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Think Pink Winner

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As promised, On Halloween-the Mytime Mail Think Pink winner was to be announced from this thread.

Thank you to all who participated, and those who make a difference in their daily life ūüėÄ

I also want to thank all of you who hshared your stories here with me! I was touched by each one. Those who lost their battle, and left you behind, and those of victory. It was all very touching and humbling.

The lucky winner, by random generator was Number 10!

 Here is what she wrote:

Chris | christine.mott

I did use my picture, but a great idea. I signed up for the smilebox just to spread the word!! Awesome idea. Anything we can do to spread the word!!!! Thanks! Chris

Contact me with your address for your box of think pink goodies! OR I will email you later tonight.


I’ll post a photo of the goodies won-later this week!

happy mail to me

Here is a¬†photo of recent happy mail I recieved form my PSF’s!

PSF-Pretend Stamping Friends.

A term made by Alexa to describe the relationships, of the online stamping community. Generally people that have never met, but bonded. People she doesn’t believe exisit, and most likely that her mom is CRAZY! LOL!

Thanks friends for the cards, thoughts, prayers, hellos, and well wishes! You all mean so much to me!

I alway want to post these photos more often, and do apologize for not always doing so.


Being SUPER mom-Hauntingly easy!

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lillipops¬†Franken Folder’s¬† for Noah’s class

Frankenstein Stamp by C.C. Designs-Donald as Frankenstein, Trick or Treat sentiment by Lizzie Anne Designs-Spooked

haunted bag¬†Haunting House bags for Alexa’s class

Stamps by Lizzie Anne Designs-Spooked, Glassine bags by Paper Trey Ink

Happy Halloween!

My children have morphed into Princesses-Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. We also have a BLUE Power Ranger.

“I” have decided to morph myself into SUPER MOM!!! AGAIN! Who else is with me?

Why do we all have this pedistal , that we feel we must stay up on, when we are crafty? I hope I’m not alone in this venture.

MY mom always made holidays the BEST! All our traditions, and just every little thing was always perfect. I remember EVERY SINGLE ONE! Some of these traditions I pass on in my family-such as buying each person, in our home, a special ornament every year. I love that one!

I guess because of that, I put myself on this mission to do the same, while trying NOT to kill myself doing it in the process. I think I feel my kids will base their entire childhood on these “events” in life. Maybe because they impacted mine.

I *really* felt the pressure to do something for the kids classes for Halloween. I then fought the stress of it, saying “Hey, we can’t do it all Lauren. Deal with it!” . Yesterday (Tuesday morning – day before Halloween)Noah says “So mom what did you make for my class for my Halloween party?”. “Something cool like Alexa’s parties?”

” Noah, I didn’t make anything for Alexa’s class. What are you talking about?”

Noah-“You know all the stuff you always make”

He was right! I always made all these cute things for Alexa’s class parties/holidays. BUT I only had ONE kid in school. Now I have 3!!! That means LOTS more work.

Amber was set cause we made sugar cookies, and picked out “special” candy for the kids to decorate the cookies.

OK, So¬†HOW can you say “Oh no honey you get nothing. I was planning on sitting this holiday out.”

I then said “Well, if you really want me to do something then I better get working”

So, I got the kids off to school, ran to Michaels, then to Target for candy.

WHIPPED up things for Noah’s class, and Alexa’s.

WHEW! Super Mom to the rescue!

When I was done, I showed Noah his little “Franken Folder” lollipop holder, and he was SO EXCITED!

He asked if we could bring them to school that minute! He wanted to show his teacher, and make sure it didn’t get ruined on the bus! He thought all the kids would like seeing them as they come into class. He better marry a crafty woman! LOL!

My heart melted!!! I never felt so proud. To see my son be so appreciative of his mommies hand made items ūüėÄ He carried the box of them into school and each person he saw along the was said “Look at the pops for my class”

I guess this is why we do what we do right?

As mother’s we will do just about anything for our children. Heck, I would give my LIFE for my children, the least I could do was wrap some lollipops right?

I also wanted him to know, I love him every bit, as much as his sister.

¬†I think that was a little message he was conveying-Like “Hey!!! I need love too!” When you have a sick child that requires so much, I think its easy to not always remember its the littlest things that help the other ones know they are just as important. On the day to day, how is a healthy kid suppose to compete with one puking in a bucket?

