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WOW! It is September ALREADY! Time for a Papertrey Ink Senior Design Team Challenge.

These are always so fun, and really get me thinking.

Before you know it Halloween will be here, and gone! Never too soon to start thinking WHAT you will do!

 Nichole posed such a challenge for the team this month-Make a small Halloween treat!

I thought of WOWING you all with some fancy treat idea. I actually found a TON of really cool stuff to make. I wanted to top myself from last years treats in which I actually made—> EDIBLE EYEBALLS! As I searched, and agonized over WHAT to do, I asked myself “Would I actually MASS PRODUCE these treats for my kids classmates?” Given the fact I loathe cooking, the HONEST answer would be NO! Then it occurred to me…….if you are ANYTHING like me, then you are BUSY, (maybe you don’t enjoy cooking either) money may be tight, and if you have more than a handful of people that you want to spoil with something (like your co-workers, neighborhood party/trick or treaters, your own children’s classmates/teachers-let alone the fact if you have MORE than one child that can really add up!) you really don’t have enough hours in the day (or energy) to slave over something.

I wanted a SIMPLE WOW! 

 SO……today I will share my true to life treats! This is a SUPER tasty treat that is QUICK, EASY, and INEXPENSIVE! Totally up my alley! It focuses on the PRESENTATION (which I thoroughly enjoy working on far more than cooking :D)

It takes a simple bag of MICROWAVE popcorn (directions below :D) and turns it into a gourmet treat that is loved by everyone! You can make it for ANY occasion and you can also let your children do most of the work 😀 (I love it even more now!)

Now here are the 2 ideas that JUMPED into my head 😀 Both use my template Pretty Petite version of Pack a Picnic 😀

So, first up…….A Witches Cauldron


filled with a Popcorn Potion!

I turned the Pretty Petite version of the My Timeless Template-Pack a Picnic into a Cauldron in MINUTES!!

 NOTE: You can also take this same idea and make ONE huge Witches Cauldron (using the standard version of Pack a Picnic) to hold all your Halloween  bags of popcorn potion, rather than do individual templates for each person/child.


I printed the template onto Smokey Shadow cardstock.

Prior to assembling, I stamped the black cat from Spooky Sweets II, onto the front.

I used a singlo white gel pen for the eyes, then dotted the centers black. Made the nose pink 😀 So cute and easy peasy.

I then cut, scored and assembled as directed.


Then it was time to add the pot handles 😀

I just used my word window punch and folded the paper punched pieces around some jump rings.

I attached them to the pot using silver brads! Perfect pot handles!

I then wanted the Cauldron to appear to be boiling over!

So green stickels to the rescue! Just drizzle large amounts around the entire top!

Let dry a couple hours (its a lot of glittery glue! SO worth it)

In the meantime you can make your Popcorn Potion, package it into the bags, and then make your tags!


My tag images/sentiments are also from Spooky Sweets II.

I put the bag into the Cauldron, and added 2 chocolate eyeballs! The eyeballs and creepy hand (a huge gummy candy that was actually DELISH! LOL!) were bought at Michael’s Craft store-just add to the fun!

Now I have another idea 😀 and this one is WAY easy.

This SAME template made the CUTEST pumpkin!


Seriously HOW CUTE is that?

Again you can make a LARGE version too 😀

In case you are KICKING yourself for NOT having Spooky Sweets II (there is plenty of time to order it :D) I decided to use Spooky Sweets (first edition!) for this one.

The NEW! Hocus Pocus paper was perfect for making my pumpkin have some POP!


I adore the “make your own pumpkin face” images in that set, and it was SO prefect for this one!

I just stamped and cut out the eyes-adding some BLING 😀 For the mouth I just used oval punches.

I then tied around some ripe avocado grosgrain for the topper


Then filled with my popcorn potion

Now you may be wondering-HOW do you make the POPCORN POTION?!

Well, in just a few minutes you can have a LOT of YUM!!

Popcorn Potionpopcorn-choc.JPG

All you need is some Microwave popcorn (or pre-popped popcorn)

Chocolate melting waffers in colors of choice (I chose orange, green and milk choc. only $3 for a large bag that goes a LONG way!!!)

Note: Usually 3 colors is perfect-o!


Pop (or pour out) as much popcorn as you need.

Pour Popcorn onto parchment or wax paper-remove kernals!!!!

Let COOL completely!

Melt chocolate wafers in squeeze bottles.

Squirt generously over popcorn.

Let chocolate cool.

Package into baggies!


This project is SOOOOO easy my kids actually made it themselves:D


I did a video of this venture, and it was such a FUNNY disaster, that I decided to NOT share it! After-all, I’m trying to be PROFESSIONAL here! LOL! Anything that COULD go wrong did! But my kids did make the popcorn, and they made their own versions of the Pumpkin templates!!

