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Embellish It

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Its the first! So this post is all about facing a Challenge! Keep reading.

Before I begin I have NO IDEA what is up with my photos running into the sidebar. I resized a few times with little success. I honestly don’t have time to resize each one for the 5th time, then reload! GRR This post ended up taking several hours because of it, and I am over it. I hope you get the general details of it all. SORRY!

Alexa-Beautiful Girl


It is NOT often I do a “scrapbook page”.

I have to be REALLY inspired by something to even THINK of it. I had a particularly inspiring “photo shoot” with my daughter Alexa. She is ALMOST 10!

She was in a Spring Concert at School a week or so ago. She looked ADORABLE in her new dress that she picked out. We curled her hair, and got her ready- all pretty, so we had a photo session outside before the Concert.

To me, these are some of the BEST photos I have ever gotten of her! She was SOOOO “Alexa” when she is NOT in front of the camera. She usually can’t pose or makes funny faces, when you tell her to smile. She just contorts her face so unnaturally! LOL! So I just tried to let her be natural, herself. Cracking jokes while I took photos. THAT actually worked!!

I KNEW I wanted to capture them in a special way-forever!

This page just FLOWED out of me so easily. I’m beyond proud of it-especially my SUBJECT-Alexa :D)

She, to me, is like a butterfly. Hence my page. It is more than just a pretty page to me. It is capturing my thoughts, feelings and journey with my little girl, who has changed so much over the last few years.

This seemingly fragile human being, that started with so many odds against her, and despite it all, has morphed from the caterpillar (who avoided getting eaten by the “birds”-aka all her life obstacles) into a BEAUTIFUL butterfly. Spreading her wings, and taking flight. Never did I think I would have such a blessing in my life 10 years ago. Many times I thought I would lose her sweet little life. I always cry when I type these posts about her. I hate that!

I could go on and on, but will end it there. I get very emotional when I think of Alexa and her journey through life. I already know I will ALWAYS be so proud of her and where she will be in life. I am now! And Im so thankful for our journey. ALL OF IT. Thankful that God chose me, off all the people in the world to take her journey with her. What a blessing she is.

Now I switch my emotional gears to the project challenge.

That then lead me to the challenge that Nichole posed for her design team.

We were to create our own embellishments, inspired by some embellishments on the market, that you could purchase. Our goal was to share how much more affordable-and even how EASY, it is to create your own.

I was inspired by Heidi Swapp Butterfly Ghost Shapes, that I had for like a year, and couldn’t bare to use up, since you only get 6 in a package for $3.99 and UP! That is INSANE.

See photo:


This is what comes in the package -these are the 3 shapes

You receive : 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small acetate butterflies as shown.

So I figured I could EASILY make my own, for FAR LESS! Maybe even BETTER 😀

I began my venture with Papertrey Ink’s Clearly Creative Cardstock

You get 10 sheets for $6.00. That means MY cost per sheet is 0.60 CENTS!


THIS receipt is the breakdown of the cost for making my OWN!!

Its actually CHEAPER than that! LOL! Read on.

So I used my Cuttlebug butterfly die for my largest butterflies.


You can get 15 of the LARGE butterflies from ONE sheet costing ONLY 0.60 cents. You’d have to buy 7 or 8 packages of the Ghost Shapes to get that many of the largest butterfly shapes-costing upwards of $28-$32! What a savings!!

For my Med. size I used a Whale Butterfly punch by EK Success


I always keep the paper backing on till I’m done so I don’t LOSE anything I punch/die cut!


Now I can get 16 medium butterflies from one HALF sheet-or 32 per full sheet of acetate.

I the used a Martha Stewart Butterfly punch for my smallest butterflies.

I got 28 per half sheet of acetate, or 56 per full sheet!!!

Here are a few of the shapes I got from ONE piece of acetate-and I could have gotten even more!


I just figured getting even 4 each per sheet is WAY more for your money ( UNDER 0.60 cents) as oppose to the $3.99 and up for ONLY 6 shapes that are store purchased.

That is where the recipt total came in


I then recycled the package that the Heidi Swapp Ghost Shapes came in, and put MY own butterflies inside!


