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Pink Cat Challenge HOOT HOOT HOORAY!

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If you are just checking in this is post #2 for today! I have 2 samples below this one 😀

Today I was due to post a bit of a challenge card for Pink Cat Studio.

Valerie issued us all a sketch challenge 😀 Love the sketch!


 I didn’t print it-I just “thought” I had is memorized, and away I went creating.

Well now that I have done that and uploaded them together, you can see just how loosely I interpreted it!




This set isQ.T. Hooty. Be sure to check all the other DT member blogs for their take on the challenge. You can find each one in my side bar. Also check the Pink Cat Studio Blog later today for the collection of samples 😀 Oh and the guest design team member contest 😀

SOOOO……..Instead of scallops I used flowers. My ribbon didn’t run across the bottom (OOPS) And in place ot a saying (mine is in the wrong spot), there is a flower border.

Now what did we learn form this lesson?

1) Print your sketch. Don’t rely on memory :C

2) Sketches can really be a starting point for inspiration for a whole new look! LOL!

That all being said I would LOVE you all to play along! I think if you could use this card as a COLOR challenge that would ROCK! If you have any Pink Cat Studio stamps then try to use those. If not go buy some! LOL! Kidding (sort of). Use what you have and send us a link here so we can see your take. For a double challenge try the sketch AND color combo.

NOTE: there is no time frame for any of my challenges. My goal is to INSPIRE you to stamp, not stress you out. OK!

The colors are like-white, teal, sky, and coral (or guava).

I look forward to seeing your take 😀

Be back tomorrow where I think I have 3 posts!! WOW! Don’t miss those.

Fly into summer

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Boy is it HOT here. Off to the pool we go again today!!! The kids just love it. I need to get a summer pass I think. I also need to get them all into swimming lessons. Its hard because the times they offer interfere with me getting Alexa from summer school and so I may need to do a night class. It freaks me out that they can’t swim. I have awful fears about kids and water. So hopefully I get the info I need to get them signed up.

Thanks for the love on my ice cream come favor. I wasn’t sure I like it! I almost didn’t even post it! LOL! I was like “Is it bordering cheesy?” But I guess not 😀 So thank you. I love that MFT Heres the Scoop set! I am guessing you all do too.

Well my class yesterday  rocked! My class girls are awesome, and so make my day. I am so happy to keep seeing some familiar faces each one I do 😀 Makes me feel like they actually like me 😀 They are all hoping I will swing a class for July but it just might not work. We will see. I really like to make the summer fun for my kids. Since I cut back on DT work I may be able to do it, but am not pushing myself. I want to keep it FUN!! If inspiration strikes, then we are a go. I know people are waiting to see new class kits from me too-so again, I will see 😀 I’m sure I will have plenty for holiday gift ideas 😀

OK I have another Storage Unts, Ink & More sample to share today. If you haven’t entered the MOTHERLOAD of GIVEAWAYS-LAST DAY!!! So run 😀

Tomorrow is the BIG release. We all agreed that this release was too long to make everyone wait 😀 So next month will be shorter.

Here is a super simple card using Butterfly Garden. I kept it clean, and let the dragonflies just float off the card section.

fly-into-summer.jpg Fly into summer

Colored with Copic’s and a little bling on their wings 😀

I love the summer colors. This is the Core-dinations paper in the Reflecting Pool, Mediterranean Pool & Artic Pool. You would NOT believe how many colors this company has! HOLY amazing.

Now Coredinations is different because the center is a lighter shade. Weather or not you tear, its still a cool paper, with great texture on one side, smooth on the other.

You may just give them a try.

Now one more with Butterfly Garden


This is a pull out tag 😀 I wanted to show the paper torn.


This is the Thimbleberry, Vavavoom, and Pansy Purple. Paper is American Crafts 😀

I used the Art Glitter, acetate, and glitter technique for this (yes again I love that technique, and told you that you would get sick if seeing it here).

Note: there are other pretty butterflies in the set! I just am so in love with this particular one.

Tomorrow I think I have THREE posts I need to do! WOW! Lots of eye candy this week!!! Keep checking in. And people wonder why Im not online chatting all the time! LOL!

So that is it for this post, off to create another, so be right back~

LOST-in my stamp archives

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Well this is what happens when you stamp a million things at once. You load them all and then forget you have made them-until you begin to file for the next release! LOL!

