Well I know they say the 13th is suppose to be “unlucky”, but I am not sure sure I buy into that. Two of my children are born on the 13th (I admit it was the LAST date I wanted, but oh well), and can’t say I have had anything “bad” ever happen on that date (knockin on wood-I know that doesn’t make sense if Im not superstitious but whatever). Not sure where I was even going with that whole point-maybe each day is what you make it to be?


Amber has her mini preschool graduation! My baby is getting so big. I will be taking a lot of photos, that is for sure.

Today I hope to finish up my Father’s Day project-but it really depends how today goes. I have my class tonight! I am excited about that, and hope I have the energy to be excited when I am there. It will have been a LONG day by then.

In prepping for that my paper cutter BROKE! AGAIN!!

Here is where I need YOUR advice!

I am on the hunt for a new paper cutter-any suggestions would be much appreciated. I loved the Making Memories one I had, but I have to say its broken in some way or another FIVE times!! I kept returning it and replacing it-but now Im totally fed up with up it. It shouldn’t be breaking!! I ONLY cut one piece of cardstock at a time, and and well able to know how to properly use a cutter! One time my cutting wheel began cutting my paper jagged-it is suppose to be self sharpening), and every other time the bar near the cutting end (hold the paper down) snapped!! WHAT THE…….???? I have even had 2 that the black lines for the grid have begun to rub off-ON MY PROJECTS!! GRRR!!

Anyway please tell me what you love! I don’t care how much it is, as we all know that our paper cutter is invaluable!!

OK Now to my post for the day!

I get so many questions and comments about how I keep track of what I am suppose to do, and HOW I get it all done and so on.

As I said before I sketch a lot. I have a book just for jotting ideas down throughout my day. When stamp time arrives I have a plan and things generally go smoothly from there. Sometimes one idea runs into the next……………and Im a creating machine, other times NOTHIN.

The KEY is organization!! I think I drive my teammates insane with my need for clear cut deadlines and details. But, that is how I work. I can’t get anything done if I am not organized!!

Well me having a touch of OCD, I am OBSESSED with having a TO DO calendar (and lists of course). I have one right above my work desk so I just look up, and see what I need to do. Given I get most of my assignments via computer-I have a hard time remembering to write it down on the calendar downstairs, and find myself filling out little pieces of paper, to go transcribe to my calendar. Well those pieces get misplaced (or usually trashed as I de-clutter the desk). Obviously my system ins’t that effective, so time for a change!

 So for some time I had been dying to create a notebook JUST for that purpose!!! A calendar notebook.

I FINALLY got to it this week (while needing to create other things! I always get sidetracked into something more fun)-I created a CREATIVE note book-OK more like a huge BOOK (hahahaha) for all my design team work/assignments/projects/ideas!

Unite in Creativity Calendar Book


Isn’t it CUTE! I wanted it cute, but simple. This will take a beating over the next year I am certain of that!

I used Unity’s Create Yourself sentiment since it was PERFECT for this book. I am in LOVE with all the new single sentiments. They really ROCK!! Then to decorate, I LOVED the Best Friends set so much-so I used that here.

Brooke posted a Unity Challenge (HERE) to create a Days to Remember book. When I saw her calendar file I knew it was the PERFECT time for me to get my book done. Especially since adding a new team 😀 It really inspired me to get organized. Thanks Brooke for creating that file!! It was such a time saver for me!!

Each team has a section. See how I used Brooke’s file.


I just printed off the pages, then cut them down to the size I needed.

I can write in what I need to next to the date-which is VITAL!! I am showing you August, so I don’t give anything away! LOL! Nothing there-YET!

I used my Bind-it All to make it a spiral bound book. Let me admit that is one of my big ticket items that collected dust over the last year (or two). YIKES! But the important thing is, it was there when I needed it! LOL!!!!

For the little labels I used me Dymo Electric Label maker. Everyone needs one of those! mine allows you to change the size on the font, so I was able to do my bottom page labels, then make my tab labels all at once.

Feels good to get things organized!!

Speaking of which I gotta pack some last minute class stuff, and then get going!!

Have a great day! I hope you come back tomorrow for my Saturday Sketch!!

Till then 😀