This is actually FULL of various shaped butterflies for a FRACTION of the cost!!!

I used one butterfly that I decorated for embellishing the front.

This is the product with my finished scrapbook page, that utilizes my embellishments: one of each size butterfly ON my page


Here is how I designed my own embellishment further by getting inspired by ANOTHER product


Notice my “B”.

Now here is what inspired my butterfly design


These are self adhesive acetate letters by Making Memories that sell for about $6 each

I used the “B” on my page. I loved the addition of the COLOR and FLOURISH on each letter, so I used that to further inspire yet another embellishment option for my plain acetate butterflies 😀


Here is a bit of a closer look at the B and the dimension my butterflies gave to my project.


Here is what I did:


I just stamped my acetate butterflies using the flourish from With Sympathy, and White StazOn


I added my color by using my own technique-Poppin Acetate with Jewel Tones Pastels


In SECONDS-a gorgeous butterfly embellishment!

I added some adhesive pearls to my butterfly centers, and was DONE!!

one more photo


So there you have it!


Now I can make SO many various embellishments JUST like these to suit ANY project!

I can die cut or punch ANY shape from the acetate I want or need, and I can embellish it without worry if I ruin one!


Stamps: With Sympathy (Flourish on butterflies), Friends til the End (flowers on white layer), Beautiful Blooms (sentiment)

Cardstock: Clearly Creative, White, True Black, Hibiscus Burst

Ink:True Black, Hibiscus Burst, White StazOn

Pebbles Pearlescent Pastels

Vintage Buttons , adhesive pearls, Making Memories Adhesive letter B

Cuttlebug butterfly die, EK Success butterfly punch, Martha Stewart punch

Now be sure to check out the design team!

  • Becky O
  • Kelly Lunceford- Template Team
  • Lisa Johnson  
  • Michelle Wooderson
  • Nichole Heady
  • Pine
  • Im sure this will get you making your own embellishments in no time, while saving yourself some money and using what you have! WIN! WIN!!

    I hope you enjoyed my project 😀

    Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear your thoughts, or if you give this a try too.

    Feeling Fowl?

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    Well tomorrow is the BIG Release for All That Scraps!

    Everything I have previewed over the last few days will FINALLY be available to you! YIPEE!!

    Check out the blogfor more peeks and your chance to win todays set.

    Feeling Fowl?


    This set is called Get Well Critters from the  Cookie Crumbs (aka Diane Zechman) line

    Oh and yes this horrific photo was taken the same day as the last bad 2! LOL!

    I have to say I ADORE this card! I love the FARM FRIENDLY (hahahaha) colors, and especially the layout!!

    The chicken, to me, is cutest image in the set. I just loved him when I saw him-along with the sentiment.

    So I hope you like the set too.

    Now onto a personal level


    8 hours in, and its still not done! My body hurts. So YES! “I ” am feeling “fowl”. We had some very big unexpected issues arise

    The WORST part-the darn company “forgot” to include the instructions (we printed them online-all 48 pages!!!) some of the wood pieces and ALL the hardware! So Jay had to go out and BUY over $100 worth of nuts, blots and washers!

    He spent 3 hours at the store getting every nut and blot known to man, while I was in the backyard, trying to keep the kids entertained at home, while sorting out the wood pieces, and then laying each one out on the ground in section for the pieces for

    The rock wall, Swing Post, Ladder, Base, sides etc

    Now if you KNEW me, you would know Im your typical GIRLY GIRL. This is so not a Lauren activity! LOL! Figuring it all out was far from enjoyable.

    Keep in mind they label NOTHING! So I have to MEASURE each wood piece to ensure its the correct one-YEAH! So not fun.

    It is also missing some decorative elements-like ONE window, the roof awning for shade, the chalkboard and swing stuff. GRR!!!

    So after spending SO MUCH money on a swing set, to be missing so much is seriously upsetting. After we got the 2 HUGE heavy boxes down our HILL in the yard, we realized just WHAT the heck was missing. Had we known it was missing like everything other than the WOOD, we wouldn’t have LUGGED it down our HILL of a yard!

    Keep in mind Jay has 2 herniated discs, and the shots have done NOTHING. We are looking at surgery-so I had to do the brunt of the lifting and pulling.