NOTE: ALL the templates make FAB kid project in one way or another 🙂


Top: Amber

Bottom left: Noah

 Bottom Right: Alexa

I just assembled the templates FLAT, let them decorate (they stamped the faces and colored), then we put them together.  You could have your kids do ALL of it! From making the popcorn (each of my kids had a color) to decorating the templates!

You can make a couple a day and let them decorate them-OR just assemble the template BLANK and let the kids you give them to decorate them for them-self.

ANOTHER idea-the LARGE version could be your child’s Trick or Treat container too 😀

Pretty cool huh?

Can you tell I make my kids do lots of crafts? That means more craft time for me if they do! LOL!

More photos of the kids pumpkins


They had fun and were so proud.

As soon as the photo was done the popcorn got eaten.

Bottom line-this was so FUN, inexpensive, , and got the kids involved- as it was total hands on! I love that. Oh and the popcorn really is YUMMY!!! We demolish a huge bag of it 😀

Now it is time to go check out what the team did-

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  • and check out our Guest Designer : Teri Anderson

    I HOPE you liked my projects 😀 I really wanted to share something do-able and affordable. I’d love to hear what you thought.

    I’ll see you back here tomorrow as I have TONS to share this week 😀

    Until then

    A Cricut and a Thank you

    Aug 31, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Papertrey Newsletter

    Hi everyone 😀

    Its Monday! Back to the REAL world.

    Jay returned to work today, after his 5 week recovery. I can actually get some work done! LOL! Oh and I can actually get back to blogging more 😀

    Seriously though I will miss having him home. It was a rude awakening when I was back to getting everyone together this morning. Note to self: Need X-LG coffee with TURBO Exspresso shot on Monday’s!

    On a downer note we all woke up with cold’s this morning :C WOW! 3 WHOPPING days in a germ infested school and we all get sick! LOL! Maybe its the change in season? Who knows.

    I decided after ALL my hard work playing mom and nurse, and having little to NO MY TIME, I am going to buy myself the Cricut Expression!!! I have been having creative withdrawls here, and NEED something FUN!

    (Insert a vision a me doing a happy dance all over my house-especially since Jay didn’t FLINCH yesterday when I told him what I wanted-and he knows how much it costs! LOL! He said “Well I’m shocked you waited this long! (Maybe he just accepted defeat?))

    As soon as Amber is off to school and I am off to the store 😀 I am very excited about this and simply cannot WAIT to give it a go! I really love all the Disney stuff they offer, along with the cool tags and things I have seen on cartridges.

    SOOOOOOO, that being said, if you have a favorite cartridge you’d like to recommend to a total Cricut NEWBIE, OR any advice…….let me know! They are on SALE this week so I want to stock up! I deserve it 😀 I’m a little nervous I won’t be able to figure the CRAZY machine out. I’m quite techno challenged, and Jay already informed me he has NO interest in trying to deal with me while I get it figured out! So I HOPE it is user friendly (aka Lauren capable). People don’t really believe me when I tell them how techno challenged I am but TRUST ME, it is so true.

    I also want the Sure Cuts Alot thingy but I have no real clue WHAT it is, HOW to use it or any of that fun stuff, so figured I’ll get the basics FIRST.

    I am busy here gearing up for more FUN releases!

    Pink Cat Studio had a NEW! icon for you-HERE! You don’t want to miss the details on HOW to WIN the NEW! Release to come!!

    In the meantime I figured I’d share a sample I created using Papertrey Ink’s CHA set Floral Fusion (not available for purchase-sorry) and Birds of a Feather


    I have to say I adore Red, Berry Sorbet, Kraft, Dark Chocolate and Sping Moss together!

    This is a sweet and SIMPLE card, but I LOVE it.

    The bird was lightly stamped using the lightest of the Tea Dye Ink Duo. I didn’t want the bird to be BOLD-just sitting on the branch, somewhere.

    I just used my Labels nestability to get the purty main layer, and top cuts on my mat layers.

    The little paper punched flower was perfect.

    I love making Thank You cards because you can never have too many! I am however AWFUL at actually MAILING them :C I need to get better at that. It is something I forever vow to do, and yet it rarely gets better.

    Just as the shoe makers family has no shoes, the card-makers family gets no cards!

    There are NO excuses! I have many ways to keep organized, I just am not good with the follow through. I get lost in my own mind, and dive into some other task that needs my attention. Stampers ADD for sure.

    Can you tell I have serious guilt over it too? Its just awful!

    Well that is all for me today.

    I have a fun post for tomorrow-its the 1st so we have our PTI Senior Design Team challenge! Don’t miss it 😀

    Thanks for stopping by and ANY Cricut help you can offer is MUCH appreciated 😀

    Top 5

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     WOW! The days are passing me by here. I hope Im not alone here.

    It is beyond RARE that I take ANY blogging breaks. I think this month has been the LONGEST-with so many breaks each week. Life had gotten busy.

    I have to admit I miss you all and sharing here 😀 I have cut WAY back on my “workload” this past summer, and so getting a break has helped me to recharge!

