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DAD: 5 reasons why we love you-and a big event!

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Happy Fathers Day! Watch out I am long winded tonight.

My how times have changed. In a good way. Back “in the day”, men really didn’t have to do much with their children. They were just expected to work and provide for their family. The women take care of the house and kids. Even when I was a kid, many fathers didn’t participate in most things children did. It was very rare to see. It was also just accepted as how it was.

Well NOW I am happy to say most dads are very hands on! They not only help with the kids care, but they go to all their activities and WANT to be involved. You see dads at the doctors, and all their kids practices, and games, school meetings, trying to put in ponytails, and fix tutu’s at dance, and some even pitch in and do housework!!

Now I am not saying EVERY dad does this, just that I have noticed a huge change in the way fathers interact with their children, and I feel so fortunate to be able to be a part of this generation 😀 I have great hope for the generation to follow. I know I give my son the same type of duties as the girls. Nothing is based on gender in this house. We can ALL do the dishes etc.

I am so blessed to have Jason as a father to my children. I appreciate him more than words can say.

You may know he is not Alexa’s biological father, but he is who she calls dad. By her own choice. He real father she calls  by his first name. He left her life, by his choice for 3 years w hen she was just 6 months old, and then he returned when she was 3. Jason has been in her life since she was 14 months old. She use to call him Jason, then one day just pointed to him and said “that daddy”. She was so right. He IS daddy. I will never forget that moment. I felt happy that I was able to not only find a companion for me, but a super amazing “dad” and role model for her. That was never my intention, but it just worked out that way.

He attended EVERY doctor’s appointment, and therapy session she ever had. Every hospitalization there he was. Not because it was a front, or he had to, he WANTED to! He was the one going to the beach and the zoo. Helping put her in time out during those naughty phases. ALL that really made me fall hard, let me tell you. You would never know she wasn’t HIS. I cannot tell you what that means. Especailly having a child with special needs. That is a lot for a young and single guy to choose to take on. Let me say his mom did something right!!

I really shows that anyone can be a FATHER, but it takes a special man to be a dad! It really is true.

My dad wasn’t that great to be honest. I am happy that my children have a dad that loves them and wants to be involved in every step of their life. They will have very different memories than I do. Im not saying I have bad memories, but the only person ever always there was my mom. I knew I could always count on her. My children have a great home with parents who care for them, and love them.  We also love each other and I hope that sets the bar for their future relationships.

So now its time to share a FUNNY moment-of kids say the darnedest things.

Today was funny because while we were out “celebrating dad”, Noah said “Mom when is MY day?”

I said what do you mean your birthday? Its not till November so you have 5 months left.

Noah say’s “No I mean MY day. You just got your day and daddy has his day today, when is Noahs day?

(now I realize he means Mother’s Day and Father’s Day)

I said “Oh you mean a day for you. Well kids don’t have a day like that”

Noah-“Why? Man that is so cheap! I want a Noah day”

I had to just laugh at the concept. They way kids think! It only makes sense I guess.

Now onto the gift-I had the kids wrap all his gifts with aluminum foil! LOL! It was cute.

I wanted to document this amazing time in our lives. When little things our children say, do and feel are just so touching. When I saw the sentiment “5 things I love about you”  from Unity Stamps Best Friends set (also part of the random special 3)  I knew that would be the concept idea for my book. I am not including all the pages, some are more personal, but figured it would br cute to see what the kids created.

This book got jay all teary! I was so happy!!!

So here is the cover


I had the kids help me make a mini book. They each drew their own picture of things with dad. I then asked them to each list 5 reasons they love their dad. I typed up their answers in their words, onto their drawing.

Then bound them into this little book.

Noah-this is him and daddy so happy playing xbox together! LOL!  He had to print it himself and everything-hence the crooked print. He is so independent sometimes.


Amber-She drew a lot of happy people!! Oh and a flower is in there too.


Alexa’s page-she still needs to get her handprint done for it.

She said that was her heart, and inside is all love love-her card reads-I love dad-

she had to also sign her FULL name.


So cute! I love when they help do little projects like this, and they feel so special and important too.

Now another fun and BIG event!


Amber got her ears pierced!! Can you see them??