    I called Toys R Us FUMING over our findings. Their response was-pack it back up and return it then!

    NICE. Oh and not happening after I got THAT far into it.

    I am calling the manufacturer tomorrow and trust me, someone else will know just how fowl I feel.

    Toys R Us said they had NUMEROUS boxes like this missing hardware, and key parts to the set. I want to know how you can charge like a 1,000 for a wooden swing set, and NOT make sure EVERYTHING is included?!

    OK Sorry-Im just very upset about this whole situation.

    They should at the least ship out what was missing, and refund the hardware we HAD to buy (since we PROMISED our kids we would put it together this weekend) Can’t make them wait the 3 weeks for shipping hardware! Summer will be half done!
    Granted I don’t mind that some of the decorative stuff will be missing-like the roof and whatnot. They can still PLAY and use it.

    Anywho-enough of that disaster.

    I hope to share HAPPY photos of the ids playing on the half decorated swing set this week! LOL!

    OH! I will definitely keep you posted on what the swing company has to say.

    Tomorrow is my Papertrey Ink Design Team Challenge! You won’t want to miss that. I busted my HINEY on it.

    OK back to the yard

    Video is loaded! YEAH!

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    OK its loaded!

    here you go

    2 posts

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    OK we have 2 posts again today. Im just one busy girl these days.

    My video for the technique is taking its SWEET time loading to YouTube. Ill be back in a bit to post it.

    Sorry for the delay

    Swiss Pixies

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    Today I have a quick peek at another release from C.C. Designs.

    We are attempting to put together the large swing set for the kids, so I gotta be quick.

    The release for C.C. Designs is Monday June 1st. LOTS of cool stuff releasing!

    Check out the BLOG for your chance to win a set

    This is from the Swiss Pixie’s set-her name is Gretal


    She is just SOOOOO adorable. Sorry for the DARK photo. YIKES!! I wanted her leaning against a mushroom-so I used one from Unity Stamp Co.

    I colored her with Copic’s then airbrished my sky. I think it looks cute-far better in person (due to my lighting). Sometimes I just get LAZY when it comes to the photography part, which isn’t a good idea because you can spend so much time making the BEST creation, ever-and get a bad photo and it doesn’t matter! No one can tell.

    Im not saying this was one of those stellar creations, just that my photo is lacking-and I should not skimp on the photography and let myself get lazy. Ive just had a crazy few weeks and my time/deadlines were closing in on me. I thought ANY photo was better than NO photo. Lesson learned.

    I also used AmyR’s Thank You sentiments on here as well.

    The paper line is Basic Grey: Urban Prairie. It was perfect.

    In case you missed it-I did a peek of the Swiss Pixie: Heidi—>HERE!

    OK off to get assembling.

    Please pray Jay and I don’t kill each other in the process of assembling this huge swing set. When it comes to traveling (finding our way places) and assembling things/house projects we are NOT our usual “happy couple” We always joke we’d make for great TV if we went on the Amazing Race TV show or some other thing like that! LOL! Its funny because we don’t really fight or argue, but throw in a house project, and watch out! Let the snarky remarks fly! LOL!

    OK going now-Im getting the EVIL eye already.

    Well today is the 5th weekend in the month.

    I generally have 4 scheduled challenges a month for My Time To Create Challenge Team.

    I let them opt to take a break this week! I should have taken one myself! LOL!

    Anyway-I decided to do a technique challenge instead. I hope you find it fun and inspiring 😀

    Dry Embossed Vellum

    I LOVE using Vellum Cardstock. Today’s challenge is to DRY EMBOSS it!


    If you play link your creation HERE

    Here is who is playing:



    Dana G





    Tracey Cuccia

    Here is a quick video to give you the HOW TO! My card for this technique uses a stamp set from My Favorite Things Presents: Sara Williams Spring Sprouts.Bloomin vellumvellum-2.JPG

    I had just picked up this fun and funky patterned paper. I felt that the flower and butterfly from this set not only MATCHED my paper, but showcased how fun and EASY this technique can be!

    The open lines of the flower and butterfly are raised up. So cute in person.

