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August Release: Sew Fruity

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 It’s August 1st and that means all our NEW! Products are available for you to purchase! We have all had such a great time working with all the new products, and will continue to share samples through the next few days.

Be sure you check out our NEW! Products <—HERE!

We have released:

NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates

NEW! Pretty Impressions Stamp Set

3  NEW! Pretty Printable Digital Paper Collections

NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut Files

and an amazing Pretty Package Collection, where you save 25%!

Check out our NEW! Perfect Package Collections!

Please view our Gallery for project samples, and alternative ways to use all our amazing coordinating products!

You may also want to check out our blog for weekly challenges, and even more amazing ideas.

Today we have an amazing group post using our NEW! Products

As you may have come to know my company focuses on the “complete package”. We work hard to offer coordinating products that are easily interchanable with previously released products. We really enjoy being able to share the ideas and versatility each product holds.

That being said here is WHO you should visit today for some amazing projects:

Slice ©

Grammy’s Sewing Kit ©

Upon creating the Grammy’s Sewing Kit ©, it was obvious that it could be a picnic basket! Another fun activity that I am so fond of 😀 I think you can really do so much between this template, and many of our Pretty Impressions Stamp Sets.

So with any Picnic, or outing you need 1) an invitation, and 2) a great centerpiece or favor!

I love how this little set turned out.

So since it was a picnic, and I needed an invite, I created this super sweet Apple invitation using the *NEW* An Apple a Day Slice ©. I think it is adorable, and was perfect for the invite.

I cut my apple card in red, layered the large slice in white, then the slices in the red gingham pattern from the Picnic of Patterns © paper collection. My seeds and stem were cut from a chocolate cardstock, with my polka dot leaf print coming from the Grammy’s Pretty Patterns © paper collection. I then embellished it with a ribbon and fabric flower I had on hand.

My sentiment “Time for a picnic” and the ants came from the *NEW* Tooty Fruity © set. The label it is printed on was cut from the Fine Finish © label cut file.

On the inside of the card I printed my Let’s Do Lunch! sentiment, with the gingham ribbon pattern from the Tooty Fruity © set, and my RSVP information was from the Happy Camping © set. I love mixing and matching stuff! So once it was printed, I cut the apple layer and placed it inside my card.

So for the actual picnic basket….

I used the Grammy’s Sewing Kit © template to make my picnic basket! I cut the template in a red cardstock and planned on using the red gingham pattern from the Picnic of Patterns © set for my decorative layers. I always associate the red gingham pattern with picnic, so this was perfect.
I had so many ideas it was hard to narrow down which direction to go in the actual decoration of my basket. I wanted to use the fruits from the Tooty Fruity © set, but seeing some of our team do that I wanted to show you some other design options. Since I think about eating at a picnic I thought a place setting would be super cute!!!
So with that idea in mind I printed the “Time for a picnic” sentiment  from the Tooty Fruity © set, along with the daisy image from theFancy a Cuppa? ©set onto my cardstock, and I used the Fine Finish © label cut file to create my “plate” and “placemat”.
I cut a square from the same gingham print in Picnic of Patterns ©, and folded it in half to make my table cloth!
I then printed, colored, and cut out the knife, fork, and spoon, so I could layer it with dimensionals onto my placemat!
Without too much embellishing my Grammy’s Sewing Kit © template came together in no time. I wanted a little more WOW! so I tied on some red ribbon, with the centers embellished with a red flower, cut using the
Bloom Builders © cut file (I used a stylus to emboss the petals), and layered on another daisy into the center.
Something else was missing so I thought that the bumble bee from Bee-Loved ©  would be the perfect addition!
So I stamped my bee in versamark first, then applied a heat & stick powder, which I heat set, then added glitter to, so I could have sheer glittery bee wings. I then stamped, colored and cut my bee body, and layered the wings on top!
Perfectly simple! I love it.
Now what to package up??!!
That is nice when it is the biggest deliemma you have.

August Preview: Tooty Fruity

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Are you ready for some more sizzling’ ideas from the team using our *NEW* Products?! I know I have been blown away by what they are sharing, and I think you will be too.

All our *NEW* products will be available for purchase on August 1st.

Today the team is sharing a peek at a fun and whimsical template that can be used all year long, as it truly is simply sweet!

Slice $5

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

6 Inches Long

3 Inches Tall

2 Inches Wide

How about a little SLICE of heaven?