So here are 2 projects (amongst a few others EEK!) that I totally forgot to upload :C


This is a box I made using the Anne LaPoint image called Chamomile

from MFT—>HERE. Inside I put Chamomile tea 😀 Gave this to  a sick friend. She seemed to enjoy it.

Then I made this Ice Cream Party invite.


I created a paper cone out of a scallop nestabiltiy and my cuttlebug die 😀

I just die cut the large scallop, then ran it through my CB folder. Rolled up and tied closed. Bag filler is the ice cream. This was just a little something to replace my original idea-because I didn’t have the candy or a real ice cream cone

EDITED TO ADD: It is the mosiac tile CB folder 😀


It would be fun to include a REAL cone, with candy inside. This is along thw whole make your own sundae idea. Maybe make those candy ice cream cone’s like when we were kids. They had the mini cone with the sugar fluff filling. I tried to locate some to no avail :C That was my thought behind this idea. Its fun to give fun invites 😀

Well that is my quickie post for tonight. Since I forgot to share. I have a million things to do this week! Like my first PTI newsletter!! WOW!! I hope you enjoy that. Monday I have a Pink Cat challenge card to share, and another PTI project that is sure to get you thinking about gift giving.

OK Im off. I have a stamp class to teach, and have just been so tired, so will most likely fall flat on my face after.

Friends Furever

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sketch-54.JPG Here is your sketch for today! Sorry I’m a “tad” late. I had fun with this one. I LOVE circles 😀 If you don’t, feel free to change the shape-no big deal. These sketches are just a starting point to get you inspired to actually STAMP and play with all the purchases we love to make. Sometimes the shopping is more addicting than the stamping. Can’t justify purchases if you don’t use what you buy. I know I love getting HAPPY MAIL!!  So the shopping is usually lots of fun for me personally.

Since I was DROOLING over the new Bella stuff yesterday I decided I better play with the NEW un-inked Bella stuff I already owned.

You had to know I about FLIPPED when I saw Butch and Mimi ! I think they look just like my Daisy. Her fur is grown in the the perfect length now, so she looks JUST like she did as a new puppy 😀 WAY CUTE!!!

Anyway I decided they would be perfect for todays card

bella-furever-friends.jpg Friends Furever

How cute are they? I so love this card. Its way cute & simple. The focus is on the puppies 😀

The paper for this  is by Piggy Tales.

When creating a card I usually pick my image, then my colors or patterned paper. I work from there. Patterned paper is great for color inspiration. I like to lay out my embellishments and everything before its ALL adhered/attached. That way I can change it up before anything is permanent!! I do lots of revision  sometimes. I may already have a sketch planned out and then try to see what works for that. Sketched definitely get things free flowing.

Try sketching your ideas. I believe you will find it really helpful to warm you up.

I am one busy girl this weekend. We had to go food shopping, and looking at Pellet Stoves for another heating source. It is also Nascar weekend here in Loudon, so of course we had to take the kids all around to see the different race cars and whatnot.

Fun stuff. Then my class is tomorrow-and after it I get to have lunch with my PSF’s!!

That being said I gotta run. Lots of new releases coming out SOON!!!

NOTE: I didn’t get any photos of Alexa yet. We had and emergency-AND now she is off to her father’s for about a week (I think). He never knows how long he will decide to keep her when vacation hits.

SO like I said We had a mini emergency here yesterday. Daisy scratched Noah while he was rough playing with her on the floor, and we thought she scratched his cornea. Anyway running out the door with 3 kids is a RAGING rain in a thunder & lightning storm in 5 o’clock traffic  to the ER, which is 45 minutes away, to make sure his eye was OK . He could keep the cold cloth off it long enough for me to get a close look, and that lead me to further think he had a scratched cornea. ANYWAY thankfully there was only a TINSY scratch and he is fine today. He got some eye drops if it got inflammed, but ended up being fine. He did think that his eye looked super cool when they put in the yellow dye and turned out the lights. I let him see his eye with my compact mirror. Kids crack me up.

Lets just say my life is NEVER boring. EVER!! What will I do for entertainment when they grow up? I am going to be so bored! LOL!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day.

and it is draining my mojo! LOL! More on that later-

Summer is definitely here and Im running around doing something everyday. Just crazy.