    All you need is:

    An OPEN line image

    Permanent ink

    Vellum Carstock

    Embossing Stylus with mouse pad/embossing/piercing pad

    Copic or other markers

    Close up dry embossed vellum detail


    Obviously it is very difficult for you to get a visual of the actual effect this has on your creation, but trust me, its that little extra POP that makes it a WOW! The detail is raised up and pops out at you!

    A fun and easy technique.

    Just stamp you image in permanent ink.

    Turn over

    Dry emboss area/areas of choice (don’t press too hard!)

    Flip over to front, and gently color!

    Use glue dots to adhere to layer of choice-

    and DONE!

    Now its YOUR turn.

    So have fun with it.

    I cannot wait to see what YOU come up with.

    For the wonderful gift

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    I am SOOOO long winded today. Don’t know WHY!

    I just have so many thoughts going though my head about my life and juggling it all.

    Before I do that, let me share my card-and then you can totally skip the needless banter that is what I call my blog-therapy! LOL! Cheaper than a shrink listening to be babble about my imperfections 😀

    OK So today I am peeking AmyR’s Thank You sentiments. This will be released June 1st 😀


    I also decided to ink up a yet to be used set I had: Bug A Boo’s. Available NOW!

    I LOVE the butterfly (of course! :D) and had to use her finally.

    I used purple and black-Im so into purple these days-its ridiculous! LOL! I love the colors and layout on this-I was quite happy for my mojo to return. I am sad that today is RAINY RAINY RAINY! Nothing like the day this was taken which is pure Spring and sunny.

    The sentiment got me thinking about today, my life and the gift or Motherhood. The up and downs! All of it. Im so thankful I have my children. When I was 17 they told me I wouldn’t be able to have kids! I had severe ovarian cycts and endometroisis. REALLY BAD. On top of a tipped uterus. Obviously they were (THANKFULLY) very wrong! It actually got better after having my children too.

    I am coming to the realization as my kids grow that being a mom is a WAY tougher job than I ever imagined. Makes nme really appreciate my own mom who raised us on her own.

    Can you imagine the Ad that would be in the newspaper for the job of a mother?


     Job title: Mom

     No experience necessary. On the job training. Must be a selfless, loving person who is willing to give 200% of them-self at all times. This is a full time position. Must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No holidays, no vacations or sick time. Must be able to tolerate the handling of any/all bodily fluids. Drivers License is required. You must be able to work on little sleep at times. Must be able to provide minimum of 3 meals , and 2 snacks daily. Job requirements also include cooking, cleaning, laundering, teaching, refereeing, and some nursing skills.  You must be able to count to 10 and recognize when YOU require a time out. When you do something wrong you are required to wear a virtual GUILTY sign on your back for a minimum of 2 days.

    Payment comes in form of  love, happiness, heartwarming moments, and memories, along with hugs, kisses, and I love yous. Also included but not limited to: worry, heartache, headaches, and amazement.

    Benefits included and provided after 18 years of service and dedication in the form of a hopeful THANK YOU MOM! I love you.

    Now that is some job title.

    We all learn as we go right? And I think we can all agree its worth every second.

    My biggest fear is realizing I did it ALL WRONG! LOL!! I’m sure Im not alone.

    One thing I am (proudly) is organized. NOT all the time but for the most part. I do my best to keep track of everything, keep my house in order (not spotless as I would like-like my mom’s house) but clean all the same, and I do everything I promise I will. I even somehow manage some sort of one on one time with my kids daily-and make arts and crafts a daily part of our lives.

    I have the ever going “to do list”.

    One thing I’m far from- is perfect! It is easy to confuse the two, or think they go hand in hand!

    Organization is the ILLUSION of perfection. In my opinion.

    More time that passes the more I realize I don’t have that Wonder Woman cape that I thought was trailing behind me! I think I lost it somewhere! LOL!

    That being said you all know I have 3 kids. I don’t know HOW they became such busy little people. They don’t tell you that when you have them! Now I know there are by far larger families out there, and my point to this is HOW do you do it? I just don’t know.