Simply sweet and looks good enough to eat, this template is sure to be a hit all year long. Designed to look like a fruit wedge you can create your own fruit slice to look just like your very favorite fruit! Use this to package up fruit flavored, themed or scented items for every occasion from teas to candy.

Turn this sweet wedge into a orange, watermelon, lemon, lime, coconut, tomato, or even an apple whatever slice of happiness you can dream of!

You may also want to check out our amazing set of fruity images called Tooty Fruity, & the Well Preserved © sets, as well as our NEW! An Apple a Day Slice card cut file for a sweet accent to this template!

I had a blast making these two fruit wedges!

I give a ton for fruit themed gift items, so I am in heaven with this template 😀

First I will share the details on what I used the create the orange wedge!

I love to give Orange Spice Tea, and sometimes I don’t have the time to create the Tea for You template, or I know my brother (or whomever) won’t display the Tea Tabbed Box, so I don’t want to spend any more time than neccassary ton package it up, yet I do want to make SOMETHING, so this was a fabulous option!

I simply layered the fruit slice(and “tea” sentiment) image from the A Spot of Tea © , with the combination of “orange” sentiment from the Well Preserved © set for my label. I then just cut it out, and layered it to the center of my ribbon along with some flowers I had in my craft stash!

This could be perfect for lemon tea too 😀

Simply sweet! You can see how this can easily be made into many of your favorite fruity wedges 😀

I wish I had the Tooty Fruity set when I was creating this, but sadly I didn’t.

Another personal fave, and a popular one at that is the watermelon!

So instead of the fruit wedges I used the seeds in this template for this design.

So simple and easy.

I created the box in the pink cardstock, then embellished  the layers with the green for the “rind”. You could really get fancy and add the stripes for the rind, or used patterned papers, but I was thinking QUICK, and quick is definitely do-able with this one ♥

The tag has a cute lil’ ladybug from our Sensational Stems © set, which I made the wings 3 D. The sentiment “You make like sweet!” comes from the Well Preserved © set. I love that our sets are interchangable with our templates! It really adds to the versatiltiy 😀

Now don’t forget the BACK!

You always want to finish all sides of a Pretty Packaging Template! That is what kicks it up a notch from an amateur to professional look!!!

Thank you all for stopping by, and visiting our team. Tomorrow is Release Day so come back to see all our *NEW* products, and what we’ve made to further inspire you!

Welcome Back!

Summer is quickly passing as we are almost into August already. As August approaches, we get ready to celebrate yet another release! We have a plethora of amazing NEW! products to share so I hope you will keep checking back in as the week progresses.

Please visit our design team for your first peek at what is being released August 1st:

We have a new designer joining us-Tina Hale. Please welcome her to the team!

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the MTME team? We have several opening for our Pretty Palette and Pretty Pattern teams!


I am so excited to share the first Pretty Packaging Template with all of you, as it has been a design I have loved since I was about 7 years old. Back in March I lost my Grammy to Cancer. We were very close my entire life, until she moved to Kentucky when I was in my early 20’s. She was very into crafts of all kinds, and I credit her with the passion that has been instilled in me at such a young age, through her.

She will be greatly missed, and many of the items being released are a tribute to her and the memories I will cherish forever.

Grammy’s Sewing Kit $5

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

Completed Project Size:

5 1/4 Inch Long

4 1/4 Inch Tall

3 Inches Wide

This templates was designed to replicate the cantilever sewing box given to me by my grandmother, when I was seven. The wooden box was so fun! I was in complete awe at how it opened, and all it held! Sadly I no longer have the box. Over time it had broken during one of our moves. Now I have this version that I consider a tribute to my dearest grandmother Shirley Anne, who I called Grammy. She taught me all about crafting and encouraged me to get creative by teaching me from a young age to sew, embroider, and quilt amongst many other things. I owe my creativeness to her. I enjoyed many long summers at her house, and numerous weekends with her as I grew up. This packaging template was designed in her memory as a way for me to remember her, and pass on the feeling of love and happiness that her sewing kit gave me through the years as I think of our time together.

Here are some photos to show you some details, and how this amazing box works!

I used the NEW! Grammy’s Pretty Patterns paper collection for the design on this box.

This is a set of 4 patterns that were inspired by colors and patterns in my grandmother’s apron and sewing box. You will fall in love with the stitched like patterns in the Stitched Garden, the Lace pattern. Having it be accompanied by the timeless accents of the gingham, and polka dot pattern also offered in this collection.

On the sides of the cantilever boxes I added a large bling embellishment to replicate the knob on the original, which was a spool rod to allow you to insert your thread, to be stored in the top side boxes.

