sketch-54.JPG Here is your sketch for today! Sorry I’m a “tad” late. I had fun with this one. I LOVE circles 😀 If you don’t, feel free to change the shape-no big deal. These sketches are just a starting point to get you inspired to actually STAMP and play with all the purchases we love to make. Sometimes the shopping is more addicting than the stamping. Can’t justify purchases if you don’t use what you buy. I know I love getting HAPPY MAIL!!  So the shopping is usually lots of fun for me personally.

Since I was DROOLING over the new Bella stuff yesterday I decided I better play with the NEW un-inked Bella stuff I already owned.

You had to know I about FLIPPED when I saw Butch and Mimi ! I think they look just like my Daisy. Her fur is grown in the the perfect length now, so she looks JUST like she did as a new puppy 😀 WAY CUTE!!!

Anyway I decided they would be perfect for todays card

bella-furever-friends.jpg Friends Furever

How cute are they? I so love this card. Its way cute & simple. The focus is on the puppies 😀

The paper for this  is by Piggy Tales.

When creating a card I usually pick my image, then my colors or patterned paper. I work from there. Patterned paper is great for color inspiration. I like to lay out my embellishments and everything before its ALL adhered/attached. That way I can change it up before anything is permanent!! I do lots of revision  sometimes. I may already have a sketch planned out and then try to see what works for that. Sketched definitely get things free flowing.

Try sketching your ideas. I believe you will find it really helpful to warm you up.

I am one busy girl this weekend. We had to go food shopping, and looking at Pellet Stoves for another heating source. It is also Nascar weekend here in Loudon, so of course we had to take the kids all around to see the different race cars and whatnot.

Fun stuff. Then my class is tomorrow-and after it I get to have lunch with my PSF’s!!

That being said I gotta run. Lots of new releases coming out SOON!!!

NOTE: I didn’t get any photos of Alexa yet. We had and emergency-AND now she is off to her father’s for about a week (I think). He never knows how long he will decide to keep her when vacation hits.

SO like I said We had a mini emergency here yesterday. Daisy scratched Noah while he was rough playing with her on the floor, and we thought she scratched his cornea. Anyway running out the door with 3 kids is a RAGING rain in a thunder & lightning storm in 5 o’clock traffic  to the ER, which is 45 minutes away, to make sure his eye was OK . He could keep the cold cloth off it long enough for me to get a close look, and that lead me to further think he had a scratched cornea. ANYWAY thankfully there was only a TINSY scratch and he is fine today. He got some eye drops if it got inflammed, but ended up being fine. He did think that his eye looked super cool when they put in the yellow dye and turned out the lights. I let him see his eye with my compact mirror. Kids crack me up.

Lets just say my life is NEVER boring. EVER!! What will I do for entertainment when they grow up? I am going to be so bored! LOL!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day.