    I am fortunate enough to be able to be home with them. They are my PRIMARY “job”. By that I mean everything they are involved in, I am involved in, to the fullest extent of my being.

    That means if there is a field trip I am chaperoning, a class party I am there, with some sort of goodie (not home-made! I gave that pressure up a long time ago, and I think my kids will survive. They won’t (hopefully) remember that I BOUGHT the cupcakes! Just that I was there and I brought them!!) I go to every appointment, stay on top of their education (and fight with doctors and schools endlessly!) and then of course there are the extra circular activities that happen. When you have THREE kids it seems there is something DAILY. Then there is the taking on MORE kids (aka my children’s friends) for play dates, and adopting a few kids whose parents can’t be/aren’t home for them-ever. That to me is what being a SAHM is all about. Doing every thing I can while home with my kids. Lord knows in a few years I will turn into a virtual TAXI cab, and my kids won’t even know I’m alive, until its time to pick them up from X, or I say NO to something the NEED/WANT!

    Honestly now that they are getting OLDER I feel LESS organized, and like I’m always running in 5 different directions. I am thankful THEY remember everywhere “I” am suppose to be these days! LOL! It just seems like each day melts into the other, and time is flying by. I mean really-its ALMOST June and I’m still feeling like its April! LOL!

    I don’t know how working mom’s balance it all. I envy that they can, because I am HOME and barely keep up. Granted if my daily “plan” plays out step by step I’m all good, but good grief if anything unexpected and not in my “plan” pops up, its all shot up.

    Just today Noah reminded me that it is his Authors Tea, and I need to be there by 10am! He was to dress up, and bring in a stuffed animal. OK got it!

    WHEW! Thank GOODNESS he reminded me! Even though it was on the calendar I would have forgotten. I have like 6 other things to do today, but that immediately jumped to NUMERO UNO!

    OK so maybe Im not even organized anymore, let along close to a shred of perfect! LOL!

    I totally spaced it on his class Thanksgiving party this year! I thought it was on one day, and they had it on a odd day- the day before I thought it was. I am the ROOM MOTHER! How did I space that? I put my GUILTY mommy sign on when I picked him up the minute I heard a little girl in his class “claim” to me they had a party today.

     I sat there and “argued” with the 5 yo saying. No sweetie that party is tomorrow.

    Nuh UH! We had it today.

    I continued to tell her NO! Its tomorrow. I’m bringing in brownies. Your must have had something else.

    She said “Well Miss Lauren (she is SO cute she always calls me that)I’m sorry to tell you, but you missed it because we didn’t have brownies at our party, and we had on our Pilgrim and Indian hats”

    WHAT!! No WAY! I MISSED it!?! REALLY!? SERIOUSLY!? OH! NO!!!!!!!!!

    So Noah comes around the corner, to tell me I missed the party! Where was I? I can’t believe you didn’t come to my party. You always come!

    Um at home. Thinking it was TOMORROW! The day it usually is for the past 5 years!!

    Do you think he ever lets me “forget” anything now? NOPE! I try to forgive myself and get over it, but I can’t! LOL!

    Even when I go to ALL  the parties now he says” Hey mom remember at Thanksgiving when you forgot to come to my party? Do you think he’d forget-NOPE!!! He really does remind me of that.

    Anyway, Im not sure what my point to this post is. I guess I just don’t know how I can squeeze everything into each day. These days I feel like Im not cutting it. I’m always running and not getting it all done. How or when did that happen?!

    I want to make sure when its all said and done that I did my best. No regrets. I don’t think there is a mom alive who doesn’t regret something right?

    Why do I feel like I need that Cape?!

    I guess I have to embrace the fact that I CAN’T do everything. Life isn’t one big planned out event. I should know this having had Alexa get Cancer! You NEVER know what is around the corner. Maybe that is why I try so hard to squeeze every ounce I can out of each day? Live to fullest.

    Bottom line I guess is, do what we can. Try our best. Be there for our kids, and at the end of the day-if they know you love them, (even if you missed a party (even if they NEVER forget) in the end they will remember that you did your best. They will remember the majority of the good stuff.

    My hope, my wish, my goal-despite all I can, can’t did or didn’t do, that they will be self sufficient, caring, loving and happy people who contribute their best to society. That’s all we can hope for in the end.

