WHOAH!! Do I have an insane next few days!!

I have……………..

* a summer program meeting tonight

*gotta meet up with Michelle to get my class supplies  

* end of year teacher gifts to get done BY FRIDAY,

* my next month’s class projects to complete (also by Friday-that may have to wait)

*I have SEVERAL releases to wrap up

*and classes to prep for

* Amber has a mini graduation the end of the week 

* and ice cream party

*My actual class is Friday

*and I have a Spa day Saturday -which I was going to cancel since its Father’s Day weekend but Jay is doing house projects so he said  I should just go.

*That morning before I go Noah has a t-ball game.

*Then Its Father’s Day. I need to get Jay a gift (nothing he even wants-How can that be possible?! MEN!!) I haven’t even come close to getting what I want done for that.

*I have a kids project to do for that and pray to God for about 12 more hours in a day this week.

* That doesn’t include LIFE stuff we all do like-meals, baths, homework with kids, housekeeping, kids killing each other, and whatever else I forgot. Some of what I have to do I can’t even share here yet! LOL!


I’m wishing I didn’t lay it all out like that cause it sounds impossible. Very discouraging. Anyone seen my cape anywhere?

Anyway. The end of the year really crept up on me. YIKES! Im sure it will all work out somehow. Won’t it? LOL! 😀

Im not complaining Im just thinking out in type. I live for insanity. Keeps me going.

I have more Pink Cat Peeks for you all today!! Let’s get on a happy note now.

First up-Dad is #1


Baseball Billy is adorable!! I was going to make him like a Boston Red Sox player but Im so not into sports and wanted more color. I think our players are white, with trim in blue & red. Anyway-I drew in the stripes with a white singlo get pen.

As always-Billy is colored with my Copic markers. I stamped/colored/cut the bat/ball/& glove. Love that. The mound is the clear ovals set from A Muse.

This is one of the cards I made for Noah to give to Jay. Isn’t it a cute Father’s Day card! The side panel is suppose to be like a score board. I used PTI’s Simple Alphabet for that creation of words. I LOVED the pierced arrow pointing to the score. The top needed “something” and that was perfect.

The grid is paper by Scenic Route. The star pattern is Polar Bear Press. Ribbon is by Strano (love their stuff-link on sidebar).

Now we have another a Q.T. Hooty card 😀


Waving Bye!

How cute is that owl? I didn’t want her to be brown like you all expect. I wanted her to be blue-because she is sad. There she is waving bye!

I cut her out with my scallop square nestabilties, and before taking her out of the die, sponged inside. I think she looks cute.

I so love this swatch of paper you see peeking from the bkgd (I need to look up who makes it :C) I wanted to replicate that pattern, so I inked up my CB folder in Floral Fantasy, with chocolate ink, and loved the results. I can’t recall the exact name of the technique but you get the idea.

Next up………….Last but not least-I like to call this on Choo Choo Conductor


Billy can be ANYONE he wants to be 😀

I used some punches to create railroad tracks. Then  the little train chugs along. All you out there with Thomas the Train addicts will go insane for this one! He had to have a collection of trains, so I made a few. I need a good sentiment now!! I’d stamp it in that lower left corner. Ill wait to personalize this card with the child’s name. I know as a kid I loved ANYTHING with my name on it. Especially now a days. A lot of kids have different spellings or odder more uncommon names.

Remember that you can PERSONALIZE your Dress Up Billy & Lily stamps!! That is a way cool option. AND as Melissa posted, she created the sets so that the accessories for Billy & Lily can be used together! LOVE THAT!!!

So last but not least check out the Pink Cat blog-HERE! you can see all the DT samples and enter the contest!

Im on the run.

Thank you for checking in here. I’d love to hear what YOU have going on 😀 Make me feel better.

Till tomorrow.