motivated.

With family staying here, some of my schedule is wiped clean, like stamping, and filled with appointments and whatnot. More so than I thought it would be. I’m hoping things settle down SOON!!

So that is really all there is to my life. Not as exciting as you may have thought, but that is how I get it all done.

I hope that helps you see Im just like you! I juggle the house, the kids, the husband, working out, and stamping/design work, and a million other things into one day at a time. You can maybe make a schedule and fit something you want into it. Maybe it won’t work that way everyday, and the allotted times may not be exact, but if you have s system you can fit more in one day than you thought 😀

Thanks for checking in.

I am sure we would all love to hear a tip or trick to how you fit something into your day. Or how you keep the kids busy-while you get some MY TIME in!!!

New release samples

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I want to start by saying THANKS!! I appreciate all the positive feedback I received on yesterdays post 😀 Truly made my day. I will certainly provide instructions soon. I had all I could do to get it posted! LOL! So I am happy you all liked it so much. 

Today Amy R is having her 2nd release for C.C. Designs. She is releasing 3 sets-Build a Holiday, Christmas Sentiments, and Christmas Card Verses, You can purchase them on the 27th (depending when you read this-today!)

Wait until you see all you get with these sets. I really think they sell themselves. Plus the price is right 😀 Lots of great holiday sentiments for the outside and inside of your cards.

I have been struck HARD with the flu, so I only got 4 samples done, and they are LATE :C I should have had these for you to preview Friday, but at least I got them done in time for the release TODAY!!

I hope you like my take on Amy’s sets!

My photos aren’t the best. Like I said Im feeling horrible so I did the best I could do.


First up will be the Build a Holiday, and the sentiment “Let is Snow” from the Christmas Sentiments set.

I used Amy’s new sentiment set to create a pretty patterned paper.

I stamped the “let it snow” sentiment, on glossy cardstock in versamark ink. Let dry, then sponged on my fave colors for non-traditional Christmas/winter colors-pink, Caribbean, and lavender. Its a very subtle look but I LOVE it! I felt like this made the PRETTIEST patterned paper!


I then used Amy’s new build a holiday set- to build my snowman. Stamped on a shimmery white cardstock. His/her head fits perfectly in a 1 inch circle punch. The middle is the 1 1/4 punch, and the bottom is 1 3/8 punch! So it came together in under a minute. I used some pretty fun fibers for my scarf.

The tag uses a new sticky paper by Scor-Pal! Note: I didn’t see it listed yet, so Ill keep you posted on that! I punched the snowflake/circle from the tape, adhered it to my circle layer, and added glitter! Perfect embellishment.

OK moving on……………

Seems like you may only see HOLIDAY building with the Build a Holiday set. Well that isn’t true 😀


I see  a PARTY!!

Instead of a TREE, I saw a party hat! I just stamped my American Crafts paper, and cut it out, and made a curly topper. I did the same with the gift image.

I think its SUPER DEE DUPER cute!

The FUNNEST part of this is that the sentiment is from the Christmas Card Verses set! I just colored only portion of the sentiment that I wanted, as I felt it was perfect for a birthday card too 😀



Ok so YOU see little ornament toppers, and hangers, I see tulips, and stems!!

My favorite flower, made in seconds 😀

Isn’t that cute? I wanted a quick card. I love single layer cards that take NO TIME at all, when you need to just pop a hello in the mail. Goodness knows I need to make MORE of those.

Plus I was feeling YUCK and just needed to get the idea out of my head!

I made the sentiment around the flowers usingJustRite Stampers small letters set. One of my all time favorite sentiments.

Now one last one before I head to bed.


Peakcock Pattern

This one was made by layering Amy’s petal shapes, within eachother, making a pattern like a peacock feather. This was also inspired by Vera Bradley’s Peacock pattern bags! Its just a super quick and cute card.

I used another JustRite Stampers set for my sentiment. Harmony Classic Oval I set. I just bought a bunch of stuff and need to actually USE it 😀 I LOVE sentiments, and think you can never have too many! Happy everything is perfect for that “anytime you need a card” sentiment.