    OK Im off of my blah blah blah! Yikes!
    SORRY you had to endure that. I feel better about my inadequacies now though

    As for the Wii advice-thanks to all.

    I do pretty crazy workouts so Im going to look into some other options I think.

    Ill keep you posted. You all helped me get invigorated again-so thank you!!

    Tomorrow I have a CHALLENGE for you all-so come back then

    Till tomorrow

    OH! Baby- another pep talk

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    Boy did Noah ever SCREAM when they yanked his poor tooth! OUCH!

    I guess they ONLY gave him the laughing gas! GRR! I thought they’d numb it with Novocaine at LEAST. Poor kid.

    Tooth Fairy gave him $10 for being so brave 😀 He still loves the dentist though-CRAZY KID! LOL!

    That being said I’m still pretty crazy busy here, so Im keepin this short and sweet.

    I’ve been REALLY tired an lazy (in  exercise department) the past 2 or 3 weeks. I haven’t given a “pep talk” in a while and this is more for ME than YOU!! Unless YOU find it helpful too-then YEAH! Win! Win!!

    So SADLY I realized I have been getting addicted to the FREE Turbo Shot in my ice coffee! Can’t function well without it. Im certain that is NOT good.  So this week I decided to SHOCK my system, and cut coffee out of my HEALTHY living, and get my hiney BACK ON TRACK!!! I had a little lapse there since all the sweet treats on my birthday, and need to put a stop to it now! Remember I promised myself to NEVER let myself outgrow the jeans I’m in! I work too hard to let my love of all naughty food sabotage me and all my hard work! NO WAY!

    Now don’t get me wrong, they still fit (my jeans that is), but if I want some REAL 6 pack abs, I need to work hard, and get on track. So thats what Im doing. Im “re-setting” my calendar for week one. I keep track of how many weeks I have been living my “healthy lifestyle” and after it being 41 weeks (a pregnancy term! LOL!) I decided to set NEW goals, and start over. REFRESH everything, to keep it interesting. So back to WEEK ONE of new refreshing goals. Fresh start! TODAY is the day.

    Its all about healthier choices. Take it ONE obstacle at a time, and just say NO! to Girl Scout cookies 😀 Opt for the donation for the box you buy to go to out Soldiers instead of YOUR goody cabinet 😀

    That also means drinking lots more water, less other stuff-like HUGE ice coffees, and NO snacking after dinner!! Unless its popcorn or fruit if you really ARE hungry. And make sure you are eating because you are hungry, NOT because you are bored or EMOTIONAL! Oh and if you got for ice cream with the kids-get a KIDDIE size, and try to make it LOW fat 😀

    Jay has been getting steroid shots in is back and his after dinner binging is affecting ME! So that is it for me—-> NO MORE!!! He is usually a very healthy eater, and that really helps when you need support or someone to keep YOU on track. When they fall off, don’t let them take you with them, you need to be THEIR support instead.

    Keeping healthy snacks on hand is KEY, along with fresh fruits and veggies.With summer near its much easier to do. I love snacking on snap peas! They are sweet and yummy and replace the CHIPS I love (for some reason salt and vinegar are my downfall these days) NOT GOOD.

    So I did a video today-Turbo Jam-I hadn’t in a LONG time and boy did it kick my hiney!! OUCH! I did the Turbo Sculpt 40 minute workout today. But hey-SORE is good! The fact I can’t get out of a chair or sit down, without pain, means Im workin lazy muscles-GO LAUREN! Breaking a huge sweat-even better! I think after a good workout you FEEL great, and don’t want to eat those Salt and Vinegar Chips that stare at you when you open the cabinet! I moved the bag out of sight so I don’t think about them
    I REALLY think I want to get Wii Fit! What are YOUR thoughts on that??

    Anyone?? I need to keep my interest since I am a SAHM to 3 kids and the ONLY way I can get a workout in is at home. I need to keep motivated and FRESH. I LOVE buying myself clothes so that definitely keeps me motivated-the whole I like this shirt, its in my size, and Im buying it! Then I take it home and it looks great 😀 Makes every ache and pain worth it. Plus I know its good for my overall healthy, and it sets a good example for my kids-who KNOW I need to do my workout before THEY get to play Wii or do anything else for that matter.