    That being said I have so many projects to come and ideas to share, I think (HOPE) it will have been worth my lack of posting daily lately.  I have still been creating and doing things, just none I can readily share-yet!

     This first week of Septemeber will be packed with posts and samples that will run – with the start of ATS release, straight past the Papertrey Ink/My Timeless Template release, into JustRite Stampers blog hop, and Pink Cat Studio’s release! LOL! Then some other stuff I have to share 😀

    Trust me you won’t be disappointed 😀

    I have also just been very busy with my husband recovering from surgery, getting the kids to as many day trips as possible, summer school, and now getting back into the routine of school! I am also working with the school on Alexa’s curriculum. That is never fun. OYE!

     I want to thank you all who stop by and visit, and have bared with me during my hiatus-rest assured things will definitely be picking up as the BUSIEST time of the year approaches-the holidays!! I have been REALLY busy working on some COOL stuff, so I hope you are excited for all that.

    Basically as of the first-there will be LOTS to share-non stop!

    In the meantime there is lots of eye-candy going on in blogland, using the My Time to Create challenges I post here weekly. We skipped this week as it is the 5th weekend in the month-and we all needed a break with school starting 😀

    So it is FINALLY time for me to post my TOP 5 template challenge picks for this past week!

    Here are snippets of their creations!


    Now Click their names to see what they did!






    I have to say everyone who played blew me away! You all make me look so good with all you do with the templates! I cannot even tell you how much joy and excitement I get when I see the items you create!

    Now I will FINALLY post the TOP 5 for the Inspiration challenge from HERE!







    Again, so many great submissions-hard to choose!

    Well I am back to the drawing board with many a projects to do.

    THANK YOU again for stopping by. I appreciate all my fellow stampers/bloggers whom I consider friends 😀 You all make my day, and I am looking forward to getting back to the daily posting and hearing from you.

    I’d LOVE to hear what YOU have been up to, or what you are hoping is to come 😀

    Till tomorrow…….

    Party Animals

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    Post #2 for today-

    Well Its been a few days since I shared some creative eye candy!

    I have lots of fun things I have made, just little time to share lately, because I have even MORE to make. It can be a crazy cycle! LOL! Posting can take FOREVER! Oh and photographing and editing-that takes me forever too! I often find myself creating so much that I forget what I made and if/when I shared it! LOL!

    Case in point.

    The card I have to share today I made over a month ago! I just got caught up on other things and it was in the forgotten archives of my projects!

    Party Animals


    This is the card I made for Amber’s 5th birthday. She was just in love with this image when she saw it, so I had to use it for her.

    This image is by Tina Wenke-Mose-Bird-Ladybug-Cucpake from Stampavie.

    Amber loved the little ladybug in this the most. I loved the Chickie 😀 So we picked out our paper, and got started. She also helped dictate what colors I should use for it, since it was for her. She cracks me up sometimes.


    I think she has a good eye 😀 She basically chose the colors and I just colored it for her. The ONLY thing I didn’t color what she asked was she wanted the mouse purple. We compromised and did the SHIRT purple instead.

    The sentiment is from JustRite Stampers Celebrations Demi Phrases Set 2″  It was perfect to put atop my Animal Party cupcake! I had fun with the way the mail layer was cut, and normally finding a sentiment to accentuate that would have been difficult. I really LOVE the Demi Phrases they have. I find I often don’t need a full circle sentiment, so they are super.

    The paper is by Making Memories. One of my FAVE stacks! On the ribbon I added a pretty flower brad. Easy peasy.

    OK Sorry, I wasted all my chit chat for my family post! I have to get Amber ready for school and then have a million TO DO’s!

    As always, thanks for stopping by.

    Till tomorrow

    Back to School

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    This is just about my kids-no crafty stuff on this one.  

    WOW! I cannot believe ALL 3 of my children are in school 5 days a week. Yesterday was the first day back.
    Two are in for FULL 6 hour days. Amber goes only 3 hours a day. This was something I THOUGHT I was going to be SOOOO excited over, yet yesterday when the house was SO quiet you could hear a pin drop, I realized the craziness can be comforting. I forgot that silence that comes over the house, when I am all alone. That is something I thought I was looking forward to for YEARS, yet is bitter sweet. I’m sure I’ll get used to it once again, but yesterday I watched the clock until 2:20 came! I was eager to pick them up and hear all about their new journey. I took in all the NOISE they brought back in the house upon coming home.

    This is a quick 4 page digi scrapbook I made to mark the first day of school

    First Day of School 2009
    Create your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox
    Make a Smilebox scrapbook

    Just click the arrows in the corners to view.