So yesterday guess what happened?

Alexa got her ears pierced!!!! She came up to me while I was getting ready and said “I want to go get earrings like Amber” I have photos in my phone (don’t know how to get them off it) and will hope to get more photos later today. She wasn’t exactly up for photo opts.

I then grilled her for an hour asking if she was sure that is what she wanted.

Alexa is a tough girl. She has been through some of the worst things ever, and is AMAZING, but little things like clipping her fingernails-sends her over the edge sometimes. So how am I suppose to think she won’t freak out the second her hiney hits the chair to get her ears done?

So while she was in the “zone” I packed up the kids and headed to the mall. The place we had Amber’s ears done only had one person available. Yeah-not that confident, thanks. My luck Alexa would have ONE earring the rest of her life. Since this is a total OPTIONAL thing Im not about torturing my girls to get earrings. It has been their idea, and that is good. I could care less if they ever had them done. I will say they look super cute.

So we get to the other store mall and they have 2 people! YEAH! Not a wasted trip. Alexa picks out her earrings. I am thinking-OK when is she going to freak out? She gets up in the chair by herself, and I ask if she wants to sit in my lap. She said “No.”

Amber begins to rub Alexa’s knee saying”Alexa it is going to be OK. Look at my ears. It didn’t hurt at all” “Its OK sweetie” This was the sweetest thing ever. I was so touched.

Next thing you know they were done! I couldn’t even believe it. YEAH! Sorry I just had to share as I was so happy and shocked. They are so shiny and cute.

OK stamping stuff-

Not a creative week here for me. I think because it is the first week of summer vacation. I have much to do, and am running behind. That never happens! YIKES! I work well under pressure so hopefully that will kick my mojo into high gear.

Today Ill share what we did for Alexa’s 1:1 aid-who I love and adore. She takes such good care of Alexa and really puts her best interest first. She is great with her. I don’t know what I would do without her. Other’s out there who have positions like that, I hope you all know how invaluable you are to these families. You have the most amazing respect from me. It isn’t an easy job, but one that will impact lives forever.

I thank you! Plus you don’t get paid anywhere near what you are worth. A true work of the heart.


This is the card I made for Alexa’s Aid. I made the card, and stamped it, then let Alexa color in the Groovy Alexa image from Alexa’s Set. Unfortunately orders for her set are on hold :C. Those who don’t know….. Alexa’s set was made FOR Alexa! All proceeds benefit Pediatric Leukemia & Lymphoma Research!! I am so proud of that.

The paper is by SEI. The fun thing about that collection is the word blocks. Alexa’s teacher is Mrs. Darling! LOL! SO I stamped the “Mrs.” above the word block “darling”.

Alexa did all the writing inside. She wrote exactly what she wanted and it was really cool to see her reading and writing skills improve so much. Children with Down Syndrome usually have a difficult time reading. I am so proud to say Alexa reads for HOURS a day, on her own. She loves reading. She will sit next to me while I am on the computer and read all sorts of books to me. She still has been picking bigger books with longer, more difficult words, but its just an amazing thing to see your baby reading. NO memorizing-actually reading and know how to write their own sentences. She is forever making me little letters. She puts them in the mailbox for me to find! I get teary just writing about it.

She is forever the child they said she never would be. If it doesn’t make sense you need to read my page here Alexa’s Story. I was basically told to abort her that she would never have a full life, and basically just burden mine. How wrong they were.

Look at what I would be missing!

alexa.jpg Alexa a few weeks ago.

So sensitive, beautiful, amazing, happy, smart, determined, sassy and full of life, love and POSSIBLITY! I see a world unlike anything anyone knows in her. A life with great purpose.

I may have met my match for Dunkin Donuts Coffee obsession! Alexa’s aid always has a HUGE cup of DD coffee. So for the end of the year gift I got her a travel mug from there.

I made a little slip on card hanger, for the mug! Too cute.


What better Bella to use than Lattebella?! LOVE HER! Now I am freakin-because upon linking her I just found a bunch of new ones! OH! NO!! I feel an order coming on………..


i-wished -i looked-so -good-on-a-bike-abella


Oh then I had to STOP LOOKING!!!