    OK who cares about my workout issues. Sorry for that painful detour. It just helps me keep focus.


    I have a mini peek at another ATS set called Oh! Baby-pardon the mojo lapse. This was made on the return of the mojo-but figured I’d share anyway

    little bug:


    I just LOVED this little “bug” image/baby from the set. I just got some ladybug paper, so I used it. This set will be released June 1st (Monday)

    Amber’s shirt matched my card so I made her hold it for my photo! LOL! Im so lazy with my photo tent set up these days! Its just easier and quicker to go outside.

    Now to me, it looked like the baby bug was flying to the flower-then I realized-Um, no wings! Oh well! Its cute anyway. No one claimed I was perfect! LOL! I like it-period

    SOOO if you want a chance to win the set, and see peeks—->Go to the BLOG!

    I can PROMISE my samples got better with the rest of the peeks to come! LOL!

    Well I hope you have a happy and healthy day-no matter what you do!

    Fairy Junebug

    May 27, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

    WOW! Is it me, or has the blog world been Q-U-I-E-T?!
    Maybe the holiday weekend?

    Maybe I haven’t been particularly inspiring?! LOL! I have done a lot of 3D items lately-maybe that’s borning? Or just too much? I have no idea. All I know is I haven’t had the time to do all I want, and that is a hard pill to swallow.

    Granted I know I have been busy too-Poor Noah has an abscessed tooth, and has to have it pulled today. He is ecstatic because then the tooth fairy will bring him $5! LOL! Oh and lets not forget cost mom & dad almost $200 at the Dentist!!!!!!!

    Noah LOVES the dentist. He wants to be one when he grows up 😀 Im so happy he has had positive experiences there, unlike mine as a child :C. He has had some dental work done too, and his dentist said kids usually aren’t as enthusiastic after that. So I just hope he hits the books and wants to stay in school long enough for fulfill his dream-and of course have someone to fix my teeth when I’m old-for free 😀

    Anywho-today I have a peek to share 😀 All That Scraps has another new line 😀 from C.C. Designs 

    I’m totally in love with it-Fairy Junebug!


    Now this won’t be released until Monday June 1st! So you have a few days to wait :C

    Sorry it was like 8 o’clock at night here-so my photo is NOT top notch, and sorry, I wasn’t pullin out the photo tent for ONE card!

    Now most the team has yet to get theirs as these are HOT OFF THE PRESS! Mine arrived late yesterday, so I ran to ink it up as fast as I could to get you all a peek 😀


    This is the CLOSE UP

    I had to do her hair green! No idea WHY! I just wanted to.

    I added stickles to her-which looks better in person-I swear!

    I love the background I created by sponging a portion of a new Spellbinders Impressabilities Butterfly!! It was such a fun and easy thing to do 😀

    This is a 5 1/2 inch squared card

    There are 2 Fairy June-bugs in this collection, so far. They are good size too.

    So be sure to check out the BLOG for samples, and your chance to win the Fairy Junebugs set 😀 You will LOVE it.

    Im workin on getting my card MOJO back. Wish me luck on that.

    Tomorrow I’ll have peeks at another-to be released set!
    In the meantime I hope you are all enjoying Stamp Out Alzheimer’s week!! Lots of fun to be had. There are daily giveaways and challenges, all to benefit a great cause 😀


    Stamp Out Alzheimers Daily Giveaway!

    May 26, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

    Hi all!

    I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.

    We purchased a swing set for the kids, and today I have a dental “emergency” for Noah so Im off and running like a chicken with her head cut off! LOTS to wrap up this week.

    In the meantime…….

     Don’t forget this week has ALL the fun for Stamp Out Alzheimers! All you need to do to enter in the fun is make a mere $5 donation that all proceeds benefit this great organization 😀

    My Timeless Templates is part of the daily giveaway today—CHECK IT OUT!!

    Have fun while supporting a great cause!

    OK Im off and running-thanks for stopping by. In case you were busy I have some great stuff posted over this last week-so check it out too!

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