This post will be stuck to the top for the month of October in honor of breast cancer awareness! Please scroll down to see new uploads for the month.

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Do YOU have a blog? Did you go pink? (I didnt cause I couldnt figure it out with my type, but thats another story about my computer challenged nature!)

Have you been touched by cancer in any way, or believe in spreading the word?

I challenge all my blog Girls out there near and far-to go to Smilebox, and post this one to their blog! OR send it to a friend!

EDITING TO ADD: It doesnt have to be THIS one with MY face! LOL! I already got alot of emails asking about that! Just THIS DESIGN or there is ONE more you can do! Those are the special ones for the cause 😀

If you do let me know-by posting a link here! It only takes a few minutes, REALLY EASY, and FUN, and all procedes from the download of this go to Breast Cancer Awareness!! Smilebox teamed up with Lifetime Network to raise money for the cause!

Thanks for looking. And supporting research!

Id also love to hear if you know someone who has been diagnoised with cancer.

Everyone who downloads this smilebox style for breast cancer and shares the link here will be entered in a drawing for a surprise pack of ALL PINK goodies!

If you want to contribute to the box of pink goodies-let me know! The bigger the better!

Have faith-its a super box! Im not showing what you will get till a winner is randomly selected. Because when you have Cancer you have to have FAITH! I will pick on Oct. 31st-the last day of October.

You comments about cancer count as a entry as well as a Smilebox link-thats another entry!

Thanks everyone 😀

We never know if this will affect us personally!