I also added some ribbon and an acrylic rose to futher accent the knobs. I think it is a nice touch that she would have loved! My grandmother’s favorite color was pink 😀

All the “joints” on this a movable! The handle is now down on the side so you can further view the details.

I really went all out on the top decor by using the images/sentiments for the NEW! Grammy’s Sewing Kit

I used the spool of thread, the “pattern” element which I built up with other images to suit my project needs, the “Finest Quality” label, the sewing machine, and thimble.

You may also want to check out As you can see, our Grammy’s Sewing Kit Pretty Packaging Template, as it is the perfect product for this amazing set of images! We also have several coordinating cut files, such as the Ribbon Card, Spool of Ribbon and the All Buttoned Up box! In addition to all these coordinating products, we have a variety of Pretty Printables Digital Papers that are sure to accent your project perfectly!

 I used some screw top brands for my joints to replicate the one’s on my original box, but you can  use any style of brad you choose. I love the realistic look!

As mentioned above, the two boxes on the top of the main box slide open!

How fun is that? Now you have one large compartment, and 2 smaller compartments to gift a plethora of items in.

 Obviously when gluing my top embellishments I took into consideration how the boxes slide open, so I adjusted how it was glued to allow for that, and not have it interfere with opening the template, smaller boxes, and putting gifts in either compartment.

There are these little tabs on the lid of the smaller boxes so you can easily open the flaps.

Easy peasy!

Now the bottom is also embellished! I used the same bling knobs to add to “feet” to the bottom.

It is all about the details!

I used some bling, brads, pearl string, ribbon and acrylic flowers to accentuate the vintage feel.

You can find all sorts of cool supplies to further embellish this template in the wood section of a craft store too! They have spools, knobs, hinges….you get the idea!! Limitless possibilities!

This package is sure to bring on the same happiness I cherish now, as it gets created from cardstock and passed along from person to person. The top two boxes open, and slide over to the side to allow you access to the large rounded box. You can package up so many wonderful items in here for someone special to remember you by, and to enjoy!

This can also be used an a Picnic Basket, or a Tackle Box!

There is no limit to what this can be designed for 😀

Thank you for joining us for the first preview 😀 Be sure you visit the team because they too have some AMAZING ideas to share with our new products!

See you back here tomorrow!

A Special Person

Jul 25, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff
Having a child with special needs/disabilities or who is just “different” by some standard can be challenging, but for me, not in the way you would think. For me the hardest part is dealing with “normal” people in society and how they often tend to view such people.

Everyone says that if you have a child with special needs you are a special person. I never really understood WHY people said that …until recently. After hearing some of the harshest, open opinions, from a group of people, about those with special needs and disabilities, I realized I AM special!

I am the PROUD parent of a person who apparently would cause most of them “disgust” out in the real world. The banter of how disgusting people with disabilities are was so raw! I almost couldn’t even believe that I had surrounded myself in a room of people who had such opinions. I was blindsided. Sadly this happens quite often to me. People surprise me all the time with how they really feel when they let their guard down. Normally I would stand up and argue or fight for people like my daughter, but I felt a stronger urge to hear the truth on how they feel. I have spent my life as her mother fighting such views of people, so what kind of mother would I be to continue to surround myself with people like that?!

So yes, today I realized that I am special. I was chosen. I realized that I am thankful God gave her to me, who was apparently “special” because I have enough love within me to see the true beauty and possibility within her. I’m thankful she wasn’t given to someone who would discard her, and/or has such thoughts and feeling to those who aren’t “normal”. Who apparently are truly ugly inside. That obviously don’t have enough love within them to appreciate such a gift because they are so blinded and selfish. I find that NOT NORMAL!

It is like crushing a catepillar because it only appears as fuzzy, creepy crawly insect, when you didn’t realize it was really a beautiful butterfly.

I love being the mother of Alexa. With it comes gifts I cannot even put into words, and with that also comes the unveiling of what is really inside some people. She isn’t just a diagnosis. She isn’t a burden. She is more of a typical 12 year old girl, with an unending love in her heart. She has big dreams and wishes. She is full of possibilities. She is smart and funny, and full of laughter. Furthermore, she doesn’t judge others or disregard people who are “different”! She would never talk about anyone the way these “normal” people talked of people like her! In fact I’m sure she would have pity on them, and forgive them for being so judgmental.

