After sharing my “Look what I do with MY TIME” post I have gotten tons of requests for what I eat during the day, and what I do for exercise! LOL! Also HOW (when I do cook LOL!) can I make dinner in just a half hour. Ill share all that with you all sometime this week. You crack me up. I truly have no big secrets. Like I said, I look back on the day and often wonder how it all actually fits in. Many wanted to know how often I follow that schedule. Honestly-if we don’t have a doctors appointments at Dartmouth or something like that I follow it Mon-Fri. The weekends are total family days and I don’t stamp during them. Usually ever! We try to do stuff with the kids and keep things relaxed.  The kids are so use to our “routine” that it often just flows. They enjoy and thrive on knowing what is expected and what comes next. Don’t get me wrong, getting them to clean up can be a chore, and they do find time to fight during craft time. My life is truly normal. Just with a list of to do’s and a schedule! LOL! A lot of you also want to know HOW I find crafts and stuff for my kids as well, I hope to answer all those questions in one post soon. It’s sure to make the life of a SAHM easier! LOL!

OK now for another fast project. I have had lot’s of little events pop up that I wanted to send a little goody along for, and this is another.


OK this was yet another quick gift idea. I have been purchasing the candy in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. I am always about helping a cause!! I think its especially great when you can purchase something you like, or would normally, and get to make a difference at the same time.

There is another way YOU can help raise money for Cancer-CHECK IT OUT! I know as a mom to a daughter who went through 2 1/2 years of chemo that these would have been a God Send in the hospital! But I like the other, everyday uses too. Especially to maximize use of those UBER cute short sleeve shirts, through the cold winter here in New England.

October being Breast Cancer Awareness month I made this box of Hershey Kisses for a person I know currently battling Breast Cancer. Just a little-thinking of you.

I used the Harmony Classic Oval II for this creation. Its stamped on shimmery white cardstock, with a  shimmery ink ink from Bazzill. When I saw the “Believe” sentiment my mind went right to this image for ANY gift item for ANYONE going through a tough time. It is actually the reason I got that set! I thought by punching two slits, one above, and one below the sentiment, and stringing through my ribbon it would be a nice, simple touch. I wanted the focus to be that sentiment. Just change the color ink, and the ribbon to suit the cause you are creating for.

I just took the clear card boxes and created a cardstock topper. I wrapped the top, rounded the corners, punched a handle using my large oval punch from SU!, and was done!

Maybe this will inspire you to make some quick gifts that fit into card boxes too.

OK Im back on the run. There are a LOT of releases coming up next week so I better get my butt in gear!

Thanks for checking in 😀