I don’t know WHAT got into me today. We went shopping for video game stuff for Daddy. Well in the mall there was a ear piercing place with a lot of sparkly earrings (we NEVER go to the mall). Amber was just mesmerised by this. She has been putting stickers on her ears for “earrings” for sometime now. She has been DYING to get her ears pierced. I have not has th courage to let her do it. But, I said you know, why not! So she picked out her earrings Pretty pink stone flower ones-14K gold. Not cheapies by any means. Anyway I began filling out the paperwork when daddy showed up. I told him I was letting her get her ears pierced and he turned WHITE! He was like “No way. You are not doing this.”

I said she loves earrings and its better to let her do it now”

He then went on to scare her and tell her it was going to hurt- A LOT!

So I BANISHED him from the event immediately! LOL! He was trying to scare her out of it. Heck he was scaring me! LOL!

Now if she was scared or freaking out there is no way I would make her get it done.

I told her it would sting like a bee. I reminded her of when she had labs done a while ago, and say it may hurt like that (she was awesome for that BTW!)and asked her if she still wanted to do it.

She said yes. She got her earrings and sat in my lap, and didn’t even flinch when they did it. Jay peeked out from where he was hiding and could not believe how amazing she did. Then she said “Daddy look at my pretty earrings! Im a big girl. It didn’t hurt at all!”

He said “Well I had my ear pierced and it hurt a lot”

She said “You are a big baby. It doesn’t hurt.” “Maybe someday when you are a big girl you can do it again and see”

THAT was hilarious!!

The woman said younger girls do really well. I thought for sure she may cry right after, but not a tear. She then asked if we could go buy some sparkly nail-polish like I had on (she wanted the exact one that the spa put o0n my nails) and off we went!

She has then had us call like every person we know to tell that that she got her ears pierced! LOL!

Well that is it for me tonight. Gotta get dinner cleaned up and the kids into bed. Its the last week of school (OH NO!!! LOL!).

Papertrey Ink Release June

Jun 15, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items

I LOVE this month’s Papertrey Ink release. Then again, don’t we all.

This month allowed me to do such a variety of cards, and use many techniques, my head was just spinning with ideas!!

They go from simple, to more involved. I love that versatility in a set when you see a bunch of possibilities.

I went crazy combining both the Birds of a feather set, with the Flower Garden set. They are a perfect match! You would think that they were designed by the same person!!

Congrats to fellow DT member Lisa Johnson for completing her very first set!! 

OK so now I will share my creations. I always LOVE your feedback on which is your favorite and why. I realize I often love very different ones than most. I think I have bad taste! LOL!

This month my most favorite project was Lady Bird Window. My idea just flowed onto the paper.

OK enough blabbering

Simple Seeds


A great card for those times you need many of the same card, or this makes a great gift set. The 2 step stamping made this card a super simple option.


Stamps-Flower Garden, Flower Garden Sentiments, Birds of a feather
Ink-black, positively pink, gable green
Cardstock-PTI select white

Just a simple card, for those times you don’t have time!
This one uses the 2 step stamping this set offers

Sow Many Colors

I think this is my 2nd favorite. No idea why. Maybe the simple clean look, circle and colors-lets not forget the bling


Using various pieces of cardstock, I made a quick and colorful thank you, in under 5 minutes! ALL the Papertrey Perfect Match colors coordinate beautifully.

Stamps-Flower Garden, Flower Garden Sentiments
Ink-Berry Sorbet, Sweet Blush, Aqua Mist, Summer Sunrise, Lemon Tart, Spring Moss, black
Cardstock- White, Berry Sorbet, Sweet Blush, Aqua Mist, Summer Sunrise, Lemon Tart, Spring Moss
Other-black satin ribbon, circle punch, Martha Stewart butterfly punch, Hero Arts adhesive rhinestones

While this card was quick and easy the gorgeous colors pack a real impact. I used the solid flower, stamped on the edges of my circles, and scattered in various positions on the card, for a whimsical look.

Seeds of Love


2 step stamping on colored cardstock, a little sponging, and cutting and you get a gorgeous look!!


Stamps- Flower Garden, Flower Garden Sentiments
Ink-Summer Sunrise, Pumpkin, Wasabi, Berry Sorbet
Cardstock-PTi white, lemon tart, summer sunrise, vellum cardstock, sweet blush
Other-sponge, singlo gel pen, copper brads, keytag punch, CB folder

I just love when images fall over the edges! this one was so much fun to create, as I utilized the 2 step stamping this set features. I just stamped on colored cardstock, cut and sponged. A beautiful effect.

