sweet sweets

OK Im seriously wiped out! Alexa had Chemo, my mouth is killing me, I have like the Flu, and Im now terrified to go back to the dentist after some of the things I think can happen! Oh yeah and I have no choice as to the provider as our insurance only covers this place, unless I want to travel an hour elsewhere-which I dont! I am definitely calling about paying to get knocked out! Seriously! My life is stressful enough and this is totally taking its toll! I cant eat Tweizzlers (LOL! Pathetic right but its my stress candy) and I cant really chew much of anything unless it can get soggy in your mouth-GROSS I know! Sorry!

So Alexa was at the MD’s-She still has a bunch of gunk in her lungs and they werent impressed with that! Her O2 levels were only 92-and being up and going thats not a happy number. But she looks awesome! Its all sterile junk cause she is on antibiotics, BUT if it doesnt clear abefore the antibiotics STOP then its a breeding ground in her lungs for more bacteria-leading to another pneumonia, and you guessed it HOSPITALIZATION! Lets PRAY that it clears up!

Upon my suggestion we have placed her on Mucinex! Ya know those nasty green guys in the commercials! YUCK! Here to hoping it works!

So that being said, my post is super short today! I made these a while ago and can now share with you! Jason and I have a date tomorrow! We are going to see So You Think You Can Dance-at the verizon center in Manchester! if you are a going Id love to know!

Also I really NEED to stamp tomorrow! So lets hope that actually happens.

Both these cards are using MFT- How Sweet It Is! I love chocolate, and thought this set was super cute!!! These are pretty simple designs. Nothing earth shattering.

The bottom one uses some cuttlebug stuff. If you really need specifics please reply here and Ill answer your questions. Sorry I just dont have another bit of energy today.

Thanks for understanding. Enjoy the eye “candy” lol!

sweets for my sweet