 I filled the travel mug with StarBucks coffee flavored truffles-if you love coffee these are fabulously delicious!  LOOKIE what I found—>WOW!!! NOTE: Get them at Sam’s club. You will pay $5 in regular stores for a TINY package. Where you pay the SAME price at Sam’s Club for TRIPLE the amount!! Packaging is even the same, only larger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then included a gift card to Dunkin Donuts for her in the pocket.

NOTE: For gift cards- Always keep your receipt! Sometimes they don’t “activate” when you purchase them. If you have the receipt, you are all set. I always include them with the card. I have had cards not activate from everywhere!! Stores, gas cards (from the hospital) grocery store cards (also from hospital) and even restaurants.

bella-mug-side.jpg From the top

I used Hot Stuff for the tag sentiment.

The flower is a punch. I used my Bella Dots for the flower centers. Those things are sheer PERFECTION! Love them!

and another


OK I realize this short post turned into a super long one. Sorry! I got all emotional in there for a minute. So much in my head I guess. Better get stamping!!! That always sets me straight! LOL!

I guess my thing today would be STOP, and look at what you have in your life, that you never thought possible! There has to be ONE thing to be super thankful for.

Enjoy the day 😀 And thanks for looking.

Want to be a guest designer?

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Well Pink Cat Studio is having a little CONTEST!!
Check it out —>HERE!

Also forgot to add-more blog candy-> kathie

Flower Fairy Party

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Got little girls?

Need a party idea?

Well look no further!

How about a Flower Fairy Party? It is cute for a wide age group, it is interactive, and it isn’t an expensive party to have! You can do this right at home. All you need is some imagination (provided here :D), some cardstock, and a few other supplies you may already have.

My little Amber is turning 4 this August. I have been getting ready with Party Planning ideas (yes already-time is ticking). I LOVE planning my kids parties. That is part of why I got into rubber stamping DAnd why I took cake decorating classes last year (only made one cake since LOL!).

I asked her what she wanted for her party theme-she said I want to make Flower Fairies. Read on to see where that idea came from.

In reality we are having a Spa party for Amber, but I LOVE sharing great ideas (and HELLO I have another daughter who I really may use this for instead-she will be 9) so figured I’d give it a go. You can see later what I pull together for that SPA party!! Im already so excited.

Even if you aren’t having a Flower Fairy Party this is still a super activity for when a friend comes over-or a fun activity to MAIL!!! You can print off the directions/photos here to send with a gift for those LONG distance birthday’s.

Here we go!

The best thing about this party idea is it is totally interactive. From age 3 and up your daughter can help with the entire process!! Let her do the punching paper, and putting the supplies together. Once you keep reading you will find all sorts of fun things she can help with (stress free). Amber helped with most of this party planning. She loves helping in my craft room.

Here is what you would do to plan ANY great party.

Pick the theme– well we already decided here it is a Flower Fairy theme. I would go one step ahead with this one and ask the girls to dress up like fairies!! Some sort of attire with wings 😀

Have your child pick a main color . With this particular party you could definitely do a different color for each guest-but the easiest thing would be to do ONE main color.

Amber changes her favorite color daily! Today it was red. She will be the perfect crafter since she loves ALL colors.

Choose a date, time, place. Once that is done you need to plan the invitation! For this party I thought a FLOWER shaped invite would be best! They are cute and simple.

Here is the back-


I used Lizzie Anne’s-It’s a Party set ( I ADORE this set for party invites!!! Its one of the ONLY party invite sets I own that I actually USE!) I also uses Papertrey Ink Simple Alphabet for Amber’s name (and would use to spell out party info). I have messy handwriting so would never write in the info. You can also print info on your computer.

I just punched the red cardstock with theMarvy Giga Flower punch. I stamped the party info in red ink onto lemon tart cardstock, and punched with a large Fiskars circle punch.

I then layered a green pipe cleaner , folded in 1/2 (tied with ribbon as leaves) in between the front and back of the invite.

Now your invitation should give people insight to the party theme, and what the party will be like! We decided to make it a much more fun invitation 😀 Your child would LOVE handing these out to friends. If mailing they can usually fit a buisness size envelope.


We put our flower into a home made Pixie Stixs holder! Now that is fun! AND EASY.

Just pick a double sided cardstock that coordinates with your theme.