    We were running LATE, and the bus was running early! Go figure! The ONE day I need her to be a little behind. SO not as many photos as I would have liked to have gotten :C

    Noah is going into 1st grade


    He is happy to be a BIG kid, but even more so to get breakfast, lunch and snack at school. He is even more happy to finally get recess! (Kindergarten doesn’t get snack or recess! GRR!) He was in culture shock going to school for 6 hours! LOL! but, so far he really LOVES his teacher Mrs Marble.That speaks volumes, as we had a hard time with his teacher last year, making Kindergarten torture for Noah. She is young and energetic. Excited about learning! He was excited to tell me that he read for the class and has a daily job each week. So far so good! He was even excited about HOMEWORK. Something I am certain will dissipate over the next few weeks 🙂

    He insisted on wearing a new t- shirt , and SHORTS with his OLD comfy sneakers to school. I was not happy about his outfit, but learned a LONG time ago that we must pick our battles. I had a nice collared shirt and navy shirts for him to wear (he is wearing that outfit today-with his new shoes! LOL!) but he insisted he wanted to look “COOL” the first day. He said he’s wear the other outfit today. I figured I would look back someday and recall his independence with a smile on my face. After-all I am trying to make my children be as independent as possible. I have them pick out their own outfits each night before school. Sometimes they need “guidance”, but often do pretty well 😀

    Alexa begins 3rd grade.

    She really just got right back into the swing of things, and was VERY excited to see her friends. She had the cutest shoes, but walked though the SOAKING wet grass right before the bus came (GRR!), so we had to change them ASAP.

    I simply cannot tell you how far she has come. Especially socially. She is generally VERY shy (and still is) but now in school she has let a large part of that go. Last year was a huge year of growth for her, in every aspect. Everyone knows her, and is wonderful to her. I finally have the school stuff where I want/need it to be. All that is a HUGE reason we would stay in this town if we moved.

    I am hoping Art classes bring what is left of her social shell, out. I have also accepted the fact that Alexa is just a shy person.

    I had the girls dressed in matching outfits 😀 Their dresses are like the Papertrey Ink color-Berry Sorbet. I swear if they had one in my siaze I’d have worn it too, it was so cute! I like to make them match as often as possible! LOL! Thankfully for me they find this fun and cute 😀 Most of this years clothes are all matchy matchy! They will look back on this and either love it, or hate me! LOL!

    Both girls had a braid on the side. Amber had 2 that was then tied in the back of her head.

    Amber entered Kindergarten! WOW!


    My BABY, in Kindergarten. I recall going to kindergarten like it was yesterday, and now my youngest of THREE (I still can’t believe I have 3 kids let alone an ALMOST 10 year old!) is in Kindergarten.

    Now Amber is entering what she calls “the BIG school “!
    She was SOOOO excited that she got up at 5:30 am and got dressed,waiting for everyone to wake up! Poor kid in AFTERNOON Kindergarten, so she had a LONG morning wait till 11:30! LOL!

    She was simply over the moon.
    She walked over to all the girls in the class, and introduced herself to each one. She already knew a couple of them, and said in case anyone was new she didn’t want them to feel left out, or scared to make friends, so she would be their friend. Now THAT got me teary!

    When it was time to line up, she rushed right over. Once the line moved to go inside almost EVERY kid started crying! There were crying kids and parents everywhere! LOL! Amber just blew us a kiss, and then waved until we could no longer see her. She is a well adjusted 3rd child! LOL! Noah was the needy 2nd child. He screamed and clung to our legs for dear life. We had to use the perpetual Jaws of Life to get him out of the car the 2nd day of Pre-school! LOL! Seriously it was hard and a little heartbreaking. Alexa was always fine leaving. I tribute that to people always working with her, and prodding at her from pregnancy on!

    Amber will be a great little student 😀 She was just so happy about her first day, and just loved Mrs McCue.

    I had stuck little notes in their bags, for the first day, and they got a kick out of that.

    Funny how our kids can drive us CRAZY, but when they aren’t around you miss them!
    Well I am going to take advantage of the “silence” and get some much over-due work done! I needed to relish in the last few days of summer with my children, and admittedly that set me WAY behind the 8 ball!
    Till tomorrow

    Quick post for a quick gift.

    I have lots to do before the first day of school tomorrow! I don’t know how I feel about it being here ALREADY.

    I want to get First Day of School teacher gifts done, but we shall see! LOL!

    I’m always needing little gifts for people “just because”. LIKE teacher gifts. This project is not what I have planned-my kids teachers will be getting a early peek at my NEWEST My Timeless Template for September Release- for their gifts-and they don’t even have a CLUE! LOL!

    Sometimes I’m tight on time (shocker I know! LOL!) and want to make something special , but QUICKLY! I don’t think that because something was done “quicker” doesn’t mean it has any less sentiment than something you poured over for a longer time-either way, you made it from the heart, and that is what matters!

    Here is a recent gift I made using the My Timeless Template: Tucked Away ©


    This color combo is FAB!

    Raspberry Fizz, Smokey Shadow and White-LOVE T!