So I felt good! Mission accomplished!

So here is the DIRECTIONS for the Franken Folders (as I like to call them).

All they are is a lollipop wrapper. I didn’t invent the idea.

I didn’t check out HOW to make one-I just came up with my own fast way.

hole and score Click for larger view

I used apple lollipops-wrapped with caramel. YUMMY!!!

Measured the wrapper 2 1/5 X 2 1/5.

Cut cardstock 2 1/2 X 5 1/2. You get 6 per sheet of 8 1/2  X  11 cardstock.

Used myScor-Pal, and scored at 2 1/2 and 5 inches.

Punched a hole with my Crop-a-dile in the middle of the score line, at the 1/2 inch mark.

Creased the score lines, and applied adhesive to the 1/2 inch flap.

Stuck the stick through the hole, and attached that adhesive!


These went fairly quick. As, they were a breeze to make! The coloring took a little bit-but I did ONE color at a time, and went form image to image. Assembly line!

I resisted the urge to further embellish!! Reminding my self that its all getting tossed-so don’t go that one step extra. Like glitter on the pumpkin, adding a layer of cardstock behind the main image, ribbon…………… get the idea. SIMPLE!!!

The bags for Alexa were obviously super fast! I made 25 in 10 minutes. Just stamp the house on the glassine bags with Brilliance ink-then fill!! Filling took the longest- LOL! I think it was a great quick touch for something handmade. SOLID images! Gotta LOVE them!

So I would LOVE to hear what your kids are for Halloween, or what your all time favorite costume was a kid.

Anything like that you want to share ūüėÄ

I have some SUPER cool samples to share tomorrow with the NEW! MFT Stamps :D. Wait till you see what I did.

Till tomorrow

Oh Baby! Kids say the darndest things.

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Why does it seem to be, that like every single one of our friends is having a baby, or trying to?

SERIOUSLY! We are being invaded!

Jason and I are fairly young (I think). He is a new 30, I just turned 29. We have 3 kids, DONE! We were the only one’s¬†¬†joining the parent crowd, for the longest time. Now that we are becoming more “hands free”, they are just starting.

So,¬†finally our friends decide to play “catch-up”. We have been on different wave lengths forever, and as they have their own, they are finally “getting it”.

By getting “it”¬†I mean the fact that just we can’t just get up and go ANYWHERE, we are usually late, we wont go to restaurants after 6pm, our car looks like McDonald’s had an explosion of french fries, and we were caught in the crossfire, the fact that just cause a book say’s it will be, or should be this way-thats NOT reality. The comments of “If that were my child I would do this”! I HATE those comments.

I do love the one that says “I was a much better mother before I became one”

I’ve said that on here before, cause its SO true. I know I never thought I’d be the crazy woman in the food store! But here I am every Saturday saying “No you cannot have that.” ”¬†I said no, put it back” ” Don’t touch that” “Stay with me” , “Stop touching your sister” ” You do that one more time………” and the list goes on.

Just this weekend while shopping my son Noah was driving me INSANE over a $10 coloring book that had Transformers. You read it right $10!!!

Noah ” Mommy I NEED this really bad! Look its Transformers!”

Me “No Noah, you are not getting it. You cant have something every time we go into a store”

Noah “But, I really need it”

Me “What did I just say? NO! Put it back. You have a million coloring books. The last thing you need is another one”

Noah ‘Thats not fair”

Me “Life isn’t fair”

Noah ” Well you have “a hundreds” of stamps and you get new ones every time we go to the store. Why do you need more, if you have all those in your stamping room?”

Me “OK, put the coloring book in the cart. Not another word.”

I couldn’t argue, he had an amazing point! Boy the things kids notice! Lets hope for his future wife’s sake he doesn’t stay that observant!¬†

Anyway, back to the point,  it seems like I have been needing a boatload of baby cards! You may have noticed too!

So here I will share them with you. They both use a similar color scheme, which I find DELICIOUS!

Chocolate Chip, Regal Rose, Certain Celery, and Pretty in Pink.

The first was for the baby shower I just attended.

 Bella with Baby

removed-for-publication-notice.JPG please click

This was one of my first and most favorite Bella’s. Its Teddybella. She is what every woman wants to look like when she is with child! LOL! I love her muchly.

This card is extremely simple, and clean. I love it.