Being in her life has taught me a lot of things. Sadly, today it is that you never really know how people truly feel, and when you find out, it just might hurt. Over time you tend to develop a bit of a thicker skin, but every so often when hurtful comments come from people you wouldn’t expect them to, all the armor you’ve built up doesn’t soften the harsh blow from the sword of their words.

So now you know the true hardest part about being a parent to a special child.

Make Your Mark

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(NOTE: This was a OLD post I found never published!)

Today I am featuring my samples using the NEW! On the Mark, which is a book marker cut file.

On the Mark $2.50

Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

On the Mark is a fabulous take on the good ole’ fashioned book mark!!

Its design allows you to easily “mark” your page, while you get the fun of creating a customized book marker for everyone who loved to read!

 I made a book mark for each one of my children, using the NEW! On the Mark cut file.

I think they turned out so cute!

 Now they can keep track of their reading all Summer long. They each have to read daily for a half hour (at least) during the Summer so they keep up their reading skills. Each time they finish a book I let them go pick out another new one at the local library. It’s funny their favorit things are the non-fiction books. They like learning about catepilars, bees, sharks and other topics like that. They get a monthly subscription from National Geographic Kids, that my dad bought them for Christmas. They look forward to that coming every month!

This is Alexa’s The maker was designed for the book lover in your life. It’s perfect for kids, and grown-ups alike. The rounded top tab has a slot so that it can attach to top top of your page, to keep your place.

So the orchid layer has the slit in it, and the decorative circle “covers” up the slit, so it looks pretty 😀

Just slip the page into the slit, and it holds snuggly in place.

The perfect book mark!

 The toppers were made using the Back to School set.

Here is Noah’s Marker

I digitally colored the kids, then hand colored the faces, drew in the sidewalk & grass on each. Cute eh?

This is Amber’s

It’s great to be able to customize/personalize each one for the person you are gifting it to!

I went a little further with personalzing mine by using the apple image from the Back to School set, and adding their name to it.

Some gift ideas:

Let your children create their own, and keep track of all the books they read on the marker!

Give one with a gift card to your local/online book store for that special someone who loves to read.

Insert one into a new book as a gift

Gift one to all the school staff, like a reading teacher or librarian

Book Club members will love a handcrafted one!

OR…..add a candy cup  to the top (filled of course) and give them out as party favors, or at Halloween!



Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all have plans for a safe, happy and healthy holiday, and you get to celebrate our freedom with loved ones. Those of you serving our country, a huge heartfelt thank you for your continued service protecting our Country!

Today is also my grandfather’s birthday 😀 Happy Birthday Grandpa

It is our monthly Year in Review Group Post. Time to share something new with something old. To celebrate the holiday I asked the team to share some projects that are Red, White & Blue.

I actually have a totally different project I planned on sharing, as it is Christmas themed, but since it is 4th of July I felt this project was much more suitable! This is actually a project I made this time LAST YEAR, but forgot to share it! LOL!

Stars & Stripes Flag

I made this star shaped, flag themed gift box using the Star of the Show © template for my grandfather.

Since his birthday is the 4th of July a patriotic themed gift is inevitable 😀

The top was made using a navy cardstock, and a star layer in white, then again in navy. I cut the three dimensional stars, resized from the Lost My Tooth © cut file. 11 Stars in all.

 The sentiment was printed using the Rainbow of Wishes ©set.

The tag just ties on, and the pointed end tucks into the end layer.
As you can see the base was made from white cardstock.
I was able to cut 1 inch stripes, and they fit perfectly all the way around!
The tip for getting that PERFECT is starting at an edge! I believe you use 20 in total, but if you just cut a couple long strips you can trim off the excess. OR you can always use some stripped paper 😀  We have many to choose from that may work 😀 Check them out here!
I had placed some scratch tickets (and some other cut star “confetti”) in this box (grandpa loves those) with some Almond Hershey Kisses (his fave) hence the “Make a Wish” tag! He did end up winning about $20. Not too shabby.
That does it for me today!
Thanks for letting me share what I love, and I truly hope it inspired you. I love getting your feedback and emails about all the proojects, your thoughts, and things you hope to see from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC in the future.
I thank each of you for your continued support 😀
 Happy 4th!!

For the New Nest (or arrival)

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I cannot believe it is almost the 4th of July!

Feels like Summer is half over, yet we are just getting started. The weather here hasn’t exactly screamed Summer, but more maybe Spring. It IS getting warmer each day and I look forward to less rain and more SUN.

I’ve been so inspired by nature lately and am dying to share my project today. Before I do so, let me link our team members who also are excited to share projects today!