    I LOVE stamping/paper-crafting because now you can REALLY make personal gifts that suit the receivers personality, or reflect the gift that you are giving-in this case it is a bag of Dutch Masterpieces-Blushing Pear hard candies (they are so YUM-O!). All I could think of was Partridg in a pear tree! LOL! Granted this isn’t a partridge, nor is my tree bearing fruit, but I went with it! LOL!

    I used Birds of a Feather, and Beyond Basic Borders for this one.


    The Thinking of You is from the Anniversary set (unavailable for purchase) and was popped out using a SU! punch (LOVE that one!)

    Now for my back panel-that was printed on Raspberry Fizz. My decorative mat layer was done in white, then stamped. I adhered the layers together, prior to assembling my template. I then ran the top flap though my Cuttlebug Machine, using a label die from nestabilties, to be able to get a DEEP frame shape cut and embossed into the top layer 😀 Now it didn’t cut through the layers, just made a very cool SIMPLE accent to my Tucked Away top! 


    Here you can see my bird is stamped in Raspberry onto Raspberry, with a dab of the gray on the tail, then cut out on dimensionals. The little heart rhinestone accentuates the tail and leafy swirls-perfection 😀


    Now in the corners, if you look closely-you can see I added these metal side tabs (usually used on wooden purse boxes). I love the way they add to the box design, without over powering it! Just a fun embellishment!

    I also spritzed my layer with my color spritzer! Fun touch.

    Anyway-this was done in like 20 minutes TOPS! So definitely a fast gift!

    Well speaking of gifts, I better get INKING!

    Tomorrow I send the kids off to school so I hope to get some photos posted.

    Till then

    Back to School -Color Challenge

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    Hi everyone-I am seriously in complete SHOCK that Summer is about over!

    Today I’m squeezing in ONE more day trip with the kids, then tomorrow will be getting all the Back to School stuff in order. CRAZY!!!

    Yesterday was our Wedding anniversary. I did a Smilebox (2 years ago! WOW!) of some of the photos from our Hawaiian Wedding —>CLICK HERE<— if you want to see that.

     We actually had an ALL day date! Now that is not something that happens often. We traveled to Boston MA to do the Duck Tours and ate in Little Italy. Got a Lobster Claw pastry from Mikes too (I swear its 5,000 calories ALONE! LOL!) and just enjoyed each others company. We were able to reflect on how much has happened in the years we spent together. Actually each year is always full of SOMETHING crazy! LOL!  Be it having our children, buying and renovating our home, Alexa’s Cancer, getting our first pet, my brother living with us, then this was the year of “surgeries”. Noah had got circumcised, I had my gall bladder out, and Jay had his back Discetomy! LOL! I’m NOT complaining-trust me! They are all minor and fixable things so I am very happy. It is just crazy to reflect on some of the changes our family has had over the years.

    All in all, we are happy we have weathered anything that has come our way, together! We are happier, stronger, and more thankful for what we have-than ever! I look forward to the next 100 years together (Yes I plan that by the time I get old we CAN live that long :))

    On a crafty note-believe it or not I have TONS going on and TONS to share 😀 I hope to actually get to my computer to do it soon! LOL!

    I swear I will post my other Top 5 ASAP!!

    Now in preparation for Back to School I decided to use the Color Challenge –> HERE for my card today

    #1 Teacher


    I thought this was cute and funky! I love the non-traditional school colors!

    LOVED my own layout! LOL!!!

    To start, I made my own scenery for this one. You can see my video for that —>HERE I then made sure her head was out of frame for a nice POP.


    This is WS- Annika from The Greeting Farm, who I bought after seeing Julie Campbell use it HERE😀 (thanks girl! You made me spend a small fortune that day! LOL!

    The #1 Teacher is stamped on a die cut tag. That sentiment is from Lizzie Anne Designs – School Days. Love that set!

    This is a Thank You card for Cindy Coutts who sent my daughter Alexa the entire Math Program we needed for her 😀 It was such a wonderful gesture, and is very much appreciated! After Alexa makes her card, it will go postal (as Alexa informed me this girl doesn’t look at all like her! LOL!)

    On a “funny note” Jay and I were going through a scrapbook that ALL my PSF’s made for Alexa’s Make a Wish trip to Disney, and Alexa was browsing the photos. They did an AMAZING job creating this album for her and I am SO thankful to have it. There is one photo of her with Mickey Ears on (one of my faves from that trip)-and you can’t see ANY hair. Well that is because she didn’t have any while going through her Chemo. Anyway, Alexa looks at the photo-puzzled. She says “Is that me? It sort of looks like me .” She then starts laughing and places her hand on her forehead , kind of like a DUH!!!(dramatically) and answers her own question “Oh! Yeah! That IS me! I had Cancer! I forgot I had no hair!” then just giggled and turned the page.