OK I am now done for today. I need to get some rest. I hope I can get a Flu shot soon, so I don’t get this again.

 Take care of yourself.

Tomorrow I will post my “daily” routine, as many of you have asked how I get stuff done 😀


Well today is the 25th. That means there is a PTI Blog Hop! Details HERE!

I wasn’t sure I was going to get to play, let alone upload, but I got it done! Feels so good to get stamping.

I LOVE polka dots, and the Polka Dot Parade patterned paper was a no brainer for me!

With the holidays quickly approaching I wanted to make some gifts that were thoughtful, inexpensive, well made, but not time consuming. I decided a recipe wrap-(AKA recipe card holder), would be a great gift idea, even for male recipients! I would include some great grilling recipes on the cards for the guy’s, or a favorite meal, once I decide who is getting what. In the mean time I can just get them ready!! We do lots of Yankee swaps and I think this would be a fun thing to give with a special set of seasonings 😀 Don’t you?

SO I got to work using the recipe cards,  the Recipe Box set, and recipe labels


So when I made my Recipe Wrap card holder I wanted it unfold, and store easily. I also wanted it to hold a nice number of recipe’s without being too much. You know when you get overwhelmed with too much of something, you end up NOT using it. That also makes me thing of it being a great FIRST APARTMENT gift idea too!!! You could even include a shopping list with the recipes you choose! This takes up NO counter space either. Something I personally love, since I don’t like too much on mine.

Front view, all tied closed.

I used my Kraft cardstock, and Aquamist for my mail color on the front.


The Recipe Wrap has 6 categories. You can make more or less if that suits you. Each slot holds 5 recipe’s! I think this is a great gift. Especially if you are a consultant for Tasefully Simple, or Pampered Chef!! The list goes on 😀

Side view of Recipe holder


Untied, and open


Unfolded again


Close up of  first 3 categories


Close up of last 3 categories


Recipe-all unwrapped


View from the top


This is a close-up of the pocket that I created to hold the 5 cards per category. I wrapped some ocean tides ribbon across the top, for a nice finished look.


This polka dot paper makes this either masculine or for everyday, anyone. I love the colors.

I stamped the tops of my recipe cards using ripe avocado ink, and one of the card topper images from the set. I think its a nice touch.

Well what do you think? A great, simple gift for those hard to buy for on the list, or if you need a gift for someone you may not know well, or are swapping with!

Well that is all I got for you tonight.

Enjoy the blog hop 😀

Saturday Sketch Time

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My favorite day is here! Saturday!

Im a bit late with this post, and foggy headed because I have the Flu! What a great thing stress is for your body huh? Makes you STOP in your tracks. The part I hate the most is I am losing my voice. Me being a big talker, that is AWFUL for me! LOL!!! Oh well. Lots of fluids should help, and maybe getting some rest too.

I have gotten some great suggestions out there from you all re: my templates, which I will definitely be bringing up to Nichole (thank you) and ideas for my Saturday Sketches. One is from Kristin Butler , and it is to have a click-able button that you can copy/paste. Kristin actually made her own which is super cool! Thanks Kristin 😀 Im actually having my blog girl Sara Williams, who does all my super cool stuff, come up with something for that when she gets some time 😀 She did make my banner on my side bar for My Timeless Templates clickable!! Thanks Sara – you rock!

OK so this weeks sketch is a tricky one!! But that is the point. Get you out of that rut!

KEYWORD: mytimess09


This sketch was inspired by this card that I did for the Papertrey ink release.


Now I think this sketch has many possibilities.

The large squares I believe were 2 inches, and the little square are 3/4 inch. Olive panel was 2 1/4 X 3 1/2.

Now for my sketch sample.


I LOVE my Elzybells Fairytale collection 😀 I have been dying to ink them more, but got a little busy. I thought it would be perfect for this sketch so I went to work! I wanted to show people that think you always have to use the entire portion of a LARGE image, that you really don’t! Just cut it down. While I love the large image of this stamp I used, I like the cut down version just was much.

I used the Knight and Princess, as well as the Castle for this card. Sentiment is Fairytale ending

I stamped them on WHITE! I them used some sponging to age it like my patterned paper.

