Happy day!

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  • Today I have another under 10 minute project for you!

    Just Wrapped

    Ahh! Happy Thoughts!

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    5 Inches Tall

    4 Inches Wide

    3 Inches Deep

    Sometimes you just need to wrap something up! You want it to be quick and simple, but have a little time for too much creative flair or details. While you may be tight on time, you don’t have to make something that looks like it!

    The pretty daisy pattern is from the Coffee Beans © collection. Makes me happy.

    My tag was printed using the sentiment from the Chase Your Dreams © ! The background has a flourish swirl made using the Fanciful Flourishes © set, and my baby bee is from the Bee-Loved © .

    The way the back and lid attach to this make this box extremely simple,

    but adds that little something extra for a little fun decorative flair without the FUSS!

    The Daisy atop my Just Wrapped template is from the Bee-Loved ©set.

    Remove the ribbon wrapper, and tah-dah!

    This box just may be what you need to wrap up the simplest of gifts, for all occasions, year after year.

    I think this box full of Lindt Chocolates is far better than the big gold bag they come packaged in, don’t you think?

    This would be a great “pick me up” for anyone having a bad day 😀

    Tomorrow we share projects using the Mix’er Up! template.

    Check back in then.