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Well it’s that time again!

Storage Units, Ink & More is sponsoring another give away here! Thanks Denise!!

So who wants to win the super cute: Its My Party set?


I love this set.

I made this little oragami pocket party pouch. I will stick Amber’s lipgloss or something in there. Im testing out party favor ideas too. This is a super easy one.

Don’t you think she looks so cute?

If you want to have a chance to win this set-Leave me a comment here, telling me what YOUR best birthday gift was, or anything to do with birthdays, that you would like to share.. Oh, and a hello would be great too!

My best party was probably my 10th birthday. My grandmother and mother took me on a shopping spree at the mall. I felt all grown up. Then we got lunch and everything. I skipped school and we made a day of it. I loved it.

On my 18th birthday I got a car for my birthday. My ex-husband bought me a light blue Geo Storm. It was a standard, and I didn’t know HOW to drive a standard. It was like getting a plastic birthday cake!  I learned quick by practicing back and forth in front of my house (which was on a huge HILL!!!). I didn’t get my license till I was 18 because I was so afraid to drive! LOL! But, getting a car gave me that push. I still think you should be 18 to drive! (I say that before I hit teen years and being a personal taxi right?!)

Then there was my cabbage patch party when I was 7 or 8. They were the big thing, and mom made me my Cabbage Patch Kid cake (she always made our cake every year!). Whatever the theme was. It was so cool. All my friends were over. It was great. We always had some sort of home party.  I remember getting the Michael Jackson THRILLER record album! LOL! OMG! Do you remember that. I bet it would be worth money! MOM! Where is that album anyway?! That was long before he got weird.

My mom worked hard to make our day special, and I think that is why birthdays are so important to me, when planning for my kids. I want them to feel special and remember each year. I even took cake decorating classes to learn to make great birthday cakes. You know I have bought every single one since!! LOL!

Here are a couple I made over the years PRE cake decorating classes

alexas-cake.jpg Crayon Box

Idea came from Parents magazine-what a nightmare to make!

Then there was Noah’s 2nd birthday I made a fire truck cake

Front view-


Side view-


Those are just a few of the disasters I have created! LOL! No more! Store bought is a good thing.

Amber turns 4 next week on the 13th! I cannot believe my BABY is going to be 4. She is very OLD for her age. I think our life situation, and the fact she is the 3rd child, made her grow up so fast. But I want to freeze each child right where they are right now!!! They are perfect ages. I can’t believe Alexa is going to be 9!!!!!!!!!! I don’t feel old enough to have a 9 year old.

Oh boy-so here is what Amber asked for, for her birthday.

Her birthday wishes are (in her words)

A Pretty Pink Princess doll that looks like me (she saw the American Girl doll) I wanted to get her a My Twinn doll (ever heard of them?). I read some bad reviews so who knows what Ill do. A lot of $$ to be disappointed.

A mermaid doll that swims in the water (Oh lord where am I going to find one of those?)

Nail-polish that sparkles, and lots of pretty makeup.

Pretty rings and bracelets, oh and a new pocketbook.

Dora doll

A Princess wand.

I think that was it. I don’t remember the rest. Too funny she is. She wants DORA again!! She has loved her for 3 years in a row. She will have her party when she goes back to school, but on her day we may go to Canobie Lake OR a Mommy & me spa day. But since she will have a Spa party I think that would be overkill. We will let her decide I guess.

OK I gotta run. Good LUCK!!! And the drawing will end Thurday noon EST time.