Scor-Pal Its been a while since I posted a review and I’ve gotten alot of questions about the Scor-Pal since posting my Window Box Tutorial link , and my Make your own envelopes link.

What is the Scor-Pal?

Well in my own words, its a lightweight, heavy duty plastic board, with deeply etched grid lines, that enable’s you to make nice, deep, straight, crisp scores on the lightest weight paper, to the heavy duty cardstock without problems! You don’t even have to move your paper-unless you need to score going the other direction!

This tool was designed by Diana Crick, and can be seen HERE. It costs $39.95 plus S/H for US.

It arrives with instructions and a mini tutorial when you get it!

There are lots of great tutorials on the site, with photos, and step by step directions, which are very helpful. I myself an a very visual person! I often dont need directions but can figure it out by examining it. Must be my nursing skills shining through! LOL! More tutorials are planned in the future, which I think its neat for her to be so concerned that you get the maximum use from your Scor-Pal once its purchased! Alot of places dont care to continue to entertain uses for their product once its in your home.

Let me start by saying that before getting a Scor-Pal, I rarely scored my cards! I would often just fold them in half-then use a Pampered Chef stoneware scrapper (if even that) to get a crisp seam.

The result of that-due to heavy weight cardstock, would often be a cracked looking seam, sometime’s a bit crooked, and I would have to turn the card-inside out! NOT COOL!

The other way I would score my own designed boxes and whatnot was using my Fiskars Paper Trimmer

It had a scoring blade, that you could attach to the rail. While I didnt mind using that from time to time, it was annoying to change out the cutting blade, then keep sliding my paper along the the measurements I needed scored!

This is where the Scor-Pal comes in. I am now wondering HOW I made all that stuff I did without it! Since getting it, it has saved me time, and frustration, and gives me a real professional crisp line.

I planned on putting it under my desk after using it, but it hasn’t left my workspace since day 1.

I LOVE the fact that I dont have to even pick up my paper ONCE! I just score along the grid.

The grooves are deep, so no slipping out as you run your Scor-Tool down the line. I really like the little holder provided at the top of the Scor-Pal that holds that little Scor-Tool. I am one who would DEFINITELY “misplace” it if I didnt have that little holder! LOL!

It even had a button that allows you to POP it out of the holder! So no breaking those nails or getting annoyed that its “stuck” in there.

There is also a special slot under the Scor-Pal for another Scor-Tool! You can never have enough of those right? LOL!

The Scor-Tool in itself is cool because it’s shape makes it easy to grasp, and of course it fits perfectly in the grooves. It just has a nice “feel” to it, and isn’t made of anything that leaves those shiny marks on your paper like other tools might.

OK Now for the ONLY part Im not thrilled about. It really does need a few more scored  grooves. Like at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 inch. You can of course start to score at the 1/2 inch mark, which you can find at the far end- 11 1/2 mark. This gives you that 1/2 groove. But there really is no beginning 1/4 or even 3/4 inch mark.

I have moved my cardstock along the Scor-Pal to get a groove where I need it, and at this point I’m OK with that.

I was told that a NEW Scor-Pal is in the works with MORE grooves! YEAH!!!

Diana is great about listening to what people think, and want.

At this point I use this tool EVERY time I stamp now! I feel like it was money well spent. Since I work on several design teams just mediocre work doesn’t cut it. Even if I weren’t I think we are always looking for ways to improve the overall appearance of our items.

I’m open to any feedback or questions you have!

Hope you get to try one out, or if you have one, lets hear your opinion on it!

Here I would like to share a quick bag cover I made using the NEW! Paper Trey set Beautiful Blooms.

Click on photos to enlarge. I just cut the top off one of her frosted Tin Tie Top Bags, and made a cute coverlet. The top flap slides under the ribbon to keep it closed! How cute would these be for gifts or favors at a Bridal Shower or Wedding even!

side 2     bag of Blooms    blooms side 1

Thanks for looking!