    HOLY CRAP! I was just in a pause moment, that something like that was just a small bump in the road to her, a glimmer of a fading memory to Alexa. I’m often not sure sometimes WHAT she gets about certain things, and am often surprised by just how much she really DOES get, but doesn’t EXPRESS to me very often until the craziest times. A huge part of me is happy she didn’t recall all the real terrifying things that went on, and I was happy I THINK I did a good job concealing my own worst thoughts, fears and feelings during that time

    I cannot believe how long Alexa’s hair is getting now, as you will see in  the Back to School photos I will get once they go back Wednesday. Out of all my kids, Alexa’s yearly milestones seem so much more HUGE to me. Everything she can do is so much harder for her, effortless for them. Bittersweet to me sometimes. But, give her the chance and  she will do it!

    I remember a time when the bus would show up and she could NOT climb up the stairs without help! Well, now she insists waiting for the bus BY HERSELF, and me not running to the door when she gets off! As she will tell you “I’m not a baby, I’m 9 now!” She just likes to come off the bus, walk in, and announce to me that she is home. Its so weird sometimes to see that she is actually growing into this independent, feisty young lady. I’m so proud of her. Admittedly it can be hard to let go and not protect her every step of the way.

    I reminded myself of a dog my mom once had! Her name was Annie. She was this huge German Shepard. Well, when Alexa was a baby, my mom would have her at night while I worked (I was a nurse, and as a single mom would work nights so I could take care of Alexa during the days). Anyway once Alexa could crawl, Annie would stand over her, every INCH, in attempts to “protect” her every move! It was the strangest thing! Alexa couldn’t even attempt to walk on her own because the dog was ALWAYS hovering over her. Not knowingly trying to prevent her from walking, but meaning well, and protecting her.

    I am often reminded that I am that dog, and cannot stand over her every move. How will she walk on her own if I  always hover over her?

    Many people have so many misconceptions about people with Down Syndrome and other special needs for that matter. Alexa proves that to me daily. Things I was told she’d NEVER do, but does!

    She writes some of the most amazing poems! She literally sits there ALL day and either reads books or writes poems and stories. She tells me all the time that she wants to write stories when she grows up. I know she will do just that 😀

    I am enrolling her in Art Classes this fall. I’m very excited about this for her as I have HUNTED for a Art Program for 3 years now! Finally we have found a class for something Alexa loves to do. Each week there will be something new taught. How fun for her! 

    Someone said to me recently, after me telling them about Alexa enrolling “Oh! Isn’t that nice. I didn’t know they had art classes for kids with special needs!” My jaw sort of hit the floor then. While it was a “simple” and innocent comment, it cut like a knife.

    Alexa is just like every other kid. Things can be harder for her, but she does do the work so she can do it just like everyone else. All I replied was “She isn’t taking a special art class, she will be with other 9 year old kids.” 

    Sometimes the hardest thing about raising a child like Alexa, is pushing past the worlds misconceptions, and limits they have placed. We have all come so far, but there is so far to travel. I know I am up for journey 😀

    Well that does it for me today-One more day of fun with my children before we get ready to head back to school!

    Amber starts Kindergarten and I just cannot even believe it!

    Time sure does fly.

    Well as you know its ALMOST time for the kidlets to go Back to School! 

    Many may already be back to the hustle and bustle of getting the kids up early, snacks packed, lunches made (or in my case $ for lunch sent :D) dressed and off to the bus they go! Then after a full day, have it be followed by all the after school activities that come with fall like Girl Scouts, Ballet, Soccer……. whatever it may be. I know my kids are very active as they get older.

    Anywho, that all being said, this weekend kicks off our NEWEST! My Timeless Template © Challenge!

    Seeing how we are all getting back to school………


    If you get to play along link your creation HERE!

    Next week I will highlight my top 5 😀

    Thanks to Pam for having such a FAB idea for our theme this month!


    You can use ANY My Timeless Template ©,

    Challenge is to create some sort of Back to School themed gift!

    That is it 😀

    Let me tell you I personally had a BLAST with this one ;D

    My idea came when I got the Back to School letter, that alerted me what supplies each of my children needed for their grade.

    When I saw the list-Pencil Box was first in line, then directly under it Crayons, I had my Epiphany!

    Drum-roll please…………………………..


    Tah Dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Captured Card Case © becomes Amber’s Crayon Supply Box!

    Now picture making these for all your children or WITH your class!!! FUN! FUN! Even as a party favor box for a toddler’s birthday! I know I made Alexa a Crayola Crayon Box cake for one of her parties! —> Click here to view cake<— Trust me when I tell you my paper-crafting skills FAR out match my CAKE decorating skills! LOL!!

    My 5 year old, Amber is entering Kindergarten, and needed a pencil box full of supplies. I immediately KNEW that the Captured Card Case © template would make the PERFECT personalized supply box for her cubby!


    My inspiration was OBVIOUSLY from the Crayola Box of crayons.

