and it is draining my mojo! LOL! More on that later-

Summer is definitely here and Im running around doing something everyday. Just crazy.

So yesterday guess what happened?

Alexa got her ears pierced!!!! She came up to me while I was getting ready and said “I want to go get earrings like Amber” I have photos in my phone (don’t know how to get them off it) and will hope to get more photos later today. She wasn’t exactly up for photo opts.

I then grilled her for an hour asking if she was sure that is what she wanted.

Alexa is a tough girl. She has been through some of the worst things ever, and is AMAZING, but little things like clipping her fingernails-sends her over the edge sometimes. So how am I suppose to think she won’t freak out the second her hiney hits the chair to get her ears done?

So while she was in the “zone” I packed up the kids and headed to the mall. The place we had Amber’s ears done only had one person available. Yeah-not that confident, thanks. My luck Alexa would have ONE earring the rest of her life. Since this is a total OPTIONAL thing Im not about torturing my girls to get earrings. It has been their idea, and that is good. I could care less if they ever had them done. I will say they look super cute.

So we get to the other store mall and they have 2 people! YEAH! Not a wasted trip. Alexa picks out her earrings. I am thinking-OK when is she going to freak out? She gets up in the chair by herself, and I ask if she wants to sit in my lap. She said “No.”

Amber begins to rub Alexa’s knee saying”Alexa it is going to be OK. Look at my ears. It didn’t hurt at all” “Its OK sweetie” This was the sweetest thing ever. I was so touched.

Next thing you know they were done! I couldn’t even believe it. YEAH! Sorry I just had to share as I was so happy and shocked. They are so shiny and cute.

OK stamping stuff-

Not a creative week here for me. I think because it is the first week of summer vacation. I have much to do, and am running behind. That never happens! YIKES! I work well under pressure so hopefully that will kick my mojo into high gear.

Today Ill share what we did for Alexa’s 1:1 aid-who I love and adore. She takes such good care of Alexa and really puts her best interest first. She is great with her. I don’t know what I would do without her. Other’s out there who have positions like that, I hope you all know how invaluable you are to these families. You have the most amazing respect from me. It isn’t an easy job, but one that will impact lives forever.

I thank you! Plus you don’t get paid anywhere near what you are worth. A true work of the heart.


This is the card I made for Alexa’s Aid. I made the card, and stamped it, then let Alexa color in the Groovy Alexa image from Alexa’s Set. Unfortunately orders for her set are on hold :C. Those who don’t know….. Alexa’s set was made FOR Alexa! All proceeds benefit Pediatric Leukemia & Lymphoma Research!! I am so proud of that.

The paper is by SEI. The fun thing about that collection is the word blocks. Alexa’s teacher is Mrs. Darling! LOL! SO I stamped the “Mrs.” above the word block “darling”.

Alexa did all the writing inside. She wrote exactly what she wanted and it was really cool to see her reading and writing skills improve so much. Children with Down Syndrome usually have a difficult time reading. I am so proud to say Alexa reads for HOURS a day, on her own. She loves reading. She will sit next to me while I am on the computer and read all sorts of books to me. She still has been picking bigger books with longer, more difficult words, but its just an amazing thing to see your baby reading. NO memorizing-actually reading and know how to write their own sentences. She is forever making me little letters. She puts them in the mailbox for me to find! I get teary just writing about it.

She is forever the child they said she never would be. If it doesn’t make sense you need to read my page here Alexa’s Story. I was basically told to abort her that she would never have a full life, and basically just burden mine. How wrong they were.

Look at what I would be missing!

alexa.jpg Alexa a few weeks ago.

So sensitive, beautiful, amazing, happy, smart, determined, sassy and full of life, love and POSSIBLITY! I see a world unlike anything anyone knows in her. A life with great purpose.

I may have met my match for Dunkin Donuts Coffee obsession! Alexa’s aid always has a HUGE cup of DD coffee. So for the end of the year gift I got her a travel mug from there.

I made a little slip on card hanger, for the mug! Too cute.


What better Bella to use than Lattebella?! LOVE HER! Now I am freakin-because upon linking her I just found a bunch of new ones! OH! NO!! I feel an order coming on………..


i-wished -i looked-so -good-on-a-bike-abella


Oh then I had to STOP LOOKING!!!

 I filled the travel mug with StarBucks coffee flavored truffles-if you love coffee these are fabulously delicious!  LOOKIE what I found—>WOW!!! NOTE: Get them at Sam’s club. You will pay $5 in regular stores for a TINY package. Where you pay the SAME price at Sam’s Club for TRIPLE the amount!! Packaging is even the same, only larger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then included a gift card to Dunkin Donuts for her in the pocket.

NOTE: For gift cards- Always keep your receipt! Sometimes they don’t “activate” when you purchase them. If you have the receipt, you are all set. I always include them with the card. I have had cards not activate from everywhere!! Stores, gas cards (from the hospital) grocery store cards (also from hospital) and even restaurants.

bella-mug-side.jpg From the top

I used Hot Stuff for the tag sentiment.

The flower is a punch. I used my Bella Dots for the flower centers. Those things are sheer PERFECTION! Love them!

and another


OK I realize this short post turned into a super long one. Sorry! I got all emotional in there for a minute. So much in my head I guess. Better get stamping!!! That always sets me straight! LOL!

I guess my thing today would be STOP, and look at what you have in your life, that you never thought possible! There has to be ONE thing to be super thankful for.

Enjoy the day 😀 And thanks for looking.