Cut cardstock 12 X 3 1/2.

Score 2 inches from the bottom, round corners, and make pocket. Then decorate as desired!

For the main character we used Dress Up Lily (or Dress Up Amber in this case, since this set can be personalized with your child’s name!). This set is the perfect Fairy. We colored her to match our flower fairies we are making. You could even let the girls you invite do the coloring instead 😀 Just leave Lily blank.

Pick a cake theme-this one is pretty easy. I would do a flower shaped cake or a cake with a bunch of pretty flowers. Maybe stick the flower fairies in the cake for decoration.

Accessories-You would get Flower shaped plates, or plates with a garden theme, and colorful napkins.

Buy plastic/paper cups in the color of your flower theme. Punch a flower, to match the accessories, and put it on the front of each cup-labeled with the child’s name (so they know who has what cup :D). This is when a Label maker comes in handy!! Use the clear labels and you can print several at a time!

 Decorate your napkins by wrapping your tableware in there, then rolling them up, and secure with flower rings.  Add girls name to center to double as little flower place settings.

Here are the napkin rings:


I just punched out the Giga Flower in red cardstock. Layered with the SU! Scallop punched from Lemon Tart, them my flower center is Spring Moss.

I then cut a strip 1 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches long- from Spring Moss cardstock. I put the ends together, then secured it closed with a brad. I trimmed the ends to look like leaves, and bent them to the side. Added flower to front-DONE!


Another fun tip-for a party banner.

You could punch a row of flowers. Before assembling like above-string through ribbon in the flower centers, then assemble like above. Die cut letter to spell your child’s name or Happy Birthday!

Party Favors-These are usually small thank yous to give out after the party. Don’t over do it.


These favors are fun, easy and inexpensive! They use just ONE sheet of cardstock. That is about 0.22 CENTS!! You can’t buy anything that looks like this for THAT price.

The box ties in the flower and color theme. It is also a fun way to present our party activity!

I created this using my scallop nestabilties (yes I did do other little baskets just like this at a class last month-see that HERE!).

Just die cut 4 layers of scallops. (2 large for the front/back), then  2 smaller layering scallops for flower basket front. Snip the scallop edges, layer, and put a flower center. Create the side by cutting a 8 X 3 pieces

Along 3 inch-score at 1/2 inch on either side.

Along 8 inch-score at 3-then 5. Snip sides then adhere.

I got these FUN ladybug chocolates from Lindt, so I attached them to the front of the boxes with glue dots. Cute touch!

Pick an activity! This is very important when planning any party! What fun activity can you do, that not only ties in the party theme, but is fun?

 Better yet, try to pick one to DOUBLE as your party favor. Often times we spend a lot on a party, then add too many $1 goodies that begin to really add up!

Flower Fairy Friends Activity


Above you can see the party activity (fits into the flower box) all gathered, and ready to go with all the supplies each child needs.

I just bought a roll of Tulle for a $1, Placed my little items in small glassine bags, wrapped my goodies in there. I used the same punched flower layers as my other projects for the closure. I just punched a hole in the flower center, and pulled through the tulle to keep pocket closed 😀 Cute, and easy.

ACTIVITY-Make your own Flower Fairy Friends!!

 Amber saw these little clothespin Fairy things in a upscale children’s store, and they were like $10 EACH!!! Needless to say we did NOT buy those. I looked at them and knew I could make my own, and I have to say they came out even better than the store ones-as theirs were mainly yarn.

Flower Fairy


You want to assemble supplies for each girl to make 2 Fairies. Then they have Fairy FRIENDS!!!

Here is what you need.

Redline tape. Mono multi, Sharpie marker in Fairy color of choice. Glue dots, and dimensional glue dots

2 wooden clothes pins (sold in a pack of 30 for $2.99)

Googlie Eyes (it is best for you to pre-glue the eyes, and make the smile face-depending on age) You can get a large bag for about a $1. You want the smaller eyes.

7 strips of yarn per clothes pin (so 14 for 2 fairies) You can get a large roll of $0.99

Bling-for the crowns. He we used silver snowflake (cut in 1/2 to get 2 crowns). You can use a variety of other things, or opt nor no crowns even.