My rectangle, straight edge nestabilities made the framed embossed borders-which add SO MUCH elegance, and interest to any card. Even a whimsical style-like this. I’m in love with the SU! Wide grosgrain-just gorgeous. I wish they had more colors.

Now, I know you MUST remember the dollar stamp from Michael’s sometime last year I believe. My good friend Renee sent it to me ūüėÄ I became a HOT item, and all the crazy SCS¬† girls went hunting them down! LOL!

Next is a card I made for Jason’s best friend and his wife. They just found out they are expecting.

big news Big News

Sadly she was only inked ONCE in her whole life-that was obviously enough-LOL!

 Can you see the clear flowers by Maya Road? I thought they were such a  soft and sweet touch. Me being a flower addict and all.

My nestabilities to the rescue! I know you may be sick of seeing them, but those are PRICEY-and I’m getting my monies worth-so get use to it! LOL!

The paper is by Rubber Soul. Sentiment is Absolutely Fabulous-which I accidentally ordered MONTHS ago, and have gotten good use out of!

I love the continued scalloped edge on the bottom-so soft and pretty.

She loved the card! So that was nice. I wish them all the best!!!!

Thanks for the well wishes. I ahve some happy cards to post from some of my PSF’s! I get the best happy mail!

Not sure what I’m posting tomorrow-but it is Halloween, and that means the MYTIME MAIL winner will be announced. So, stay tuned! AND if you haven’t leave a comment here! I have to say I’m a bit sad there wasn’t much participation on that one. Oh well! The goody box is FABULOUS! So SOMEONE will be LUCKY!

Till tomorrow.

Elzybells are here! What do YOU think? My opinion

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Elzybells! I have the new Elzybells!

Don’t know what Im talking about? Well look ———->HERE¬†You can view the Winter and Holiday collection by clicking on the sidebar to the right. BEWARE!! The money will fly out of you PayPal account once you enter. LOL!

So, what do you all think about these adorable images? I want to know.

I LOVE them. Like, love them so much I would dream of them, before I finally put in my order. I initially tried to resist.

Pricey?Yeah, that is my thought too. I have been spoiled (and loving it) with unmounted/acrylic images. Or buying in sets (like from Stampin Up!). The good thing about not buying in sets, is I don’t get stuck with the price of¬† a set of wood mounted stamps, with images I dont like, just because its in the set. Acrylic and UM are cheap enough to me I don’t mind getting a set, even if I don’t LOVE every image.

Sentiments-YIKES! That is quite expensive  IMO. BUT we all tend to LOVE the A Muse sentiments.

THAT being said, Kim from MFT is releasing on Nov. 1st, a new sentiments set, called Essential Sentiments. It has 28  sentiments in the set-awesome font-for a huge fraction of the cost. Let me tell you this is going to be a MUST HAVE!!!!!

 I only ordered 2 sentiments from Elzybells. One was because I forgot about the set I had coming from Kim! LOL! The other-as you will see was just perfect for my image. Sometimes you just gotta fork over the dough.

Size-Let me say they were smaller than I thought they would be. I KNOW they do list the sizes online-but still, they were tiny. Much more tiny than expected. BUT, in the end, after actually using them, I LOVE the size they are. Really perfect for us cardmakers. Sometimes images (like Rubber Romance) can be too large IMO.

Shipping-yeah, WHAT shipping method isn’t pricey these days? I paid $5.50, and let me say it was WELL worth it. When it’s sent Priority I’m very happy to pay.

WHY? Because I’m very impatient! I don’t mind paying for shipping when it arrives just a few days later! I ordered on a Tuesday, and had them in my hands on Friday! I’m on the East Coast,¬†so¬†that is awesome! I was very happy.

When I order from a company, and I get my stuff days later, they have a customer for LIFE!!!

So A PLUS for customer service. I also say A PLUS for quality! You all know A Muse has wonderful quality products. No I’m not affiliated with them-just giving my opinion.

All in all, yes I think they are worth it.

To sum it up-if I love an image, I love an image. I don’t care if its from the dollar bin, or a $40 set. I buy what I like. As long as I get use out of it, then to me its worth it.¬†Like any purchase, you need to evaluate if you will USE it.

What difference does it make if you buy 8 dollar bin stamps, and never use them, or buy one $8 stamp but use it all the time?

