OH boy do I have a ba-jillion things to do today! WHEW!

My brother and his girlfriend need a ultrasound on their baby today, so we can be sure of the due date, double check the sex of the baby-they were told its a girl , and they have a few other errands that need running, so Im off and flying.


Its times like this I wish I were like I Dream of Genie. I could just blink and what I needed done, could be done. Running errands means NO stamp time, which means Lauren may get CRANKY! LOL! We don’t want that.

Speaking of flying………….I made this little Fairy Tin during the first 10 minutes of Dr. Phil. Yes, I watch him and I love him. No idea why, I just do.

So this is what you can make before a commercial break!


Anyway-I used the Fairy from Elzybells. She is just perfect! I stamped her onto my sweet blush cardstock, and colored with Copic Markers. Added some stickles to her dress, and wings. Easy peasy!

This is a great tin for Craft Fairs too! Every kid needs a tooth tin. Speaking of which, have you LOOKED at your kids saved teeth after a good year? EW! Not sure how important it is to me to save them. Its quite gross! I think my mom saved my teeth, and I have NO DESIRE to ever see them again. So with luck I may be able to get rid of my kids after a few years, right? Does that make me a bad mom for even considering that?

As it is I have to “secretly” toss some of their art work! GASP! I KNOW!! Its truly terrible, but c’mon, some of the 100 scribbles aren’t as important as the Mother’s Day card they made, or the drawing of X. I am selective and save what I will look back on in 20 years and say “Oh! Remember when….” Its a fire hazard to save every little piece of paper they scribble upon.

OK way off track. I guess Im gushing out all my mommy guilt on you all today. I can’t be alone!

Back to the subject.

To make her a TOOTH fairy I just trimmed out a tooth shape from shimmery white cardstock. Free hand. Not too shabby eh?


Another view.

She still looked a bit plain” so I used Melanie’s “What’s in your tin 1” that my dear friend Juanita surprised me with :D, to frame it in subtly.


I then tried some of the Pre-inked words from JustRite Stampers. I got the Emotions set. Wow are those ever easy to use. Just place where you want, and give a tinsy push down. Perfectly inked image. I may pick up some more. Pretty cool. I decided they would be a nice addition to my fairy tin.

The side has some pretty trim from SEI-Au Chocolat collection, and the paper on the tins bottom is by PTI-pink patterns

That is that! Granted I didn’t decorate the INSIDE-yet! Like I said this was a BEFORE 1st commercial break project. I need a little more time to do the inside.

My point is you don’t need TONS of MY TIME to make something 😀 Start with a plan, then execute!

OK now Im off! I do have a FAB-U-LICOUS project of notecards I made for a friend that Ill share soon. Tomorrow maybe.