Ruby Red



Stamps- Flower Garden, Flower Garden Sentiments, Birds of a Feather
Ink-Black StazOn, Old Olive
Paper by Scenic Route, Acetate Sheets
Other-Art Glitter Glue, Martha Stewart Glitter, circle punch, corner punch, black brads, red button

I love that this set has open and solid lines. In this card I utilized the open lines to create a glitterfied and beautiful flower garden! This set and birds of a feather seem like they were made for each other!! I can’t seem to use one, without the other.

 Lady Bird Window-MY FAVORITE of the release!



Stamps-Flower Garden, Flower Garden Sentiments, Birds of a Feather
Ink-Black Pallette, Gray
Cardstock-Sweet Blush, black, bray
Other-Scor-Pal, Nestabilties, Fantasy Film

I am in love with this card!! I love how the panel creates a window for the bird, to showcase its beauty. The flowers are the perfect soft touch. The combination of open line images, and solid ones are perfection!

This window card really shimmers and shines with 3D
flowers made using Fantasy Film. A great card to give to someone special who needs a lift.

New Beginnings


A sweet card for expectant parents, who plan on adding to their nest. I LOVE the unusual colors of this one, and the piercing.

Stamps: Birds of a Feather, Out on a Limb
Cardstock-PTI white, burgundy
ink-summer sunset, berry sorbet, sweet blush,  burgundy
other-onare piercing template, paper piercer, tag

I loved making this simple card for new parents-to-be. The mix of colors is so fresh, and fun.
The window adds a nice touch, and highlights the nest of eggs. A great new beginnings card.

Need a card in like 2 minutes? Here you go!


A Little Note

Stamps-Birds of a feather
Cardstock-berry sorbet

New Home Duo Planter-this is when an idea just transforms into a perfect creation. I was pretty happy about this one.


This is the perfect house warming gift for any new neighbor of friend, to say Welcome to the Neighborhood or Congratulations on your new home! A great way to present those new plants and house-warming gifts.


One plant out view

After much review the most popular type of house warming gift is a plant of sorts. I chose to use use 2 Parade Rose bushes as a gift, and present them in a nice way. That way they can be planted when the new home owner settles in. They will have them for many years to come, and it should add some beauty to their garden.


 The interesting holder makes a nice presentation. I simply measured my little pots for the rose bushes. I then measured and cut 2 holes using my circle nestabilties. I then added a sturdy handle to carry them, and a tag to match!



Stamps-Home Sweet Home
Ink- Pallette black, Lavender Moon
Cardstock-PTI Vanilla, Lavender Moon, Plum Pudding
Patterned Paper-Guideline 12 x 12 collection in Valencia, and Cabrera
Ribbon-Plum Pudding Twill
Other-acetate, souffle pen, 2 plants, circle nestabilities

Grid Lines Set


Great Masked Grid

This set has endless possibilities. I got this one rather late, and so wished I had time to create more fun things for you to view. Hey I have time after the release right?

This new set was a lot of fun to use, and made making this jeweled circle very easy to do!!!

I cut a circle mask using my Nestabilities, and then stamped in the circle to create this awesome imge. It used 2 of the desings in the set for a unique pattern.

Only took me 12 minutes to make this card!!! I used a plastic grid (idea courtesy of Jody Morrow-which I was told was her idea from Sharon’s blog) to create the pierced circles going around the circle. So easy to do. Great effect! I tell you I am just in awe of the talent in this area of life. You people all blow me away.


Stamps- Guide Lines
Ink-Palette ink in Plum Pudding, white craft ink CTMH
Cardstock- Lavender Moon, Plum Pudding
Ribbon-Plum Pudding Polka Dot
Other- Nestabilites cut out for mask
Swiss Dots CB folder, corner rounder
singlo white gel pen, purple Rhinestones from Hero Arts,
cross stitch template for paper piercing

So that is that. I really enjoyed making these projects for the releases. Please share what you loved and decided to put on your MUST HAVE list. I have to say I LOVE that Nichole has some purples and now VANILLA card-stock! YEAH!!

I hope to return with my Fathers Day project soon! Cross those fingers-and toes!!

Thanks for reading 😀


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