Do you see how I justify stuff? Sick huh? BUT, it makes sense doesn’t it?

Now onto my wonderful Elzybells creations!!!

juggling Grateful Penguin

How cute is this??? SERIOUSLY! I’m in LOVE! you know I had to get at least ONE penguin didn’t you?

As said before penguins are my butterflies of winter! Meaning I LOVE butterflies, and in winter I LOVE penguins. Cannot resist butterfly, or penguin stamps!

The penguin is stamped on the white card base, and the circle punch out is layered over him.

See that sentiment? THAT is from Kim’s Essential Sentiments set! OMG! Isn’t it fabulous? I’m so loving it.

I love this layout, its so great for those smaller images, that can get lost on a card sometimes.

He was colored with Copic’s, and of course has stickles on the snowy ground, and the juggling snowballs. There is a pierced line under the sentiment. Really CUTE! I LOVE HIM!

Another thing I LOVE-Angels!

angel of stars Angel Awaiting

So THIS is the sentiment I got at Elzybells. Isn’t it so pretty! I used the stuffing you would put into a quit or pillow for the “clouds”. I knew my old sewing obsession would come in handy SOME DAY! LOL!

 I added some glitter to them, by rubbing on my glue pen. Its very pretty IRL. SPARKLY too.

There is a dry embossed star behind the main image-using Cuttlebug star folder. The tag is by Making Memories. I made it with my Tag Maker. Cheap adhesive star stickers  complete the look. A Muse twinkle stars on her skirt bottom.



Another image I love-Ice-skating stuff. She is the cutest!

I coluzzled my circle, then framed it with my Making Memories tag. She is stamped on a white layer. Colored with Copic’s, and stickles added.

See the dimension?

elzy close up Clcik for larger view.

I just LOVE her! See she is perfect size. I still have ONE more image I haven’t used yet-I think its the most popular-Winter Song.

Again-sentiment is from Essential Sentiments by MFT!

I used my Fiskars plate for the embossed Polka dot layer, and my Snowflakes folder from Cuttlebug. Paper was from last year Stampin Up! I thought the polka dots were like snow-and the swirls were like ice-skating patterns! LOL! LAME I know!

So I hope you enjoyed my samples today.

Please let me hear what you think!

On a family note: Thanks for the prayers for Jason. Some of the tests were good. His symptoms have settled down a little, so that is promising. He will see a specialist soon, to see what they think, and if they should do more tests.

So thank you!

Alexa has cold, and has Chemo on Halloween! No trick or treating for her! Plus she misses her class party! BUMMER!

She will probably get to trick or treat in the hospital though? I think?

Anyway-have a great day ! Tomorrow I’ll have more to show.

Don’t forget to comment on THIS post for MYTIME MAIL!!! Time is ticking!

Till tomorrow-

Dream Sketches-Gift Idea

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My friend Debbi, she is an amazing person I met through SCS!

She¬†always says she loves my sketches ūüėÄ

So, when deciding to send her some HAPPY MAIL-I made her this accordion book. I think this is a great idea for any stamper or scrapper! Inside is filled with my very own personal sketches for her to use ūüėÄ

Click for larger view

inside 1 Side one    inside 2 Side 2

I hand drew each one-now that was time consuming. I actually made them all with my PAINT program but it didn’t save!!!!!!!!!! Holy want to kill your computer! I was so upset. It took hours to make them all that way too. I need to find a better way in the future :C It would be great to have handy for making more albums as gifts. Just print, cut, paste, and go! Unfourtunately I have NO ambition to try it again, anytime soon

Of course these are to be use ONLY for personal stuff-not submissions or anything like that.

I hope Debbi likes it, and it inspire’s her to stamp MORE.

I found this album¬†at Michaels-its by Me & My Big Ideas. I LOVED the pattern on the front cover-cause it meant I could focus on the INSIDE! I hoped they had it in purple-since we share that as our favorite color. Oh well. I wasn’t about to cover it up. It was pretty as it is.

For the front, all I did was use my Nestabilities-rectangles, for the layer, then stamped this sentiment by CTMH from the Follow Your Dreams set in Tempting Turquoise. LOVE the sentiment. I found it suited the purpose of the book-perfectly.

