Happy Friday!

That mean’s it is Blogger’s Challenge time! This week is Patterned Paper as the main focus. So, in this post I will share that, and answer some questions you all had from yesterday’s post. I will show you how I did the double frames using the nestabilities. How about turning the rectangles, onto squares? READ ON.

What a LONG week this was for me! We got Jason’s labs back, and they were all normal. We are awaiting a bigger test result. Sorry Im so vague. Its hard to share without exposing HIM to the open world of cyber space. While it helps me, I dont want to put him out there. Not without his “OK”. He appreciates all the prayers though, and I want to thank-you for the kind words as well.

We should have the test result today??? Then know where to proceed.

Amber has a fever and has been sick for several weeks. I sound like a bad parent, but seriously, its that prolonged cold thing with occasional cough, icky nose. Yeah, well now its a fever, bad cough-no icky nose, but you get the idea. So off to the doctor’s I go. I swear I could get there with my eye’s closed! LOL!

Between Alexa’s Oncologist, and my Pediatrician, they seriously recognize my voice on the phone! That is SICK!

OK anyway….here are my challenge pieces. Click on thumbnails please for closer view.

Pretty Pastry Party Box Set

gift set So what do you think? I love this set. I know, I know, I said it before. But I do. This set uses Eat Cake. I loved hearing all your favorite kinds-got me hungry, and wanting to try some new versions too. There are desserts I’ve never had-GASP! I shiver at the thought! lol!

I will be doing a tutorial for this gift box I made-using my NEW! Scor-Pal! Stay tuned 😀

That’s right, the NEW! Scor-Pal is for sale!!

Let me tell you, it is amazing. LOVE all the new score marks. As well as the markers going down each side. I was bouncing out of my skin when it arrived yesterday. You can see my previous review of the Scor-Pal–> HERE IF you were on the fence. Makes a great Christmas gift too. So put in on that list.

Diana ROCKS!!! She really listen’s to her customers, and I am so pleased to be a part of her AMAZING team.

gift box Pretty Pastry box-click for larger view, please.

I have to say I LOVE the different colors for this set. To me, they aren’t your typical “cake” colors.

OK, so the patterned paper is by K & co. LOVE IT!!!

Its a shimmery pink pattern. Obviously, it inspired my items. While that paper is gorgeous, and has a monochromatic pattern-it is BUSY, so you have to take care, not to “over-do” it. I think it kept it simple enough.

NOTICE :the double scalloped, and embossed frame-again? box close up Click for closer view.

Well, as asked yesterday- here is how you achieve that. VERY EASY!!! And it looks PHENOMENAL!

1) You run your cardstock through your Cuttlebug, using the scallop nestability. You will cut the piece FIRST.

     That means A Plate, C plate, die face up, cardstock, B Plate.

NOTE: Let me be honest. I have a hard time doing it that way cause I can’t see my paper. So “I” use my sandwhich like this- A plate, C Plate, cardstock, die face down (so I can see it), and B plate.

2) Now you need to do the “emossing” part. So, remove excess-cut cardstock. Take a smaller straight edge die, and layer it into the center. You will need a “sandwich”. Here is mine

how to photo

A plate, B plate, Wizard adapter mats (AKA 2 tan mats) my scallop die with straight die in center FACE DOWN on the mats, then B plate. Run though-VIOLA!!!

finished frame Here is the complete look of the double embossed frames! Stamp away!

Now you want to make it a SQUARE?

Well, that is easy too.

First pick your size. Cut, rectangle. AND if you want to emboss it, do that step as well!

Now take the cut/embossed piece, and move to down in the die cut. See photo

making square Now CUT the image with the correct sandwich. Then, if you embossed, do the embossing sandwich again.

Here is the finished square

embossed square Cool huh? Granted you wont get the larger sizes you would if you buy the actual Squares set, but it can tie you over till you can afford to! Which is where I am at. With Noah’s Birthday coming and Christmas (not to mention new releases from my favorite companies) I cannot afford it all this time of year! AND if I could I may splurge for a Circle set instead. BUT I can’t.

Sounds complicated but it gets quick the more you get use to it-I PROMISE! I also like doing things face down so I can see where my die is on the cardstock.

As for the Fiskars plates-I’ll save that for another day, since you are in overload Im sure!

Now time for my SIMPLE card-click for larger view

pastry card Pretty Pastry Paper close up tag tag close up

So, I had to show you the tag, cause I think its so pretty! I used my Giga Scallop Tag by Marvy, but cut off the edge on either side! Made it smaller in width.

Gotta love Nichole’s way of making the sentiments seperate so you can EASILY change the color of your sentiment with ease.

I had to continue the scallop design in my card, again without over-doing it, so I did a scallop border, and some scalloped piercing at the top, using my Onare template. Subtle-yet pretty. That Stampin’ Up! satin ribbon can make any project look more elegant. I am loving it.

So that’s the scoop for today! Come back tomorrow for my Saturday Sketch!! Its a good one! Its with Eat Cake-AGAIN! But I also have a Bella card, and a cool gift idea for friends who stamp 😀 Debbi (StampinCPA)-dont read tomorrow’s post till you get your mail! LOL!

I hope you check in on the other blog challenge participants.

Till tomorrow.