My squares on this sample aren’t the same size. I used my sketch to inspire my creation, but I didn’t let it LIMIT me. That is the important thing to remember with these sketches. Use it as a starting place! I point of inspiration. If something doesn’t work, or it inspires a new creative idea or take on the sketch, then go for it!! The point of this weekly challenge is to get you stamping 😀 I find sketches the PERFECT starting place for when the mojo is low too.

I sketch endlessly. That is how I get so much done 😀 Later I will post what my “day” looks like. Many of you asked how I fit everything I do into a day. So I’ll share  my typical day with you all. Trust me, its not all that exciting. Im a SAHM just like you, with lots to do. Maybe after seeing my “schedule” you will see a way to fit certain things into your day! Or maybe see there is no magic just creative planning! 😀

Well that is it for me today.

Send us a link if you get to try the sketch. I still have comments to make from last week. Sorry. Life has been a little upside down here this past week!!

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  • Till tomorrow.

    Scallop Squares Wrapper

    Oct 23, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Papertrey Newsletter, Uncategorized


    During the holidays many of us have people we would love to acknowledge during the holidays. Due to this busy time of year, gift giving can be strenuous on both your wallet, and your time. Packaging can make the simplest, and most inexpensive of gifts, show you care!

    I will show you the ultimate fast wrap for those delicious Ghirardelli chocolate squares, and any other other type of yummy you may see fit for this simple Scallop Squares Wrapper.

    All you need are the Largest set of long rectangle nestabilities, Shimmer white, shimmer gold cardstock,  vellum cardstock, Merry & Bright, Mixed Messages, Gold sheer metaillic edge ribbn, small glassine bags, circle punches, Gold Encore ink.


    Step 1

    Die cut 2 long nesting rectangles from Shimmery Gold cardstock .


    Step 2

    Score on both ends of the 2 window rectangles as shown in photo above


    Step 3

    Cut 2 vellum cardstock pieces to fit over opening. Stamp snowflakes in gold encore ink, and carefully heat set. Adhere vellum pieces over window opening


    Step 4

    Put bottom ends together, and adhere.


    Step 5

    Using small glassine bag, put in 4 Ghirardelli squares


    Now layer into wrapper.


    Adhere bottom of bag to bottom of scallop holder. Fold over top and staple or glue closed.

    Then adhere top ends of scallop wrap. Then tie on a gold ribbon to each end.


    Make a tag to complete the decoration, by stamping snowflakes onto shimmery white cardstock. Stamp open tree image from Merry & Bright set.    Cut out tree and layer onto gold circle that has been stamped with sentiment from Mixed messages using encore gold ink. Layer onto shimmery white circle, then a punched vellum circle.

    Adhere to wrap, and you are done!

    Now isn’t this a great presentation of a simple, and delicious treat.

     Let me know if you give this a try!!

    As always thank you for checking in.

    Ahhhh….I feel like a new girl!

    Oct 23, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items

    I would say “woman” but that makes me FEEL and sound old. I don’t FEEL like a woman, I feel like a girl. Young, and full of energy, ready to take on the world 😀 So I am going with girl. I swear Im still 23. Don’t know how these last 7 years got added to my age, I must have missed that in the memory portion of my brain. Im stickin with 23. No wrinkles yet, but Im not fooling myself, I know Im really 30, but I can pretend to be 23 every once in a while can’t I?

     I hate when people call me Ma’am! OMW! I want to screech when I hear that. I don’t even like when my children’s friends call me Mrs. Meader. I always say just call me Lauren! I know its a sign of “respect” but I am really not that formal, and it kills me to hear a little kid make me feel so old! LOL!

    My point to this was I got to stamp yesterday!!! I made 7 creations 😀 Sadly for you, they are all for a release in 2 weeks! LOL! But they really sparked my mojo 😀 Granted the house went to H-E-double hockey sticks, but I really needed it. Now I know why I get cranky if I don’t get to stamp. All mess stress stamped out, onto card creations 😀 LOVE THAT!