Added some DELICIOUS velvet Prima’s, that AmyR sent me like LAST year! I also added a BUTTERFLY¬†Heidi Swap ghost shape in the corner, covered with Stickles, in artic ice.

I love how it just ties closed. I also loved that I could focus on the sketches, and kept the front SIMPLE.

Not just a Sketch Challenge

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pop open

Yeah! It’s Saturday! So that means it Sketch Time!

Today’s sketch uses Eat Cake

 sketch 19

¬†It is more than a sketch-its my own cool “pop open” band card. Now the concept is far from new. I just felt I changed it up a bit. I personally have yet to see this, and am not saying its definitely ALL my idea-but for today it is-to me ūüėÄ Since “I” have never seen it.

You have seen the cards with “belly bands” that slide off right? Well my band pop’s open. I dont always want to have to have my band slide off, so this was my solution. I recently got a band card that was stunning (thanks Diana), and it triggered my idea. It was sketched in my book, and I had long forgotten my epiphany!

I used a Basic Grey magnet, for my closure. It looks nice, and easily pops open, and when needed, stays closed. The ends come together at the center circle sentiment.

tab open click to view larger image

The card fold is at the top, so once open you just lift the front layer, to reveal your message.

inside inside of card.

Often we “forget” to decorate that part too!!! Its just as important.

The main card is layered onto a mat for the base. This also allows you to hide the band around the back.

Pretty nifty huh?

Did I just say Nifty? Yup! I think I did.

I hope you will try it. They are alot of fun. Please send us all a link here with YOUR creation, should you try it. We would LOVE to see what your take on it is.

Now here is a SIMILAR take on the sketch-just no POP UP, and the circle image is a flower, which is placed to the left. A whole new sketch is born.

amybella birthday Buying it Bella

Yes, I KNOW its not EXACT-its INSPIRED by my sketch. Thats the whole point. Take something, and even if you dont duplicate it, let it inspire a whole new look ūüėÄ That being said-those of you who participate in my sketches, then change it up a bit, and apologize-PLEASE DONT! I’m so happy it inspires you to create :D. I love seeing what morphed from my sketch-seriously!

This is retailafellabella-without her Fella! I just didn’t ink him. Who needs him to shop with anyway, right? My bella is a strong, independent shopper! She can carry her own bags, then HIDE the bill! HMMM, if she only had long curly hair she could have been me ūüėÄ

¬†AmyR sent me this stamp a few months back, so I made her this birthday card using it. Its one of my favorites. Now I need to buy Click-a-bella, and the snow booty bella. They are on my “list”. Since I have actually been using my Bella’s, I feel I can justify a purchase. BUT, I have to wait till AFTER Christmas-SAD I know! Restraint is a KILLER! I am normally NOT restrained, but Christmas is around the corner, and I plan on doing my shopping the FIRST week of November-then Im done!!! I will then work on handmade gifts that I WANT to do. Even those will be done by Thanksgiving. Its my ultimate goal this year.

Well, I have a baby shower today-so there is a good chance that is where I am. EVERYONE is having a baby!

Thankfully “I” am done that chapter. I like my 8 hours of solid sleep, now that our kids are a bit older, and the fact that I can go somewhere, and not have to “entertain” them every waking second ūüėÄ

SO, maybe I’ll share the baby card I did later-or tomorrow. Depends on how tired I am. I may actually be all chatted out!

Till tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

That mean’s it is Blogger’s Challenge time! This week is Patterned Paper as the main focus. So, in this post I will share that, and answer some questions you all had from yesterday’s post. I will show you how I did the double frames using the nestabilities. How about turning the rectangles, onto squares?¬†READ ON.

What a LONG week this was for me! We got Jason’s labs back, and they were all normal. We are awaiting a bigger test result. Sorry Im so vague. Its hard to share without exposing HIM to the open world of cyber space. While it helps me, I dont want to put him out there. Not without his “OK”. He appreciates all the prayers though, and I want to thank-you for the kind words as well.

We should have the test result today??? Then know where to proceed.

Amber has a fever and has been sick for several weeks. I sound like a bad parent, but seriously, its that prolonged cold thing with occasional cough, icky nose. Yeah, well now its a fever, bad cough-no icky nose, but you get the idea. So off to the doctor’s I go. I swear I could get there with my eye’s closed! LOL!

Between Alexa’s Oncologist, and my Pediatrician, they seriously recognize my voice on the phone! That is SICK!