    I had also found these SUPER cute Crayon Lunch Box Note Cards (at Michael’s – you get 10 with envelopes for ONLY $1!) which were PERFECT for this project idea! I do have a crayon Sizzix Die, and prior to this find, planned on die cutting my own Crayola Crayons, but this was BEYOND perfect! Plus it made this easy peasy!


    So, I printed my templatebase onto New Leaf cardstock. Then cut, scored and assembled as directed .

    I then printed my templatelid onto Lemon Tart cardstock. Cut and scored as directed.

    Prior to assembling I used my Coluzzle to create the 1/2 circle opening- Like the open box of Crayons.

    I then adhered the crayon note cards to the INSIDE lid of the template, making sure they’d pop out a bit!


    cardstock-by first cutting a rectangle 1 1/2 X 3 1/2

    I then just cut that rectangle corner to corner to get both of my 1/2 triangles! I noticed that the lined image from Background Basics: Retro was perfect for the lines that are on the crayon box. Amber requested GLITTER somewhere, so I used my handy dandy 1/2 inch Scor-Tape © (which is my tape of choice that I use on ALL my templates :D), then sprinkled on some Glitter!

    I personalized Amber’s name using the Fresh Alphabet. It was totally perfect!

    Amber FREAKED when she saw this! Boy did that make me so happy

    The Captured Card Case © holds all her supplies


    Don’t they look so cute in there?

    We have a box of crayons, glue stick, scissors, folding ruler, note pad, pencil sharpener, eraser, and pencils-with room to spare.

    Now, because the “crayons” are little note-cards,  (I adhered them closed) they are dual sides, even the INSIDE looks cute D

    Now this is fun and functional, and better yet it cost only 0.66 CENTS to make!!!!!

     (that is because each sheet of cardstock is 0.18 cents-then the crayon notes are 0.10 cents each)


    This could be cute to make for the Teacher’s desk too!!!!!!!! Can’t forget the teachers 😀

    This project only took about 40 minutes to make-and I think the 2nd would be much faster. I had NO idea HOW I was going to make the crayon box work, but now that you have my version yours could really go quick!

    Now it is YOUR turn to give the challenge a whirl! Maybe it will be a EARLY push to start teacher gifts for the holidays too 😀

    Be sure to see what ideas the Design team has created too, using the templates! They really work hard each week!

  • Alicia
  • Dana G
  • Jennifer
  • Kristen
  • Lisa
  • MacKenzie
  • Maria
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracey Cuccia
  • Now I’d like to share the TOP 5 picks from Last Weeks Color Challenge!

    (I”ll be posting MY color challenge tomorrow-with my top 5 from the week before that I missed)


    Please check out their creations by clicking the links on their names 😀






    They all did a great job!
    I can’t wait to see what you all do with this weeks challenge!

    I hope you enjoy it.

    Summer Fun

    Aug 21, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Stampavie

    Hi everyone!

    How has everyone been? We have been great here! Obviously “I” have been MIA. It is rare that I do not post days in a row but I have really been trying to enjoy what is left of the Summer with my children by taking as many day trips as humanly possible, before we are back to the daily “grind”.


     I have to share a link to an UBER cool blog I found! Its a SAHM who lives in New England and lists ALL the cool places you can go to and visit! She also gives her own reviews and shares photos!

    Check it out if you live in the area—>One Mom’s Review

    I love it! We have found several places to visit this summer because of it 😀 Thank you to Mandy for taking the time to help out area mom’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Its really not often that I get a “break”. So I took advantage of what I could. I also have TONS of design stuff going on behind the scenes!!!!!!!!!

    I am trying my best to actually get some stamp designs done 😀

    I KNOW! I can’t believe it either. I’m going to TRY and take the plunge.

    I have to admit I’m very petrified by the WHOLE thing. If I can’t get it perfect than I won’t do it at all!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    I’m very computer challenged, so I have a graphic designer, that use to be a SU! Customer of mine, who is going to come to my house to teach me the program 😀 I’m not making ANY promises-but thought I’d let you know in case there is something you may want to see me design 😀 I have some ideas sketched out, so we will see  HOW they transfer into real images.

    If you have any ideas of what YOU want to see-let me know!  And to let you know not to worry if it gets quieter here. This stuff takes TIME! As it is I’m in shock myself that I am able to make so many template designs and still keep up and post regularly!

    Tomorrow I will be back with the color challenge from last week, then the My Timeless Template challenge- as well as 2 weeks worth of TOP 5 entries with links for you all!

    In the meantime…… is a fun SUMMERY Sample I made using Tina Wenke: Mouse on a Orange Daisy


    This is from Stampavie You can also find it —> here <— at All That Scraps

    HUGE NOTE!!!!!!!!!! TODAY ONLY:BIRTHDAY SPECIAL—> Meet Kiki La Rue<—-

    Apparently I didn’t want to make my Daisy orange! LOL!

