Greetings from Miles Away

It’s the first of the month. That means its time for a Papertrey Ink Challenge! This month, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, Nichole asked that we share ways that we can use stamping to help bless the lives of others. I LOVE things like that. Using what we LOVE to make a difference.

I have to say I have MANY places that I send all my (non sent) card creations I do through the year. All dear to my heart. Many people asked what I do with them, and now you will know. I have posted what I do in the past, but will share again today. Always around the holidays I gather them up and either ship them, or deliver the box myself.

This year I have 3 HUGE boxes of cards, and altered items to hand over. The feeling is INCREDIBLE. People say I should sell them on Etsy, but I have to say knowing where these are going, no amount of money could ever make me feel the way donating them to these organizations does. I feel like Im getting to give something back. So much has been done for us, its the least I can do. Plus it helps me NOT feel so guilty for NOT sending as many cards as I should. I guess I could mail photos of the boxes to the would have been recipients and say Hey Look! There is a card in there that was going to be yours but is now being donated in your honor! LOL!

Having had my daughter go through Cancer was the MOST eye opening experiences of my life. In so many ways. The one thing that shocked me most was the POWER of the volunteers, and donations made to make amazing things possible for sick kids and their families.

What does a family do, when they have a really sick child, who is far from home? Well that is where my reason for this card comes in.

One of the places that is so dear to my heart is David’s House.

 PLEASE read the story of how this organization was started –>David’s House

Or go to-

461 Mount Support Rd
Lebanon, NH 03766
(603) 643-2298

This is the place that opened my eyes to the amazing kindness of perfect strangers. The power of donating your time can truly have on families. It provided Alexa with a gorgeous handmade quilt (that she STILL sleeps with every night!) when she first go diagnosed with Leukemia. Someone took the time to make that, and donated it! AMAZING! I use to quilt, so I know the TIME that goes into each and every creation.

David’s House  gave me a place to eat a home-cooked meal-also donated by area families, each night for dinner so I wouldn’t have to pay for yet ANOTHER meal for at least $5, easy.

It provided my husband a place to sleep, when he could come visit with the kids, close to hospital, so we didn’t have to pay for a hotel. An expense we truly could not afford while Alexa had a her LONG hospitalization.

They allowed me to go and do my laundry there, at no cost, so I didn’t have to travel all the way home to get clean clothes. I was able to remain in the hospital with Alexa the entire time she was admitted.

I was also able to just go and take a quick break from reality IF I needed it, and to socialize with other families who understood what we were going through.

This house provided my family with so much support. All run by volunteers! It truly amazing how people give so freely time, out of their own busy lives, to help families like mine. It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference.

I vowed that I will volunteer more once my kids are in school full time.

I like to give back what I can, and for me that is some cards that the staff or families can use. I cannot tell you how often someone does something amazing for you, that you WISH you had a card handy for.

Last year when I dropped off my box, some of the families actually got teary over the prospect for giving Nurse X a thank you, or bringing a card with them for their son the next morning. Or Volunteer X helped me with this and now I can thank her.

TRULY amazing.

I only send cheery, upbeat cards to this home.

No Im sorry, or sympathy card. When your child is sick that is the LAST thing you want to stumble upon. I also like inspirational cards as well.

I decided to make a few extra for the box from our family, to thank Davids House. They can use them to send out, or give to others in the House.

This place is truly a God Send to families just like mine 😀 If you have a big stash of cards, getting dusty I encourage you to consider David’s House, or maybe a Ronald McDonald house in your area.

Other organizations I enjoy donating to are

Cards for Cancer

Chemo Angels

OR your area Children’s Hospital.

OK now for my card info! I wanted to keep the mass production SIMPLE as possible.

I saw a stamp a while back of a tree with envelopes in it. I thought it was REALLY cute.

I then thought it would be SO cute to use the Father Knows Best tree image, and the envelopes from Mailbox Greetings. With a little masking it looks awesome!

 I just stamped my envelopes first, masked them, them stamped my tree leaf image. I filled in the leaves with various shades of blue and green ink. I love the colors. I punched out the tree top, and layered it onto my card base. EASY PEASY!

I think its just cheery enough for the cause don’t you?

OK now don’t miss the other design team girls creations for causes :

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, and if there is a place that is dear to your heart too!

Thanks for reading and remember to “pass it on”.