OK anyway….here are my challenge pieces. Click on thumbnails please for closer view.

Pretty Pastry Party Box Set

gift set¬†So what do you think? I love this set. I know, I know, I said it before. But I do. This set uses Eat Cake. I loved hearing all your favorite kinds-got me hungry, and wanting to try some new versions too. There are desserts I’ve never had-GASP! I shiver at the thought! lol!

I will be doing a tutorial for this gift box I made-using my NEW! Scor-Pal! Stay tuned ūüėÄ

That’s right, the NEW! Scor-Pal is for sale!!

Let me tell you, it is amazing. LOVE all the new score marks. As well as the markers going down each side. I was bouncing out of my skin when it arrived yesterday. You can see my previous review of the Scor-Pal–> HERE¬†IF you were on the fence. Makes a great Christmas gift too. So put in on that list.

Diana ROCKS!!! She really listen’s to her customers, and I am so pleased to be a part of her AMAZING team.

gift box Pretty Pastry box-click for larger view, please.

I have to say I LOVE the different colors for this set. To me, they aren’t your typical “cake” colors.

OK, so the patterned paper is by K & co. LOVE IT!!!

Its a shimmery pink pattern. Obviously, it inspired my items. While that paper is gorgeous, and has a monochromatic pattern-it is BUSY, so you have to take care, not to “over-do” it. I think it kept it simple enough.

NOTICE :the double scalloped, and embossed frame-again? box close up Click for closer view.

Well, as asked yesterday- here is how you achieve that. VERY EASY!!! And it looks PHENOMENAL!

1) You run your cardstock through your Cuttlebug, using the scallop nestability. You will cut the piece FIRST.

     That means A Plate, C plate, die face up, cardstock, B Plate.

NOTE: Let me be honest. I have a hard time doing it that way cause I can’t see my paper. So “I” use my sandwhich like this- A plate, C Plate, cardstock, die face down (so I can see it), and B plate.

2) Now you need to do the “emossing” part. So, remove excess-cut cardstock. Take a smaller straight edge die, and layer it into the center. You will need a “sandwich”. Here is mine

how to photo

A plate, B plate, Wizard adapter mats (AKA 2 tan mats) my scallop die with straight die in center FACE DOWN on the mats, then B plate. Run though-VIOLA!!!

finished frame Here is the complete look of the double embossed frames! Stamp away!

Now you want to make it a SQUARE?

Well, that is easy too.

First pick your size. Cut, rectangle. AND if you want to emboss it, do that step as well!

Now take the cut/embossed piece, and move to down in the die cut. See photo

making square Now CUT the image with the correct sandwich. Then, if you embossed, do the embossing sandwich again.

Here is the finished square

embossed square¬†Cool huh? Granted you wont get the larger sizes you would if you buy the actual Squares set, but it can tie you over till you can afford to! Which is where I am at. With Noah’s Birthday coming and Christmas (not to mention new releases from my favorite companies) I cannot afford it all this time of year! AND if I could I may splurge for a Circle set instead. BUT I can’t.

Sounds complicated but it gets quick the more you get use to it-I PROMISE! I also like doing things face down so I can see where my die is on the cardstock.

As for the Fiskars plates-I’ll save that for another day, since you are in overload Im sure!

Now time for my SIMPLE card-click for larger view

pastry card Pretty Pastry Paper close up tag tag close up

So, I had to show you the tag, cause I think its so pretty! I used my Giga Scallop Tag by Marvy, but cut off the edge on either side! Made it smaller in width.

Gotta love Nichole’s way of making the sentiments seperate so you can EASILY change the color of your sentiment with ease.

I had to continue the scallop design in my card, again without over-doing it, so I did a scallop border, and some scalloped piercing at the top, using my Onare template. Subtle-yet pretty. That Stampin’ Up! satin ribbon can make any project look more elegant. I am loving it.

So that’s the scoop for today! Come back tomorrow for my Saturday Sketch!! Its a good one! Its with Eat Cake-AGAIN! But I also have a Bella card, and a cool gift idea for friends who stamp ūüėÄ Debbi (StampinCPA)-dont read tomorrow’s post till you get your mail! LOL!

I hope you check in on the other blog challenge participants.

Till tomorrow.

Pretty Pink Pastry

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Oh its ONLY Thursday! Seriously!