    I wanted a real POP of color, so I went with it. To me, THAT is the FUN part about “whimsical” hand drawn images! You CAN make anything any color YOU wish. When its a true to nature image, its expected you will color image with the expected color of it in its natural state. When you have a image such as this, the sky is the limit on color choices. You CAN have various “nontraditional” colored animals like the cartoons our kids watch-like Blue’s Clue’s, and Dora with blue and purple dogs, and other funky colored animals, like monkey’s with purple boots! 🙂

    I feel like this project has HINTS of the challenge colors posted here <—-CLICK IT!

    I’m not passing this one off as my SAMPLE, just saying!


    The obvious pink and Orangey yellow-the bird has the blue, and there is a HINT of purple on the flower held my the lady bug!

    I just loved coloring this image.

    I hope you like my sample too!

    I love the layout with the die cute labels and satin bows. Just too fun

    This is sure to bring cheer to someone 😀 Don’t you think?

    Well I am on the run. Lots to do before school is back in session.

    Thank you for checking in with me

    See you back here tomorrow!


    Yes! You read it correctly! A Christmas Blog Hop!

    We have a grand total of 35 players too 😀 So once you are done here, scroll on down for WHO else has eye candy!

    JustRite Stampers is having an AMAZING Christmas Release! You can view ALL the NEW! Release items —>HERE<—!

    I’m totally head over heels with the images/sentiment combos this release has. I totally love the turn this company has taken with the variety they are offering! Not only can I get FAB alphabets sets (for CHEAP $-excellent quaility :D) in various sizes with ONE purchase, I can now get great bordering sentiments WITH co-ordinating images too.

    So let me get to my project so YOU can get hopping!

    In case you didn’t know, another FAB NEW! item that JustRite Stampers carries (for a LIMITED TIME!) is Storage Box with Drawer . I love this new item, and found a way to make it a decorative, fun and functional item for your home during the holiday season!

    Christmas Card Cardinal Box


    My Holiday Idea: I designed this box so that it can be used to hold last year’s Christmas cards!

    Each year we receive photos with updates from our families. I just can’t bare to throw away the cards after the season is over, but I also cannot leave them up all year! This box allows me to keep them, and display the decorative box during the holidays, so that we can open it up and reflect on how everyone has grown and changed from one year to the next! People love to go through the cards and compare 😀 Now I can cherish them, and keep each year organized.

    OR it can just be a great box to give something in 😀

     I chose the Cardinal from the Christmas Treasures Borders & Centers Round 3-1/4”set as my main focus.

     Christmas Treasures

    I thought it was so pretty, and perfect for the occasion. Stamped on a vintage cream cardstock, it was colored with Copic Markers.

    I used some Poinsettia themed patterned paper by K& Co. to cover the top of my box. I then used some tree pattern from the same paper stack to cover the front drawer of this box. I used Zip Dry for ALL my projects that involve “covering” something. Its clear, quick to dry and easy to remove from areas you DON’T want it on, after it dries. For example-sometimes glue leaks out from under the paper and onto the “pretty” parts of the project where you DON’T want them! Just rub off-and you never knew it was there. It doesn’t even ruin your project 😀 I love that.

    For my tag I used *just* the Cardinal center image.


    I also used a Labels 3 Nestability for my tag

    Some of the image was omitted when I cut the circle tag, but I love that the main focus is on the bird and holly berries.

    I added the tag to the center of my Dual Sided Satin Ribbon from My Little Ribbon Shop, which was tied in a quad bow. I love the elegance the ribbon added to the project, and how it pulled out even more of the richness of the colors, out of my project!

    Now in case you cannot tell-


    My bird is 3 D

    My holly berries are covered with a clear glaze pen for a 3D pop.

    Then both of my tag edges are traced with a Gold marker!

    This box was completed in UNDER a 1/2 hour!

    My post took longer to type up 😀

    OK Now it is time for you to hop along to anyone you may not have seen samples from yet!

    Here is the list

    *JustRite Stampers-Blog

    *Becca Feeken

    *Sankari Wegman

    *Sharon Johnson

    *Kazan Clark

    *Sharon Harnist

    *Laura Davis

    *Debbie Olson

    *Michelle Woerner

    *Taylor Van Bruggen

    *Jenn BalcerMichelle Wooderson

    *Lori Craig

    *Beate Johns

    *Barb Schram

    *Kimberly Crawford

    *Michele Kovack

    *Jami Bova

    *Kellie Fortin

    *Jennifer Buck

    *Heidi Blankenship

    *Angela Barkhouse

    *Lisa Somerville

    *Gerrie Johnnic

    *Kathy Jones

    *Debbie Seyer

    *Kim Sonksen

    *Terre Frye

    *Sheryl Dickinson

    *Bonnie Sharp

    *Mary Pfaff

    *Holly Simoni

    *Angela Robledo

    WHEW! That is an amazing list of crazy talented players! So I hope you hop along to see what each one has done for the HOP!!

    Thank YOU for stopping by here. I hope I gave you a fun idea for how to store those Christmas cards year after year, in style!

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