Wire- ends bent in on both sides for the hands/arms (2 per kit)

2 pieces of wide adhesive ribbon. You can use a variety of things, this is what I found to be easiest. Especially for the younger girls. I used Martha Stewart adhesive ribbon for this since it matched Amber’s color theme. You don’t need much to get many fairies!!

EK Success giga butterfly punch. Punched 2 pink vellum butterflies per fairy (so 4 per kit) The head/tail will be trimmed off. Pink vellum from Martha Stewart.

2 Felt flowers or fabric flowers. These are usually sold several in a package. Mine are American Crafts.

(not shown) floss (thick thread for cross stitcher) in color to match to tie pony tails-that is optional

Photo of supplies for ONE fairy below:


Directions: Click to enlarge photos

Step 1-remove backing from adhesive ribbon-wrap around clothespin body

adhesive-ribbon-apply.jpg   wrap-adhesive-ribbon.jpg

Step 2-Place wire on back-cover with dimensional glue dot


Step 3-Snip head/tail off vellum butterflies. Adhere to back. Layer second one.


Step 4-Snip a larger slit into your flowers (you may pre-cut these), for your fairy to slide on skirt

snip-flower-skirt.jpg  slide-up-flower-dress.jpg  tape-fairy-head.jpg

Step 5-Use redline tape, and put on front and back of clothes pin head. 4 strips of yarn for top of head, 3 for back (redline tape can be done ahead as well) May need help tying into pony tails. Then trim excess yarn

top-of-fairy-head.jpg  flower-fairy-pony-tails.jpg

Step 6-Use sharpie marker to color on shoes.

Step 7-Apply crown. Usually stick in between hair and the redline tape will hold it in place pretty well.

Back of fairy (clipped onto a bucket)


So there you have it. Everything you need to plan a Flower Fairy party!!

If you want a MILLION ideas check out this site—->Peppers & Pollywogs. Lots of amazing kid party tips & ideas. This kit idea will be featured there very soon 😀

I also ready Lisa’s book Dear Peppers and Pollywogs. It was awesome. More on that later.

I am on the run!

Party is over, but the fun begins!

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Well what did you all think of the Unity Stamp Co release? Lots of yummies huh?

I made this using Patter’s Sketch :D, and Floral Fantastical ( a new release). Bet you thought I’d use the butterfly first! I wanted to! LOL! But waited.

 I just used my circle punch to create the border. To line mine up I go to the edge of the circle with the edge of the punch.

Just a quick post as I have to run off with the kids today.

Thanks for reading though. Lots to do as the weeks end nears.


2 Unity Stamp set winners

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Congrats to the 2 winners picked by random .org!!

Thanks to everyone! 

Here are your random numbers:

283 9

Timestamp: 2008-06-26 02:00:48 UTC




Allison Teague |

I am loving Unity so far. My favorite kit is the first one I bought. It’s Butterfly Beauty! I just love butterflies and this set is absolutely beautiful.

Jun 25, 10:53 AM



kristie |

Unity is pretty new to me and I dont own any yet. I totally love giggle groove and the wild and crazy bung! I love the fresh designs. Ooo Ooo hope i win!!!
I also do love the large size stamp idea cause its good for scrapbooking, but I love that they are scaling down for cards too. Love love love it!

Jun 23, 8:08 AM —


See you tomorrow

Papertrey Blog Hop

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Well I have to make this quick because we are going to visit our friends who had their baby.

The Papertrey Blog Hop Challenge was to use Acetate!

You can see who is playing along by checking the forum–> HERE

I have gotten so many requests for the very simple acetate, art glitter glue and glitter technique that I thought this challenge was PERFECT timing.

butterfly-glitter-garden.jpg Butterfly Bling

For this card I used Butterfly Kisses. I then cut apart my butterfly to make it look like it was flying 😀

Step one-stamp image on acetate with StazOn


Step 2-Use the fine tip stainless steel adapter and apply glue where you want it.


I am making my butterfly 3 colors. Usually you have finer details

Step 3-sprinkle on glitter of choice-tap off excess


Repeat steps as needed for more glitter colors.

NOTE: you only want to do one area of glue-per color glitter at a time so glitter only sticks to wanted area

Step 4-Let dry.


You will know it is dry as the glitter will be easily seen on front of acetate!

OK that is all for me. Better run.

See you later at the UNITY release party.

Thanks for looking!

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