    Many have asked about Moo-Moo, my cat. He is still hanging in there. Pee is only pale tea color. I found another spot that was just pee, no blood. Not sure if that was him or my other cat (we have 3!) Lily, being territorial! Lets just say Im happy I have a carpet cleaner with all this pee stuff going on. GROSS! So I am hoping Moo-Moo is getting better, and that by the end of the 3 weeks I can figure out whats up with him, and get more testing done.

    Another thing I have been getting asked about is my “healthy” lifestyle and exercising. I haven’t chatted about it, so you are wondering if I fell off the wagon. The answer is NO! I haven’t stopped. I am going string and enjoying every second. YES! I am still eatting healthy and exercising almost every day!! Now its a bit harder to work out as I have 2+ additional people to kick out of my living room for an hour, but I am keeping up with that. Im feeling great, and have lost well over 25lbs now! (Don’t own a scale but did check myself the other day at the kids doctors appointment! LOL!) Better yet, Im in SHAPE. I didn’t want to just be skinny, I wanted to be toned, and healthy, so its going really well. Like stamping, exercising is part of my daily routine. I feel awful now if I don’t get to do it.

    Now you are wondering WHY I am babbling about that, well it has to do with yet another gift item!


    Green Tea to Go!

    I was excited to create this project. I think it will be well received.

    I got some Chatterbox paper, which happened to PERFECTLY match my Green Tea to Go! packets.

    The coolest thing for me was being able to personalize my tag/tags! That way someone isn’t wondering WHAT it is, and it makes it a nice way to present the gift.

    I picked a border frame that I thought matched my paper. I used my markers to color it 2 colors, olive and pumpkin, to match. The border is from the Special Ocassions set. I think it looks cool colored in 2 colors like that.

    I used JustRite Stampers Times New Roman Font for the “TEA” portion of my tag. I spelled out the “GREEN” using my FAVORITE small letters set. Stamped under the GREEN TEA sentiment is a tea cup from a fave coffee set of mine-Coffee Break by Gel-a-tins. I think its a nice little touch when you understamp something. It takes up some of the stark WHITE color that can occur. I have done this technique with just about every personalized set I create! LOL!

    OK this box-ket was made because……………..

    One of my children’s teachers was asking me about how I lost so much weight in such a short time. Its only been 10 weeks, and its been a huge transformation, to me. A big part is drinking water. Like a previous post where I used my Music Makeover template to package these for a friend, I made yet another holder. I read that Green Tea is great for aiding in losing weight. Im not a professional, but do think its been a little helpful to me.  Anyway I figured to go with her water, she could try some Green Tea packets, and see how she likes it.


     Top view of the tubes

    I had to stamp my tube toppers! Aren’t they cute?

    I modified byBox-ket idea, to fit these 4 test tubes. Now before I get 100 emails asking about them, I got them at Michaels. They are from Martha Stewart. I have no idea if they are getting more in, as I bought a ton when they first came out. So its just one of those things you have to keep your eyes peeled for. I wish I had more for you. I wish Martha herself, would send me some more! LOL!

    There are different tubes—> found here  A source my friend Tracey gave me.

    I don’t own any currently, but have in the past, from Impress Rubber Stamps. and they are nice. Not the same, but will work on this project as well as myFor KeepSake! tube holder I made HERE!


    See the close up view?

    You can’t say that is not cute! I would never be able to BUY enough tag sets for all the things I possibly want to package up-KWIM?

    FYI-I buy a lot of my JustRite stuff from HERE, as well. Dont miss your chance to apply for the ATS Design Team!! All the details here! If you DON’T apply you definitely WON’T make it, so what do YOU have to lose? Go for it!!

    Non-stampers are truly floored when they realize you created this stuff. REALLY FLOORED! If they knew how easy it was, they would be shocked. I just let them THINK it took forever 😀

    So that is it. Be sure to check back as my Papertrey Ink Newsletter project goes LIVE tonight! Another GREAT gift idea for the holidays 😀 You know how much I LOVE sharing my own tips for quick, inexpensive, and EASY treat holders. This will be another must do!

    Im off and running. I have a million appointments to take my brothers girlfriend to. Before you know it my niece will be in the world.


    Thank you for checking in here 😀


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