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Farida Rone
  • Linda Hammerton
  • Lori Kalus
  • Mara Campbell
  • I was inspired by nature with my project today, as I’ve recently received an email from my brother, that had a photo of the wreath I had made for his Mother in Law. Making silk wreaths, and floral arrangements is a new passion of mine 😀 In the photo a robin had loved my wreath SO MUCH that it built a HUGE nest, right on top of it!

    Inside the bird laid three eggs in there! How sweet 😀

    I love the nest! I wish I would have it after, and use it in a large cage I just bought for decor in one of the rooms in my house. Not sur

    Sadly I never got any really good photos of the wreath myself, so these will have to do!

    So upon getting the email, I just had this nest on my brain! So between that, and having friends who just got married and are buying their first home, I thought it would be great to make a gift for “the new nest”.

    Here is my take on that idea, inspired by my wreath

    I used the NEW! Cuppy-Cake © Template for this gift to be made into a little blue bird, in a nest, and a coordinating card.

    My Cuppy-Cake © template was a “cupcake” turned “bird in a nest” by simply using the Cute Lil Chick © cut file! It was quick and simple, and I thik we can all agree OH! SO CUTE!

    For the little bird body I cut my “cupcake” top from a pale aqua cardstock.

    I then layered on the aqua pattern from the Vintage Flourishes – Bright © paper collecion, onto 6 of the panels for the body, and then the green pattern on two of the panels so it would look like the bird’s belly!

    I added one of the aqua decorative panels from the Vintage Flourishes – Bright © paper collecion to the face, and trimmed the excess.

    For the bird’s face I had used the “Belly” as the face, and just used the PDF version of the Cute Lil Chick © cut file for the eyes and beak! Sponge on some rosey cheeks.

    As you get to see a 360 degree view of this you will see that I then used the wing, and tail from the Cute Lil Chick © cut file to complete my little bird!

    I cut the Cuppy-Cake © bottom (aka “the nest”) from a texturedchocolate cardstock .

    To accentuate the fact that this is a nest I created a tag using the Fine Finish © tag collection.

    On the tag I stamped my nest (of course) branch, flowers and sentiment reading “For your new nest”, using the Singing Silhouette © set.

    Now when you have a new home we all like to have a little “nest egg” in case of home repairs, or for that special something you may want for your new home.

    So going with that theme, Jay and I put some cash into a little egg, and placed it in the nest.

    Well those ae the details on my little bird, now time for the card!

    My card was created quickly and easily using the Window Treatments Collection 1 © card cut file!
    I stamped the bird from Critters with Heart © on the Fine Finish © tag, and added the branch and nest elements from the Singing Silhouette © set. The HAPPY is from our Sentimental Occasions © set.
    I used a woodgrain pattern bow for the tab top.
    Now open this up…and I have my sentiment from the

    Fine Finish ©  digital set, and printed on the back layer. I think depending on the number of house projects, this sentiment could come in handy! LOL! I love it.
    You could also put your cash or a gift card in here as well.
    This idea would be well matched with a NEW ARRIVAL too! Great for a baby shower favor, or to hold handmade baby hat or booties. Maybe a gift card to a local store, or photography studio for the little one 😀
    Whew! While the project was super simple, explaining it all was exhausting! I hope it inspired you because then it would be well worth it 😀
    Thanks for stopping by today.
    Please return tomorrow as we ahve many more ideas with our Group Post A Year In Review!
    The projects using older products are always SO inspiring, so you won’t want to miss it.

    A Magical Birthday!

    Jul 1, 2012 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Welcome back everyone!

    I hope you have been feeling those creative juices flow as the team and I have beensharing projects for our July Release. We still have several days left of inspiring gifts and ideas, so I hope you have a moment to check everyone’s projects today!

    Stop by and pay a visit to:

  • Kimberly Morrow
  • Lisa Kind
  • Lori Hairston
  • Pattie Goldman
  • Tangii Crain
  • I really enjoyed this release as many of these projects I had whipped up last minute. I had surgery some time ago and hadn’t created anything in months! Most of what you’ve seen for the last 3 months or so was designed well in advance.

    It has been a very busy few months for me. I haven’t had time to keep up on my blog, sharing all my family life and happenings but trust me when I say it’s been NON-STOP!

    Today’s share was a project I designed just yesterday! My first project getting back into the swing of things.

    When the Magical Birthday Wishes © set was designed Sara had discussed wanting a Magician’s Hat template to go with it. I PROMISED her that I could EASILY turn the 3-Tier © template into one, in time for our release.

