NOTE: this is an ALL family post, so if that isn’t your thing, you may want to skip it. I am really happy with the way things went so I’m sharing it!

Well I DID it! I was able to accomplish my goal of getting our family (Christmas) photos done BEFORE Halloween!!! Last time we had our photos done I did this, and SWORE I would always go before Halloween. The problem is the time creeps up on you, and this was already a busy week. BUT I made it a priority, and we got it done! Gotta love the TO DO list 😀

Also if you kids are a wee bit older, you can ask for a later evening time to ensure you are in and out. Most younger kids are in bed! If you go during the day it can be busy with babies and toddlers, so keep that in mond. I’m by no means a photographer, and don’t know if this is all exzsctly true, but it is my personl expierienc as a parent, from getting my children’s photos over the last DECADE!

 Going before Halloween is so much less busy, there are good deals, and you get your stuff MUCH quicker!! People aren’t thinking CHRISTMAS yet!

The DOWNSIDE to going BEFORE Halloween is you can’t get any Christmas backgrounds, so if that is your THING then you will want to wait! I didn’t want a Christmas themed bkgd since these are going on my walls, so I just dressed us in cheery holidayish colors!

Photo Tips:Now they tell you keep clothing SOLID, darker colors are best, and LONG sleeves, so it doesn’t distract from your face!

SO for the first time we gave Target a try! I have to say I was impressed!

We had a coupon and paid no sitting fee, only $3.99 a sheet and got a FREE 8 X 10 !

Funny thing happened: When I was picking out photos I kept saying “I’ll take that in 81/2 X 11”-and the woman was like “You mean 8 X 10? ” I’d say “Yeah that is what I meant!”, then I’d do it again. I had to apologize and tell her I kept thinking about cardstock sizes and that is ALWAYS the measurement that pops into my head! LOL!

 With the coupons we saved $150!! We ended up buying like $130 worth of photos! LOL! So we saved more than we spent, and given the fact we haven’t had photos done in like 2 years that isn’t bad at all! All I know is if Jay doesn’t have a heart attack, its a good deal!

The camera was a Nikon like mine! I kept telling Jay I NEED that lens she had for Christmas! LOL!

Another PLUS: For ONLY $4.99 you can buy the online service that allows you to legally share your photos online, email them to family/friends, post them as your screensaver…..all sorts of stuff, which is nice!

Now I am going to share ALL my photos here (legally!) I have to admit it was REALLY weird seeing myself with DARK SHORT hair! It looked really nice when we left the house, but it was raining (GRR!) and they had NO mirror! Oh well. The kids looked good, so that is all that matters.

Since the kids are all older it went really well. OH! That and we did promise them each a box of candy if they cooperated! I’ll be honest, with three kids I am NOT above bribery!! A mom has to do, what a mom has to do! Plus we don’t celebrate Halloween, so they won’t be getting loads of candy this weekend.

So without further delay here we go!

 Family Photo 1


Jay & Noah have the SAME sweater on! Amber and Alexa are dressed the same too. I always like to make them match!

Me, Im just in a black shirt. Trying to blend!

Family Photo 2


Family Photo 3


OK so I think this was the one we got for our Christmas cards and Im totally kickin myself! I loved the one just above this! GRR! It was HARD to see on their screen and they couldn’t put them side by side. Once I got home and could access them online I saw I liked the one above this! Oh well.

I’m going to call anyway this morning and see if we can change it. EEK!

Family Photo 4


I liked this one, but wasn’t a fan of us on our knees. We look strange! Maybe if we CROP it!

This was very funny……


I thought this one was SOOOOO cute! The kids got a kick out of it too.

The woman said it should be our Christmas card, but I want people to SEE the kids faces, and NOT gross them out too! LOL!

Jay & I


Who is that with my husband! LOL!

It isn’t often we have a photo of Jay and I

Now we have our trio


Then this is where they try to make you go for broke……..


This would be $30!! Thankfully I wasn’t a fan of the framed images, and heck, I am creative, I can make my own collage!

Here is Alexa


I LOVED this photo of her. I was really proud of her that she smiled and kept her chin up! We ONLY got this one close up because the second after this shot was taken, a tear streamed down her face! She is VERY shy and having a stranger in her face made her scared and SAD! Poor girl! So we let her off the hook. 

Now we get back to the UP-SELL. The woman saw how much I loved this photo…..


Talk about pulling on mom’s heart strings! I felt bad saying NO! But it gave me a FAB idea for making my own 😀

 I love this photo of her because it is a genuine Alexa smile 😀 She is doing so well, I couldn’t feel more blessed.

Now we have Noah


How did he get so OLD? He will be 7 on November 13th! He is a whole head taller than Alexa (who is 10) I can totally see him as a TEEN here! He is in the CHEESY smile phase, but she did a good job getting him to really laugh.

Here is his close up


Love the toothless smile!

Last but not least, Amber


I think she could have just posed and posed forever. The woman suggested I bring her back for her own photo day! LOL!


You can tell she doesn’t feel good in this one. What a cute lil face.

Then her close up….


She actually does this head tilt thing on her own alot when she wants something, so I thought it was really cute.

I really loved ALL the close up photos she did.

I’m not doing School photos since they come out TERRIBLE, cost $15 for ONE sheet, and don’t make your child look good at all. Last year Noah had a FAB smile but they layered him on a NEON blue bkgd! I paid for GRAY she claimed that was the correct color from what I ordered. Apparently SOMEONE is color blind, and I know it isn’t ME! That one just went into the drawer!

SO once these come in I will be changing our frames.

Thanks for letting me ramble on Its not often we get group photos done. I should TRY to go more often. These years REALLY fly by so quickly. Before I know it I will be asking for photos of my grandkids!

Tomorrow I’ll have some eyecandy for you.

Thanks for stopping by.