I¬†was so excited to see that 2 people nominated lil’ole me for the¬† Friendship Appreciation ¬†thread. How exciting, and what an honor! Did YOU nominate anyone? Its such a cool concept! Like a great surprise RAK! Only you get insight as to what your recipient may actually wish to receive! I love that.

Im so excited, I can hardly stand it. Considering the stress level of the week, it was a nice surprise. I hope you get to make someone’s day, and give it whirl. Its a secret, so I have NO IDEA who it could be. You have to answer lot of questions-to help the person surprise you. Really fun.

OK , so now that Im all wondering- wanted you to know-unless I edit this-no news about my hubby. Don’t know how I feel right now. Just going to trust my GUT. It (hopefully) tells me that it will be OK. Usually I get a freaky feeling when the dark cloud is looming near………………

OK so lets chat happy again, shall we?

Lets talk about CAKE! YUM!!! I LOVE CAKE!

removed-for-publication-notice.JPG please click

Oh, and I LOVE pink! LOVE IT!

I also love cake-Eat Cake that is.

Is this set not cool? 

Speaking of cool……¬†I have been ADDICTED to my nest-abilities lately. Let me tell you, these things are worth every RED CENT! I have the rectangles (complete set of scallop and straight edge), and cannot stop using them! They are especially awesome,¬†for elegant cards.

My top cake-I was thinking wedding or bridal shower. Not that I have anyone whom I know will need this card anytime soon-but its still FUN to make one all the same.

The vellum cardstock layer used my Fiskars Texture plate (use cuttlebug A and C plate ONLY, with tan rubber mat) in polka dots. Gotta love the polka dots! Speaking of that-I cannot wait for the NEW! Cuttlebug embossing folders to come in at ATS. They have a polka dot one! YIPEEE!!!

I’m all over those.¬†Another product¬†I’m¬†all over, is¬†liquid pearls . Especially for this set too!

Next up Au Chocolat

removed-for-publication-notice.JPG please click

How perfect are these 2 sets together? Beautiful Blooms and Eat Cake! LOVE IT!

This card was inspired by¬†this cake——>HERE! How cool is that?

Those cakes at Jacques are not only GORGEOUS, but over the top DELICIOUS!!!

Jason and I got our Wedding cake (for our after reception) from there.

It was THIS one. We chose it because we got married in Hawaii, and there were tons of Orchids there. Plus my color was purple.

So I stamped the cake, embossed the flowers in white-burnt them so they’d turn “pinkish”. I then did the leaves in copper EP. Love the copper touch.

So for this post I want to know your favorite cake!

For me-it has to be vanilla with whipped cream frosting and raspberry filling (our wedding cake). YUMMY!!!

Of course I LOVE rich chocolate cake-but I’s rather have the above.

Your turn-

All month I am inviting you to share this challenge! Raise awareness! TIME IS TICKING!!

A random winner will be drawn on 10-31! Enter to win!

This will be kept at the top, as Im havin technical issues keeping the other post at the top.

Details ———————–>HERE

Serene Slipcover

Oct 24, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items

serene slipcover

Well what do you think?

Do you know what it is?

Well, it’s a “slip-cover” . Its like a vellum votive cover, only larger, and with a twist I think. This¬†one that I made is using Serene Snowflakes to house my Tea Tin.¬†

I made this vellum cover, for my tin, so that I can put in white holly berries, or candy canes, maybe some candles-so the wax doesn’t melt onto the paper, or the table. It can be a vase cover,¬†for flowers, just change the images. Sky is the limit.

I just cut 3 pieces of vellum the same size, then scored at each end, using my Scor-Pal, at 1 inch. Crop-a-diled the holes, and tied on some pretty Martha Stewart ribbon.

Sorry about the photo-its difficult to photograph vellum. I didn’t want a darker bkgd, because it would distort the slip cover colors, and sheer beauty. The sentiment is more easily read-able IRL. It just has a soft look to it.

Here is the top view so you can see it better

top view

Thanks for looking ūüėÄ

No word yet, on Jason. No news is good news, right? I found the faster you get results, the worse the answers-trust me!

I’m also sending prayers out to everyone affected by these wild fires. What a tragedy. To think it started as arson! Just terrible.

I have so much more to share, but am running like a mad woman, so I’ll wait for next time.

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