    A Magical 8th Birthday!

    This bunny is my gift, the “hat” is the gift “box” and there is a coordinating card to match!

    I have to say I was quite excited by not only the Magical Birthday Wishes © set, but the coordinating paper (I used the  Birthday Bonus Paper ©  and the Birthday Banner ©, Magical Birthday Numbers ©, Magical Birthday Wishes © cut files too! So much so, that I incorporated ALL OF IT, into ONE project with ease!

    YOu too can get it all in the Magical Party Package!

    My daughter Amber is turning 8 in August and I thought this would be a fun party theme for her as she loves magic!

    I used the “Large” box version of the 3-Tier © template to make hat. I just made the box sides taller (5 3/4 Inches High) to make it a HAT instead of a box/cake. SO the box is technically up-side-down.

    Around the base of the hat I used a re-colored version of the number pattern in the Birthday Bonus © paper collection from the Magical Party Package to wrap around the hat. Imade all the number 8’s black, so they stood out. That was too fun!

    I was channeling the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland when I went for the hat tag, which was created using the Birthday Banner ©. I knew it would be perfect for accenting my hat.

    I love the Magical Birthday Wishes © set, and all the building possibilities it offers.I printed the adorable Bunny Magician from the Magical Birthday Wishes © set, and chose to use the round balloon from him to hang from.

    On the balloon I layered the #8 candle image, and chose my “flame” too! I then colored it all in.

    I really wanted to use the sentiment and I was able to fit it ALL on my Birthday Banner © hat tag due to the beauty of digital products! Since I was using digi images, and cut files I could re-size everything to suit my needs on my project! I love that that much versatility!

    In addition to fitting all that on my tag I wanted to use the #8 from the Magical Birthday Numbers ©cut file. Again re-sizing I was able to cut the 8 from black cardstock first, then overlapping, I cut an 8 from the balloon pattern paper (re-colored) for some more color and interest. I love it.

    Once my tag was added I also chose to use the Magic Wand from the Magical Birthday Wishes © cut file. It really made it a WOW!

    I used the top of the box as my box bottom instead, making the hat rim fuchsia, as enlarging the box bottom to be 6 1/4 inches around. So fun and easy.

    I wrapped the hat rim with a glittery polka dot ribbon.

    As you can see in the photos the template makes everything looked “finished”! The bottom of the box, and even the inside of the lid is clean and nicely detailed.

    My sweet little bunny folds right up and fits into my Magician Hat perfectly!

    Now for the card…

    Given the image, that was easy peasy!

    The card was made using the  Magical Birthday Wishes © cut file. I just tied some embroidery floss around the balloon bottom to make it appear to be look like the balloon in the image.

    I enlarged the 8 image and cut it out to put onto my balloon. I also loved the banner and sentiment, all from the Magical Birthday Wishes © set.

    As you can see the 8 in the balloon on hat tag image, is the same image I chose to use for the card. I again used the  #8 from the Magical Birthday Numbers ©cut file. Again re-sizing I was able to cut the 8  from the balloon pattern paper (re-colored) just like on my hat! I layered it over the 8 image.

    You could also use this as a great invitation too!

    Well as I have said before, with a little imagination and a speck of creativity you can get so much versatility from our products. I think today’s project proved that. The team and I are always here to share new ways to use our products, so if you fall short on creative ideas you can always find some inspiration from us!

    Our GALLERY is full of ideas so use it as a resource if you ever get “stuck”!

    Join us for more tomorrow 😀


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    Owner/Designer of My Time Made Easy* My Timeless Templates © by Lauren Meader for Papertrey Ink* SCS Dirty Dozen-past* A Chemistry With Paper-past* All That Scraps-Senior Designer - past* Green Grass Stamps-past* Gina K -Stamps for a Cause guest designer* Lizzie Anne Designs - past* My Favorite Things-Senior Designer -past* Our Daily Bread Guest Designer-past* Papertrey Ink - past* Pink Cat Studio- past* Reporter for Craft Critque-past* Say it with Letter Guest Designer* Stampavie -past* Storage Ink & More Guest Designer* Team Member for Scor-Pal*Su Ink & More-Past* Unity Stamps-past* Smile Box Avaitor-past*Numerous guest designer positions

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    All content included on my site is COPYRIGHT ©2013 Lauren Meader. Original artwork is shared for your personal inspiration and enjoyment only and may not be used for publication, submissions, or design contests.

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